NEVER HAVE I EVER w/ EX Girlfriend & Boyfriend

  • Published on Jan 17, 2020
  • NEVER HAVE I EVER w/ FaZe Blaze & Carrington ( Ex Girlfriend & Boyfriend)
    Carrington- carringtond...
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  • jØSEPH !
    jØSEPH ! 2 years ago +1244

    when jarvis is himself he seems way more chill and fun to be around

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy Year ago +58

    Blaze secretly getting salty everytime carrington talks to Jarvis

  • Anime moan
    Anime moan Year ago +49

    When you and your girl around you better watch out cause Jarvis turn into a comedian real fast 🗿🗿

  • Matt Thorne
    Matt Thorne 2 years ago +338

    6:20 lmao she wanted to hug Jarvis so bad and then she realised it would make blaze jealous.

  • Jars # 1 Fan
    Jars # 1 Fan 2 years ago +490

    Jarvis: never have I ever been to jail/prison? “Nah I’m A Good Boy.”
    Season 10: I’m bout to end this mans whole career

    • Atfc.duckety
      Atfc.duckety 2 years ago

      Oof RIP Blaze

    • Uncle Tom
      Uncle Tom 2 years ago

      alex bousley but he started the aimbot in season 10 so I think that’s what he means

    • Uncle Tom
      Uncle Tom 2 years ago

      alex bousley ikr lol

    • AcetheGOD
      AcetheGOD 2 years ago


    • VeD_ DeV
      VeD_ DeV 2 years ago

      Yushy_13 r/woooosh

  • Luke Wa
    Luke Wa Year ago +7

    I like how Carrington always turns to Jarvis everytime they laugh

  • Jay2Trill
    Jay2Trill Year ago +25

    did carrington actually laugh every time jarvis laughed 😂

  • bally singh
    bally singh Year ago +16

    i started dying when jarvis said he wears his moms clothes

  • dogegod
    dogegod 2 years ago +601

    Bro this is “so Hard” to watch without cringing

  • FxnnRW
    FxnnRW Year ago +2

    Jarvis gangsta til’ Lucas and Carrington startin’ somethin’ sus 😂😂

  • just some guy lmao
    just some guy lmao Year ago +2

    Whenever Im sad,happy or anything I just click on Jarvis's channel

  • Flawless _
    Flawless _ Year ago +62

    9:13 perfect timing🤣

  • SquiDachi
    SquiDachi 2 years ago +5

    3:16 has me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • HyJuxC
    HyJuxC 2 years ago +2259

    Does anybody realize that when ever she laughs she mostly looks at Jarvis ( damn thanks for the likes)

  • Rob Lombardi
    Rob Lombardi Year ago +312

    Blaze doesn’t like Jarvis secretly in my opinion he is trying to make him feel uncomfortable

  • Z-Vize
    Z-Vize Year ago +6

    Jarvis had me cracked when he said I don’t like u😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Luis Mayancela
    Luis Mayancela Year ago +4

    10:43 her reaction tho 😂

  • Sin Evox💦
    Sin Evox💦 Year ago +4

    Blaze trying to make Jarvis jealous Jarvis just chilling like 🙂

  • Just Mojo
    Just Mojo 2 years ago +216

    Never have I ever been to jail
    Jarvis: I’m a good boy
    Also Jarvis: I’m banned from fortnite

  • Sb10
    Sb10 2 years ago +6

    3:22 the fear in Jarvis’s voice as blaze try’s to kiss him is amazing

  • Siri
    Siri Year ago +6

    Jarvis- “nah i ima good boy” Epic-“you sure about that”

  • Chance Camien
    Chance Camien Year ago

    Jarvis: “I am pretty good with my hands you know what I’m sayin”😂😂

  • Charlie Shaw
    Charlie Shaw Year ago +8

    This is cringe when blaze don’t laugh 😂 but Jarvis and his ex laugh 😂

  • Nashwan Al-Serbi
    Nashwan Al-Serbi 2 years ago +39

    We know for a fact Jarvis is still playing Fortnite and is still insane he’s just waiting to be unbanned(hopefully) so he can release the monster in him

  • Chris moras
    Chris moras Year ago +1

    3:23 had me dead😂

  • Ⱪrey
    Ⱪrey Year ago

    7:40-7:50 That made me Laugh so hard

  • NOAH B
    NOAH B 2 years ago +31

    9:35 you were good for once XD chill Jarvis

  • Macho Boys
    Macho Boys 2 years ago +6

    bro Jarvis dreams about girls and fortnite, doesn’t every guy

  • VX_ Andrew
    VX_ Andrew 2 years ago +36

    Did anyone just see how carrington always gave a glance at Jarvis every time she laughed, cause I think she is catching feelings with him again

  • Jane Winstead
    Jane Winstead Year ago +3

    Jarvis: goes in jail
    Mr beast: "I'm I joke to you?"

  • Eliud Calderon
    Eliud Calderon Year ago +7

    Jarvis being a third wheel for 13 minutes straight lol

  • Gurtpower
    Gurtpower Year ago +3

    9:40 we all know that Jarvis is not speaking the truth

  • Ryan Cabral
    Ryan Cabral Year ago +5

    When Jarvis thinks wearing his moms clothes isn’t weird!!

