14 Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

  • Published on Sep 28, 2019
  • Here are some interesting psychological facts about dreams. People often wonder about things such as: Why do we dream? What do dreams mean? How does dreaming work? What is dreaming? Well, these are just some of the questions this video explores! Psychology and neuroscience have discovered a lot about dreaming through sleep studies conducted in the REM sleep stage, and they were able to provide some truly fascinating answers to these questions.
    In this video, we talk about the brain’s electrical activity during sleep, subconscious messages in a dream, negative emotions, as well as some common dreams and their meanings. We brush upon premonition dreams, dreaming in black and white, lucid dreaming, and a lot more!
    Get ready to discover some the most interesting facts about dream psychology!

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  • Syed Moinul Haque
    Syed Moinul Haque 22 hours ago +1

    Ok, I always remember my dreams and I wrote them
    So,whenever I open my dream book I can found my dreams that I saw years ago

  • 2Cute 2Boost
    2Cute 2Boost 4 days ago

    So if u are blind ur brain will be more active all the time?

  • Ghost Rider quotes
    Ghost Rider quotes 4 days ago

    Nice facts #ghostriderquotes

  • lottie
    lottie 5 days ago

    i had this dream last night of this random as hell guy, like im positive i've never seen him before bc i know dream me found him adorable af and i'd for sure remember someone like that, and in the dream we met at school, became friends, began dating, the usual stuff yk i introduced him to my family, he introduced me to his blah blah and i dreamt of us being together for around 3 years i think before i woke up, like a couple minutes of various important looking situations we'd been through over the time and the most weirdest part is that it felt s o real like more real than any dream i've ever had, and i remember most if not all of the dream very vividly, ranging from backgrounds of places we've been to conversations i had in the dream, i remember all that stuff but as soon as i woke up i went blank on his face and as hard as i try i can remember everything about "him" but just not his face !!!!

  • Yusime C.
    Yusime C. 6 days ago

    Weird, my dreams usually predicts some small events on the next day. For example: I'm running away and dropped a med pack and it translates me being late to class and leaving my lunchbox.

  • Kyle Lemire
    Kyle Lemire 6 days ago +1

    They understand nothing about dreams yet.

  • Isaiah Jones
    Isaiah Jones 9 days ago

    Idk if its just me but when im dreaming ill start off as me then ill be someone else outta nowhere

  • Emmaluoell Loveday
    Emmaluoell Loveday 10 days ago

    I have actually read in my dreams and seen my self in the mirror

  • vrmara
    vrmara 10 days ago

    I can personally disprove the part of not being able to see oneself in the mirror while dreaming and also being able to read the time on an analog clock

  • PastelPadme
    PastelPadme 12 days ago

    am i the only one who forgets there dreams in the morning

  • kristiene pearl mora
    kristiene pearl mora 12 days ago

    I even dream something before and now it really happened but it took a year ... hmm

  • kristiene pearl mora
    kristiene pearl mora 12 days ago

    But in my dream i can read even the date and time i remember those ...

  • Debbie Debbie
    Debbie Debbie 12 days ago

    What if you can’t dream . I have only ever remembered 3 dream in my whole life am 36 help!

  • Prerit Goyal
    Prerit Goyal 15 days ago +1

    Sometimes my dreams help me experience my fantasies !!
    It is a wonderful feeling.
    I am very grateful to the God for blessing us with this power.

  • Natalie Nicole Campos
    Natalie Nicole Campos 15 days ago

    I read the name of a man who raped me in a dream. Explain that-

  • Katlyn Satava
    Katlyn Satava 17 days ago

    How is that reading one for sure? I dream about receiving and sending certain text messages all the time

  • Gregory Gilbert
    Gregory Gilbert 17 days ago

    Half of these points were false, at least with me they were.

  • kitty draws studio
    kitty draws studio 18 days ago +1

    Sometimes when i have bad day my dreams are more friendly and nothing bad happened

  • Ricky Williams
    Ricky Williams 18 days ago +1

    Could anyone tell me what this means please.
    I have had a crush on this guy (lets call him G) for a few years now and we've already confessed our feelings for each other. I had a crush on this popular guy (lets call him C) before G but I'm over him now. Last night I had a dream where my friends, C, G, and I were all in the same classroom, except G wasnt there yet. C was flirting with me and I was kinda flirting back, while me and my friends were giggling about him. I still have G in the back of my mind and I'm wondering when he's coming back and if what I'm doing is wrong. Somehow C asks me out and i say yes for some reason. G is still not here, and class is almost over but C leaves. After C leaves, G comes back and he looks mad, and I instantly feel guilty. I tell him C just left so he could take his seat. G just says coldly, "OH I KNOW HE LEFT." Then he sits at the other side of the room. My friends wisper to me that they saw him in the hallway and told him about me and C. When did they leave the classroom though??? I feel so bad i we just ignore each other the rest of class, but while we're in class we both start crying. Not at the same time but we notice tears coming from each others eyes. We don't talk though.

