The Last Audio Cassette Factory

  • Published on Sep 3, 2015
  • Sept. 1 -- Springfield, MO-based National Audio Company opened in 1969 and when other major manufacturers abandoned tape manufacturing for CD production in the late 1990s, the company held on tight. Now, the cassette maker is pumping out more cassettes than ever before. (Video By: Jeniece Pettitt, Ryo Ikegami)

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Comments • 740

  • Ungroomed Lover
    Ungroomed Lover 6 years ago +104

    I'd love to see the cassette come back as strong as vinyl records have. I have a real soft spot for cassettes. They were a big part of my childhood. It was my older brother's cassette collection that first got me into heavy metal which is my favorite musical genre. I'm so glad this factory still exists. More power to them.

    • Marc Sapinski
      Marc Sapinski Year ago

      Oh gee...China-made? That's as much a deathknell as is this virus which they export from over there!

    • Harold Farthington
      Harold Farthington Year ago +1

      I’m just wanting wire recordings to get big again lol

    • Matthew
      Matthew 2 years ago +2

      @RWL2012 I bought a Nakamichi from the mid-80s on eBay. Replaced The Idler Wheel and a couple belts and the thing runs amazing. Apparently only one company in China makes cassette mechanisms now.

    • RWL2012
      RWL2012 2 years ago +3

      it won't *really* happen until someone decides to manufacturer decent mechanisms again (with properly stable speed, none of that fluttery rubbish), which in turn will allow manufacture of high-quality decks.

    • NoTraceOfSense
      NoTraceOfSense 2 years ago +1

      Edgard Agosto


      Digital Audio Tape > Everything Else

  • carriersignal
    carriersignal 5 years ago +10

    I have so much respect for you guys. Thanks for keeping it alive. I own several cassette players and a couple of reel 2 reel machines. Always loved analog tape. Never cared much for CD's Thank you!!!

  • turboslag
    turboslag 6 years ago +52

    I am stunned! The resurgence of cassette was completely off my radar!! I still have a cassette deck in my home audio system, a high end Denon, which I enjoy using for the nostalgia of it! Playing cassettes I recorded back in the early 80's and which still sound as good as they ever did! The joy of recording a new vinyl album onto cassette for playback in the car is a unique experience, it was like a forbidden pleasure!
    My admiration goes to NAC for such fortitude!

    • Nathan M Jr
      Nathan M Jr Year ago +1

      Found an old walkman type player for few bucks that can be plugged into AUX jack on newer model cars/stereos. $300 Sony walkman from early 90s for next to nothing in 2020. Got some rechargeable batteries and could probably find cigarette lighter plug to output 3 DC VOLTS needed to power player. Talk about retro soundm cassette over speakers designed for CDs and MP3s and digital satellite stations.

    • Marc Sapinski
      Marc Sapinski Year ago

      Ditto here...but my old Chrysler bit the dust 2 years ago (it had a cassette deck too). Now, try finding a deck for my plastic Corolla! Fat chance.

    • Edgard Agosto
      Edgard Agosto 4 years ago


  • MikeMintTV
    MikeMintTV 5 years ago +91

    thank you guys.. please don't stop. love what you do

    • TB303
      TB303 2 years ago +1


  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 3 years ago +2

    Love this! I still have loads of cassettes form the earliest days of my musical career featuring demos, gigs, releases, tv and radio sessions, rough mixes and of course really badly played home jams. I love those cassettes!!

  • Parker Brooks
    Parker Brooks 5 years ago +148

    All my music is MP3/online now, but there was something strangely satisfying about taking a tape out of its case, dropping it into a cassette deck, closing its door and pressing play.

    • Truth Finder
      Truth Finder 10 months ago

      that and n0 vst can even get the same warm s0und

    • Karim Rémi
      Karim Rémi 2 years ago

      Not all music is online, my soon ,the music 80's you don't find online ✌😉 cassette is better sound too

    • Bobby Lawsen
      Bobby Lawsen 2 years ago +2

      This comes as no surprise now that society has embarked on a high-tech medieval dystopia.
      The cassette tape is an icon from a bygone era-a time that the vast majority secretly yearn for.