    • ItsCodyC
      ItsCodyC Year ago +1

      It might of not been werd in England

  • stopbeingvayy
    stopbeingvayy 2 years ago +398

    Poor Jarvis, his ex is dating one of his friends, he's been banned from fortnite, he seems bored, and can't find love.

  • Angel Murillo
    Angel Murillo Year ago +10

    Jarvis smashed, him and carrington are grinning 😂😂

  • Master Cold
    Master Cold Year ago +4

    Dude i think lucas treats him well because he knows he can steal her from him and he doesnt want it😂

  • Ali Z
    Ali Z 2 years ago +30

    Caringtin looks and leans to Jarvis when she laughs

  • Tensionnnfn
    Tensionnnfn Year ago

    Blaze was definitely a bit protective😂he definitely felt threatened by Jarvis’s head

  • Tuffrage
    Tuffrage 2 years ago +6

    Jarvis when tfue got banned he made a new account and is still doing fine just do the same

  • Jordi W
    Jordi W 2 years ago +64

    How can he be friends with Jarvis and have his sloppy seconds

  • Zenzby
    Zenzby 2 years ago +163

    Why tf does the girl get so close to Jarvis when she laughs lmfao

  • John Benson
    John Benson Year ago

    can we please give mad respect for teawaps editing

  • Nathan Robledo
    Nathan Robledo 2 years ago +600

    when ever the girl laughs she looks at jarvis

  • BuddyBuckets00
    BuddyBuckets00 2 years ago +1

    Watching from Quarantine, Jarvis did get memed not from this though “It’s so hard”

  • Owen Barquest
    Owen Barquest 2 years ago

    I feel like carringtine still has feelings for Jarvis

  • Trashy
    Trashy 2 years ago +3

    You know the meme of Jarvis crying that’s him after the video

  • ItsYaBoiiTaylor
    ItsYaBoiiTaylor Year ago +1

    9:50 always gets me though out the ten second period

  • Reztro
    Reztro 2 years ago +176

    Kay “never have I ever cheated in fortnite”
    Jarvis stands up and walks out the room😂

    • Kiqo
      Kiqo 2 years ago

      Reztro dang bro you’re so fun- oh wait never mind...

    • wazperz nigga
      wazperz nigga 2 years ago

      Got the whole squad laughing bro 😐

    • Reztro
      Reztro 2 years ago

      Naim Hussain k

    • Reztro
      Reztro 2 years ago

      Neo4runyou YT lol

    • Naim Hussain
      Naim Hussain 2 years ago

      That’s peak

  • luis yerena
    luis yerena 2 years ago +4

    4:49-4:54 when my best friend finds another best friend,(4:49) and try not to cry(4:54)

    • jxae
      jxae Year ago

      I felt you yo....

  • Tsuki_no_hakai
    Tsuki_no_hakai Year ago +20

    3:00 they baited the shot out of jarvis

  • Poixlau Tv
    Poixlau Tv Year ago

    This must have been so awkward for Jarvis I would have legit died 🤣

  • TM Ginge YT fan page

    why do Blaze and Jarvis have such a good friendship lol

  • Sokezo
    Sokezo Year ago +7

    Just imagine it was blaze that got cheated on by Jarvis just imagine that will be funny.. 😂😂

  • dandy andy
    dandy andy 2 years ago

    This man jarvis a legend for being with her

  • Omar
    Omar 2 years ago +63

    Haven’t seen a more cringy relationship than lucas and carrington

  • Tristan Plays
    Tristan Plays Year ago

    Jarvis:Ha you’re not my best friend
    Lucas:Ok I see how it goes
    Jarvis:I’m joking
    Lucas:Love you Jarvis

  • Augert s
    Augert s 2 years ago +63

    Jarvis's relationships last shorter than my batterie life

  • Benny.thejet.Rodriguez

    “I’m a good boy” a couple seconds later “I’m a bad boy” 😂😂

  • S3-GOAT
    S3-GOAT 2 years ago +1

    I really think blaze was trying to get Jarvis mad. He legit said they did it 3 times in one day

  • The TRC DEN
    The TRC DEN 2 years ago +1

    5:32 made me cry😂😂😂

  • Void aquaRL
    Void aquaRL Year ago +5

    1:15 i can relate when im just trying to play basketball

  • Truly
    Truly 2 years ago +114

    4:22 they huge purchase Jarvis regrets is that aimbot hack💀

  • Hero
    Hero Year ago

    Bro Someone please meme blazikens face at 7:21 😂😂😂

  • Clu
    Clu 2 years ago +9

    7:22 BLAZES’ FACE😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 IM DEAD😂😂😂😂

