What I REALLY Think About Japanese Youtubers Reacting To My Videos

  • Published on Jan 27, 2021
  • A few years ago I made a video called 12 Things Not Do in Japan. In the last few months dozens of Japanese TheXvidrs have reacted to it. By popular request, here's my thoughts on it all, as well as my reaction to their reaction of my reaction.
    Special thanks to George Japan for taking part!
    🍿 GEORGE JAPAN: thexvid.com/video/eu53N55LEOE/video.html
    12 Things NOT To Do in Japan
    🍿 thexvid.com/video/0GCuvcTI090/video.html
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  Year ago +8389

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Here we go then. This is it folks. The pinnacle of TheXvid content. A British guy reacting to a Japanese guy reacting to a British guy! I'm not sure how we're ever going to top this. Though I hate to admit it, it was rather fun. Could this be the beginning of a REACT series?! I wouldn't count on it.
    A special thanks to George Japan for taking part! I think he did a great job adding his personal experiences and cultural insights in his reaction video and it's worth a watch.
    🍿 You can check it out here! thexvid.com/video/eu53N55LEOE/video.html

    • Benjai
      Benjai Month ago

      Natto is the food of the gods. Buy a better stomach Chris, you're breaking my heart.

    • Benjai
      Benjai Month ago

      Ah dude, and Mrs Eats is probably one of the good Japan-based channels (like yours) that hosted by a fellow native slant. I mean... she makes more anime references in her vids than you do :'(

    • Benjai
      Benjai Month ago

      To be fair, Yuya technically is at work, at his own office. He makes traditional dolls. I haven't watched all the way through, but yea, as far as I know of Yuya, his mainstay is just giving native commentary on other videos (he had a hard-on for reviewing Uncle Roger reviews for awhile)

    • Johan Malm
      Johan Malm 3 months ago

      No don't do react-vids. You do great original stuff.

    • Cool Gamer
      Cool Gamer 3 months ago

      Pretty interesting man reaction of your work to Japan humm.

  • George Japan
    George Japan Year ago +25597

    Hi Chris! I’m really honored to take part in your video! Thank you so much🙇‍♂️
    Btw, When you said “That’s not how the UK works” , I died😂
    And I love the French guy🤣
    Thank you again, Chris England😊

    • dibs
      dibs 12 days ago

      the best collaboration ever

    • majoras mask
      majoras mask Month ago

      Lmao i laughed my ass off when you came in for a clip 480p bit George. I feel like the two of you could make hilarious content

    • Blair Urquhart
      Blair Urquhart Month ago

      IF I was going to credit you for something George I would say your politeness is something you should feel proud about.

    • repeekyraid cero
      repeekyraid cero Month ago

      Yep :)
      Perfectly placed

    • grimmer jxcts
      grimmer jxcts 3 months ago

      George japan in the flesh

  • Charles Veitch
    Charles Veitch 11 months ago +4740

    The George Japan cameo was spectacular

    • RealityHijacked
      RealityHijacked 6 months ago +1

      @Charles Veitch Yeah, it totally is. Crazy how that kind of stuff works! xD

    • RealityHijacked
      RealityHijacked 6 months ago

      Bro...what are the odds?!? I hadn't thought about you once for going on half a decade and for reasons that I'm not even aware of, I randomly scroll down to see Charlie Veitch in Chris Broad's comment section less than 24 hours after reminiscing with a friend and laughing about how Luke Rudkowski tried to full-on cancel you damn near a decade ago for changing your mind on 9/11...
      That's some funny synchronicity right there!! Oh, how things have changed!

    • Charles Veitch
      Charles Veitch 6 months ago +1

      @RealityHijacked that is very cool

    • Borg
      Borg 7 months ago

      i couldn't stop laughing. It nearly gave me a belly ache.

    • Nick Mason
      Nick Mason 7 months ago +1

      Not just spectacular, genius from a content creator's perspective. The best way to defuse any potential hostility.

  • Ema Works
    Ema Works 11 months ago +1809

    “Your face looks better in 480p anyways”
    Omg the roast 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I burst out laughing

  • Frank Hooper
    Frank Hooper 11 months ago +315

    It's interesting that many Japanese reactors are saying "no, no, no, that isn't right" when pretty well every point you made in your "12 things not to do in Japan" video had also been made by countless Japanese in similar ones.

    • HelloOnepiece
      HelloOnepiece 3 months ago +2

      @Knash Boi Maybe, it can also because of the british rule. In the sinosphere though, sarcasm will always bring an half hour lecture about "this is bad mentality" or "you should not think about stuff like this"

    • Knash Boi
      Knash Boi 3 months ago +5

      @HelloOnepiece I guess depends which parts of asia, because in South Asian countries sarcasm is definitely a part of our culture/linguistic tone.

    • HelloOnepiece
      HelloOnepiece 4 months ago +9

      @Taiga different cultures have different humour, sarcasm was not really thing in Asia , or the world. It was mainly observed in the Anglosphere. There is a reason why the meme " when you tried to joke but it turned into a hour long lecture" exist. Older generations in Asia, and even many youngsters just do not get it, especially the drier British one

  • ValeVale
    ValeVale 11 months ago +179

    ...I actually was in awe of your reportage on Fukushima. Beyond the beautiful filming and editing and the respectful storytelling, it conveyed how much you truly love the Japanese people. And you managed all that without any of the typical TV production means. The video has definitely showcased your talent as a documentarist. I'll be happy to see more of that (even on the BBC...). Take care!