    • fer53953
      fer53953 3 years ago

      Nikhilesh Nerambally and also love to see the beautiful tape player

    • fer53953
      fer53953 3 years ago

      Nikhilesh Nerambally ans.. yes same here

  • 00UncommonSense00
    00UncommonSense00 3 years ago +2

    I was at my local Guitar Center last month and noticed that they had an entire section of vinyl and tape. 33 speed records and cassette tapes. I ask the salesman what was up and he said that they are selling the dogshit out of old analog media. The turntable and cassette deck are making a huge comeback. Reel to reel is also breathing new life into analog. It really is amazing.

  • John Miller
    John Miller 2 years ago

    As a factory man, gotta say i love the set up. Im 38, i still hold onto my old cassette carrier case, full of old cassettes. A lot of stuff in there from local bands that I highly doubt exists on digital, and I’ve yet to transfer it.

  • David Stone
    David Stone 5 years ago +1

    Brilliant, keep up the good work!
    I'm a semi-retired pro audio/video engineer, & I keep a lot of older recorders going. I agree though that passing on the skills is a problem.

  • Nick Wills
    Nick Wills 4 years ago +140

    Any chance of bringing back high quality metal tapes?

    • Nathan M Jr
      Nathan M Jr Year ago +3

      When I see a carry-case of old cassettes at flea market or thrift store, I always pick up the TDK SA90s and Maxell IIs and any Metal or Chrome cassettes, recorded on or blank. The lady or kid at checkout looks at me funny, like you didn't get any tapes with artwork or official release cases. If they only knew the discontinued blank media were worth more than the prerecorded worn out ferric brown tapes! It's a joy to make a mix tape at age 49 that I used to make at age 14. I send to high school friends who then found and sent back tapes I gave them in high school. Funny analog nostalgia then gets digitized and shared by MP3 to "all off us" -- Home answering machine tapes also a treasure of teen age voices.

    • James Kerns Jr.
      James Kerns Jr. Year ago +1

      @Owen Smith Not made in the USA I'm sure. Maybe some 3rd world country without regulation will do it. Or maybe they can find a new formulation, but I don't see who is going to put money into that for such a niche market. You don't even have more than 2 that make type 1 tapes. Why would someone make type 2 or 4 and people are not ready to pay for that. No one will buy them at 15-20 a tape...they only say they will.

    • Owen Smith
      Owen Smith Year ago

      James Kerns Jr. So you're saying we're never going to be able to get decent Chrome or Metal tape ever again. That's a shame, Ferric is awful. I stopped using Ferric when I was about 12 years old as soon as I realised just how bad it sounded on my dad's proper hifi.

    • James Kerns Jr.
      James Kerns Jr. Year ago

      @Owen Smith no it's not the's the chemical needed to produce it. Same with type 2.

    • Owen Smith
      Owen Smith Year ago +6

      DoomFinger511 That's a terrible reason, there are plenty of other new things on sale that don't decompose and can't be recycled.

  • HyperdrivePics
    HyperdrivePics 6 years ago +3

    AS a guy who loves tapes, this is amazing! I'm gonna have to buy some cassette tape players now!

  • CJWarlock
    CJWarlock 6 years ago +1

    Simply awesome. Congratulations and appreciation to the people in National Audio Company for their ideas and work over theese years (and the years to come). Oldskool rulez. :) Greetings from Poland.

  • 4 gauge
    4 gauge 6 years ago +5

    I said back when I bought my Sony WA9ES dual-well cassette deck(3 head,Dolby B,C,S,HX pro with 30 track computer random play back/quick reverse,blank skip,auto pause) back in 1999,that the cassette and reel-to-reel WILL make a big come back.Top notch video,10+star rating,TWO THUMBS UP!!!.

    • 4 gauge
      4 gauge 6 years ago +2

      +331sbf Well,the one that I have,has the green back lights in it.

    • 4 gauge
      4 gauge 6 years ago +2

      +331sbf I thought that if it was a"ES"series that would be the top of the sony line back in the 1980's.

