Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi Swap Rides!

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Two of the greatest racers of all-time come together at Valencia's Circuit Ricardo Tormo to trade epic machinery, and see what life is like with or without an extra two wheels!
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Comments • 1 934

  • Eron Sebastian Ermino

    Italian on a Mercedes hummmm i think it must be a Ferrari

  • FichDichInDemArsch
    FichDichInDemArsch 8 days ago

    Yeah, don't show the actual fucking laps.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II 14 days ago

    Hamilton to Yamaha factory and Rossi to Mercedes

  • Arya Brt
    Arya Brt 16 days ago

    Aku ga paham mereka ngomong apa😂

  • NobleStar Lion
    NobleStar Lion 18 days ago

    2 legends on the track and you couldnt even give us something more than 2 MINUTES?
    Why do you even bother?

  • Jan Šebek
    Jan Šebek 20 days ago

    IDK what I feel is wrong exactly, but promoting ventures of one driver of 20 does not seem fair.

  • Lucius Fran
    Lucius Fran 20 days ago


  • Bilal Patel
    Bilal Patel 22 days ago

    How can you make such an amazing video just 2 minutes!?

  • nasty nick
    nasty nick 23 days ago

    Where is the rest of it then FFS🤬

  • ForeverDovi YouTube
    ForeverDovi YouTube 25 days ago

    *Infinity war was the best cross-over of the world!*
    *MotoGP & Formula 1* : Hold our tires

  • Wilder Valencia
    Wilder Valencia 26 days ago


  • Maxbotnick
    Maxbotnick 26 days ago +1

    Imagine if this was 2012 and Rossi did a ride swap with Schumi instead

  • Simo Dena
    Simo Dena 26 days ago

    Grande Valeeee

  • mark L Chapman
    mark L Chapman 27 days ago

    Brilliant just fucking brilliant

  • Mazgenggonk21+
    Mazgenggonk21+ 27 days ago

    And now, let Hammond try The M1.

  • Randu Risha
    Randu Risha 27 days ago +1

    Why not Hamilton and Marques???
    They're both 2019 champion
    I think we'll know the answer.

  • sapana shah
    sapana shah 28 days ago

    #hamilton fans all day every day

  • Mudhaffar Adhwa
    Mudhaffar Adhwa 28 days ago

    Lewis looks like a villian in a riding suit

  • Arjun अर्जुन्

    Im Italianoo I speaka Enkliss very goottaa

  • roy andika sitepu
    roy andika sitepu 28 days ago +1

    Two legends

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 28 days ago

    The doctor😎🔥

  • ILovePizza
    ILovePizza 28 days ago


  • MrPatPre
    MrPatPre 29 days ago

    We want more

  • Andre Awdaa
    Andre Awdaa 29 days ago

    Indonesia hadir . Love rossi 46😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Sabah Sidani
    Sabah Sidani 29 days ago

    When is it Mercedes term??

  • Herr Starr
    Herr Starr 29 days ago

    Guys I'm new into F1. Just finished watching the series *F1 Drive to survive* and it was awesome but I believe it was about the 2018. Can you update me regarding everything relevant that happened this year 2019? Motors, deals, crashes, victories, etc. Please. I'm curious to know what happened to redbull switching motor to Honda. How did richardo do on Renault. Hamilton.. etc

    • Samanthaflower
      Samanthaflower 14 days ago +1

      Watch videos from the 2019 season on this channel! Also, Mercedes has their own channel which is really awesome and they have a show called Pitwall after every race with the race engineers explaining the strategies, mistakes and penalties! Have a look at both channels.😃

    • Toms River
      Toms River 27 days ago +1

      This is the official F1 channel. You should check their videos: There are races highlights, interviews, etc... There's also F1.com. These two should be enough to keep you updated.

  • Jarambah Gaming Evolved

    Thats amazing... 👍🏻👍🏻

  • MSI
    MSI Month ago +1

    Swap them forever or at least two years contract :) seems Rossi like the view of cockpit :D

  • Pranjal VW
    Pranjal VW Month ago +5

    This one time 1:54 min video is enough for my lifetime Testosterone

  • Farhan Ashraf
    Farhan Ashraf Month ago

    PETRONAS.. Proud to be MALAYSIAN..

  • Sipho Blose
    Sipho Blose Month ago

    This is the coolest video on TheXvid! 😭

  • Federico Espeche
    Federico Espeche Month ago

    bye bottas !!! welcome rossi to mercedes ;)

  • aswin ajay
    aswin ajay Month ago

    Am I dreaming..

  • robert akizuki
    robert akizuki Month ago

    Who believes that is rossi riding the f1?

    • Samanthaflower
      Samanthaflower 14 days ago

      robert akizuki Clown! Rossi test drove for Ferrari before!🙄 He’s driven a F1 car previously, just not a Mercedes.

  • Alex Mester
    Alex Mester Month ago

    Great feeling to see Rossi in Formula 1 car, like that

  • Matthew Clifford
    Matthew Clifford Month ago

    Poor Lando 😭

  • Dr BigMix
    Dr BigMix Month ago

    Let’s do it now so Lewis will have time to recover for new season if he crashes

  • Tim Wiegand
    Tim Wiegand Month ago

    Just two legends enjoying the company of each other. Simply awesome.

  • Satish Suggala
    Satish Suggala Month ago +5

    “I wish we could bring 2 world champions together, swap their rides and produce less than 4 minutes of footage”
    Monster Energy folks - Hold my energy drink

  • hobbitassassin1
    hobbitassassin1 Month ago

    Ohhh I thought they were gunna race

  • Flaxe
    Flaxe Month ago

    poor lando

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan Month ago +1

    Two of the most bad ass mofos on the planet.

  • 7 7
    7 7 Month ago



    Rossi before 10 years makes some test with Ferrari f1

  • nala trebor renoclaf

    Eez err eezz errr.

  • enano insolente muñoz


  • Aavishkaar Kadam
    Aavishkaar Kadam Month ago

    Michael Schumacher, John McGuinness and late Keith Flint were better and badder on their track day. Respect to The Doctor.

    ᎳᎪᎶᏁᎬᏒ Month ago

    Two monster!

  • Zedrick Padua
    Zedrick Padua Month ago

    Dammm just damm rossi can do all things

  • Yehezkiel  Rickjoyner

    They both should've said to eachother, "i tip my helmet to you one legend to another"

  • Deepak Nandi
    Deepak Nandi Month ago

    Viewers r faster than Hamilton

  • butch cassidy
    butch cassidy Month ago +1

    So what insurance company dare insure this?

  • sephirot 99
    sephirot 99 Month ago +1

    Rossi ?? Rest in peace , god is Marc Márquez.

  • tonemson
    tonemson Month ago

    Man just to be there had to be the best.

  • MrBigDaddyGG
    MrBigDaddyGG Month ago

    Valentino its James....

  • comeberza
    comeberza Month ago

    2 minutes? 2 fucking minutes?

  • Srsly Brah
    Srsly Brah Month ago +1

    Lando is jelly...

  • Emily Asamba
    Emily Asamba Month ago

    Beautiful. My favorite sportsmen.

  • Doom Father TM
    Doom Father TM Month ago

    Shame Lewis crashed the bike, easy done on a bike though

  • bryantpck
    bryantpck Month ago