  • SGT Teabags
    SGT Teabags 10 months ago +330

    What’s funny about this is that George was actually incorrect by telling his audience that you were incorrect about the stuff you said on your video. Perhaps it’s because he’s a native and doesn’t pay attention to those sort of things, but while I was stationed with the Airforce in Japan, I actually encountered all of those things, I got thrown out of a restaurant because I was not native, I was constantly cursed out and told to stop walking and go sit in a bench or a fight of stairs and not eat while walking, and George saying this isn’t true, is a complete lie lol!!! He got tons of replies stating the same thing I just said on his video. In my case it took me about 7 months to be able to read and speak Japanese, and that’s when I realized what I was doing was against their cultural upbringing, so I changed my ways and lived a super dope 2 years over there, and currently am waiting to finish my inactive contract with the Airforce to relocate back to Japan since I loved every second of living there.

    • Eula Lawrence
      Eula Lawrence Month ago

      @momu Neither would I

    • Fabianwew
      Fabianwew Month ago

      @Excalibro Not really, there's a good reason for the military presence on Nippon soil

    • Excalibro
      Excalibro Month ago

      @Fabianwew That came out of nowhere

    • Fabianwew
      Fabianwew Month ago +3

      @NebulaNezzar I wonder how all the SEA countries liked having Japanese soldiers in theirs.

  • CCPanda
    CCPanda Year ago +235

    Chris, i owe George Japan for introducing me to you. You genuinely crack me up! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed binging your vids and having a good laugh. I do agree that George at least was thoughtful in his reaction to your video compared to some others. Plus, he got quite the kick out of that old woman animatedly chastising your friend for not taking off his shoes at the bathhouse, which was pretty funny. XD

  • Susan Evan Asao
    Susan Evan Asao 11 months ago +118

    I was actually told all those "don't"s the first time and second time I traveled to Japan as Tourist. It is all about culture differences. So I don't really understand why the Japanese TheXvidrs are disagreeing with you.

    • Fabianwew
      Fabianwew Month ago +6

      Because they know nothing else than this, they don't realize how it's true relative to other countries because it's normal to them.

  • Artemis
    Artemis 4 months ago +23

    Hey, I really want to be honest, MrsEats actually did good by you. Her channel is part of the reason I got introduced to your channel. And I have loved your channel. I literally binged your videos recently, including ones I had already watched!

    • Kevin Flanagan
      Kevin Flanagan 3 months ago +2

      Same actually! I was just watching her videos about why you might hate living in Japan and it recommended Abroad in Japan.

  • The Anime Man
    The Anime Man Year ago +19899

    The madlad actually did it.

    • Francis Yn
      Francis Yn 8 months ago

      asserting dominance over the scavengers

    • VarYn
      VarYn 11 months ago

      @人ン If you can give links where he openly discriminated japanese people who arent born in japan and all these other claims you have itd be nice

    • toast french
      toast french 11 months ago

      He deserves a triple cheese from mackkas for this

    • Uncharted Thoughts
      Uncharted Thoughts 11 months ago

      *look guys, it's Joseph, the cartoon masculine*

    • AjarTadpole7202
      AjarTadpole7202 Year ago

      @Spartan 173821 Chad

  • Benjamin Kasson
    Benjamin Kasson 11 months ago +67

    The thing about a lot of these reactions to things he said, they're clarifying with all these rules and exceptions. But for most western people, things like eating while walking and blowing your nose aren't really things we ever think about special places or conditions for. If you have to be told where it's okay to eat and walk, then yeah it comes off as a taboo. With blowing your nose and making an effort to be quieter, that's pointless, the harder you blow the more chance of getting it done in one go, better for everyone.

  • Vance
    Vance Year ago +76

    I love the fact that he got George to record a bit for this, well played.

  • HipposHateWater
    HipposHateWater 8 months ago +29

    I'm actually genuinely impressed that you somehow managed to react to a charged situation in a genuinely entertaining way (And throwing some roasts back out) without managing to shoot yourself in the foot. Like Jesus fucking christ talk about an elusive af unicorn zone.

  • Dat gurl iz hea
    Dat gurl iz hea 11 months ago +82

    I think the japanese are trying to overtly "debunk" what chris has said because they hear how ridiculous it sounds 🤣🤣🤣

  • CookieNinja
    CookieNinja Year ago +3720

    That Frenchman did it best tbh

    • Dogie slamsh
      Dogie slamsh 4 months ago

      Yeah yeah sure but wtf happened to you bro? Where content

    • IrokoSalei
      IrokoSalei 10 months ago

      I thought you talked about Louis-san but he didn't make any reaction videos for now

    • Jason Xero
      Jason Xero 10 months ago


    • Cedric D
      Cedric D 11 months ago

      Thé Frenchman who doesn’t use particles.