    • 4 gauge
      4 gauge 6 years ago +2

      For those that want a top notch,old-school cassette deck,check out "vintage cassette decks".You can STILL buy a Nakamishi Dragoon,ReVox,Tandberg,Sony,Akai,Teac etc.

  • LectronCircuits
    LectronCircuits 4 years ago +2

    We must maintain this facility and preserve this technology for all time to come. Cheers!

  • Dave Taggart
    Dave Taggart 6 years ago +14

    Gotta give some respect to Robert for keeping legacy tech and technique alive. You're the hero we need, sir. o7

  • Black Terminal
    Black Terminal 5 years ago +6

    Great to see this. I love retro technology.

  • Miguel Que
    Miguel Que 6 years ago +1

    I'm 21 and I collect cassettes. Last year when my roommates listened to a cassette, they were shocked by the sound it produced.

  • Art Ross
    Art Ross 2 years ago

    I used to work as a service technician for King Instruments corporation back in the late 80's and just loved how those machines made tapes. Did Audio, video, super8 and various formats for IBM. I went to work for a duplicator in 89 and I got to work on Electrosounds, Apex's, Scandia's, Heino's, and pretty much anything to do with the cassette manufacturing process. Absolutely loved the whole process!

  • Fernando Fulgêncio
    Fernando Fulgêncio 6 years ago

    I love cassettes, still have my tape decks, walkmans ( working perfectly), and I would buy new cassettes if they were available.

  • beatersho
    beatersho 3 years ago

    Thanks guys for keeping them around! My 79 camaro can only run cassettes and I can’t tell you how many cassettes from them I have loaded with my songs!

    ALLCAPS 6 years ago +37

    This isn't the last audio cassette manufacturer by a long shot. Not even the last one in the united states that makes blank media, and they sure as hell aren't the last duplicator/publisher of cassette.

    • Ben D
      Ben D 3 years ago +2

      They are talking about they are the last company that only makes cassettes. I seen all the other ones on google offer cds and other services.

    • zack991
      zack991 3 years ago +3

      Sam G google and there are pages of them

    • Sam G
      Sam G 3 years ago +4


  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson 4 years ago

    I dumped the "Digishit" and went back to analog a couple years ago. My retro system consists of a late 70s Yamaha R-1000 receiver a Technics sl-1600 turntable and a Denon cassette deck and vintage cerwin vega floor speakers. My friends love it and it will blow anything they have away as far as power and sound quality.

  • Hanniffy Dinn
    Hanniffy Dinn 6 years ago

    So lovely this company is doing well !

  • kommentator
    kommentator 4 years ago

    I just recently started collecting pre-recorded audio cassettes. Lots of nostalgia. It simply is something different, holding a cassette in your hands, putting into the player, maybe rewinding... than just press PLAY on a computer these days. The artwork, the cassette itself, that there is a certain order for the songs... it brings back the worth of an album and makes you appreciate it more than simply having all these files on your computer without booklets even. Sometimes the MP3 you buy online does not even indicate who the songwriter is... now that is not appreciation for me.

  • SpaceCassette
    SpaceCassette 3 years ago

    heck yeah! cassette tapes are dope! i wish too learn more about em so far i picked up a TC-WE305 and a TAD-101 they will com in handy for learning how to make my own mix tapes and learn how too repair them if they need it but so far they seem solid. just sucks i wish i could find cassettes for a cheaper price than what i pay for them like $2.30 a blank tape

  • Georges Robin
    Georges Robin 5 years ago

    I´m very glad to know it. I bought a bunch of cassettes some years ago and I´m listening - in my HI FI- part of my music collection this way and it helps to record the songs in the order I like .

  • paul tosty
    paul tosty Year ago

    BRAVO ! Pues tenemos que dar las gracias al jefe de esta empresa ! y FELICITAR a los trabajadores que son parte de la calidad analogica musical de una epoca inolvidable para muchos de los... 70, 80 !!!..

  • smart451cab
    smart451cab 6 years ago +3

    I saw a news segment on NBC Nightly News, saying the audio cassette was making a big come back. I was so disappointed when I watched the promoted segment, to find out that they were talking about the manufacture of the tapes themselves.

