FOUND PZ9 HOUSE & FACE REVEAL PICTURES! Regina Missing and Trapped In 24 Hour Escape Room Challenge

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • I'm inside PZ9's HOUSE!
    After Chad Wild Clay made TWIN HACKERS? I Disguise as Hacker PZ9 & Regina Pretends to be PZ2 Undercover - Life Swap Challenge, Vy Qwaint created FINDING SECRET UNDERGROUND TUNNEL to Hacker PZ9 Safe House & Getting Locked Inside for 24 Hours and Daniel uploaded PZ9 is ANGRY at ME over NAME REVEAL - REGINA & DANIEL Spying on Hacker for 24 Hour Challenge on the Exposing Project Zorgo TheXvid channel, ex Project Zorgo member, PZ9, also named Melvin led Regina to his safe house. She used her spy ninja sneaking skills to follow him as he unlocked the door. Then suddenly, she went missing and Daniel, Vy and Chad couldn't find her. She was lost! I hope she didn't get herself into a Battle Royale and became defeated by the hackers. We took the secret hidden key that PZ9 was hiding and went inside the building. We explored and searched around until we found clues and evidence of what PZ9 looks like. We learned he loves Fortnite and Minecraft gameplay videos on TheXvid. We discovered pictures of his face! Is this the face reveal we've been waiting for? Suddenly our camera got hacked and it was revealed that Regina is trapped in a room! She is stuck there like a 24 hour overnight challenge at 3am! We have to rescue her and save her! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!
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  • Chad Wild Clay
    Chad Wild Clay  Month ago +4588

    Hi Spy Ninjas! Which of these pictures do you think is the real Melvin, PZ9?

    • Megan LeBlanc
      Megan LeBlanc 18 days ago


    • Megan LeBlanc
      Megan LeBlanc 18 days ago


    • pete couzens
      pete couzens 18 days ago

      Do you still have that tattoo

    • Silvestre Estrada
      Silvestre Estrada 19 days ago

      Jenny_boo_ Comfy .,,,ok mkmd,lalOSiokdjg,,,,.y

    • Oli Southern
      Oli Southern 19 days ago

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  • Jobe Brent Dela Torre
    Jobe Brent Dela Torre 4 hours ago


  • Jessica La
    Jessica La 4 hours ago

    Love you guys😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Shukria Mohamud
    Shukria Mohamud 5 hours ago


  • Randy saldana
    Randy saldana 8 hours ago

    They said that they sent the project zorgo members an E-mail for the new key symbol 🔑=? No one knows

  • Randy saldana
    Randy saldana 8 hours ago

    They changed the key but they didn't post a video

  • Joey Thompson
    Joey Thompson 9 hours ago

    Danie is so funny

  • Charlotte Sanabria
    Charlotte Sanabria 10 hours ago

    I think he is stove

  • Charlotte Sanabria
    Charlotte Sanabria 11 hours ago

    I bought your back pack and cwc hudy i am 8 as well UOU ARE MY FIRST COMMENT

  • Mia ArguetArgueta
    Mia ArguetArgueta 11 hours ago

    And she is in the house of pz9

  • Mia ArguetArgueta
    Mia ArguetArgueta 11 hours ago

    Regina is trap pz9 trap regina

  • King cookie Jeff
    King cookie Jeff 13 hours ago

    Is in in front

  • Shawn Lewis
    Shawn Lewis 13 hours ago


  • Joel Garcia Gasca
    Joel Garcia Gasca 13 hours ago

    Key k

  • Kristine Tochimani
    Kristine Tochimani 15 hours ago

    Hi it’s my birthday Chad and vy

  • viki edwards
    viki edwards 18 hours ago +1

    It is not Stove and 5 letters not 6

  • John Felix
    John Felix 19 hours ago

    Stove's real name is Melvin he revealed it 2 months ago!!