    • Qqn
      Qqn Year ago

      @Pratham Verma I know I know, seems like there's only a few men of culture under this comment

  • Marie Sandoval
    Marie Sandoval Year ago +34

    "I love the way he's trying to one up me with the larger plant" 💀💀💀😂😂😄🤣 honestly I died during his commentary. Chris is actually really funny. Idk why people hating 🤷‍♀️

  • L Michael Langobarda
    L Michael Langobarda 9 months ago +7

    The first time I tried to exchange business cards with someone in Japan, I was trying to express my respect and gratitude, so I kept trying to go lower; but she kept then repositioning lower, and after the 3rd or 4th time or adjusting the positions of our relative cards, I reluctantly decided to concede and let her position her card below mine.To my mind, since I was the one that offered my card, I thought my card ought to be below hers. Now I just hope I didn't unintentionally offend her.

  • Rumi Valencia
    Rumi Valencia 11 months ago +21

    I love how he roasts all of them. He is so humble

  • Cory Wood
    Cory Wood 5 months ago +4

    Your sense of humor and editing is gold. 😂

  • Bushy
    Bushy Year ago +1924

    instead of blowing your nose, you should try inhaling the tissue all the way through your nasal cavities. This way you don't have to worry about finding a trash can for the tissue. It will just disintegrate into your bloodstream.

    • KiyokaMakibi
      KiyokaMakibi 3 months ago +1

      Eww what xD

    • Sthepanie C.
      Sthepanie C. Year ago


    • olivee
      olivee Year ago

      We’ve got a comedian hete

    • Eddie T Dead
      Eddie T Dead Year ago +1

      @Bushy I was being sarcastic because it's very rare to see someone who isn't verified in the top comments. Especially where there are so many verified channels up there lol

    • Bushy
      Bushy Year ago +1

      @Eddie T Dead not really sure what you mean but yeah I am also surprised by the amount of likes. Its kind of long and not in typical meme comment format. Thank you and everyone else for the kind words. I'm really glad that i could provide everyone with a decent laugh.

  • Adrià Comorera Nosàs
    Adrià Comorera Nosàs 11 months ago +2

    I had so much fun watching this video! Don’t let THEM win! Keep bringing your creativity to this sad world we have!!!

  • Spartan159
    Spartan159 8 months ago +13

    Damn man, every video I see by you I just appreciate more and more. Your humour, creativity, self deprecating humour, wit, and overall really well written and produces content..thank you. Motivated me to get into studying and learning more about Japan. You offer a lot of well thought out points in your video, without rehashing other people’s points. Thanks for being awesome and approaching things in a positive light :)

  • Connie
    Connie 11 months ago +4

    Chris, reaction videos are a great way to share your personality and I would watch just for that. Can't say the same for 99% of other youtubers out there. All your commentary here was hilarious.

  • Subarashii Nem
    Subarashii Nem 11 months ago +6

    How I feel about reaction videos is if someone has something valuable to add to the video. Like more information or a perspective that is different, I think they're perfectly fine because that's transformative.
    I don't like reactors who just sit there and laugh and add nothing. I sit there and laugh at videos, I don't need to see someone else to do exactly what I did but the only difference is they are recording themselves. We all know the types.
    So I prefer watching experts in a field reacting to a video. Like historians reacting to history, doctors reacting to medical videos etc because they have insights that expand on the points in the video or call out what is wrong and praise what is correct.
    If someone has absolutely nothing to add to the video, that's not a reaction in my eyes, that's just trying to make easy money off someone else's hard work. Just my opinion of course.

  • Jomm
    Jomm Year ago +4665

    this is by far, the greatest reaction video ever

    • Flare
      Flare 7 months ago

      Reaction channels are just lazy content for quick TheXvid money. But the Japanese really make it entertaining.

    • Hinumayyy yy
      Hinumayyy yy 10 months ago

      Wait what, jomm?

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller 11 months ago

      There aren't many great ones, but this is one of them. The others are the first few Uncle Roger videos. But he's beat that character to death now - it became a meme and then it became a meme of a meme

    • roblue
      roblue Year ago +1


    • Gokai Green
      Gokai Green Year ago +1


  • Yakison
    Yakison 11 months ago

    Your video editing and education is phenomenal! Thank you for taking time to make these, seriously I'll be watching 👀🤣
    Love the reactions to reactions

  • Connor Barkington
    Connor Barkington 3 months ago +1

    I love reaction videos. It feels less like I'm a weirdo staring at someone in my dark room, and more like someone who's actually participating in a conversation. When we see two contrasting perspectives, even if they are amiable and in agreement, it naturally brings up critical thinking skills and empathy and such. It feels less passive. So I see reaction videos as simply another form of review or response, just like we've been having for all of human history. Whether or not they're valuable doesn't depend on the format, but the content.

  • iamhaku
    iamhaku 11 months ago +4

    Been following you on TheXvid for few years, love your originality and humor. I do really think your editing and videography skills have gone up a lot over the years to almost a professional level. Keep up the good work 💪 big fan!

  • AwkCrafty
    AwkCrafty 7 months ago +2

    It's genuinely interesting to see how different people react to the video. Each person has their own experiences and you've chosen a good range of age and French people.

  • Leaf73
    Leaf73 Year ago +925

    "Please be kind to me when I come to your country"
    "No George thats not how the UK works." This I felt. 1000% true, loved it.

  • Mira Lynne
    Mira Lynne Month ago +5

    I spent a year from 2006-2007 in Japan as an exchange student in Nara and wet to an all girls school in Osaka. I say these 12 things are true! And I have never seen someone walk and eat. Never.