    I have hundreds of audio tapes I recorded myself, back in the 1960s to late 1970s. I bought my first Ampex deck before 8-Tracks got big. In fact, I stuck with cassettes all through the 8-Track boom, never buying a continuous loop machine until long after they were obsolete. The vast majority of my cassettes are not commercially recorded. Many aren't even recordings of commercially produced vinyl LPs, but rather, original recordings.

    I was excited. Then disappointed. I thought there was a resurgence of cassette playback machines. Maybe that is still in the works, as there has been a rebirth of turntable production since the vinyl LP has re-gained in popularity.

    I'm not so much interested in playing them back on cassette. A lot of those decades old tapes have physical problems. I want high quality equipment to play back for the purpose of digitizing before further deterioration happens. I've gotten pretty practiced at repairing them, but the emulsion itself is not eternal.

    And, neither are the machines. Motors and playback heads wear out, belts and capstan rollers dry out, etc. I can only imagine that with today's digital signal processing some truly amazing cassette decks could be created. I can imagine, and hope.

    • PINKBOY1006
      PINKBOY1006 5 years ago +1

      The thing about the new machines are that they are not high quality, not even the heads or the pre-amp! They are only made for dictation. I have an aiwa 3500 deck and It sounds great, and it is a middle of the road model. then I have a denon drw-840 with hx-pro dolby noise reduction and that thing is the bomb, I have recorded some cassettes on that thing and dolby c is almost dead quiet on some parts of tapes. Most likely the new machines (if they will be made) may not live up to the standards of the old tech!

    • Inaflap
      Inaflap 6 years ago

      The phrase is 'go through with a fine-tooth comb'.

  • TheTheo58
    TheTheo58 3 years ago

    Back in the mid 70's as a teenager,, I had a cassette and open reel tape deck (Sony and Teac) This was during the era when cassette decks were progressing with low noise/metal bias/functions catching up with open reel performance. While I'm sure a lot of open reel machines are still in use, I had read something about open reel tape making a come back. While I've not seen any in stores in years, someone probably makes them for specific applications.

  • John Werner
    John Werner 5 years ago +2

    Thank goodness for this man and his vision. In a society that devalues the old for the new to the point of throwing all that was good away we need more men, and companies, like are personified by National Audio. I wonder if we could possibly hope for National Audio Company to reintroduce blank reel-to-reel tape? Right now the best you can do for new R2R tape is to "gladly" pay $28 for a 7" reel or $79 for a 10.5" NAB reel. I think these guys could actually make profit and sell reel tape at half those prices if they would give it a try. Is anybody at National Audio Company interested?

  • George Smith
    George Smith 4 years ago

    I still have all my cassettes from the 1980's and have a working Walkman cassette player. I have a Sony HX PRO connected to my computer to record CD to cassette tape. My vintage 1988 BMW plays the cassettes I make. To me cassettes never went away.

  • William Hitchcock
    William Hitchcock 3 years ago

    I just ordered 140 blanks from them last year (2017) Didn't know they were the last ones until today. I used them as part of a prize system for a holiday party. Put a different '80s song on each one recording from MP3 files on a computer.

  • Carson Kundolf
    Carson Kundolf 5 years ago

    Keep it alive, the simple use of the tape is what I love. And I don't even remember using them and I love them

  • Ezequiel Fernando Javier Garzón Noguera

    ¡¡¡Excelente material de archivo audiovisual, felicitaciones por su trabajo y su difusión. Saludos desde Argentina!!!

  • X Bone
    X Bone Year ago +2

    Was told to forget LPs when 8 tracks came out, then cassettes were gonna replace both, then CDs were gonna replace cassettes and LPs, then IPODs were gonna replace CDs, and guess what? Planned obsolesence in music formats was always a con to get the suckers to repeatedly buy the same music over and over again. And who misses pulling tangled up tape out of a cassette deck? Cassette quality was always spotty with uneven mixes, static, and degradation over time and repeated plays. Remastered CDs with extended tracks are still the best music format.

    • Seamus McKeon
      Seamus McKeon Year ago +1

      Blu Ray Audio and DVD audio have been things and no one cares about them.

