The War in Words - SNL

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
  • A PBS World War I documentary reveals letters written by a separated military couple, James (Mikey Day) and Margaret (Claire Foy), that take an unexpected turn.
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Comments • 1 463

  • Nàncy Dyer
    Nàncy Dyer 16 hours ago


  • Rick Rose
    Rick Rose Day ago

    On the plus side: they lost.

  • *_vanessa_*
    *_vanessa_* 3 days ago

    *_MARGARET NO!_*

  • Ethan Williamson
    Ethan Williamson 5 days ago +1

    I actually know someone exactly like that lol

  • JasonStackhouse
    JasonStackhouse 5 days ago

    This was actually funny!!!

  • Ichi
    Ichi 5 days ago

    So, long story short, Margarete got in trouble for treason, gave Henry her house, and ran away to Germany. That's my theory.

  • Alyzza Lucena
    Alyzza Lucena 7 days ago

    Okay but this is the funniest sketch so far

  • CheeseFactory42
    CheeseFactory42 8 days ago

    Who else wants to question their grandparent about the love letters during wartime? Lol

  • Do I Know You
    Do I Know You 9 days ago

    I could've watched 20 minutes of this.

  • UptownDowntownNY
    UptownDowntownNY 9 days ago

    this skit funny as hell

  • 845835ab
    845835ab 10 days ago

    Need to do more of these with every other war and conflict.

  • Sunny Shang
    Sunny Shang 11 days ago

    what is the background music from 0:15? Does anyone know?

  • Puffy Freddy
    Puffy Freddy 13 days ago +1

    “James, Henry is the man in the photograph.” “I know but who is he!”

  • GrnFriday Grn
    GrnFriday Grn 14 days ago

    I love how he flips the first letter over looking for more.

  • Jenn Hoff
    Jenn Hoff 17 days ago

    This is so funny! It was slightly humorous the first time I saw it, but tonight when I showed my family I was giggling through the whole thing! I think it's even better the 2nd time. :)

  • Ben G
    Ben G 17 days ago

    Did the writer overdose in his/her daily 420 intake??? 😂

  • Falling Universe
    Falling Universe 18 days ago

    Oh my God she joined the German army!?!

  • Daniel Derderian
    Daniel Derderian 18 days ago

    Snl is gay as fuck and so is all they're viewers

  • Zesc is here !
    Zesc is here ! 19 days ago +1

    “How was world war 1 going!!” Hahaha

  • Random Panda
    Random Panda 20 days ago


  • Georgia Peeches
    Georgia Peeches 20 days ago

    This writer is a genius.

  • Tonio9606
    Tonio9606 22 days ago

    This is dead accurate to actual dating lol 😂 😢

  • W m
    W m 22 days ago

    Letters where the texting of the past

  • Quynh Bui
    Quynh Bui 22 days ago

    Lol this skit was so funny

  • Logan Cox
    Logan Cox 23 days ago

    Her letters at the start read like most of my text messages.

  • Major
    Major 23 days ago +1

    She just leaves him on read next time

  • Neveen Seklawi
    Neveen Seklawi 24 days ago

    He he
    Love, Margret

  • Jessica Goodman
    Jessica Goodman 25 days ago

    This is perfect. Omg. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Star
    Star 28 days ago +1

    omg this is so funny aha
    "how is World War 1 going?"
    "the World War is bad!!"
    great sketch

    • Star
      Star 18 days ago

      love how he flips the page 0:43
      "confused in France, James"

  • The Procrastination Artist

    I'm the army guy and the woman is my boyfriend

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann Month ago

    Hilarious 😂

  • Princess Sarah Jo Ponzio’s life 1992

    That is Messed up lol

  • Nat Black
    Nat Black Month ago

    I understand that it’s a comedy show but I don’t think they should be making comedy out of the people who had to endure hell on earth and their only escape was the words of their beloved back in Blighty.
    This video was released shortly after the centenary of the end of the bloody thing when people should still be remembering the sacrifices that where made.
    Very distasteful snl

  • Demonic Tonic
    Demonic Tonic Month ago +3

    I think this is chads grate grandmother

  • Dubya W
    Dubya W Month ago

    I guess the crime shes being trialed for is treason by joining the enemy amry

  • runrunrudi
    runrunrudi Month ago

    So good

  • Robert Terwilliger
    Robert Terwilliger Month ago

    This instantly reminded me of a Greg Giraldo bit.

