Pro Chefs Try Latte Art | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

  • Join Carla Lalli Music, Gaby Melian, Alex Delany, Sohla El-Waylly, Priya Krishna, Molly Baz, Chris Morocco, Rick Martinez and Claire Saffitz for another episode of Test Kitchen Talks. In this episode, they try their hands at latte art and we're really, really proud of them for trying.
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    Pro Chefs Try Latte Art | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Comments • 80

  • hi
    hi Day ago

    Keep your wand clean

  • Gitzie Rae
    Gitzie Rae 2 days ago

    lmao i've been a barista for 2.5 years and still can't do latte art

  • Hannah Kalter
    Hannah Kalter 3 days ago

    Gabby constantly proving she is the cutest person in the world

  • Meya
    Meya 4 days ago

    im in love with sohla

  • strife2405
    strife2405 4 days ago

    Claira's hilarious, 'looks great doest it? Right". " Ohh alright, I only wanted a complement"!! lol

  • Emmmm
    Emmmm 5 days ago

    wow brad is annoying

  • Anthea Johnson
    Anthea Johnson 6 days ago

    I was like...Claire...don't tell me you don't know Nicholas Cage?!?

  • Kyle Lucas
    Kyle Lucas 6 days ago

    As a barista this was really painful to say watch 🙃

  • Νίκος Καράμπελας

    This Indian girl is so annoying, in every video she says that she doesn’t eat,drink or do something with such pride and she generally speaks in a such annoying manner

  • Gari Centeno
    Gari Centeno 7 days ago

    Gaby is always so cute

  • karlaloomatsu
    karlaloomatsu 7 days ago

    HOW OLD IS SOLA??? She was a barista 17 years ago???

  • Eugenia Lassaque
    Eugenia Lassaque 7 days ago

    Can't get over the fact that Claire didn't see Nicolas Cage on that mug

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 8 days ago +1

    LATTE ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philippe-Alexandre Faure

    Has prishna ever done anything other than Indian dishes? Even then any other than her own?

  • Vimal Bhaya
    Vimal Bhaya 9 days ago

    For that latte art result, everyone was measuring coffee with nano grams precision , lol. That overloading/underloading changes the taste of the pull but you only learn perfection after 100+ pulls with a machine. Every machine and its filter cup is different.
    And Eureka, you can have fantastic latte art but the coffee can taste bad or vice versa.

  • Loryn Heitzmann
    Loryn Heitzmann 10 days ago

    priya just loves to be different lololol

  • Linden Rose
    Linden Rose 10 days ago

    Me a barista: now try and do it all on a manual espresso machine 😂😂👍👍with dials and nobs and no buttons.

  • pappucantdancesaala1
    pappucantdancesaala1 10 days ago

    We get it Priya, you're indian lol that's not your entire identity 🙈🤣 maybe I notice it more cause I'm Indian too

  • Loganatorexit
    Loganatorexit 11 days ago

    Molly and Claire did the best, Molly for traditional design but Claire for that lil character she made.

  • Nhotis Qolby Moha
    Nhotis Qolby Moha 11 days ago

    gaby explanation at 6:09 - 6:18 = story of my life XD

  • Victor Pena
    Victor Pena 11 days ago

    I agree with Carla. Ya gotta keep your wand clean. And remember, its leviOsa, not levioSA.

  • Ethan Tillis
    Ethan Tillis 12 days ago

    For chris’ I saw a negative space rose

  • theMICHAELAproject
    theMICHAELAproject 12 days ago

    As a barista this stresses me out so much

  • Chassidy Rettell
    Chassidy Rettell 13 days ago

    Where do I get Carla’s sweatshirt 😍

  • Bhavani Subramoney
    Bhavani Subramoney 14 days ago

    I love Gabby

  • pia adapwar
    pia adapwar 14 days ago +12

    "It looks like a butterfly.. that is sort of dying.."
    Such poetic genius...

  • Emma Rose Patrick
    Emma Rose Patrick 15 days ago

    as a barista, this hurts

  • Emily C
    Emily C 15 days ago

    Hey, if you ever want to make a portrait on a latte, the trick is to use the end of a thermometer or toothpick to draw on the foam with espresso crema.
    -Sincerely an ex-barista and first entry on Buzzfeed’s “17 Times Latte Art Went Way Too Far” list. (I made dictator portraits for a student who was writing her thesis on the drug trade in North Korea”.

  • dtsgd xxxagvt
    dtsgd xxxagvt 16 days ago

    why is no one talking about how funny carla made a fish???

  • Mmathulo Sejake
    Mmathulo Sejake 19 days ago

    I knew that Molly's would be great because she's done that pancake art

  • miss Cndnwoman
    miss Cndnwoman 20 days ago

    Carla you cracked me up,I call you groovy gurl, and that's an 🎖🙋🌹

  • miss Cndnwoman
    miss Cndnwoman 20 days ago

    Molly I knew you could it girl🙋💞🌹🙏

  • whatever04
    whatever04 21 day ago

    Gosh all of them except Molly were bad. Why isn't Brad doing the challenge? He ruined Priya's art.

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson 24 days ago +1

    Claire’s looks like the Kanye West bear.

