"Orphan 55" - The Worst Doctor Who Episode Ever

  • Join me as I pick apart Series 12, Episode 3 of Doctor Who - Orphan 55.

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  • The Critical Drinker
    The Critical Drinker  2 months ago +517

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    • Gregory Bycraft
      Gregory Bycraft 5 days ago +1

      Did you actually send that email to the CDC?

    • Abrakhocus
      Abrakhocus 12 days ago

      That wasn't a Cats reject, that was Barf from Spaceballs!! OMG....

    • Alex Alverez
      Alex Alverez 23 days ago


    • ulhurusurf club
      ulhurusurf club Month ago


    • BLAIR M Schirmer
      BLAIR M Schirmer Month ago

      Was I the only one who found Amy Pond to be initially attractive, but turn into an abominable fucking slut who tries to fuck the Doctor the night before she's due to get married? --Why is that never discussed anywhere? it was revolting.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 36 minutes ago

    "People can't teleport in and out of the Tardis" I'm from the future and Cucknull still ingors this piece of lore in the finale of the season.

    Also past people we can all be existed for a third season of Whittacker and friends. Although if Cucknull sticks to the traditional showrunner formula of 2 doctors and 4-6 seasons then we can all look forward to an even more diverse doctor and an at leas 4 more seasons written by Cucknull. All this diversity brought to you by a 50 year old middle class white guy, don't think about it too much.

  • xophaser
    xophaser 8 hours ago

    Doctor Who from the 80s were cheap and bad, but this..

  • Gami Khan
    Gami Khan Day ago

    Humanity's future and Earth is already written in Doctor Who lore, this episode and this seasons as a whole demonstrate how bad the new writter is.

  • Chaparro Chaparral

    BTW I live in a country where the national channels are free and there's a resemblance of freedom of speech. But is called thirdworlder.

  • Platinum_ toilet
    Platinum_ toilet 2 days ago

    2:58 Why does the 'gift voucher' look like the Teseract? I Graham a minion of Marvel?

  • Kensington
    Kensington 4 days ago

    "The Doctor impersonator" lol

  • Aaron Enix
    Aaron Enix 4 days ago

    Really sad to see how mainstream media, and those who own it all, just openly hate and act racist towards white people, especially white straight men. This is becoming more and more prevalent in media and anyone who says it isn't is either racist, or a shill.

  • Glacial
    Glacial 6 days ago

    prawn cocktail is nice tho

  • Josh Verley
    Josh Verley 6 days ago

    What's wrong with jodie whittaker

  • Ryusuta
    Ryusuta 6 days ago

    Come on. She doesn't look like Star Fox. She obviously is related to Barf, from Spaceballs.

  • Watching TrainsgoBy
    Watching TrainsgoBy 7 days ago

    I can't wait for the drop of "Orphan 56".

  • Alaina Plant
    Alaina Plant 8 days ago

    Diversity Hire is the actress who used to play as Martha Jones lol

  • Dalek
    Dalek 8 days ago

    Sorry man, but this is very Cringe :/

  • john egan
    john egan 10 days ago

    Ryan & Diverse Female Character *do* have learning disabilities. Obviously.

  • Thomas johnson Jr
    Thomas johnson Jr 10 days ago

    Your review is very spot on I found a bag of prawn cocktail here in the States and mine did not have the virus in it the Ryan the Plank had. Darn.

  • boomstories
    boomstories 10 days ago

    I just hope in 5-10 years they make this non-canon. Also have a future where Tommy Wiseau has a cult following. I mean a literal cult.

  • The Dodo
    The Dodo 10 days ago

    Sorry but 13:46 had me laughing my ass off

  • Danny DP
    Danny DP 11 days ago

    This annoying piece of shit video is better and more entertaining than the actual episode

  • Gabriel Joaquim da silva

    That title didnt age well...

  • Dave Curry
    Dave Curry 11 days ago

    Uhhhhmmmm....Obviously you have never seen Paradise Towers.