  • Durgesh Goswami Paintings

    I am artist singer songwriter from Mumbai India. I dream a lot and recent dream i remember is;
    I was on a one day vacation with my favourite and popular singer songwriter from India. I said him that he is doing amazing. I am so happy for him. He hugged me tightly and said. You will perform sooner. We had amazing time together.
    Actually it happened twice. I don't know what my subconscious is trying to tell but i will be famous singer songwriter soon.
    You can visit my Instagram @Durgeshgoswami15
    Thank u

  • owna Keeper
    owna Keeper 19 days ago

    I freaking control my dream !! beat that nigga !

  • Illumi killumi
    Illumi killumi 20 days ago +1

    I had a dream and i saw my brother in it, in the next room turns out he had the exact same dream!

  • Uranium Rabbit
    Uranium Rabbit 20 days ago

    My dreams suck. And I can, and have, read in my dreams.

  • Lavina Lai
    Lavina Lai 21 day ago +1

    I can wake up in my dreams by just closing my eyes for a few seconds, then slowly opening it. However, in the dreams I like, I can’t fully stay in a dream. I can only squint. If I open my eyes a little more than squinting, I can see reality. I can also hear what people are talking about while I’m dreaming recently. Or is this just me? I can see dreams and reality at the same time.

  • Vivian Skye
    Vivian Skye 21 day ago +2

    When "men's dreams tend to more aggressive", yet I, as a girl, dream about murder and other violence nearly every night. Must be my trans-egg brain :P

  • B u t t e r c u p
    B u t t e r c u p 21 day ago

    BRUH. I looked at my self in the mirror and I saw myself blurred. But for some reason I Kept Telling Myself That's what I looked like when I was older. Like 16. And I was "Pretty". Even though I couldnt see myself.

  • Fleur ‘
    Fleur ‘ 22 days ago

    I had a dream that I was sleeping and a Woody doll from toy story was CHOKING ME IN MY SLEEP LMAO

  • l p
    l p 22 days ago

    I had a dream that i fell asleep when 2020 started but then when i woke up it was january 1st of 2021. I had skipped an entire year and i felt so left behind and it gave me a feelung i had never experienced it made me feel so bad because i had missed out on all the moments with my family when me and my brother play video games together and the world news. It was surreal. Dreams give us new feelings because they put us in impossible situations. The thought about skipping a year of your life like that in a vital point of your life scares you.

  • Daze ZD436 5Daydreamer Myth

    I had a dream last night in it I became 7years old now you are talking about dreams and you said 6 years of your life you spend dreaming and I watch the countdown last night's so will I see the number 5 next?

  • nigga niggaa
    nigga niggaa 24 days ago +1

    I do read in my dreams, and I can read clock in my dreams, and I can see my face on mirror while I dream, is it just me?

  • yee yee
    yee yee 24 days ago

    yesterday i woke up and kept saying "i forgot a paragragh" and my mom heard me and told me in the morning and i definitly didn't forget anything. wTf I wAs TryInG tO sAy wHaT dId i foRgeT UnCoNscIoUs mInD wDym EggSbLain wydM yOu foRgOt a pArAgraGh💀💀

  • Adelito Mendoza
    Adelito Mendoza 24 days ago +2

    When I was a kid I remembered a dream.
    It's like a video, with decent quality, I saw a man lifting weights. Then a boy with black hair (looks around 5) hit something. It was black, round, flat and thick, it was attached to cylindered steel and the steel was attached to where the man was laying. When the boy hit the black object, the object itself and the steel moved downwards and came back to its original place, like a lever. Then the man got up and just in time when a black bar came out of nowhere and hit him in the face. And the man flew backwards. The kid was laughing and I could hear myself laughing too. And I didn't realize I was laughing in REAL life. My grandma shook me awake and she asked me why I was laughing, and told her, "My dream" 😂😂😂

  • Adelito Mendoza
    Adelito Mendoza 24 days ago

    I once dreamed about meeting my favorite fictional characters, and they all look what they were described (blond hair, gray eyes, tan. Black hair, sea green eyes, tan) and they come from a BOOK.

  • Kaila Ayling
    Kaila Ayling 25 days ago

    thanku i now now i had a lucid dream few weeks ago.3 years ago i lost my mum now im only just feeling the pain .the dream was short i was with a lady whom iwas guiding adown a road wheni saw 3 women waiting for something ,in the middle was my lovely mum !i was amazed a quikly told the ladys nooo this is a dream i can hug mum if i want ofcourse i did i could smell perfume her soft hair everything ......was amazed wen i woke x

  • Jack Mac
    Jack Mac 25 days ago

    I don't think these are all accurate

  • Halie Walker
    Halie Walker 26 days ago

    I mostly have dreams that make no sense. But I sometimes I have dreams of people I've never met and I speak to them' so only familiar faces? Wrong. And once ih n a while I'll dream of something before.it happens and it does and the supernatural can make it's way into your dream too lets not forget about that. I've dreamed of alot of evil stuff that is beyond my knowledge. This is one of those things humans can never be right about. Just like ghosts and spirits and entities

  • Only Me Myself and I
    Only Me Myself and I 26 days ago

    i have a dream where i go to the toilet to pee and it feels so real..i woke up wet with my own pee..