  • Paul Shafee
    Paul Shafee 7 months ago +1

    love your attitude and humour. Quality and style will win, so keep going, please

  • Andre Hussey
    Andre Hussey 11 months ago +7

    OMG... I'm 3 min in... and I'm laughing my head off.... THIS MAN IS BRILLIANT ... I'll be honest ... I started watching you from another Japanese reaction video, but Chris I'm a HUGE FAN now... will send you money if you have a patreon or something. Chris, Keep Rocking It, Brother!!!

  • Amanda McFarland
    Amanda McFarland 8 months ago +1

    I was subscribed to both of you guys so this made my entire day! I love it so much! Definitely one of my favorite videos. You guys should definitely collaborate more!

  • Gaijin Goombah
    Gaijin Goombah Year ago +1775

    Freaking brilliant! What a lad!

  • Shusannaha
    Shusannaha 9 months ago +1

    I laughed my ass off watching your videos and they’re also very interesting! keep up the good work ❤️

  • Teja P
    Teja P Month ago +1

    leave it to chris to make a genius masterclass reaction video, i’m only 3 min in and this is a goldmine!

  • Marge010
    Marge010 11 months ago

    Your videos are great! Very entertaining and have helped me understand a little bit more about Japan. Really appreciate all the work and effort you put into (most of) your videos 😜 👍

  • Isoruku Yamamoto
    Isoruku Yamamoto 6 months ago +7

    When you said, “That’s not how the UK works,” I laughed out loud! 😄

  • Admiral Meow
    Admiral Meow Year ago +5196

    By day he's abroad in japan, but by night he's Chris England, the queen's 37th best agent

    • Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic
      Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic 9 months ago +1

      “Off with their head”

    • Sheharyar Ameen
      Sheharyar Ameen 10 months ago +1

      Lol 🤣 oh no I reacted:"this is to much information, Chris England works in espionage.... Wait, suddenly everything makes sense, no wonder theirs 3 3 million people watching"

    • MurphyMurph
      MurphyMurph 11 months ago

      @Jillian Jacques yep

    • Jillian Jacques
      Jillian Jacques 11 months ago

      @MurphyMurph cuppa tea**

    • MurphyMurph
      MurphyMurph 11 months ago

      sit back and get a cup of tea

  • Hans Gilmore
    Hans Gilmore Year ago

    We totally appreciate the production value of all your videos Chris, and you’re hilarious, when I go to Japan I want you to show me around 👍

  • Crimson Spade
    Crimson Spade 10 days ago

    I really like seeing multiple perspectives on other countries and they're cultures. I've even seen language differences between Canada, Brittain, Australia, and America. It's very interesting yo get other takes really.

  • RosieLMusic
    RosieLMusic 10 days ago

    This made me laugh so much 😂 love it! Especially "when I come to your country, please be kind to me..." "UH NO, That's not how the UK works" 😂😂

  • PhilyCheese
    PhilyCheese 4 months ago

    While i do love and appreciate your amazing documentaries, videography and editing skills, i, unfortunately, love your simple videos shooting the shit, shot in your room/studio even more.
    Your rants, calling out golden hate comments, or funny fashion english on stationary found at a 100 yen store are amazing and unique. I dont watch your videos because youre a person of authority for tourism and culture in Japan (even though you are one) but because you are a self-aware, family mart chicken katsu gobbling, low-intellect, british snob with a sense of humour no one can replicate even if they tried. :D
    (I say this on a video that came out a year back. Doesnt make me sound like a fan now, does it?)

  • Tokyo Lens
    Tokyo Lens Year ago +3204

    So... now... I react to this? 🤔

    • sιlvεя αcε
      sιlvεя αcε 10 months ago


    • kllrnooova
      kllrnooova Year ago


    • Gracie P.
      Gracie P. Year ago

      *the. The video being made. My spell check has some strange ideas of what I should be saying sometimes. No idea why it didn't like "the".

    • Gracie P.
      Gracie P. Year ago

      Samuel Perez Perhaps just this one time, as it's more of a joke now. Adding a new voice to the video chain could be fun. Especially if Chris had a small appearance at the end (funny and making sure everyone knows he's fine with me video being made).

    • ArtWolf
      ArtWolf Year ago


  • Paulo de Vera
    Paulo de Vera 6 months ago

    Love your honesty and humour, mate. Hope to see more of your content.

  • SLtheFMA YT
    SLtheFMA YT 10 months ago +1

    I did watch George's reaction when it came out, and I thought he was pretty fair and respectable.
    His cameo was pretty funny in this video.

  • TheBeLuvdTRex
    TheBeLuvdTRex 11 months ago

    Chris you are hilarious keep doing what you are. All the content you provide is quality and fun.

  • rdwilander
    rdwilander 6 months ago +1

    Not bad Chris you recouped 1.35M views and a great ratio Well done !! BTW I watched a lot of your vids in preparing my first trip to Japan (which was great experience) and followed your 12 things not to do and felt pretty good that I didn't offend anyone but Japanese people are so polite I guess I'll never know for sure Cheers

  • MassDoesStuff
    MassDoesStuff Year ago +889

    Chris getting back at them by reacting to them reacting to him. Big brain move. Wait, what happens if they react back? The Chris Paradox.

    • Sad OldGuy
      Sad OldGuy 11 months ago

      @polterghost Crendor would have kept that up for years if Jesse had no stopped it.