  • Jack da ‘alf brain ork

    And then “timeless child” came

  • Purple Turtle
    Purple Turtle 11 days ago

    4:09 - Not really. The 9th Doctor, Rose, and Jack were all transmatted from the Tardis to Satellite 5. When the Doctor first meets Donna, she's just teleported to the Tardis due to her having consumed Artron energy. The inside of the Tardis doesn't really seem all that much like it's removed from the rest of the universe.

  • MrSlapdash243
    MrSlapdash243 11 days ago

    I wonder if they're going to kill this doctor off and have it as a dream sequence like on Dallas.

  • Marco Somma
    Marco Somma 11 days ago

    Dude! Love the way you just call out all the bullshit! Pliz don't stop. They've killed ALOT of my favorite movies.

  • Offero 04
    Offero 04 11 days ago

    I believe they prefer to be called Mogs (thexvid.com/video/CLYmvg-U1fA/video.html )... although that was a woman.. soo.. wo... no wait, cant say that.

  • Sean Miles
    Sean Miles 12 days ago

    I grew up watching Dr Who. Never missed an episode, even with the earlier episodes cheesey special effects. I was initially excited with its newer larger budget episodes right upto David Tennant but from then on it was a downward spiral to the rolling train wreck it has become with Jodie Whittaker. I saddens me to say that at this stage the whole thing has been ruined for me, The story line, lore and continuity has been completely screwed and I will probably never watch another episode.

  • Abrakhocus
    Abrakhocus 12 days ago

    That wasn't a Cats reject, that was Barf from Spaceballs!! 😮

  • Darnoc00
    Darnoc00 12 days ago

    There is one underlining problem that all the others are coming from.

    The bad writer.

  • Ryan Engelstad
    Ryan Engelstad 13 days ago

    Pulling ideas from wall-e always a good sign

  • Jon Talbot
    Jon Talbot 13 days ago

    This video dated itself within a month. Make another for Timeless Child ya drunk arse!

  • CrossFace
    CrossFace 14 days ago +1

    difficult to believe but this is not the worst ep.

    that award goes to the timeless child

  • john egan
    john egan 14 days ago +1

    Don't forget, Yaz & Ryan are [edited]. So if you don't bend the knee to [more edited], it means you're racist as all fuck! Don't be racist! Just let those thumbsucking diversity hires do their will to you.

  • LiLi Browning
    LiLi Browning 14 days ago

    was it really worse than the abzorbaloff episode tho

  • Mr Supreme
    Mr Supreme 14 days ago +3

    "The worst Doctor Who Episode Ever"
    Spoke too soon buddy

  • Dean P.F
    Dean P.F 14 days ago

    Comes to something when the reviews are better than this show, Christ, I'd rather watch a full Colin Baker season than this garbage.

  • Flynn Tom
    Flynn Tom 14 days ago

    3:55 are you saying she actually said "fam" or just taking the piss?

  • Fred Sanford
    Fred Sanford 15 days ago

    I used this episode to fall asleep a couple weeks ago.

  • Deber chaos theory
    Deber chaos theory 15 days ago

    Believe it or not i just rewatch an old doctor who ep from 2005 or so .
    And even the old version who did have less of a budget mange to make a more convincing furry then what ever this was in this ep .
    By the way the cat lady was also a freaking nun in this old ep if you guys are fan of David you know of who ep i am talking about .

  • xjamira krystalx
    xjamira krystalx 15 days ago

    the only reasons jodie whittaker has a job is because of the bbc tv tax and she has a vagina not the talent to act as the doctor maybe other roles though. also the reason this show has funding , bbc tax

    • Deber chaos theory
      Deber chaos theory 15 days ago

      No she was in black mirror to .
      It's not Judie's fallth that the writer can't write a good story .

  • draquone
    draquone 16 days ago

    Jeez... you must hate diversity....

  • Dalek Supreme
    Dalek Supreme 16 days ago

    That Doctor evil clip was perfect

  • Walter Comunello
    Walter Comunello 16 days ago

    wait a sec
    Diverse Female Character trying to kill Strong Female Character because the former felt betrayed while the latter is doing her part trying to save the world?

    SJWs are going to get simultaneously whiplash, schizophrenia and epilepsy from this.