  • Gasoline Gus
    Gasoline Gus 6 years ago +1

    Yes, I have an iPod, a laptop and a tablet. Still have my tapes, too. Love to listen to them. Still have an old tape I recorded myself on back when I was 8 or 9 years old. That was 30 years ago for me.

  • Vinyl Eyezz
    Vinyl Eyezz 6 years ago +66

    Awesome! Long live analog!

  • José Nilton Anchieta lima

    muito legal mesmo parabéns👏👏👏

  • Nhựt Khánh Lê Quang
    Nhựt Khánh Lê Quang 6 years ago +2

    God Blessed you sir !!! Thanks for all you're doing for us to have something to always remember

  • J355 FRIED MAN
    J355 FRIED MAN 6 years ago +4

    tape saturation sounds beautiful for alot of types of music

  • Kylian Vaporwave
    Kylian Vaporwave 5 years ago

    oh my god that's so wonderful

  • Steamy1225
    Steamy1225 Year ago +1

    Sweet . i still have my cassettes that i bought over the years , pre recorded and blanks and still have a tape deck to play them on or record if i want to.

  • Curtis Scott
    Curtis Scott 5 years ago

    Incredibly inspirational! Best wishes!

  • Abhishek Khanna
    Abhishek Khanna 6 years ago +28

    "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do"

  • mjimih
    mjimih 3 years ago +4

    my 2001 Honda Civic factory tape deck still plays my awesome cassettes from the 80's n 90's.

  • asherael
    asherael 3 years ago

    Love the product, wish wish wish they'd make Type 4 metal tapes!

  • thark thax
    thark thax 5 years ago

    interesting comments here, ive always been an analogue fan, vinyl and cassettes, my thoughts are that digital is under used on a lot of occasions, cds have a dynamic range (from what ive learned) that is super capable of high quality sound, but i have noticed that a lot of cd albums sound week or pitchy, whereas others are sharp and dynamic, also maybe it depends on equipment used - but i do think that the digital audio in dvds/blu rays is fantastic. why cant cds sound as good as dvds? i know sampling rate is slightly higher but there must be more to it. all very interesting tho.

  • Radio Queen Loviisa RQL106FM

    Awesome! Keep this art alive.

  • 4TheRecord
    4TheRecord 5 years ago +7

    Makes sense how his business increased. He is the only one creating them.

  • Badassvidsz
    Badassvidsz 3 years ago

    I wish for the new year those audio cassette factories to grow & grow and become more & more ...........vintage hi-fi owner & cassette lover here :-)

  • Arunlal L S
    Arunlal L S 4 years ago +14

    I have some collections of Audio Cassettes still I am Searching for Audio Cassettes , but in India no Cassette company still exisit. Thats the only i am getting Sad . Cassette are Everlasting forever...My Opion is Cassettes will Come Back.

  • PearlJammer07
    PearlJammer07 3 years ago +1

    Long live the cassette!

  • Zaafar Jat
    Zaafar Jat 6 years ago +40

    i feel like vaporwave and retro inspired artists are somewhat responsible

    • Nikolay Belyaev
      Nikolay Belyaev 2 years ago +1

      pffft, ever heard of black metal?

    • XBOYS
      XBOYS 3 years ago

      Zaafar Jat not what so ever

  • Haritha Blaze
    Haritha Blaze 2 years ago

    Please don't stop, Let's bring the cassettes back!!! I don't have any MP3's saved in my phone or my computer, the feeling when you take a cassette from the case and drop it into the Sony TC-WR770 and hit play or record and see it in action. OMG its so satisfying. I still record tapes from my Vinyls and CD's.

  • Nathan Mofield
    Nathan Mofield 3 years ago

    I bought an old Sony RTR last year and the sound is the best I have ever heard.

  • Jose A Avellanet
    Jose A Avellanet 4 years ago +1

    Great video! Hope you stay in business for a long time.

  • Daniel Sultana
    Daniel Sultana 6 years ago +442

    They are making more tapes than ever because they have no competition

    • Josh Mitchell
      Josh Mitchell Year ago

      At cheaper quality at that..