    • polterghost
      polterghost 11 months ago +1

      @Sad OldGuy indeed

    • Sad OldGuy
      Sad OldGuy 11 months ago +1

      @polterghost Crendor and Jesse Cox?

    • Pera
      Pera Year ago

      It becomes an incredibly long and public conversation on video 😅😂

    • capistrano Gian
      capistrano Gian Year ago

      Then the cycle continues

  • ACEVeteranRanger Gaming
    ACEVeteranRanger Gaming 11 months ago

    Gotta say I really appreciate your videos. You always seem to manage the sarcasm and genuine points which I appreciate. I feel like you’d be cool to have a beer with even if these other guys want to down you.

  • Purse & Foremost
    Purse & Foremost 9 months ago +2

    Your humour never fails to make my day👍🏻 and i just love the hard work u put in every single vid.
    Bdw, love GEORGE, (new generation of Nihon), too 💕💕

  • Lee Wei Shiarn
    Lee Wei Shiarn Month ago +2

    I was literally stopped by multiple vendors at Asakusa from walking off eating my cone ice cream and taiyakis. Was asked to finish eating at the stall itself and dispose of all packaging at the bin provided.

  • Michael Kaganovich
    Michael Kaganovich 8 months ago +9

    I want a full series of Chris reacting to Ryotaro's videos.

  • Squall dane
    Squall dane Year ago +2292

    Angry comment of the year: "To be honest Chris your face looks better in 480p"

    • Shutaura
      Shutaura Year ago

      Cris :to be honest your face still not good on 4k😂

    • Rj Garcia
      Rj Garcia Year ago +2

      Welp i always play YT video on 240p to save data. Ohmy poor country and slow net 🤣🤣🤣

    • Johnny Joestar
      Johnny Joestar Year ago


    • SRV Disciple
      SRV Disciple Year ago +2

      Nah it looks better in 144p XD

    • Hot Cream Pie
      Hot Cream Pie Year ago +2

      I laughed so hard 🤣

  • Harry
    Harry Year ago

    I discovered this channel very recently when I watched his (currently) 2nd most popular video about japan's gaming obsession which was completely different to what i thought the video was going to be about but I liked chris' humour so i watched some of his other videos and found them absolutely hilarious even his first two videos are top notch.
    Then I had realised I hadn't watched his most popular video "12 things not to do in japan" the one he was reacting to japanese people reacting to in this video. Since it was his most viewed video, i was expecting it to be one of his best but i was actually disappointed mainly because it has a lot less jokes than his other videos i had been watching but i also get why it got views because it would get some average youtube watcher interested in it after seeing the title.
    But i would say this channel is at its best when chris is making a low budget video on a random topic such as the marmite one, this video, or even the north korean missile video because they're all filled with quality banter and british humour.

  • Dominik Csernák
    Dominik Csernák Year ago

    I'm not a TheXvidr but I always thought about reaction videos as the sign of showing respect, when reacting to a good video, and your videos are definitelly great content.

  • Berkanan
    Berkanan 11 months ago +3

    You know you have made it when dozens of other YT channels talk about your channel.

  • RosieBabyCheeks
    RosieBabyCheeks 11 months ago +17

    To be honest, I did find you're channel by watching Japanese people react to your "What Not To Do In Japan" video. I'm honestly grateful to them, because without them, I wouldn't have given your videos a chance and ended up subscribing. :)
    Also, after bingeing most of your videos, I now find it hilarious that Ryotaro was one of the reactors.

  • PlaidRocker
    PlaidRocker Year ago +1685

    I feel like the important thing to note is that Chris has experienced the stark contrast of life in the UK vs living in Japan. People in Japan reacting might disagree, but life in Japan may be all they’ve ever known. In comparison to life in the UK there might very well be a much greater emphasis on not blowing your nose in public or eating while walking that Chris noticed.

    • B
      B 4 months ago +9

      It's really easy to miss things about your own culture/language just because it's so natural to you you don't notice it and you may not have compared it to something else before. I used to have a roommate who didn't really speak English, but absolutely insisted to me that in English, our questions ended in a falling tone if there was a 'w' question word in there. I said no way, questions have a rising tone in the end. She made me listen to myself ask me a few questions before I realized she was right😅

    • SoLuVaBle299
      SoLuVaBle299 4 months ago +16

      I was also thinking people might be more “harsh” towards a foreign person than a native Japanese person who “breaks the rules” . You’re already under a lot of scrutiny and if you do the “wrong thing” then someone who’s already like 👀 might easily get more annoyed.

    • Russell Webster
      Russell Webster 4 months ago +13

      As a Brit, I'm more embarrassed when I CAN'T blow my nose in public. Someone actually had a pop at me for it once.
      I think we find the incessant sniffles more rude and inconsiderate than the actual act of blowing the nose once or twice. Doesn't that piss Japanese people off?

    • tashuntka
      tashuntka 8 months ago +1

      Well stated... 👍👍👍🌋
      And No VOLCANO stuck in my head still, thanks Chris..