  • Jared K
    Jared K 16 days ago +1

    This aged well

  • Daoibhéar
    Daoibhéar 17 days ago +1

    There's only one positive I can see with the new Doctor. It's the fact that the 6th doctor is no longer the general consensus of the worst doctor.

  • Dave Marshall
    Dave Marshall 17 days ago +1

    I think it's time to start a movement to bring back Capaldi and retcon this whole nightmare! #bringbackcapaldi #bringback12 #savedoctorwho

  • lh0000
    lh0000 17 days ago

    And then timeless child happened.

  • Attila Suba
    Attila Suba 17 days ago

    Stop whining about Doctor Who! Its done! Its gone to shit! Its Over! Start complaining about why our planet is going to shit! Goddam! Good video!

  • Erris
    Erris 18 days ago +2

    "The Worst Doctor Who Episode Ever"
    If only he knew.

  • Skavies
    Skavies 18 days ago

    BBC should hire you, your version of this episode is way the hell better than what chibnal did.

    Now for the bad. Shame on you for not jumping on the title of this travisty. Orphan 55. The name pretty much demands that there are at least 55 abandoned planets starting with Orphan 1 and counting upwards. Are you trying to tell me that humans managed to advance enough to go colonize other planets, grow them and have wars on them which would render them uninhabitable before we completed in wrecking the Earth with global warming? This should have been Orphan 1. Maybe orphan 2-3 if we found a nice barely habitable mining world to strip mine, but even that's pretty fucking stupid, we'd be looking for asteroids and moons to strip mine, lower and non existant gravity wells to make it much more efficient to get the materials mined to useful places. The show specifically called out global warming as the main cause of earth being Orphan 55, but did include wars, so maybe a colonized world could have been an orphan before Earth, but that's highly unlikely as a colony would be made up of compatible people, at least to begin with and new arrivals would be screened for compatibility. So no I'm sticking with my theory Earth should have been Orphan 1.

  • Paul Thongkham
    Paul Thongkham 18 days ago

    She looked that thing thing from space balls

  • misterlyle
    misterlyle 18 days ago +1

    Such imaginative story telling! In the future, a society of creatures that resemble Morlocks terrorize what's left of humanity. Maybe the Doctor has already encountered fellow time traveler Professor Hartdegen? He certainly has previously met H.G. Wells, back in an episode from 1985. No wait, Hartdegen was probably an incarnation of the Doctor! And Wells too, for that matter; it's all falling into place now.

  • Joe Reale
    Joe Reale 18 days ago

    Dude, I just watched this and the part where you first say, ‘these two old bed shitters” made me collapse both lungs laughing for nearly an hour and a half.

  • TheResurrectionOfMars
    TheResurrectionOfMars 18 days ago +3

    I now term the show Nurse Who. Doctor Who ended after series 10

  • Deathstroke Gaming-GTA Online and More

    Some people believe that the show being too PC is good as people should change, I don't know what to say. I'm disappointed that people think the show can't be criticised. especially with the abomination of S11.
    Scroll down to "Barry S's" comment:

  • dan hemmerling
    dan hemmerling 18 days ago

    Oh boy another one with a fake looking beard.
    My Wife: he seems like he's struggling to breathe.
    Me: he's got a fake looking beard. He's probably a millenial?
    98% of this is just white noise.

    • Comment Guy
      Comment Guy 18 days ago

      "white noise"? White bad, Female doctor good.

  • Greeneyes3005
    Greeneyes3005 18 days ago

    This episode is awful!!!! BUT THE WORST EPISODE OF DOCTOR WHO EVER!???? Hmmmmmm!!! Yeah maybe? ..... hmmmmm and then Chib’s dropped ‘The Timeless children’ nuclear show, self destruct to steal all the hopes, dreams and childhood memories of whole generations of WHO fans!!! RIP Doctor Who we shall mourn you ...
    😞 ⚰️
    But wait!? Maybe this crap was never really, actually, Doctor Who anymore anyway!? Maybe Baker, Tenant, Smith, and Davison & co can come back to explain that Capaldi really and right royally screwed up the timeline that none if this EVER, EVER HAPPENED!!!!! or that he’s still on Galifrey inside the Matrix and this is all the creation of his Doctors Massive ego!!!? One can but dream! 🧐😫

  • Mr Orc Shaman
    Mr Orc Shaman 19 days ago

    When you said "Prawn cocktail Teleporter" I just lost it.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 19 days ago

    The Doctor and Yaz didn't even wear bikinis. Colour me disappointed.