    • forever SHAMPOO
      forever SHAMPOO Year ago

      Actually there is quite a few printers nowadays

    • martk fartkerson
      martk fartkerson Year ago +1

      And because of hipsters. People complain and make fun of hipsters, but they are instrumental in keeping old technology alive!

    • Karim Rémi
      Karim Rémi 2 years ago

      @NoTraceOfSense analog sound is better my soon

    • Blah Blah
      Blah Blah 2 years ago

      I have never heard of this company but have ordered blank and duplicated cassettes from CA Duplication in Canada for years.

  • Sam Palermo
    Sam Palermo 6 years ago

    I am impressed by their factory here in the US. I would like to test their tape to see what they are loading. If they are looking for a guy who knows tape recorders they only need to look to Chicago or New Jersey. We are here still working on them. Even the one they show in the video.

  • Christopher Leamons
    Christopher Leamons 6 years ago +1

    Woah! I remember this company! Neat!

  • TheBeautifulGoldenhour

    i loved the old tapes i have many from 1988 to the early 2000's when i was recording songs off the radio.i loved that pastime then laying in the sun as a teen playing them on my walkmen the songs i recorded late at night in bed :)

  • River Huntingdon
    River Huntingdon 6 years ago

    Good on you, hope you go on and on. I have several elderly cassette decks and repair them.

  • anonymous throttle
    anonymous throttle 5 years ago

    this analog vs. digital crap has been going on for a few years now. I started back in the 80's with a Tascam analog 16 track 1" tape machine. It was wonderful. Then I got into computers. Windows, MacBook Pro and then came protools. That was a mind blower. Everything I had been doing for years with the tape machine became so much easier with digital tools AND SO MUCH MORE. Digital is so accurate. You could make pitch changes, speed changes, in phase, outta phase, sync perfect to the micrsecond. You could record a LIVE performance and using protools FIX anything in a matter of minutes and BAM upload to the world. Almost effortlessly. But there in lies the problem. It became too easy but maybe too perfect? That analog "warmth" people talked about was just a bit of distortion-colorization and theres also this mechanical *effect using magnetic tape that is moving. Moving thru rollers via motors and passed energized magnetic heads then back to rollers and motors to collect the tape that had just been recorded on. That mechanical *effect I mentioned has a name. Its technical name is "wow and flutter". This happens because of the tape being transported from the feed reel to the take up reel is almost impossible to keep steady. The best analog machines in the world still had a bit of this "wow and flutter" and it was always posted in with the specs of the technical data. Most recording engineers will tell you its a flaw. A flaw that doesnt happen when you go digital. They're right too. Its true. But sometimes being perfect is too perfect. Only the most trained ears/brains freak out over these differences. Personally for me (and everyones different) I enjoy the flaw analog can give sometimes. Call it warmth, imperfection "wow and flutter" it anything you want. But sometimes my brain just loves the sound of a vinyl record album spinning imperfectly and yes even an analog tape... reel to reel or even the cassette. Somehow it lets my brain not have to decode or think perfect. It actually relaxes my brain to imperfect. And after a full day of trying to be perfect at everything I was doing.... driving, my studies, my job and trying to look and act perfect for my girlfriend, its nice to not have to be or try and think perfect. Its just a little easier........and at the end of a long day, thats what I want. just sayin'

  • 1_Disturbed_Soul
    1_Disturbed_Soul 4 years ago

    There are still many small companies making cassette tapes. This is the last FACTORY making cassettes. Tapes have always been around since they were first made. There are plenty of record labels out there producing music on cassette. Some of these labels produce small batches of an album. Ex: 30, 50, 100. Same with vinyl. I do hope this will become a comeback for the modern pop music culture, but by all means tapes have always been in the underground music scene. Places in the U.S. like Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, California, Washington, New York, and god knows where else have and still make tapes.

  • my collection
    my collection 6 years ago

    maravilloso, yo aun los utilizo por lo padre que es tener que voltear, regresar, tienen un encanto rustico, ojala llegue a ver uno de esos casetes aca, los compro nuevos en tianguis y los grabo con mis album en mp3, que bueno que sigan haciendolos

  • Ken Bird
    Ken Bird 6 years ago +1

    Great to see analog holding on!