  • Kenneth Mok
    Kenneth Mok 19 hours ago

    Chad I love your videos

  • Juan Murillo Jr.
    Juan Murillo Jr. 20 hours ago

    Where getting hackt

  • Iman Fakhri
    Iman Fakhri 21 hour ago

    I think Chad ,vy,Danieland Regina you guys go a do this you guys be. Must to go that mask if it's Melvin and if pz9 or Melvin you take it the mask

  • Rita Review
    Rita Review 22 hours ago

    I am Rita

  • Jacinta O
    Jacinta O 23 hours ago

    You. Are. Bad

  • Project Zorgo PZ3
    Project Zorgo PZ3 23 hours ago

    PZ9 why did you sleep outside you can just sleep in your apartment and PZ leader will be so mad at you PZ9

  • Sir Red
    Sir Red Day ago

    Stove is in the stove he is the stove hahahaha

  • ru xin chang
    ru xin chang Day ago +1

    Chad and vy and daniel and regina regina is the worst hacker ever becuse when regina hack chad channel and daniel hack it back and daniel say that someone is in pz9 house but it is regina so regina has the worst hacker ever bye spy ninjas i love you all bye💗🐬😍🦄🍨🐈🍣🧁

  • Suzzy Park
    Suzzy Park Day ago

    Wait…did you know that Hack cam as you see in the upper corner there is no camera

  • Suzzy Park
    Suzzy Park Day ago

    Stove:5 Melvin:6 but close

  • Evennett Ateh
    Evennett Ateh Day ago

    Pz 9 is dax

  • Miriam Lopez
    Miriam Lopez Day ago

    that's why I didn't even want you guys to go in there I didn't even say anything earlier but I don't want anything to happen to you I don't think you should have could have got into

  • Yazy Espinoza
    Yazy Espinoza Day ago

    That is not the skin color of the hacker

  • Ali Morales
    Ali Morales Day ago +1

    Hi Love this one

  • Nereyda Espinoza

    I like your video

  • Nerfenix
    Nerfenix Day ago


  • Karissa Albrecht

    Did you see his real face?

  • JapaneseChereBlusum Happy

    I’m tinier than by but I can’t help cause I’m little

  • James Nededog
    James Nededog Day ago

    I hope you guys are ok .when you guys find a way out i think you need to know the hackers plans or find a way to trap pz9 i will search all the melvin peaple there could be a news about witch one a hacker

  • Emma Douglas
    Emma Douglas Day ago +3

    On the paper in the toilet it’s had a diamond and it’s said KEY=K

  • Bell Ghulam
    Bell Ghulam Day ago

    I Love your video

  • Lily Garza
    Lily Garza Day ago


  • Jonathan Fuentes
    Jonathan Fuentes Day ago +1

    Hey chad i love u vids 😉😊😁

  • Cynthia Miranda
    Cynthia Miranda Day ago


  • Awkx
    Awkx Day ago

    Who watches this your a baby

  • Fredy Samayoa
    Fredy Samayoa Day ago


  • Summer Mossop
    Summer Mossop Day ago


  • Summer Mossop
    Summer Mossop Day ago

    Stove is pz9

  • monica garrido
    monica garrido Day ago

    any pick

  • Sherrie Winter
    Sherrie Winter Day ago

    Key =k

  • Margherita Vaccher

    Key=k now 😡

  • Naila Afridi
    Naila Afridi Day ago

    Pz9 has black hair

  • Samuel Diaz
    Samuel Diaz Day ago


  • zaneta zielinska

    key = k

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown Day ago

    I love your video

  • David Bentow
    David Bentow Day ago

    My name has six letters in it

  • Yogawa Gawato
    Yogawa Gawato Day ago

    Key is k

  • Suzy Sad
    Suzy Sad Day ago

    What reagina find in the photo the new language key =k

  • Maliah Foster
    Maliah Foster Day ago

    Melvin Gregg is a viner

  • Maha Harmouche
    Maha Harmouche Day ago

    And pz9 is white and his eyes are brawn

  • Maha Harmouche
    Maha Harmouche Day ago

    Chad no that’s someone on TikTok

  • Mr.Gamer 2354
    Mr.Gamer 2354 2 days ago

    Is the brother of Justin he have a beard #kickbump