  • Ryan Japan
    Ryan Japan Month ago

    I’m pretty sure patriotism would be a motivation for these poor dead lads

  • Sam Golik
    Sam Golik Month ago +2

    At first I thought it was a plot hole when they said "World War 1". Nope, just genius writing.

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva Month ago

    Margeret is such an unfeeling goatwh0re

  • Olivia Eyes
    Olivia Eyes Month ago

    Mikey’s growing frustration is so fucking funny

  • blackironkatana
    blackironkatana Month ago +1

    I got a feeling that whoever wrote the Career Day sketch with Adam Driver also wrote this one. It has a similar feeling of ridiculousness and brilliance. lol

  • Mister ious
    Mister ious Month ago

    I wish I could write that fast.

  • anth benit
    anth benit Month ago

    "Sounds really dreadful."

  • bird
    bird Month ago

    that shit was fucking hilarious

  • Pietra Maximoff
    Pietra Maximoff Month ago

    “OH MY GOD, SHE JOIND THE GERMAN ARMY” too fucking funny

  • roro1980
    roro1980 Month ago +2

    I’ve watched this several times as it’s so funny . Claire Foy is brilliant.

  • Cil Cullen
    Cil Cullen Month ago

    Something is seriously wrong with Margaret..

  • Fan of Too Much
    Fan of Too Much Month ago +1

    Anyone remember this from Maya and Marty?

  • Max Chester
    Max Chester Month ago

    Mikey is a babe

  • Thanatos
    Thanatos Month ago

    Does anyone else wanna see more of this? 'Cause I do! I have so many questions! ...Mostly the same ones as James, actually

  • Sina B.
    Sina B. Month ago +1

    whats the name of the peaceful song at 4:57? does anyone know?

  • Gregory Eatroff
    Gregory Eatroff Month ago

    I almost fell out of the chair when I saw her in that jacket.

  • Gapplified
    Gapplified Month ago +1

    How has noone commented

  • Easy Freezy
    Easy Freezy Month ago


  • Loretta Beltran
    Loretta Beltran Month ago

    this was straight up the funniest sketch SNL has done in years i sWEAR

  • stan shaud
    stan shaud Month ago

    thats really how it be sometimes

  • SuperBeavers
    SuperBeavers Month ago

    Margaret writes in the same way I did while I half-assed my way through high school

  • It's Kayla
    It's Kayla Month ago


  • Erin Chassereau
    Erin Chassereau Month ago

    Lol this is how people communicate today with texts vs the beautiful letters back then... love it

  • ginseattle
    ginseattle Month ago

    I loved this.

  • Michael Mar
    Michael Mar Month ago +1

    00:41 That sheet flip to check the back for more words makes me chuckle.

  • SkinnyPaintbrush
    SkinnyPaintbrush Month ago +5

    This is basically texting rn

  • jorge aldridge
    jorge aldridge Month ago

    Its wartime go for that pic bro

  • Johanna
    Johanna Month ago +1

    *oh my god she joined the german army*

  • Abbaddonna
    Abbaddonna Month ago

    I normally don’t find SNL too funny, but this here bit is perfect!

  • Neil Madhood
    Neil Madhood Month ago

    *also why would you call it World War I* 😂😂😂

  • Cory Gene
    Cory Gene Month ago

    What have you done Margaret, what have you seen?

  • El
    El Month ago

    Seems like Margaret had invented trolling. )))

  • M M
    M M Month ago


  • Rosario Longoria
    Rosario Longoria Month ago

    And wtf about Henry????

  • Ramiro Belmares
    Ramiro Belmares Month ago +1

    Imagine if the very last letter was Margaret explaining everything that has happened but it's all in German 🤣

  • carlos vega
    carlos vega Month ago

    That's eveyone these days

  • Aaralyn Angel
    Aaralyn Angel Month ago +5

    Y’all, who else actually truly and seriously wants at least a part 2???!

