EXTINCTION (2018) Ending + Twist Explained


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  • Leo Chang
    Leo Chang 8 hours ago +1

    Lucy is the villain in this movie

  • Glacier Gamer
    Glacier Gamer 13 hours ago

    Extinction is a really really good movie. Just my opinion cause I haven't seen good sci-fi movies in along time.

  • Yadiel Alexis
    Yadiel Alexis 2 days ago

    Agent locke

  • Dr. Baz
    Dr. Baz 2 days ago

    So Geth the movie.

  • Kaitlyn Wyre
    Kaitlyn Wyre 2 days ago


  • Jamie Murphy
    Jamie Murphy 3 days ago

    what happened to the animals you see none in the film?

  • Sarah Fussell
    Sarah Fussell 3 days ago

    Why is it this feels like an extra story about the events in mass effect with the geth and quarians?

  • Emanuel Marcelo
    Emanuel Marcelo 4 days ago

    Nah screw that kill all the synths

  • Jurassic Lark
    Jurassic Lark 4 days ago

    War doesn't determine who's right, only who's left.

  • Gelil Duran
    Gelil Duran 5 days ago

    Detroit become human

  • Dollia Bites
    Dollia Bites 5 days ago

    Thought it was gonna be War of the Worlds, but nope! It's Detroit: Become Human. It sounds like an interesting movie. I might check it out.

  • GscGsc
    GscGsc 5 days ago

    But she died in Cloverfield

  • MelaninMe Asmr
    MelaninMe Asmr 5 days ago

    Woooooooow this is dope

  • Elyas Stephens
    Elyas Stephens 5 days ago

    d e c i m a t e

  • totes not a furry
    totes not a furry 5 days ago

    i thought aliens would use something superior to bullets

  • GlittzyCat Draws
    GlittzyCat Draws 5 days ago

    *Me after the twist:* don't think of Detroit don't think of Detroit don't think of Detroit don't think of Detroit don't think of Detroit don't think of Detroit don't think of Detroit

    *Thinks of Detroit:* Dang it

  • Lil_ Hitler
    Lil_ Hitler 6 days ago

    This movie is literally we happy few but with robots with erased memories instead of humans on joy

  • Andres Diaz de Leon
    Andres Diaz de Leon 6 days ago

    Captain Richard Ravager III would have some words

  • echosixnoble
    echosixnoble 6 days ago

    This movie was boring AF. I turned it off about 3/4 and went to sleep.

  • azurephantom100
    azurephantom100 6 days ago

    guys before Detroit:become human there was the matrix while yes it takes place after the war between the humans and robots there was a moment in their history where they fight and riot

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 6 days ago

    Damn I wish I didn't see this episode of foundflix lol would of loved seeing this movie for the first time

  • piink_millk
    piink_millk 6 days ago


  • Seth Houser
    Seth Houser 6 days ago

    The movie was not very good. There was too much plot armor. A program is created for a certain job. If these androids were programmed for a certain job, then they could not change that program, unless changed by a programmer. Then there is the fact that the androids are not programmed to fight and would not out number humans. I really do not see how they would win. Too many plot holes in the movie.

  • John Moo
    John Moo 7 days ago

    Why build a advance free thinking machine that looks, talks & thinks it's human only to be bullied by the real humans? That's just asking for trouble & the whole "robots taking our jobs" factor included i don't know.... I just, it's weird. It sounds cool but if make so many synths that they claim themselves as a new "species" and will fight for their right to be treated as equals then shit man... I just honestly home it doesn't come to that because I can see alot of problems normal people would have with living/working along side synths.
    Also it's weird, buying a robotic daughter to take care of. Wonder what people think of that.
    But treat robots with respect or we'll have a Robotic Martin Luther King on humanity's hands and I know it would end well for either side. I ran this scenario in my head a dozen times and at least for me the end isn't pretty.
    Interesting video though, sounds like a cool movie 👏🐄

  • OldLeatherHands&Friends

    Infernal Intelligence.

  • OldLeatherHands&Friends

    Sinths are just toasters and that should never be forgotten. They don't have women or kids they have models.

  • Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia

    wow, what a load of BS.

  • Nikoslav
    Nikoslav 7 days ago

    Wow what a cringe movie

  • mister
    mister 7 days ago

    Tey took R Jers!!!!

  • Xuimma Sleeping
    Xuimma Sleeping 8 days ago

    So my cousin knows a guy who knows a guy

  • SIRnope
    SIRnope 8 days ago

    Wait so it’s humans getting revenge

  • Experiment Master
    Experiment Master 8 days ago

    :53 is that JENNA ELFMAN?