    • shoePatty
      shoePatty 11 months ago +221

      Yeah I came here to say this if it wasn't already said.
      A perfect example is like when they start saying how plenty of people walk while eating, there's a special term for it, and there's like half a dozen places in the country where people sometimes do it without being judged and young people even drink Starbucks while walking.
      To someone outside of Japan, that perspective is already culture-shock on its own. This guy just demonstrated the textbook definition of the exception that PROVES THE RULE.
      Like I appreciate when Japanese TheXvidrs can step out of their own shoes and say things like "oh is that even more acceptable in other places in other places in the world?" rather than the closed-minded view that within their worldview there's already some walking while eating going on in Japan, so this Englishman doesn't know anything.

  • SPac316
    SPac316 11 months ago +1

    It's nice to see different perspectives from native Japanese folks.

  • One Trick
    One Trick 9 months ago +1

    This is the first Chris Broad video I've watched outside of cameos on Trash Taste and related channels. Glad to see that this one showed that his incredibly straightforward sense of deadpan humor was just as intact on his main channel as it is there. I had several belly laughs in less than ten minutes and it was a delight.

  • Itz_MasterInstinct
    Itz_MasterInstinct 2 months ago

    Hi chris just wanna let you know your videos are one of the best ive seen in general, like for real the quality comedy, you personality, content just everything you just make everything about your videos interesting every time so thank you for that i think you deserve way more subs ❤️

  • Tristen Bullard
    Tristen Bullard 4 months ago

    This man has a great sense of humor. He really makes me laugh every video. Love it hahahahah

  • PicAlu
    PicAlu Year ago +645

    Me at start: "I hope George Japan doesn't take these jokes the wrong way."
    *George cameos in video*
    Me: "Oh, alright then cool!"

  • AlbaTross
    AlbaTross 3 months ago +1

    For what it's worth, I watched the original video first, and it is actually the video that introduced me to this channel. That I was introduced to Mrs. Eats through her reaction vid just means I credit yours for getting me into the wonderful world of Japan-based TheXvid. I don't usually watch reaction vids TBH, though this is one case where I was actually interested to know what actual Japanese people think. It seems most of them were respectful, in any case.

  • Michael
    Michael 11 months ago

    Keep up the hard work! Been watching since you moved, what a journey!

  • avernion
    avernion 11 months ago +5

    I’ve watch the original, I’ve watched Mrs Eats and George’s reaction, and now I’ve watched his reaction to their reaction of his reacting video.
    My work here is done.

  • Garrick
    Garrick 10 months ago

    George in Japan has some great videos. As someone studying Japanese who hopes to go to Japan one day, I love your videos too. Very helpful.

  • BCpov
    BCpov Year ago +8945

    We all just want to see Natsuki reacting to your videos. Why can't we have that???

    • raphaelsolo
      raphaelsolo 10 months ago +1

      @Heavenly Creature I read this and immediately got an image of Spider-Man saying "Hey, I resent that. Your friendly neighborhood spiderman always recycles"

    • J. S. Mosby
      J. S. Mosby 11 months ago +1

      Please yes!

    • Enem Disk
      Enem Disk 11 months ago


    • OldBitter Craig
      OldBitter Craig Year ago

      @Abroad in Japan only if he reacts to Ryotaro's Japan reacts to Chris England Abroad in Japan. Inception level Punk Rock and Bond Villainy.

    • Lev Choubine
      Lev Choubine Year ago

      @Abroad in Japan Please do it. I can die a happy man.

  • SnowBrooVEVO
    SnowBrooVEVO 10 months ago +1

    Imagine if every reaction video had this level of production

  • Shinomori Ryuichi
    Shinomori Ryuichi 8 months ago +1

    As an Asian man I can really understand the sentiments of the original video. As a foreigner you can really see different treatment dependent upon your demeanor or what you’re doing. It’s not difficult to react to these stimuli and think there’s taboo or stigma against your actions.

  • Artemis
    Artemis 11 months ago

    i watched a reaction video because it promises criticism. the idea is to listen to multiple perspectives on the same subject.
    but a reaction video to a reaction video is just pure comedy hahah
    u did well here too
    Thanks for sharing! was fun!

  • Tim Solinski
    Tim Solinski Month ago +5

    "Please be nice to me." "No sorry George, that's not how the UK works..."
    That is nothing but the truth...
    You might as well put up signs "Stay away, we are not nice!" at airports and borders...

  • The Otaku Cookie Jar
    The Otaku Cookie Jar Year ago +696

    Having George Japan make a cameo in this was so meta I HAD to like.

    • Bowl Cut
      Bowl Cut Year ago +16

      @Abu Dabu do you need a hug

    • Derrick Towell
      Derrick Towell Year ago +15

      George Japan is a cool guy. Not as cool as Chris of course.

    • Heavenly Creature
      Heavenly Creature Year ago +23

      I wonder how that conversation went. Mr. Japan can you please react to my video, about you reacting to my video ?

  • x* Potential
    x* Potential 10 months ago

    Wow, Chris, I love your channel more and more, I laugh a lot, thank you. Starting to find your channel to be one of my favourites.

  • Nb Miata
    Nb Miata 11 months ago +1

    You and gorge would be such good friends 😂😂😂. Y’all totally need to collaborate or something. Both of you are funny af man

  • Honest Drink Reviews
    Honest Drink Reviews 3 months ago

    Haha! I've been to Japan many times in different cities and provinces. And while yes. A lot of people have been friendly and helpful, there are also those who would stare at you in derision for now following your unspoken social rules that foreigners don't know about. Like how my friend got into the onsen after me with her cast and one japanese woman constantly stares at her and reported her to the management while another Japanese woman came to her defense before I got there and helped explain to my friend.

