Dodge Viper - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • The Dodge Viper - the legendary drag monster. From the SRT variants to the ACR and GTS-R, the Dodge Viper and died and arisen many times. Will we see a new Viper concept on the horizon? Only time will tell. It's time to get up to speed, on the Dodge Viper!
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Comments • 4 682

  • jose puron
    jose puron 14 hours ago

    Cover the geo metro

  • Stephen Gordon
    Stephen Gordon 15 hours ago

    I'm a Corvette guy, fell in love with it the first time I laid my eyes on one...but I have a lot of respect for the Viper as its proved the world wrong time and time again!
    Awesome looks,
    Awesome sound,
    Awesome Name!!!
    ...and it's American 🇺🇸

  • OnPointFirearms
    OnPointFirearms 21 hour ago

    Dire Straights. Bwahahahaha!

  • Patrick Lloyd
    Patrick Lloyd Day ago

    It was fast, like really fast, like *wrap yourself around a pole in 2 seconds fast...*

  • Edgar
    Edgar Day ago +1

    One night I look out my window on to the quiet street,
    a silent tear runs down my cheek,
    While I gaze into the distance without a blink.
    Suddenly I hear a thunderous roar,
    from an engine like none before,
    how many cylinders 10 maybe more?
    When I saw the headlights I started to get hyper,
    and confirmed my thoughts when they got brighter,
    'cause what I saw was a brand new Viper.

  • Dan Valle
    Dan Valle 2 days ago

    My name is Dan

  • losmt2
    losmt2 2 days ago

    You also left out that the Viper was the 91 Indy pace car after replacing the Stealth cause the Sealth wasn't MERICAN enough for the Indy 500.

  • losmt2
    losmt2 2 days ago

    Didn't the Stealth share mirrors with the original Viper?

  • king solT680
    king solT680 3 days ago


  • Alex Nair
    Alex Nair 3 days ago

    0:06 that's Nolan's Viper

  • AD TV
    AD TV 4 days ago

    Doug Demuro owned a 1997 Viper.

  • Microwave
    Microwave 4 days ago

    Fun fact: there’s a hentai called “viper gts” I wish I was joking

  • Ari Prabowo
    Ari Prabowo 4 days ago

    That Sir Mix-A-Lot's homage was out of the left field and hit me straight in the face.
    That sounded very wrong.

  • Wendy's Twitter
    Wendy's Twitter 5 days ago +1

    Other TheXvidrs: If I tell you how much money I make then TheXvid will assassinate me
    James from Donut Media: This is how much money I make

  • Roesner Bros RC
    Roesner Bros RC 5 days ago

    Imagine a viper sedan with a huge hood and a small trunk

  • Esfar
    Esfar 6 days ago +1

    That car was uncontrollable... Cellica controls thousands time more than viper.

  • Wendy's Twitter
    Wendy's Twitter 7 days ago +4

    0:47 Don't worry guys, the Viper went down a 200 foot cliff, but the driver somehow walked away unharmed

  • Nathan Lahey
    Nathan Lahey 7 days ago

    Do a 2015 Camaro z28

  • SacredGaming HD
    SacredGaming HD 8 days ago

    It’s gone man. It’s gone.😔

  • scott foster
    scott foster 8 days ago

    You should check out sup

  • anastasija Ilieva
    anastasija Ilieva 9 days ago

    0 TO DEAD IN 4 SECS!

  • Lorent Deari
    Lorent Deari 9 days ago

    Bmw M-power

  • TheThennv
    TheThennv 9 days ago

    Here’s my thought, a 100+ thousand dollar car, not a huge amount of customers. I think if they made a V-8 ( yes I know, travesty right?) but the car looks so badass that on looks alone it would sell. If they made a version similar to the corvette, which does have many many levels of the car, they would sell big time. If they made a 60,000$ viper I’d buy it tomorrow...100+ can’t swing it.

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith 9 days ago

    'Ferrari breaks track' 'America notices' 'Viper comes back'

  • Wolfpack79
    Wolfpack79 11 days ago

    I think the best Viper aesthetically, is the 2003 SRT 10 (probably convertible), but that could just be me...

  • MasterBuilder15
    MasterBuilder15 11 days ago

    do the yugo

  • beagelbird1
    beagelbird1 12 days ago

    I used to have one of those wrecked it all the time! That car was unforgiving in Grand Turismo! ;-)

  • yah yeet
    yah yeet 13 days ago

    If the viper doesnt return I'm going to be fucking pissed

  • Waheed Bhuyan
    Waheed Bhuyan 13 days ago

    No reference to the show “Viper?”

  • aqua_bro
    aqua_bro 13 days ago

    Did i just saw someone die? 0:51

  • Charlie Steib
    Charlie Steib 13 days ago

    I daily drive a 2013 GTS every day.