  • megan d
    megan d 8 days ago

    everyone's said this already but this sounds so much like dbh??? but more intense and less social justice-y

  • Jacen’s TAIKO channel

    Detroit become human

  • Papa Kernel
    Papa Kernel 8 days ago

    The damn institute is at it again

  • nathan covington
    nathan covington 8 days ago

    Why does the killer in hellfest looks like they have a pancake on there face

  • Tom Quirk
    Tom Quirk 8 days ago

    Morning War: Earth Edition

  • MemesR wou
    MemesR wou 8 days ago

    The twist was obvious, also why don’t they just throw water on them?

  • DDavis
    DDavis 9 days ago

    Do The Conjuring Storyline!!

  • Saed Magaag
    Saed Magaag 10 days ago

    No explanation needed lol

  • Robbie Anson
    Robbie Anson 10 days ago

    We invented technology as human beans this movie doesn’t make any sense all it is about is our technology revolts against us and yet we are the ones who has the love and care for it. That can’t happen and worse if we are robotic
    But I will tell you this we are not robotic we have a soul those was robotic they got no soul that’s why our technology is always fighting us so the video in the movie truly is just like I robot will smith if you do that one next to analyze that movie find out that it is our Technoboy
    That will be more a Vance than us but this is reality we have God we’re going home to have an evolution has nothing to do with me or you we have souls we want to go home to God

  • Teee Pwndaa
    Teee Pwndaa 10 days ago

    So pretty much Detroit become human in movie form?

  • Coke
    Coke 11 days ago


  • Redd
    Redd 11 days ago

    Fallout 4: Modern

  • PocketPrey
    PocketPrey 11 days ago


  • djwolf
    djwolf 11 days ago

    The new Detroit become human

  • PatBoy
    PatBoy 12 days ago

    So... how exactly did the androids reproduce and why do the humans look like aliens?

  • StarBeam's World
    StarBeam's World 12 days ago

    Me, a South Park fangirl: TOOK ER JEWBS

  • Reese
    Reese 12 days ago

    Miss me with that “robots are humans” bs

  • noe guillot
    noe guillot 12 days ago

    Prior spending rear attack brilliant blue gang prospect after mass hell morning.

  • Demonsmoke1
    Demonsmoke1 12 days ago

    Anyone got a Mass Effect Quarians vs Geth vibe off this?

  • oneeye
    oneeye 13 days ago

    it's Luis from 'Ant-man' his best quote is "Hey Scotty"

  • Rexy Rex
    Rexy Rex 13 days ago

    this movie seems really cool and that is one hell of a twist, i really need to check out this movie I've never even heard if it before. This is why i love your channel you give me a new view on movies i thought weren't that good and lead me to cool movies I've never heard of before

  • jalanblakes
    jalanblakes 13 days ago

    Fake ass fallout

  • Marquis Neilly
    Marquis Neilly 13 days ago

    If I was an AI. We manage to get the humans off the planet. Should they have destroy all plant and animal life to make it tougher for humans to survive on earth.

  • Slimenade
    Slimenade 13 days ago

    Not gonna lie I was routing for the humans at the end. The little girl is also really fucking annoying

  • Samantha Stevenson
    Samantha Stevenson 13 days ago

    My name ic Connor the android sent by Cyberlife

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 14 days ago

    I liked the movie. It was a fun twist on your run of the mill alien invasion story with humans invading Earth instead of some intergalactic being.

  • Ghastly Dragon 10
    Ghastly Dragon 10 14 days ago

    Is miles played by matpat

  • Fitz Simmons
    Fitz Simmons 15 days ago

    Sounds like an amazing movie. Hope they don't make the sequel tho, it would just undo the entire message of the original.

  • Metal overload
    Metal overload 15 days ago

    This movie is a ripoff of my Iron script (Fe)

  • straypaper
    straypaper 15 days ago

    *Software Instability ^*

  • Mynameismegalex
    Mynameismegalex 15 days ago

    Haven't seen the movie, but from this synopsis, the one thing I really disliked was the idea that the androids just went through procedures to forget. It would have been much better if the revolt happened hundreds of years ago, and, the robots being robots, didn't have it in their programming to keep track of events so far back, so they gradually forgot and normalised into foux-humans. Except for the random exceptions who - let's say - failed to store memory properly. The guys who "had prepared" would be strange to explain, of course, but it still bugs me that it was done the way it was done. The concept is pretty fucking great, though.