  • Austin D
    Austin D 8 months ago +3

    I feel like there should be a system in place in the back end of TheXvid that funnels at least part of the revenue from reaction videos to the original video, like detecting it (since they do an auto check on every video uploaded anyway) and just have part of that check system be a comparison to see if it just has another video in it, or something like that and if it goes over like 92% or something of the uploading video is just another video, then it gives the uploader a notif saying "Hey part of your revenue for this video will be shared with the original creator if you monetize this upload."
    I feel like that way the original creator benefits as much if not more from the reaction videos as the reaction video makers do, especially since reaction videos do so much better than the originals most of the time.
    Those are just my thoughts though, obviously theres no perfect fix to this situation but this is the best i could think up

  • xiaorishu
    xiaorishu Year ago +705

    Reaction videos are like free promo but when they don't include links to the original video they're reacting to, it's like ..oh .. :s

    • Jean Alisson
      Jean Alisson Year ago

      @Hundvd7A easy solution is to just mute the video while reading the comments

    • Bees Laughter
      Bees Laughter Year ago +1

      He addressed this here... said he didnt see any real hike in views during the reaction video wave. In fact it looked like it even went down a bit...

    • D A
      D A Year ago

      I end up looking at the channel of the creator that was being reacted too not the same video.

    • Remuj 6
      Remuj 6 Year ago

      @Nep Nepped Yuumi I see. Makes sense

    • Nep Nepped Yuumi
      Nep Nepped Yuumi Year ago +15

      @Remuj 6 well, see the math like this, one video got clicked by 100 people, all of those fully watched it. But what if 300 people watched it now and 200 of those left within 30 watched seconds. It might boost the viewcount, but viewer retaiment would be at an all time low, which is very important for youtube when recommending videos

  • Sharon Ezeokeke
    Sharon Ezeokeke 11 months ago

    You did an amazing job, keep it up.

  • Temjiu
    Temjiu 10 months ago

    Congratulations! you've made your first reaction video, reacting to...reaction videos. Is that a double negative?
    I wonder if they consider that the reactions you get are different then what they get because...your not Japanese?
    I do find it interesting that so many Japanese content providers commented on it. If you would have done that in western countries, most people would pretty much say, "yeah who cares? do what you want" I guess their cultural rules are a big deal to them.
    More power to them I say. I appreciate the conformity and respect from their culture, love how things are cleaner and safer. Not sure if all that stress and fear that they deal with is really worth the tradeoff. And no hugging? holy strawberry ice cream, how could the world survive without hugs!
    Well, I guess we do have Psychotherapeutic drugs now.

    B RAW MEDIA 11 months ago +1

    Laughed so loud watching this . Your brilliant mate . Love from London

  • 4WordsTo
    4WordsTo 2 months ago

    This was honestly the most enjoyable reaction video I've ever seen.

  • The Unusual Suspect
    The Unusual Suspect Year ago +1874

    I don't mind reaction videos; really have no issue with them, but the TheXvid algorithm pushes them waaaaay too much. I see them plastered all over my home page. TheXvid sees I watched a thing so it assumes I'm interested in seeing someone's reaction to that same thing. It's basically the modern day of version of reply girls, minus the cleavage on the thumbnail.
    I'm all for reaction videos as I do get a kick out of watching people react to my own videos, but the TheXvid higher ups do need to limit the amount of exposure they get. Push content that has effort put into it! Don't reward people for just sticking a camera in front of their face and reacting to someone else's hard work.

    • CazKiwi NZ
      CazKiwi NZ 9 months ago

      It was the other way for me - I’ve seen the George Japan video and subbed to him... cos he’s awesome!.... but I haven’t ever seen Chris until now, this is my first video I’ve watched of his (apart from the bits in George Japans’s reaction vid 🤗0

    • wrath231
      wrath231 Year ago

      Same here, way too much "recommended " reaction crap

    • Sou _the Slytherin
      Sou _the Slytherin Year ago


    • Tams80
      Tams80 Year ago +1

      Yeah, the algorithm is borked.
      I watched a couple of Jordon Peterson videos and my whole recommended list got filled with more and even worse, some of the loons in the same topic area. It took a good few days to clear that out.

    • Kal Taron
      Kal Taron Year ago +1

      There's no reason not to put cleavage on the reaction thumbnail. Makes it doubly effective.

  • Abby Rose
    Abby Rose 10 months ago

    Aww I love George
    I watched the original video, saw George’s reaction a while later, and am now watching this 😂

  • potoker
    potoker Year ago

    Honestly I dont like reaction videos but I live your videos without people randomly pausing and giving their advice or criticism.
    It's almost like someone telling you how you should think about a topic, person or video. I actually live your videos chris, I love seeing the scenery, and the people you make friends with add that friendly vibe to the video that makes you feel like it's a virtual tour that you brought us on.
    I wish I could actually go to japan, I love seafood and the old buildings look like its straight out of a movie. I maybe am just sour about the place I live in, I live in an area that's all new buildings (with that new car or building smell lol) but I love history and old things tend to have that vibe.
    I'd love it if you continue to do content that you've done before and I like the documentary you've done, the videos are insightful so I recommend as a viewer more drone shots and the higher resolution 4k is great.
    Keep it up chris.