  • LambDread
    LambDread 5 years ago +14

    Some albums, especially old stuff from the 70s and 80s sound way better on cassette! It has a softer smooth sound with better bass response than any CD or MP3 could ever reproduce.

    • Judd West
      Judd West 3 years ago +2

      It's got to do with the fact that releases are mastered for the format they are going onto. You have vinyl being mastered one way, tape another, CD/Lossless yet another way, and now, you can do mastering specifically targeting mid-quality MP3 output for streaming services.
      They sound "better" not because of the format, but because of the engineer behind the preparation of the audio for pressing/recording/exporting.
      That and old music is usually processed by really cheap and nasty studios for exporting to MP3 or CD these days.

    • Ken’s PAD - photo audio digital
      Ken’s PAD - photo audio digital 3 years ago

      LambDread mp3 CD are compressed files. Try out HD uncompressed through studio monitors.

    • Steve Robinson
      Steve Robinson 4 years ago

      I agree alot of the older muaic that has been remastered or is available on cd sounds very hollow

    • Matrix007
      Matrix007 4 years ago +9

      I'm an audio engineer and have several tape decks, some of them high end. digital sound is a lot better, sorry.

    • Edgard Agosto
      Edgard Agosto 4 years ago


  • craig davidson
    craig davidson 2 years ago

    In 1980 my grandad purchased a Sony TC-K61 and a TC-K81 one for the house and the lesser for hus workshop. The K81 was stolen during a break in in 84..... but the K61 remained in service until it was handed to my dad in it has been handed down to me as of January 2019.....for its 4th birthday I intend to get some new belts for the motors, I am sure it will still work well when I hand it to my son in 2039. Love a mechanical cassette.

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +3

    Cassettes are the only bulletproof analog medium which is portable, we need to bring back Chrome and Metal cassette production

  • Gabe's YT
    Gabe's YT 3 years ago

    We'll need a lot more of these...

  • Bobby Beretta
    Bobby Beretta 5 years ago

    Thank you for everything you have & are currently doing!

  • Lisa Marsh
    Lisa Marsh 3 years ago +2

    Yes! I love cassettes.I will buy more cassettes.Cassettes forever!!!!☺☺☺☺

  • fernando m
    fernando m 4 years ago

    aun recuerdo aquellos 80's ,cuando reproducia un cassette en mi sony walkman ll, hecho en japon,tenia un sonidazo excelente,era un placer ,casi un orgasmo auditivo escucharlo, hoy comprar un walkman ll en internet cuesta arriba de 100 dolares..

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 4 years ago

    Cassette does have its distinctive quirks; it's a pity we don't have them around anymore.

  • ChewmeBacon
    ChewmeBacon Year ago +2

    This man is the true Gaurdian of the Galaxy 💫🙏

  • V/H/S Visions™
    V/H/S Visions™ 5 years ago +1

    To everyone else it looks like a "come back" but cassettes never really left the underground scene, there are plenty of artists & bands (especially Black Metal bands) that still sell cassettes. It just looks new because hipsters are mainstream right now & they want to make nostalgia an "elusive" trend

  • CassetteMaster
    CassetteMaster 6 years ago +19

    I would love to work there someday!

    • techstyle123
      techstyle123 4 years ago +7

      @***** ha but any day could be your last day to live...or work

    • J.J.
      J.J. 4 years ago +2

      Not a very secure job when you think about it, every day could be your last. It's only a small group of people keeping the factory alive.

    • Debilitate
      Debilitate 5 years ago +7

      +CassetteMaster name checks out

  • seiph80
    seiph80 3 years ago

    Having to rewind and fast forward to get to the song I want? No thanks. Having to deal with tape getting stuck? No thanks. Having to deal with tape hiss, with or without Dolby? No thanks. Having to find space to store tapes? No thanks. If people want to buy those regardless of those things, that's fine, but I won't go backward; the last one I bought, a blank one, was back in 1999. All this and vinyl "resurgence" is a fad, nothing more (we've seen these before); are we really going to give up the convenience of having in the palm of my hand hundreds, if not thousands, of songs for these? Are we going back to VHS? Are we really running out of ideas? I await your criticism and negative, hateful comments.