  • mr.Mixon 132456
    mr.Mixon 132456 15 days ago


  • Kyle Henry
    Kyle Henry 15 days ago +1

    I feel as I watch one movie with Israel in it, and then I notice him in so many other movies

  • extreme_ primus
    extreme_ primus 16 days ago

    Seems like a good movie

  • Fly Guy Jamie
    Fly Guy Jamie 16 days ago

    I’m peter, I’m the android sent by CyberLife.

  • Lance Vance
    Lance Vance 16 days ago

    XD tooooker jerbs

  • Nerded Out
    Nerded Out 16 days ago

    This is the most annoying narrator I have ever listened to

  • ZagInABox FTK
    ZagInABox FTK 16 days ago

    *meanwhile in the countryside*

  • Chris Olivares
    Chris Olivares 16 days ago


  • FUSE XcHroMoBalzX
    FUSE XcHroMoBalzX 17 days ago

    HAHAHAHA this is so Detroit: Become human

  • Braincube 013
    Braincube 013 17 days ago +1

    Comments suggest I’m watching [ Detroit Become Human... ]

  • Apex _
    Apex _ 17 days ago

    Until the big reveal, it would be confusing, but after the reveal I thought it made crystal clear sense.
    You would say it's absurd to just "wipe" the memories from people, it would be nonsense to see "future visions," in a film trying to be serious. I was quite embarrassed when my mother and I finished watching it and she didn't connect the dots realize *the visions were memories coming back...*


    The synths took over people? Sounds like the goal of the Institute

  • TheGreatFireFin 05
    TheGreatFireFin 05 17 days ago +2

    My name is Conner i'm the android sent by Cyberlife.

  • Aiman Syahmi Dzulkhairy

    Extinction, Detroit become human sequel.

  • Mocha_
    Mocha_ 17 days ago

    Tf is Detroit human? I just see everyone commenting about it

  • Sebastian Kaczmarek
    Sebastian Kaczmarek 17 days ago

    specis? ITS a robot idc if it can feel destory it and that`s it :D

  • K G
    K G 17 days ago

    Eh.. I would rather see actual aliens honestly

  • the grammar nazi trainee

    there logic : a drama movie that makes the hero the only line of defense against them

    our logic : *US ARMED FORCES*

  • Lirrulewon
    Lirrulewon 17 days ago

    Ah the aliens are the immigrants of the future

  • Lirrulewon
    Lirrulewon 17 days ago

    They are bloody human? Ok am going to watch this movie despite the spoiler

  • Norman Tabasa
    Norman Tabasa 18 days ago

    I like the plot twists, its so nice

  • AR12
    AR12 18 days ago

    We must find and destroy the Institute

  • FLUXX840
    FLUXX840 18 days ago +1

    the moment I heard synth I was like... *The Institute!* 😂😂

  • agent penguinz
    agent penguinz 18 days ago

    Elder Maxon: *triggered*

  • Colin Finley
    Colin Finley 18 days ago

    That was some pretty strong plot armor but good movie concept and best twist I ever seen

  • pockeii
    pockeii 18 days ago

    I scrolled down to the comments immediately for Detroit jokes and I was not disappointed

  • Timmy Ormsby
    Timmy Ormsby 18 days ago +1

    This movie was actually pretty good I hope they make a numero dos

  • XxReaperZeroxX
    XxReaperZeroxX 18 days ago

    Damn Institute at it again.

  • Lego Siblings
    Lego Siblings 18 days ago

    i hated the twist, it annoyed me!

  • KazieK
    KazieK 18 days ago

    Detroit: Become Human

  • Pixilmon
    Pixilmon 18 days ago

    Why Dey kill a perfectly good polluted planet ;-;.

  • Jerry
    Jerry 18 days ago

    The kids could’ve been a bit less annoying and the ending animation with the bridge falling was terrible, 5/10 could’ve been a better film. 👌

  • Pro Gamer1217
    Pro Gamer1217 18 days ago

    So I guess Luis from ant man and the wasp survived and this is where he is now

  • Jäger
    Jäger 19 days ago

    I see so many people saying it Detroit become-human

  • Legion Legacy
    Legion Legacy 19 days ago +1

    Stop playing with that coin Connor , you're pissing me off

  • Valak The Nun
    Valak The Nun 19 days ago

    *throw out your phones and destroy the robots*

  • Christopher De Guzman
    Christopher De Guzman 19 days ago

    Watching Foundfix videos and watch the film it self. it trills me