  • Tyson Hook
    Tyson Hook 19 days ago

    Well obviously the dog faced liar... sorry I mean resort worker... is of the same species as Barf from Spaceballs .

  • Patrick Gidaro
    Patrick Gidaro 19 days ago

    So in other words this perfect female doctor failed? I thought the doctor always saved the day?

  • Mindhumble
    Mindhumble 19 days ago

    14:45 OMG a greta thunberg speech performed by tommy wisseau on acid EPIC, you really have a great way with words my man!

  • Charles Jones
    Charles Jones 19 days ago

    I was watching this, and thinking, this isn't a half bad idea. I don't see what people are complaining about.
    Then they learn they're on Earth, made uninhabitable by global warming... Fuck you show

  • capsloco
    capsloco 19 days ago

    I could remember wrong, but wasn't there an episode in Ecclestons run were he and Rose traveled to the exact point in Time were the earth endet? Ending as in "it blew up" and not "it turned into a grey ball of death full of monsters from the black lagune".

  • OSanoBR
    OSanoBR 20 days ago +1

    "Tommy Wiseau on acid", or as I like to call: Tommy Wiseau

  • Brutal Bloodlust
    Brutal Bloodlust 20 days ago

    right, don't get mw wrong here, the 13th doctor can fuck off...but am I the only one who actually thinks the tardis design looks pretty cool, interior I mean

  • Dimityr Lefterov
    Dimityr Lefterov 20 days ago +1


  • disruptive angst
    disruptive angst 20 days ago

    I nominate Jordan Peterson as the next Doctor.

  • Andy Parker
    Andy Parker 20 days ago

    Whittaker is great …..when you turn the sound off.

  • brushfyr
    brushfyr 20 days ago +1

    Sadly this is no longer the case.

  • Nephtali Sykes
    Nephtali Sykes 20 days ago +1

    Then the timeless children came out.

  • Jonathan Kent
    Jonathan Kent 20 days ago

    Actually, the maintenance man and his son do have a purpose in the episode. It's so the people watching can point at the screen and say "Look, it's Jay from The Inbetweeners!"

  • Paul Nutter
    Paul Nutter 20 days ago

    And I thought the BBC stopped doing comedy years ago

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    This, Twice Upon a Time, and The Witcher were the worst episodes IN EXISTENCE!
    This episode has a squirrel woman, but the budget so low they had to settle with a costume and facepaints.
    Twice Upon a Time out of the blue made Hartnell's Doctor sexist which decredited him.
    The Witchfinder was pure melodramatic acting which was really weird and out of place.
    Edit: Oh and I tried to forgot, but lets not forget the episode that ripped us al in two and discredited The Doctor's ENTIRE EXISTENCE - The Timeless Children. Ouch.
    I have honourable mentions such as The Woman who fell to Earth or whatever it's called and that episode where The Moon was a egg.

  • Haxuppdee-85
    Haxuppdee-85 20 days ago

    Me: laughs in timeless children

  • Agent Coxack
    Agent Coxack 20 days ago +1

    The family, years ago, the time of the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors:
    “It’s on! Doctor Who’s on!”
    The family, today, the time of Twelve and Thirteen:
    “Bollocks, this crap’s on again.”

  • burningmisery
    burningmisery 21 day ago

    I'm actually not mad at Star Trek & Doctor Who taking new paths and exploring new ideas. I'm just terribly disappointed with the god awful, mind-numbing writing. The monsters in this episode look worse than some of the worst in TNG (the terrible fish-heads in TNG S02 episode 'Manhunt').

  • falling stars
    falling stars 21 day ago

    this title did not age well

  • Akikosdream
    Akikosdream 21 day ago

    Doctor Greta Wisseau XD

  • victor graham
    victor graham 21 day ago

    I just realized that looks like a cheaper version of barf from space balls