Manchester United vs Astana (1-0) | UEFA Europa League Highlights

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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  • anthony731993
    anthony731993 18 days ago

    His style is almost identical as RVP although he can use right or left 🔥

  • Jamie Jackson
    Jamie Jackson 19 days ago

    1. Who thinks maguire is better than smalling, teams like arsenal get rid of mertesacker because he slow how the hell we gonna cope when sterling,aubameyang, lacazette, sane, aguero,mane ,salah and the rest beat maguire. They chose him because he was younger than koulibaly by 2 yrs, in 2 yrs maguire will be no faster.
    2. Who lets go a striker to rely on a unproven striker worst off to have no back up did he think rashford was going to stay fit and play in every game giving 100% makes 0 sense

  • M. A. G
    M. A. G 20 days ago

    Nice First Europa League To Manchester United!

  • Micah Carruthers
    Micah Carruthers 21 day ago

    @Sam Walker your rigjt hes better on wing when martiaks back put him.on wing and. martial through middle

  • SBKP 0507
    SBKP 0507 24 days ago

    United 1-0 3:30

  • Baijeed Chowdhury
    Baijeed Chowdhury 26 days ago +1

    Shame we can't beat West ham

  • tony sony
    tony sony 26 days ago

    mason greenwood is to sik i i used to ply with him

  • ImHereToLacerate
    ImHereToLacerate 26 days ago

    get rid of trashford, get rid of Lingard, get rid of jones maybe united would start to see a change and actually win games in style, not by penalties or by 1 goal

  • Daniel dore
    Daniel dore 26 days ago

    1-0 vs who?

  • murphh57
    murphh57 26 days ago

    keep the youngsters in for the west ham game.drop lingard,lindleoff and pogba there all useless and they werent missed on thurs.greenwood has more talent than all of them put together.

    • Crazy Greninja
      Crazy Greninja 26 days ago

      Lindelof and Pogba are important players dummy. Anyways they lost 2-0 to them

  • Sam Walker
    Sam Walker 26 days ago

    IMO rashford would be much better used as a winger. Scored the odd goal, quick and can dribble. Not as clinical as a striker should be

  • max green-wright
    max green-wright 27 days ago

    Sub to me

  • LilGamer
    LilGamer 27 days ago +1

    When your against united it's game over well from what I've watch don't cry please

  • Phil Mike Hunt
    Phil Mike Hunt 27 days ago

    Rashford isnt ever going to be a good number 9 he cant finish well enough

  • Zac LFC YNWA
    Zac LFC YNWA 27 days ago +1

    Poor attendance for the UEL opener

  • McCarthee
    McCarthee 27 days ago

    Rojo IN.

  • Taza Gre
    Taza Gre 27 days ago

    we are just a bit unlucky...

  • Kopkidcrazy kloppo
    Kopkidcrazy kloppo 27 days ago

    Rashford proper shity player he can only run nothing else Sunderland player forsure

  • Bobby Jay
    Bobby Jay 27 days ago

    Rashford could have scored a hat trick

  • Republic Galaxy
    Republic Galaxy 27 days ago

    I belive in Greenwood not rashford...sorry Ole not worth the wages

  • Ziad Shah
    Ziad Shah 27 days ago

    Y u men hating on Rashford

  • Felix Says
    Felix Says 27 days ago

    Not the bed performance from Man Utd, but this will do!

  • Sergent Buzz
    Sergent Buzz 27 days ago

    Wtf is an Astana?

  • LemonB
    LemonB 27 days ago

    Greenwood remember the name

  • Elliot Clinch
    Elliot Clinch 27 days ago

    5:04 Carrick with the dirty handshake PAR LOOOOL

  • Maccy Bear
    Maccy Bear 27 days ago

    All I can say is, at least Jose is gone and that nightmare is over. I'll pick this rubbish football over Jose's all day. At least youngsters are getting games. Also Ole got rid of seven useless players.
    As for Ole's tactics and football, utter joke. Still no identity. Counter attacking football. Awful defense. Horrible to watch. But a million times better than the circus we had under Jose.

  • stuart kane
    stuart kane 27 days ago

    De Gea is the only player that should be playing for man u.