  • Karkarov
    Karkarov 11 months ago

    I remember watching george's video, only one I have watched, and laughing at his comments on the eating while walking thing. Mostly because yes, you can see he is doing the stare of disapproval all the while saying it isn't that bad lololol.

  • Cute Bunny
    Cute Bunny 5 months ago

    Don’t be disheartened about your documentaries, me and my partner always look forward to watching those videos together and learn new things about the world. ☺️

  • AliceinJapanaland
    AliceinJapanaland Year ago +1206

    100% think the Japanese perspective on what not to do in Japan is skewed because it's their country. They don't get looked at like they just crapped in the street if they cross at a red or eat while walking, etc. But foreigners occasionally do because we already stand out and so us not following the standards of politeness sticks out too. Whereas a Japanese not following them just looks like someone not overly concerned with the rules, a foreigner not following them is evidence that we are ignorant or impolite by those who want to judge others. Not all Japanese are so eager to judge foreigners of course, but there are scolds in every society.

    • Sun Jara
      Sun Jara Year ago


    • グクテテ
      グクテテ Year ago +6

      There are two types of japanese when dealing with foreigners, the “those who reprimand” and “those that simply do not care”. I’ve been to a lot of countries and they treat all foreigners the same as the japanese, those stares aren’t only unique to the japanese, all locals in any country do. Wherever in the world you are foreigners are expected to follow rules of the country they are in. It’s common courtesy which some people do not understand.

    • AliceinJapanaland
      AliceinJapanaland Year ago +1

      @hal0dude7 there's some truth to that but it depends on what it is, who they are, and how inconvenienced they personally felt by it. It also depends on their personal experience with foreigners. Some have had bad experiences and seem to see foreigners generally as trying to get away with not following the standard procedures and come to resent that. It probably doesn't help that immature foreigners do make cracks about the gaijin smash or using their gaijin pass and essentially do try to take advantage of their visible non-asian-ness to get away with bad manners and poor behavior and then joke about it on the internet...

    • hal0dude7
      hal0dude7 Year ago +1

      At the same time though, most Japanese people will tell you that *because* you are a foreigner, people won't judge you as harshly for these missteps, and that honestly makes more sense to me.

    • vivs
      vivs Year ago +3

      @HaZe lmao no it’s not, stop pinning everything to racism when it seems like you don’t even know what the word actually means.

  • Richard Nilsson
    Richard Nilsson 11 months ago

    One thing is for sure. I cant think of any youtube channel that makes me laugh so hard. Happy I found your channel the other day cause your an icon! Keep up the great work!

  • S Lu
    S Lu 9 months ago

    You know you made it when someone makes a react video on your videos. Team Broadie.

  • Zak Covert
    Zak Covert 9 months ago

    Dude that was fucking hilarious. I love your production values and efforts.

  • Ruxandra Caldwell
    Ruxandra Caldwell 11 months ago +4

    My sides hurt and I have tears in my eyes. I hope you do a collab with George sometime in the future

  • K BH
    K BH 9 months ago +2

    Definitely went to go watch the Fukushima video after this one finished. I, for one, appreciate your production values and the fact that your videos are never click-baity wastes of bandwidth.

  • Kimo Bruns
    Kimo Bruns 5 months ago +1

    I think many people come to your channel to laugh and relax. I think you first need to build an audience for the more serious videos. Please continue making documentaries about important topics as well, even though they are less profitable for you at the current point in time. You have the talent to also tackle difficult topics. Keep the spirit and good work up!

  • Phazz
    Phazz 10 months ago +10

    To me, the appeal of a "reaction" video, is seeing someone, well, react, to something you have an interest in. It's kinda like how movies in the cinema can be much more impactful than at home alone.
    Seeing a big plot twist or huge action scene, while others are cheering alongside (even if they're not aware of you) is just another chapter in the book of parasocial relationships.
    Bit of a guilty pleasure, but seeing someone listen to great music for the first time or like a phenomenal anime scene gives you a lot of that "social" pleasure, without any of the effort, at any time you want.
    Now, of course not all reactions are therefore good. Plenty of people really cash in on the idea, put no effort in, lie about not knowing something and are just generally uninteresting, letting the video play.
    Given the state of the world, I can't see reaction videos dying down. They're probably just gonna be a new genre that sticks around, hopefully weeding out the lazy douches and refining fair use laws and shit in the meantime.

  • Ricardo Senzo
    Ricardo Senzo Month ago

    Chris, I've been subscribed to your channel for a few years now, and your 'What not to do...', vid was the first one I saw. I loved it for a number of reasons, including you production values. Your Fukushima doco was incredible. Keep filming in 4k, keep developing your formula, and don't concern yourself with the noise. Your a true British TheXvid gangsta! Much respect.

  • Tengen
    Tengen Year ago +637

    Don't feel bad Chris, every Japanese TheXvidr is contractually obligated to react to Filthy Frank and Uncle Roger, plus one additional creator of their choice. It's an honor that they picked you!

    • Kenshi X
      Kenshi X Year ago +5

      True, I even tried to recommend them to watch Calebcity videos. Most of them don't even finish the "People who think they can speak Japanese just because they watch anime" series.

    • Nath
      Nath Year ago +2


    • Skyrat
      Skyrat Year ago +23

      Is always priceless when they watch content made by Georgie.