(ENG/KOR) [EP02] 엔시티 드림 인기가요 출첵라이브 2부 (NCT DREAM Inkigayo Check-in LIVE) #제노vs재민 팔씨름왕은? #뿅망치대결#마라탕

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • NCT DREAM 인기가요 출첵라이브 2부!
    NCT DREAM Inkigayo Check-in LIVE EP02!
    1부에서 소금식혜 먹여서 미안해 엔깅이들ㅠㅠ
    그래서 마라탕, 마라샹궈, 꿔바로우 세트를 준비했다 봐줘라!!!
    NCT127때에 이어서 또 한 번의 레전드를 만든 뿅망치게임
    삶이 팍팍하고 웃을 일 하나 없으시다면 제발 보고 가세요....
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  • uma multifandom perdida
    uma multifandom perdida 15 hours ago +1


  • 이마크
    이마크 5 days ago +3

    썸네일보고 미친듯이 달려온 사람

  • 말광냥이수리공주님

    23:03 이제노 귀엽노

  • Jihyo Momo
    Jihyo Momo 6 days ago

    Jeno soo hott
    Aigoo poor haechanie

  • vitalya
    vitalya 6 days ago +2

    2:44 chenle's face i am rolling!!!!!!

  • MaskedSilhouetteDancing InTheSnow

    For those worried or concerned, it has been said that Chenle had been suffering from *Heat Exhaustion* near the end of the live.
    Heat exhaustion is not as serious as Heat Stroke, which can potentially be very damaging, however it's not exactly something to be taken lightly either.( _There is a possibility that this could have been a slightly milder condition called _*_Heat Cramps_*_ instead, as the symptoms are very similar_ )
    It is essentially when the body is unable to alleviate internal body temperature, whether it be by being surrounded by humid, warm air or when the skin is simply unable to sweat properly. It can be like sudden dehydration, in which the body is lacking in water or necessary bodily salts.

    As expected, Heat Exhaustion is caused after being under duress of high temperatures, particularly when combined with strenuous activity or humidity. This could be explicable considering NCT Dream had just performed, and the conditions of dancing and singing on-stage.
    Sudden temperature changes also increase the risk of complications of heat regulation, which Dream would have experienced as they left the stage and backstage, to the likely air conditioned, cooler Live room. Also the heavy show clothing may also have been preventing the expulsion of heat from their bodies.

    As you can observe in the video, around 21:21, Chenle drops his chopsticks. The members look up, and seem concerned, and when the camera cuts, Chenle seems to have made no attempt to pick the chopsticks up. He is looking straight ahead, and I believe you can see his arms shaking. The members repeat his name, as if to get his attention, and Heachan moves to touch him concerned.
    Chenle 'snaps out of it' pretty quickly, and leaves the frame, laughing the situation off.
    From there on, his speech is a little slowed, and he does seem to be feeling hot and sweaty. The other members wrap up quickly, seemingly out of concern.

    Symptoms of heat exhaustion are:
    Confusion or dizziness - The members trying to get Chenle's attention
    Profuse sweating - Chenle dabbing at his face, seemingly overheated
    Muscle cramps - The shaking of his arms, and dropping his chopsticks
    Additional symptoms could be fatigue, pale skin, rapid pulse, nausea

    So yes, it is generally an unpleasant condition, and if left untreated, can become more serious. *HOWEVER* it is clear that the members were concerned and quickly ended the live in a professional manner, despite only having read a single comment, so I doubt that Chenle didn't receive any care or rest afterwards. It is *Not* permanent, and *Will Not* cause any lasting damage.
    It can be dealt with by rest and re-hydration. I'm sure that after this live Chenle was able to change out of his stage outfit, take some time to recuperate in a cool place, get some electrolytes in his system, and eat a proper meal.

    It isn't exactly something that can be blamed on anyone - unfortunately, as performers, who work in an environment which is highly strenuous on the body, idols are going to be susceptible to this form of illness. There are ways to help prevent it, such as a cool-down period, or wearing more breathable clothing, and I don't doubt that after this incident, some form of precaution would've been taken - even simply because it disrupted the live.

    *SO, NCTzens* I know you are worried about Chenle, but He Is Okay. And while the footage is alarming, don't stress yourselves out about it _too_ much.
    Lots of love, and stay safe xxx

  • 진솔
    진솔 7 days ago

    이동혁 다리 봐라

  • denisse chuco
    denisse chuco 7 days ago


  • denisse chuco
    denisse chuco 7 days ago

    Renjun and Chenle are biological twins, honestly.

  • Hasna Izdihar S
    Hasna Izdihar S 9 days ago

    I can’t imagine they already talk about how many soju they can drink. Feels like i just watch their on mickey mouse club :)

  • okokalright
    okokalright 10 days ago

    8:06 battle of titans lol

  • sensationalnana
    sensationalnana 14 days ago

    im crying of laughter omg nct dream has to be the funniest group there :')

  • fira t
    fira t 16 days ago +1

    Remember that Jeno is underage..

  • Haechanjackson
    Haechanjackson 16 days ago +1

    Okay haechans arms might not be that strong BUT HIS FREAKING LEGSSSSS DAMNNNN

  • intan wlnayu
    intan wlnayu 17 days ago

    indo sub plis

  • 니썸녀
    니썸녀 19 days ago +1

    21:00 천러 땀흐르는거 아닌가요..?