  • Aldreth3
    Aldreth3 27 days ago

    Pleased for Greenwood, not sure why they got stuck for wasting chances - the defence played deep and the chances were technically tricky.

  • Shane Morley
    Shane Morley 27 days ago

    Hearing the fans chant ‘bring on United’ gives me shivers.

  • Monty Gill
    Monty Gill 27 days ago

    Let's hope the English club's do well like last year.

  • AssumedTiger778
    AssumedTiger778 27 days ago +2

    Why is this #1 trending?

    • Monty Gill
      Monty Gill 27 days ago

      Probably because it's football.

  • Stuart
    Stuart 27 days ago

    1-0 just shows the fire power utd have

  • Am Cha
    Am Cha 27 days ago +1

    Rashford is on the decline

  • BNO97 !
    BNO97 ! 27 days ago

    Underdogs win again in Europe

  • ZEXITY Gaming
    ZEXITY Gaming 27 days ago

    We missed 75% of our shots we could’ve won like 4-0

  • Jack Elsby
    Jack Elsby 27 days ago

    The atmosphere was very good

  • Nathan Gibbs
    Nathan Gibbs 27 days ago

    I got a lot of suddenly LOL

  • Steeve Daw
    Steeve Daw 27 days ago

    Ajax have better youngsters,anyway.

  • Steeve Daw
    Steeve Daw 27 days ago

    Greenwood will end up being sold to West Ham or Everton,never fulfilling his potential.. Sounds familiar?

  • Max.Wils.
    Max.Wils. 27 days ago

    Long live Kazakhstan!

  • Mosty Lol
    Mosty Lol 27 days ago +2

    Man U is still bad
    Like come on it is astona

  • JDMH
    JDMH 27 days ago

    If this is LFC Or MCFC its 10-0 easy


    Just got lucky on goal. Nothing special

  • Richard Fallon
    Richard Fallon 27 days ago

    Romero just casually being the best sub keeper in the world and I’m a United fan

    SMOKEMAJOR 27 days ago


  • Simon wadsley
    Simon wadsley 27 days ago

    Rashford is a bench warmer at best, boggles the mind he is getting 200,000 bags a week, Greenwood and Gomes deserve a shot and so does Fred.

  • Thebeanman17
    Thebeanman17 27 days ago

    Give us Celtic or rangers after the group stage

  • Brad
    Brad 27 days ago +2

    embarrassing hahha get in greenwood keeping ole in the job, hope ole stays at united forever! OLES AT THE WHEEL 😂😂 boring defensive football

  • LateGamerReacts
    LateGamerReacts 27 days ago

    Bring him on on the 60th minute in pl games i dont want united to have another owen or fabregas who played too much when they were yohnger

    EAMCFC 27 days ago

    And we're the ones with the empty seats 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Tyler SouthendUnitedFc
    Tyler SouthendUnitedFc 27 days ago +1

    Very glad Greenwood played like he did in pre season today, even though it was 1-0 we still kept on the attack and constantly worked Astana,well done lads

  • David Power
    David Power 27 days ago

    they beat a made up team. lol

  • Mohammed Husnain
    Mohammed Husnain 27 days ago +1

    Rashford is not a goal threat he has missed so much clinical opportunities over the time, I rather have sold him then lukaku

  • Massive Fitness
    Massive Fitness 27 days ago

    Westham will smash manchester united

  • Shaz Gently
    Shaz Gently 27 days ago

    Body language isn't great when they walk out of the tunnel, more confidence required. Some great players in the making here.

  • William Docherty
    William Docherty 27 days ago

    Next 100 💯 sub giveaway

  • ghostsneverdie5 1
    ghostsneverdie5 1 27 days ago

    Zlatan said "if man United need me I'll join back at the end of the season"

  • ghostsneverdie5 1
    ghostsneverdie5 1 27 days ago

    Absolute atrocious of a game

  • PitStop 3k
    PitStop 3k 28 days ago

    Everyone needs to stop having a go at Rashford his not experienced as an older veteran his growing into a striker couple years and he will be a beast!!!

  • Aidy Gooner
    Aidy Gooner 28 days ago

    From the highlights it sounded like the atmosphere was decent. If this was a champions league game it would've attracted more threatre-loving plastics who just sit and watch so in some ways it's good to see the true fans making some decent noise.