  • Thomas Cooney
    Thomas Cooney 24 days ago


  • Gaby Welling
    Gaby Welling 25 days ago


  • RedPanda_Ann
    RedPanda_Ann 26 days ago

    First art you start with is monks head it is kinda the foundation art

  • RedPanda_Ann
    RedPanda_Ann 26 days ago

    You have 10 seconds for the espresso but you also have short time on the milk. Gotta get that simultaneous action lol.

  • juuski ̊ ̊࿐
    juuski ̊ ̊࿐ 26 days ago

    claire's looks like tom nook

  • Sarah Weaver
    Sarah Weaver 27 days ago

    Cant stand Carla now, ever since that comment about if Molly would eat her dog. Ugh. Cant staaaand to look at her. Horrible person to even suggest that

  • Bat Potatoes
    Bat Potatoes 28 days ago

    Gaby's gesture with her teeth killed me

  • Skythe
    Skythe 29 days ago

    "It looks like a butterfly... that's sort of dying." LOL

  • Burger Fett
    Burger Fett 29 days ago


  • jellybeansushi
    jellybeansushi 29 days ago

    I have five years of barista experience. I love this. I remember being there. 💜

  • Molly Smith
    Molly Smith Month ago

    i can’t be the only person who gets really annoyed by priya but loves everyone else

  • Ashlea O'Connell
    Ashlea O'Connell Month ago

    I’m learning how to barista and watching them stretch the milk is ahhhhhh it hurts!!

  • NiNi Na
    NiNi Na Month ago

    Nobody is telling Brad to eff off because the camera is rolling.

  • Shea Deines
    Shea Deines Month ago

    as a barista, this was painful. Delaney's tips were good, but he didn't aerate his milk enough lol. I can't believe Sohla used 21 grams of espresso in her shot omg

  • M
    M Month ago

    The Bon Appetite team makes me think of them as The avengers of the culinary world.. I love how they all tried to sell their really abstract latte art

  • Victoria Johnston-Colon

    Good lord this was painful to watch. If Bon Appetit ever needs a coffee tutor, hmu. 6+ years experience and licensed Q grader. Please let me help.

  • SealAwayHearts
    SealAwayHearts Month ago

    2:30 I see a fire in the background and all I can ask is everything okay???

  • chanrektsmey
    chanrektsmey Month ago +1

    Sohla walking away joyfully as she goes to find a bowl for her latte street art gave me the serotonin I needed for the day.

  • Abdiel Reyes
    Abdiel Reyes Month ago

    I love sohla's laugh🤭🤭

  • geekypiggy
    geekypiggy Month ago

    I love them all to bits and their efforts are appreciated, but as a barista, I just wanna hug em all

  • Ely Guzman
    Ely Guzman Month ago

    Andy I wearing the outfit of a barista

  • luke threatt
    luke threatt Month ago

    But the shots are dead...

  • NightBurst Studios
    NightBurst Studios Month ago

    No one: (...)
    Priya: Some people see a heart... I see a butt.

  • MJ Z
    MJ Z Month ago

    Nothing but plain black. Maybe café de olla once in a while.

  • Dildo_baggins44
    Dildo_baggins44 Month ago

    0:45 17years ago? What were you, 10 years old? I refuse to believe that she is older than 30.

  • Yas Soleimani
    Yas Soleimani Month ago

    I’m not sure about his name ...but I watch only for Chris,like he is so classy wow

  • Shomang Rabotapi
    Shomang Rabotapi Month ago

    05:10 Jim? 😳 Is that you? 😅😂😂💔

    ROHIT H Month ago

    Witch chai

  • Lauren Paradis
    Lauren Paradis Month ago

    as a former barista this was physically painful to watch

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie Month ago

    Claire confusing Nicolas Cage with Barack Obama is amazing 😂

  • M3au
    M3au Month ago

    Molly will ace this ... now I will watch the video.

  • Maddy Glasser
    Maddy Glasser Month ago

    i also thought it looked like obama haha

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm Month ago

    delaney is such a fan of coffee the way he overshares is precious

  • Elizabeth Stolmeier

    Delaney is so knowledgeable

  • Laura Millson
    Laura Millson Month ago

    Delaney unlocked the great Australian mystery - he made a flat white.

  • Leslie E.
    Leslie E. Month ago +80

    9:58 is no one going to mention how Andy is making fun of Claire’s “is that Obama?”😂😂

  • kayla
    kayla Month ago

    the way there was just a fire behind claire and everyone was still acting normal because that’s how normal fires are there🌝

  • im_ mia
    im_ mia Month ago

    Wait why was Molly’s so good

  • ACarringMan
    ACarringMan Month ago

    +1 for the use of persnickety

  • Caitlin Brennan
    Caitlin Brennan Month ago

    As a barista it is interesting to see how everyone is doing, and what i agree/disagree with them onQ

  • jordan hayes
    jordan hayes Month ago

    This is......painful to watch XD
    Also delaney saying a cafe au lait is milk and espresso made me want to cry.

  • nbstoner
    nbstoner Month ago

    Molly’s is the only one that’s good. Everyone made coffee. and that’s a great thing.

  • SimplyStormie
    SimplyStormie Month ago

    Baby with the Its Dead reference

  • Cronos090693
    Cronos090693 Month ago

    claires looks like a pokeball with eyes trapped in a bear's head.

  • ferfer7000
    ferfer7000 Month ago

    "With my third arm" acts like shes going to twist with woth her teeth jajaja

  • Elijah
    Elijah Month ago

    Sohla had a good idea but it just didn’t come out good