  • SurferJoe71
    SurferJoe71 3 years ago

    Glad to see you stayed with your company

  • Nasaq Licos
    Nasaq Licos 4 years ago

    you make good cassettes, sir. i own your many cassettes

  • louis tournas
    louis tournas 3 years ago +5

    Bring back VHS. It is a great medium for recording video off the air. Even if there is some noise, it keeps on recording. On digital mediums, if there is a bunch of errors in the encoding, the software decoder burps and jams up.

  • Device Factor
    Device Factor 4 years ago

    this is awesome
    keep it going.

  • 22k203902
    22k203902 3 years ago

    Love it, just a big smile on my face!!!

  • Mike Papas
    Mike Papas 4 years ago

    This is not the last cassette duplication facility but it's certainly a good one.

  • S p r u n g t o l
    S p r u n g t o l 3 years ago

    I played cassettes from 1980 to 2002. It sucked when dealing with the player. We couldn't find proper rubber band replacements. Now i prefer playing music using direct drive turntable. No hassle with rubber thing. And it's amazingly superb when listening to quality HiFi audio from it.

  • charlie isaacs
    charlie isaacs 5 years ago

    if the company was close to me i would love to work there.

  • Alan Kozak
    Alan Kozak 2 years ago +1

    Cassettes are awesome!!!!!

  • Wilfred Carin
    Wilfred Carin 4 years ago +2

    omg i want them all and put my favorite music in them and play it in a Walkman
    because there is even a guardians of the galaxy tape!

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams 3 years ago

    What is old is new. Many times I went to military work in the field with a compact cassette player. Got messages from family, and education. They never scratch or skip or warp like a disc. Nore do they flash in the sun.with hyper reflective surface. Got my amature radio test.and code materials via mail. And took my classes . ( Nuclear, bio. Chemical by tape) passed with 95 percent grade. Cassette has always been a welcome guest in my travels tks from kv4li

  • Reed Briggs
    Reed Briggs 3 years ago

    im rockin a 7 inch reel to reel tape player from the 60s, it still sounds great.

  • tanoj icici
    tanoj icici 6 years ago

    Congrats !!! and Keep up the Great Work :)

  • Ridho Aldi
    Ridho Aldi Year ago +1

    I saw Mariah Carey still recorded her album in cassette. And i was happy to heard and saw it.

  • teewhaay
    teewhaay 4 years ago

    YALL CAN'T GIVE THIS UP. People still BUY VINYL RECORDS. Please continue to produce blank cassette. I BEG YOU!!

  • John Stark
    John Stark 3 years ago +3

    Just got done rebuilding and recapping with calibration of a Teac C-3X. I am more a reel to reel sort but cassette fits in the car better. I have a rebuilt Kenwood head unit, pull out in the car as well. CD's suck, MP3's are worse!

  • CoyDog790
    CoyDog790 3 years ago

    I hope they keep the cassette market alive

  • jajac82200
    jajac82200 3 years ago +5

    Metal tape + Dolby S = CD quality❗

    • mercurialmagictrees
      mercurialmagictrees 2 months ago

      I guess I would say the clarity is about same but sounding as a clean as a CD is not usually my goal when listening to cassettes. I enjoy some of the flaws and lower fidelity of the type 1 tapes. It just sounds unique to me. Perfect reproduction of sound become mundane to me sometimes after listening to CDs.

      However high quality tapes and stereos are great but I'm fine with a type 1 tape on a mid tier 80's stereo system as well.

  • Not A foot
    Not A foot 4 years ago

    Dude you are cooler than a vintage cassette 🙃😏

  • MVE
    MVE 10 months ago

    It''s great vinyl and cassettes are coming back!

    ROMAN PANMEI 3 years ago +1

    I remember my MLTR audio cassette in childhood days.

  • Sam @ L E
    Sam @ L E 4 years ago +2

    I'm still using it in my 1993 Grand Marquis and at home!!!!!

  • TheRadiogeek
    TheRadiogeek 6 years ago +2

    Analog the way it was meant to be! Long live the cassette tape!