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival Month ago

    Even a century later, it remains true: bitches be joinin' the German army.

  • Topher TheTenth
    Topher TheTenth Month ago

    Note as well that nobody has ever referred to the conflict that ended in 1945 as "The Second Great War". At some point someone decided that wars are not only not "great", but would have to improve just to get to "mediocre".

  • cell pat
    cell pat Month ago

    "Hee - hee." (Lol!) 😆

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn Month ago

    Who is Claire foy? What is she in?

  • SniffyPoo
    SniffyPoo Month ago +1

    like how the point of the sketch is never to explain anything

  • Kamaria Blackwell
    Kamaria Blackwell Month ago +3

    Ppl need to give Claire Foy credit too. She was brilliant.

    • mkm2828
      mkm2828 22 days ago

      Agree--absolute dead-pan. Not thinking any of this would hurt him at all; just not given to...context. And: "PS--How is World War I going?"

  • Kamaria Blackwell
    Kamaria Blackwell Month ago

    One of my favorite skits, lol.

  • Brenyatta
    Brenyatta Month ago

    I love how Mikey was looking in Claire’s direction, some of the time

    SR71BBFLYER Month ago

    I’m frikken dying! 😂😂😂

  • Evelyn Wilson
    Evelyn Wilson Month ago +1

    Brighton for life!!!!

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    The queen

  • Henry Peters
    Henry Peters 2 months ago +1

    Mikey doesn't get enough credit but his reactions were spot on here.

  • Naomi Yin
    Naomi Yin 2 months ago

    The best part about this is that we're currently learning about WWI and the trenches in history class

  • sailorbychoice1
    sailorbychoice1 2 months ago

    That may be SNL's funniest sketch in years.

  • Olivia Morrison
    Olivia Morrison 2 months ago +1

    Can this be like a whole movie or a book?

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 2 months ago

    Im.sure the British are mocking us as

  • deadpoo 2
    deadpoo 2 2 months ago

    i could tell she joined the german army as she was wearing colors usually worn by the germans at that time, also, i beleive she commited treason.

  • Allannah Blount
    Allannah Blount 2 months ago +1

    This reminds me of Aaron Burr, Theodosia, and Her husband

  • Olivia
    Olivia 2 months ago

    Best SNL sketch of 2018, hands down.

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 2 months ago

    LOL :)

  • Alena Ivanov
    Alena Ivanov 2 months ago

    Cool sketch errbody!

  • Solcitse
    Solcitse 2 months ago +1

    every so often, I come across an SNL skit that makes my laugh so hard my face hurts. Thanks for the laughs guys

  • Bahine1
    Bahine1 2 months ago +2

    "I am positively STARVED for context" - Howling

  • Simon F
    Simon F 2 months ago +1

    Our letters have become like the cause of this war, confused!!!!!!!

  • Evelyn Wilson
    Evelyn Wilson 2 months ago +1


  • My World
    My World 2 months ago +1

    You can't make this XXXX up! Speaking about synchronicity! Were we? I'm so confused. But my grandfather faught for Great Britain in WW One . His name was James Merchant. My grandmother, Marguerite Hindenburg-Merchant did indeed have an interacial affair with a Jazz musician of somr note; a lead trumpeteer with Bing Crosby, Glen Miller, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, to name but a few. My grandfather of color was "Snoggy" King Henry Trigger-Dick Dubois; Tommy Dorsey's main man. Trigger Dick wrote "In the Mood", "Cheek to Cheek" and "Don't sit under the Apple Tree". The latter song made famous by my three aunt's; Patty, Peggy and Pam Andtew. Small world. Marguerite was a trailblazer indeed, executed after the war not for crimes against humanity but for giving birth to interacial triplets in segregated Jim Crow South London. They were three identical girls each more beautiful than the next. My mother was the prettiest identical girl who went on to become extremely famous. Which goes without saying. If I didn't know better Id think this was a great example of Slovakian fake news.What are the odds?