  • Aldin Sejdiu
    Aldin Sejdiu Year ago

    5:51 that laughh 😂😂

  • L3SS FL1X
    L3SS FL1X Year ago

    Jarvis: I’m a good boy...
    Also Jarvis: gets banned for using aim bot

    • Nathan
      Nathan Year ago

      Mate it was for content

  • Nicco Mejia
    Nicco Mejia Year ago

    Blaze: jarvis was the best fortnite player in faze
    Sway: hold my gfuel

  • tife Akintan
    tife Akintan Year ago

    Jarvis makes awesome content

  • Dads Lotion
    Dads Lotion 2 years ago

    Jarvis:*Crying I side*
    Blaze:Trying to make Jarvis feel uncomfortable

  • Jess
    Jess Year ago +1

    Laugh and get close to him
    Jarvis:get the fuck out of here😂😂😂😂

  • David Ragwar
    David Ragwar 2 years ago +1

    The way she looks at Jarvis is dangerous bro

  • Gallo ϟ
    Gallo ϟ Year ago

    3:24 I was dying 🤣

  • Franco Jaramillo
    Franco Jaramillo Year ago +4

    poor jarvis everyone makes out in front of him and hes alone

  • Captain Willeh
    Captain Willeh Year ago

    Faze sway clapped him so easily

  • mcnuggie
    mcnuggie 2 years ago +832

    Blaze don’t go by the bro code, that’s kinda petty.

  • Aka_lurkin Lira
    Aka_lurkin Lira Year ago +1

    Realize how ever time she laugh she goes to Jarvis

  • Hydro Raquarias
    Hydro Raquarias Year ago

    I’ve found myself just watching every single Jarvis video and idk why

  • Sizzles
    Sizzles 2 years ago +110

    5:47 made me cringe and damn FaZe Blaze tries to much

    • LiL TreY
      LiL TreY Year ago

      Its probably his 1st real gf 😂

    • Dennis Canan
      Dennis Canan Year ago +1

      He does it to make Jarvis jelous, i did thr same thing lmaoo

    • Ella
      Ella 2 years ago

      Itz Sizzles bro fr

  • Pixl Glxsky
    Pixl Glxsky Year ago

    I was jealous of jarvises skills at fortnite

  • Ulysses Mendez
    Ulysses Mendez 2 years ago

    They be making Jarvis sad😂🤣🤣

  • Bob Ole
    Bob Ole 2 years ago +5

    And this is y blaze wasn’t invited to the new faze house

  • Camara._.
    Camara._. Year ago +1

    Low key Jarvis' wanted to cry, like this was so sad TBH

  • Sam.3k
    Sam.3k Year ago

    I’m gonna meme Jarvis when he done renegade

  • mit
    mit 2 years ago +177

    3:21 has me dying LMFAOOOOOO

    • hades
      hades 2 years ago


    • ExoMxst
      ExoMxst 2 years ago +1

      I-Khxlil-I same

  • Adrian Ponce
    Adrian Ponce Year ago +1

    Bro you could tell that BLAZE keeps looking at jarvis for every question

  • Farai Garogwe
    Farai Garogwe Year ago

    F in the chat for Jarvis 😔

  • TO3Z
    TO3Z 2 years ago

    3:23 funniest part of video

  • Joe Simpson
    Joe Simpson Year ago

    Lucas: who’s the cutest little clout chaser? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • whos drypzz
    whos drypzz 2 years ago +358

    Jarvis: " I have been to jail
    Fortnite: " for that aimbot

  • D34DSHOT
    D34DSHOT Year ago +34

    Bruh everytime carrington laughs she looks at jarvis🙄🙄🙄

  • Clu
    Clu 2 years ago +54

    The title looks like jarvis’ ex and his boyfriend😂

  • Josiah ._.
    Josiah ._. Year ago +1

    Bro I feel like Jarvis is a third wheeler 😂😂😂

  • k1ra
    k1ra 2 years ago

    7:22 Blaze's face tho

  • Kevin Visla
    Kevin Visla 2 years ago +400

    Jarvis: fortnite I am still here
    Epic games: Why you have ex boyfriend

    • BaconManMav
      BaconManMav 2 years ago


    • BaconManMav
      BaconManMav 2 years ago

      @LazarBeam make vid his banned 4 life abomination it's killing me of cringe

    • Kevin Visla
      Kevin Visla 2 years ago

      @Came Buga it's not the real lazerbeam

    • Rs
      Rs 2 years ago

      @LazarBeam shush now piff tin

  • CryptoLlama
    CryptoLlama 2 years ago +12

    When you cant find a girl for yourself take your roomates ex 😂

  • Jagroop Sandhu
    Jagroop Sandhu 2 years ago +67

    2:07 really makes her look not interested in Blaze

    • GSon Dunn
      GSon Dunn 2 years ago +5

      I got second hand embarrassment

    • Miles Gregory
      Miles Gregory 2 years ago +10

      Jagroop Sandhu yeah and it was hella cringy 🤣

  • Soar Wary266
    Soar Wary266 2 years ago

    Fortnite: unbans Jarvis, Jarvis : uses hacks and get banned again

  • arvind soreng
    arvind soreng 2 years ago +1

    Who wants carrington and Jarvis back

  • Diego Perez
    Diego Perez Year ago +1

    I love this trio keep it up

  • ANdREW
    ANdREW Year ago

    Jarvis: When I was little I use to try on my mum’s clothes Lukas: Oh yeah Jarvis: Is that weird? Lukas: No no😂😂😂😂😂😂😂