  • Joe da XRE190
    Joe da XRE190 14 days ago

    Love that car so much. Grew up with a poster of it on my wall, draw it like there was nothing else to draw in all the magazines i saw. Won a contest at school even hahaha. Big blue GTS

  • Nadine Gomes de Oliveira

    you forgotten the viper gts-r gt2 of 1998

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming 15 days ago +1

    aparently they are supper planted with modern sport tires. like Michelin pilot sport

  • Mircea Dimian
    Mircea Dimian 15 days ago +3

    Didn't mention the movie (series) we all grew up on.

  • Yukrizzan Tomoyoshi
    Yukrizzan Tomoyoshi 15 days ago

    So we just gonna ignore this 0:47 ?

  • Kiến Phong Quách
    Kiến Phong Quách 15 days ago

    Jame over fed his hamster like what his dad did for his son

    SOL SOL 17 days ago

    Can you do Volvo or you did all ready ....

  • mac cheese
    mac cheese 17 days ago

    Heck yeah I would drive it

  • 1
    1 17 days ago

    I shouldnt have laughed when the viper slid off the cliff lol

  • Martin-Kalev Kingi
    Martin-Kalev Kingi 17 days ago

    Vipers are the coolest in my honest opinion!!!! VIPER was my first real favourite! I had my first 1:24 scale Burago model (Red with white stripes GTS 1997) - First time ever i saw VIPER was in a Need 4 Speed first game! - Then i bought in 1998 PC game VIPER RACING - and to this day i play it ! In Gran Turismo 2 i absolutely love Viper GTS - - - - - - Viper all the way - i wish i had more funds to buy one IRL! :)

  • SyynRimOG
    SyynRimOG 17 days ago

    My dad fav car

    MICROSOFT HQ 17 days ago

    The guy who fell off the VIPER off the hill.. didn't die so no worries

  • Ethan Allen
    Ethan Allen 18 days ago +2

    Did you hear that girl “OH MY GOD”

  • Sherloid Bai
    Sherloid Bai 19 days ago

    Hey man..........nice boots. LOL WTF

  • Aydan Angus
    Aydan Angus 19 days ago

    I just know that my grandmas buick pos easily beats it.

  • PigeonLaughter
    PigeonLaughter 19 days ago +1

    Yeah... after seeing that viper fly off the cliff in the beginning, thats all i can see now. I dont want one anymore.

  • Ghost Octi
    Ghost Octi 21 day ago

    Wasnt there a show in the 90s that was based on the viper

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 21 day ago +1

    Dodge Viper
    The Brett Favre of the Auto industry.

  • ChrisJeff 1222
    ChrisJeff 1222 21 day ago +2

    2 Years Later....... We Got News It Might Be A Fricking V8 But Don't Loose Hope On The Viper

  • Zphir135 Games
    Zphir135 Games 22 days ago +48

    It will take you from 0 to Dead in under 4 Seconds.

    • Patrick Lloyd
      Patrick Lloyd Day ago

      It was fast, like really fast, like wrap yourself around a pole in 2 seconds fast...

  • MAZzi DAbstep
    MAZzi DAbstep 23 days ago +3

    Viper: damn snake
    Viper drivers: hamsters/mouse

    dont let them crash you to DEATH

  • Angelo Viveros-Lagunes

    They have short life of 2 years

  • Chetan Gupta
    Chetan Gupta 24 days ago

    I didn't hear Dodge until the very end

  • red neck
    red neck 24 days ago

    They made a 16 ACR viper

  • AGmodelz/Mopar
    AGmodelz/Mopar 25 days ago

    Please do an Up To Speed on the Dodge Challenger.

  • Slow&Stuff _
    Slow&Stuff _ 26 days ago

    They are cooler than Antarctica in winter, and Antarctica is cool, Really cool.

  • Clem Dom
    Clem Dom 27 days ago

    Hamsters only live 2 years

  • Kalev Vaska
    Kalev Vaska 28 days ago

    I mean come on, who needs safety features?

  • Habib Rahal
    Habib Rahal 28 days ago

    Ralph Gilles was president of SRT, and head of design at FCA. Awesome videos guys!

  • randy mills jr.
    randy mills jr. 28 days ago

    New Viper with the Hell cat motor. Yes .Call it the Hell Snake. Ahhhhhh run Forest.

  • Quincy Gaming
    Quincy Gaming Month ago

    RIP Viper. I miss you :'(

  • evo Gaming
    evo Gaming Month ago

    Hamsters only love for a maximum of 4 years if it is a legend

  • xoxo lol
    xoxo lol Month ago

    He makes six million, stop doupting you income denier.
    6 Million, if not 7.

  • power equipment
    power equipment Month ago

    I cried at the end. I'll be over on ebay.

  • Rick C
    Rick C Month ago

    You forgot to about the TV show "viper"

  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 Month ago

    Why did the last GTS-R sound like V8 in Le Mans though?