  • Cristina Ruiz
    Cristina Ruiz 27 days ago

    About dejá vu, I remember dreaming places when I was a child and see myself grown up already and tslking to myself "I've been here before! That rock I know it. Or a situation, like meeting people or having an argument with someone. Feeling like the real situation was a movie being played again. Weird and creepy!

  • djanel_goldenmoon
    djanel_goldenmoon 27 days ago

    these r not psychological facts these r physiological u dummies

  • Zay Xen
    Zay Xen 29 days ago +1

    Can you talk like a human

  • Savanna G
    Savanna G Month ago

    i hate dreaming there mostly always about people dying or betraying me like cheating and i think it affects my trust issues 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • TrashieKpop PandaGal
    TrashieKpop PandaGal Month ago +5

    Never have I ever once dreamt about clothes annnnd I can tell time in my sleep and see myself in mirrors clearly, really clearly

    Anyone else?

  • flyinglotus187
    flyinglotus187 Month ago

    Who else was close to clapping some cheeks but woke up >:(

  • Sofia Hause
    Sofia Hause Month ago

    So tom Holland could be in MY dream?

  • Spitflare Mystic
    Spitflare Mystic Month ago

    @3:25 now I know why I do not I stay in the house all the time I do not I go out in public I do school inside and when I do guy out im taking out the trash and when I’m somewhere that’s not home I’m at church a very small one with 25 ppl

  • Lina2Elite
    Lina2Elite Month ago

    I’m not old and I have black and white dreams

  • itz.broskif
    itz.broskif Month ago

    I’ve actually been able to read in my dreams before, and when i woke up, I had remembered the words. I ended up googling them, turns out they were in a completely different language that I didn’t know of. The words meant “The Goodly, and To Become Of.”

  • Just Random
    Just Random Month ago

    I almost always remember my dreams. I remember last nights dream.

  • Just Random
    Just Random Month ago

    Most of the time I dream about people/ houses/places

  • asia
    asia Month ago

    I have seen people in my dreams that i have never met before i think this fact is wrong

  • Thomas Hockaday
    Thomas Hockaday Month ago

    When I was about 13 or 14 years old, we moved to Florida from NC. One day, as we were driving in this neighborhood that I had never actually been in, I knew that just around the corner was a house that I had seen in a dream. Sure enough, when we turned the corner, there it was, the house I had seen in a dream. It was very weird and sort of scary! I still cannot explain it!

  • Mina Ilic
    Mina Ilic Month ago

    I was reading in my dream.It was about how i was searching yt with my mom . I was reading the name of some video and i was really reading and writeing

  • Dr. الكاسر
    Dr. الكاسر Month ago

    Am I the only one who dream about sleeping 😂

  • mickmagic1
    mickmagic1 Month ago

    I had a dream about one of my friends who died just a few weeks before. I said to them whilst I was dreaming that I thought they were dead. I then realised I was dreaming and asked my friend, in the dream, if I was dreaming. They just looked at me and smiled with such a happy face. I can remember the feeling so well, it was amazing. The dream carried on for a bit and then I woke up. I had this overwhelming feeling upon awakening that they had actually contacted me through my dream and that everything was ok with them now. Is it just me trying to comprehend my memories or is there something more to it? Are dreams real and are we just dreaming now? If dreams are just memories, what is it when we think back about the past, things that we know we have done. Are our memories just dreams? When I think of my childhood, it is very dreamlike. When I try to remember things from yesterday, that is also like trying to remember a dream.

  • Angie Sanchez
    Angie Sanchez Month ago +1

    Who else knows how to wake themselves up from their dream when something gets to scary I just say I just goona wake up in my dream and then I do it

    • Zea Alanis
      Zea Alanis Month ago

      Me, until sleep paralysis kind of counter measured undone businesses... I'd fall back to sleep and finally die. Then, finally, wake up.

    • Elizabeth Nino
      Elizabeth Nino Month ago

      i just blink my eyes slowly until i wake up

  • taylor boo-bim-bom-bo


  • Tasnim Haque
    Tasnim Haque Month ago

    Omg I can literally read in my dreams !!! Even just a few days ago, I was reading in my table in my dream😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • Crystal Marie
    Crystal Marie Month ago

    I had a dream of me getting an ultrasound and I read "BOY" that exact way on my ultrasound. (I wasn't pregnant) can you explain that if you can't read because normally I cant! That's why I am confused why was I able to read that?!?

  • MrMena
    MrMena Month ago

    I remember one time I dreamed I saw a penguin standing next to my brother and (for some reason) cried until I woke up.

  • summer rose
    summer rose Month ago

    WHOA! I can READ in my dreams! I've read letters from friends and even parts of a book. So what does that mean?