RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Super Simple Puzzles!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2015
  • Some easy puzzles with (mostly) just eventing.
    -Sorry for late upload! Real life = evil!
    Auto Push NPCs Plugin:
    forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php? /topic/47897-auto-push-npc/
    Yep Plugins:
    Background music used is from JewelBeat.com, used with permission from EndlessGaming.Today.

Comments • 223

  • Bakuhex
    Bakuhex 6 years ago +3

    Love all your tutorials great help and way easier than searching 100,000 forums :3

  • Caleb Tharpe
    Caleb Tharpe 6 years ago +33

    I'm glad MV is so similar to VX Ace (when it comes to events)! So any tutorials for eventing without plugins can be used in VX Ace!

  • urchin13
    urchin13 5 years ago +4

    thanks for making this tutorial ! it was super straight forward.

  • Dirty Matthias
    Dirty Matthias 5 years ago +2

    This video is so helpful! I just started working on a game of my own and being able to add simple puzzles is awesome.

  • 黒江Kloe
    黒江Kloe 6 years ago +2

    This was so superly stunning Echo! Thank you! I can now slip around on the ice!! YAY!

  • BerryjellyXD Berryjelly

    You have no idea how helpfull this was to me.

  • Pl4yingP4nda
    Pl4yingP4nda 6 years ago +2

    Thank you :3 now i can finally learn how to do puzzles in my game :3 it's so much better with puzzles cause only battling and walking is a bit boring after playing a while :3 thanks Echo607 ur awesome :3

  • Dante Wolf
    Dante Wolf 6 years ago

    This is slowly becoming one of my favorite channels.

  • Arvhen Von Degerfeld

    so nice! ^^ I would love to know what settings ,and where to begin, i should use to create characters whit this style ! I mean I know how to draw,but I just bought rpg maker and feel kinda lost

  • ZeroBeat W

    thanks to this tutorial, I can use my comment event button (which is a shoulder charge) and have it push the rock. but when you just move into the rock, it'll only move it once. the charge moves it a lot further, but isn't as precise. really happy with how it turned out and it's all thanks to this tutorial.

  • neoasura
    neoasura 6 years ago +1

    Dang! Last time I fiddled with RPG Maker was back with RPG Maker 95 (Yeah Im old) So much has changed! Your tutorials are VERY helpful, definitely subbed. BTW, do you have any actual released RPG Maker games out there?

  • Minoru Leo : No Commentary Gaming

    This is very useful. Thanks for the video.

  • Bruellbart Musik
    Bruellbart Musik 6 years ago +1

    Thank you. This will reduce the Try-and-error-procedure a lot ;)

  • EbuCallinav

    Hmm, what about pushing the boulder into a hole that you can't walk though yourself?

  • Skymen
    Skymen 6 years ago

    Hey! Could you try making a full event A-RPG tutorial as no plugin currenlty exist on MV for this?

  • Sunday Advantage
    Sunday Advantage Year ago

    You should do more puzzle tutorials. :)

  • Ramati
    Ramati 6 years ago +2

    Thanks, I just got the program last year (1/1/16 jokes ftw.) and could use some ideas for puzzles, this will help out a lot. Subbed.

  • Dana Gray

    You're going a little fast, but I'm learning. Thanks!

  • John
    John 4 years ago

    Great tutorial! I was thinking about how I could utilize a "strength" mechanic from pokemon into my rpg and this video came through. Just wish you slowed down the footage a bit to be honest.

  • NYN2K
    NYN2K 6 years ago

    Hi great work your doing keep it up, I saw GG Marker came out could you do a review and comparison to rpg maker mv and if you could list few games created using gg maker thanks