  • Ian Lerma
    Ian Lerma Month ago

    What if chevy built a car to compete with the cobra and the viper. The chevy mamba. A boy can dream

  • Chayce Drives
    Chayce Drives Month ago

    Did that viper crash at the start kill the driver? 🤔

  • Neo J. Ssk
    Neo J. Ssk Month ago

    5:04 Grand Turimos 3 is the First ting I tough when I saw this part of the video

    MOPAR ARTS HEMI392 Month ago

    Also the viper was in drake and josh go Hollywood

  • NeedForSpeed2004
    NeedForSpeed2004 Month ago

    Actually found out some of the reasons the Viper died off mainly had to do with obsolescence. When the Hellcat was initially brought up, that's mostly all people talked about; the Viper was barely ever mentioned. Also, when the C7 Corvette came out, the Stingray was pretty close in performance with only 460hp, and then the Corvette Z06 came out and overshadowed the Viper with 650hp (Viper had 645hp). The Viper outperforms the Corvette Z06 only by a little bit for a higher price than the Vette, and to people, it apparently wasn't worth it. Also, since safety regulations started requiring side impact airbags which the Viper can't support, they wouldn't be able to sell it anyways (not that I'd care about not having side airbags in my car). Hopefully, with the possibly upcoming gen 6 Viper, they get all that shit figured out while still making the Viper an extremely hardcore supercar.

  • NeedForSpeed2004
    NeedForSpeed2004 Month ago

    There could be a gen 6 Viper coming in the future, but I hear it's gonna have a V8 instead of a V10. If that's true, we need to start a movement and convince Mopar to continue the big-ass OHV V10 tradition. I'd want the engine to be (as I've already said) a pushrod V10 with a displacement of at least 8.5L, and I want at least 800hp naturally aspirated.

  • burtonbadtouch
    burtonbadtouch Month ago


  • burtonbadtouch
    burtonbadtouch Month ago


  • DusterMuster
    DusterMuster Month ago

    Dammit Dan.

  • jerry
    jerry Month ago

    make one of an audi rs6

  • Nguyễn Lê Đức Dương

    Toyota Starlet please

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore Month ago

    Who doesn't love Bob Lutz? Ford Sierra, Dodge Viper & the GM Holden marriage.

  • Lee Richard
    Lee Richard Month ago

    Make a up to speed on motorcycles

  • Omega 3370
    Omega 3370 Month ago

    I’m glad James has increased his energy in later videos

  • EdgeRunner
    EdgeRunner Month ago

    “The wing is exactly 1776 millimeters across because ‘merica”
    But the US doesn’t use metric...

      DKLONGHORN Month ago

      The metric system has been slowly creeping into American manufacturing and commerce.

    TRz意BLACK-FOOT Month ago

    Do a video on maruthi suzuki swift for our indian fellows
    It may be a great part from India

  • Jeremy Plimpton
    Jeremy Plimpton Month ago

    I would love to see someone call Dodge out on building a new vider. If they can't, then someone should do it for them.

  • yereviltwin
    yereviltwin Month ago

    We need you to do one about the Camaro

  • jonathan larios
    jonathan larios Month ago

    makre a chevy nova video with my nova in the back ;)

  • Lucas Powell
    Lucas Powell Month ago

    I'm a fan! Maeby the video guys or maybe your hung over but this sounds different.

  • Shawn Schroeder
    Shawn Schroeder Month ago

    Just here to troll, because I just gotta NOT let this one go. Settle the Fuck down dude....can't watch your shit for 30 sec.

  • BatmanRZ
    BatmanRZ Month ago

    No lightning :(

  • ThePointlessBox_
    ThePointlessBox_ Month ago

    You call it viper
    I call it B I G M i a t N B

  • Blake Colonna
    Blake Colonna Month ago


  • darklighter66
    darklighter66 Month ago +1

    Faster than any animal?
    No Peregrine Falcon 200 mph.

  • Madcatcon199
    Madcatcon199 Month ago

    creepy picture at 6:09

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly Month ago

    Just like my dad

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly Month ago

    Cant wait until the viper comes back only this time with a hellephant motor.

  • Dinico Nights
    Dinico Nights Month ago

    When you cut a snake in half it's still go on living

  • Ben Whiting
    Ben Whiting Month ago

    If I could I would

  • Kolin Martz
    Kolin Martz Month ago

    I think the next viper needs to have a hellcat Hemi based v10 engine. I mean the original Viper V10 was just a magnum v8 with 2 cylinders added.

  • ssgss Joshua
    ssgss Joshua Month ago

    Why is there a BMW in the background and not a viper

    • ta ta
      ta ta Month ago

      Not sponsored by Dodge

  • Yo' Momma
    Yo' Momma Month ago

    WTH!?! Did I just witness a Viper murder somebody? I thought only Mustangs did that.