  • 3504_kljty
    3504_kljty 19 days ago

    Way to bait us in with the thumbnail 😂

  • 시준희나눈야
    시준희나눈야 19 days ago

    천러어 너어무 기여어워

  • N市民 みんなな


  • Tian
    Tian 22 days ago

    Cute chocolate ball

  • Mackie Beato
    Mackie Beato 22 days ago

    Chenle and renjun sharing two brain cells

  • Qadisha Hezan
    Qadisha Hezan 24 days ago


  • 하나니
    하나니 25 days ago +1

    Chenle sweating orange color 😂💕💕💕💕💕

  • 하나니
    하나니 25 days ago +1

    Renle 😂😂😂😂

  • Raissa Official
    Raissa Official 26 days ago

    Jisung mana suaranyaaaa

  • No Name
    No Name 27 days ago

    14:50 i laugh so hard My haechanie😍

  • just, Sara
    just, Sara 29 days ago +1

    Be honest, you came because of the thumbnail 😍😆😅

  • Leonie Carolin
    Leonie Carolin Month ago +1

    3:36 Never forget the acorn jelly with hearts on each side😂
    Am I the only one thinking Jeno looked a bit jealous when Jaemin said his nickname for Jisung🤔

  • Jaeyong's Daughter
    Jaeyong's Daughter Month ago

    21:21 jaemin keeps glancing at chenle to make sure he's alright, also haechan and jeno looks so worried, jisung also looks worried and renjun is the first one to notice this

  • Dian aja
    Dian aja Month ago

    World championship weight category:
    - heavy weight
    - light weight
    - LOSE WEIGHT (renjun x haechan) 🤣

  • renjwinism
    renjwinism Month ago

    2:10 renjun already taking a hammer.

    • renjwinism
      renjwinism Month ago

      omg i still think abt jeno hands god.

  • Shubhra Das
    Shubhra Das Month ago

    for those of you who came for the thumbnail: 8:09 you're welcome

  • osh li
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  • 낭니
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  • 렌준
    렌준 Month ago

    진짜 다시봐도 개웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 해찬이 애교를 본 제노 반응ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 17:58 18:38

  • Grace Jeon Haokip
    Grace Jeon Haokip Month ago

    Lele dont overwork for the camera . We know you are an idol but health and safety comes first okay?? Don’t feel burdened. It’s okay to be sick sometimes. We love you so much Lele. Take care 🥺💚💚💚💚💚💚.

  • yumi
    yumi Month ago

    8:08 and i oop-

  • jungwoo's vocal cords

    lmfao XD

  • Thirstae For Tae
    Thirstae For Tae Month ago

    Jeno’s arms... I better leave before the FBI arrests me

  • Rose Stephen
    Rose Stephen Month ago +3

    Renjun and jaemin together always end up in chaos.......😂😆

  • Ikram Yusuf
    Ikram Yusuf Month ago +1

    9:37 haechan is #notamused

  • Susan Nelwan
    Susan Nelwan Month ago

    My one focus: Jeno muscles

  • Olivia Yang
    Olivia Yang Month ago

    When renjun says ‘siri call jisung’ his voice got recognized in my phone and siri is showed. Eventually im in shock and want to laugh but im in a crowd 😂😂

  • Fiana97jenjaem
    Fiana97jenjaem Month ago

    Indonesia subtitel please 💚💚💚

  • • Dan • F
    • Dan • F Month ago

    Aaaaaa me exite

  • Icha Loey61
    Icha Loey61 2 months ago

    Untung aku ngertu sub English 😕

  • sonic fans
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  • 토브생
    토브생 2 months ago

    와 부덜부덜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 토브생
    토브생 2 months ago

    오우야 너무 귀여워

  • lovelyarmy
    lovelyarmy 2 months ago

    Me: um Haechan’s choking
    Jaemin: this ain’t about him

  • 뻐끔뻐끔
    뻐끔뻐끔 2 months ago

    썸네일보고 바로 들어왔다 이것이 바로 부정기인가?

  • Kranthi Tirumalaraju
    Kranthi Tirumalaraju 2 months ago

    Jeno’s arm are 🔥🔥 and Jaemin looks stunning 🤩❤️🔥
    And Rock Paper Scissors round proved they’re such kids 😂😂❤️😘😘😘

  • Jojo Chan
    Jojo Chan 2 months ago

    that outfit of Jeno screams!

  • lia re
    lia re 2 months ago

    Jaemin u r such a cutie

  • Ima Rolantini
    Ima Rolantini 2 months ago


  • Pencil K-Pop
    Pencil K-Pop 2 months ago

    Can’t stop looking at Jeno wtf dude I’m jisung biased spare me at least

  • Avr ia
    Avr ia 2 months ago +1

    Indonesian pleasee

  • Sravanya BTS
    Sravanya BTS 2 months ago +2

    14:25 For myself whenever I feel like hearing the whiny baby Renjun😚

    14:52 Innocent baby Haechan

  • Sravanya BTS
    Sravanya BTS 2 months ago +1

    "I dont have your number Haechan"
    - Chenle 2k19

    Haechan be like: Its been good 4 years of being together for this bullshit bitch :)

  • Sravanya BTS
    Sravanya BTS 2 months ago +1

    Jaemin: Haechan's name is saved as 'cute chocolate ball'
    *IT* look like one **shows haechan's face** IT? 😂🤣

    But it really does