Débarquement Corrida Baltasar Iban

  • Published on Jun 14, 2017
  • Cette vidéo traite du Débarquement IBAN
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  • Geise Marques
    Geise Marques Day ago

    Vaquejada mano Walter

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 7 days ago


  • Bodensee Pferdchen
    Bodensee Pferdchen 7 days ago +2

    Please don't hurt them!

  • Mateo Tzab Brito
    Mateo Tzab Brito 9 days ago

    Hermano Cuanto Vale Un Toro De Esos En La Moneda MXN????? Agradeceria Mucho Su Respuesta Al Canal

  • shaynamymy
    shaynamymy 10 days ago

    Bande de satan vous êtes des tueurs assoiffés de sang si c'est ça qui vous plaît tant entre tués vous et saigné vous ça fera des enfoirés en moins

    VISHAL JAGNE 18 days ago


  • Vincent Gilles
    Vincent Gilles 26 days ago

    Bloody stupid activity from another time. Look their eyes, they 're more sensible rather than their killers. A guy in French Britany buy one in spain. A love and peacefull bull. Look for " Fadjen" on youtube. It is a funy social bull. Killing just for entertainment, shame. For bulls figth, bulls are hurt with weapon. Non pain, no injury= no hungry bull: thexvid.com/video/7KRAx7Rep1o/video.html . Only 60 matadors was killed in 4 century. Each years 40 000 bulls was killed each years in europe in corida. In this ratio matador are very dangerous: more than 260 000 bulls killed for one dead matador. Equal figth? No words for what you are.

  • kevin hoffman
    kevin hoffman 27 days ago

    they really have attitude , nice looking animals

  • Miguel Angel Hernandez Gomez

    Metan aún León ahí juntó con LOS toros a ver si muy machito y. Los felinos chance selos quiera tragar atodos pero terminaría ensartado en ésos cuernos

  • John GTA
    John GTA Month ago +3

    bulls are 10 times stronger than a human; yet a panther, 1/10 their size can take them down

  • A BC
    A BC Month ago

    Why the fuck you burn numbers into them... stupid

  • Mauro Sneik
    Mauro Sneik Month ago +1

    He looks like a super strong bull and super angry

  • Santísima Trinidad

    Que bonitos son nuestros toros 😍💞.

  • Tshepiso Mokoena
    Tshepiso Mokoena Month ago

    clash of the Titans

  • Kaiserslautern
    Kaiserslautern Month ago +2

    El primer toro del video "Provechito" fué el que luego mató al torero Iván Fandiño.

  • Victor Torres
    Victor Torres Month ago

    Amazing creatures

  • 58Kym
    58Kym Month ago +1

    They are enormously alert and quick!

  • igor gamerplays
    igor gamerplays Month ago


  • Abdul Razzak
    Abdul Razzak Month ago


  • Sejo Navacontre
    Sejo Navacontre Month ago

    Chulada de toros🐂🐂

  • kirat kirat
    kirat kirat Month ago +2

    Big bulls for big slaughter…..

  • Herty Hasa
    Herty Hasa Month ago +2


  • Галина Галина

    Что здесь происходит?

  • nzer48
    nzer48 Month ago

    And they kill these magnificent creatures...for sport and money....shame on you! We have not evolved far from the gladiator arena...a foul and disgusting practice.

  • IvoBeatboxerBBX
    IvoBeatboxerBBX Month ago

    It's like a BIG BROTHER TV hahahahaha!!!

  • Surgar Kay
    Surgar Kay Month ago

    I like Barberito.

  • Felipe Rodrigues
    Felipe Rodrigues Month ago +1

    the real modern AUROCH !

  • Bayane Bayan
    Bayane Bayan Month ago

    Pour guorger

  • gibbs1966
    gibbs1966 Month ago

    All these beatiful animals gonna get tortured and killed in bullfighting against a moron with a sword or a spear :(

  • bouda yassine
    bouda yassine Month ago

    Bravo provichito

  • Robison Galeano
    Robison Galeano Month ago +2

    Só touros bravos

  • sam majid
    sam majid Month ago

    Can anybody say what makes these bulls so aggressive?

    • Carrie Teague
      Carrie Teague Month ago

      I was wondering the same. Maybe wild? Not sure.

  • Indra Depriyoga
    Indra Depriyoga Month ago

    Banteng adu

  • Андрей Чупрына



    los toros asi sean raza miuura son como los perritos yo estuvwe en una hacienda los toritos eran como los perros yo les mostraba carioño si no que3 a ellos los drogan los encierran les hacen mil patrañas y los asedian cuando salen a la plaza de toros wellos van drogados y hechos agresivos a la brava de alli son muy fieles como el perro y domestricos busquen informacion es el hombre el que los vuelve asi por que en las plazas no torean un tigre como en epocas romanas los tigres los leones las culebrtas algunas son agresivos un dia de westos salen a torear ovejas

  • Under The Sky
    Under The Sky Month ago


  • DeathStroke 659032
    DeathStroke 659032 Month ago +2

    Wow really beautiful bulls

  • Delinguicious Interpreter

    Clean that space!

  • Arafat Hossain
    Arafat Hossain Month ago

    Can any one tell me the name of the breed of these bulls??
    Thank you

  • Элла Саруа

    Просто смерть с рогами. Их ещё не раздразнили, а они уже хотят кого то убить, хотя бы и друг друга.

  • Edsel 0201
    Edsel 0201 Month ago +8

    The bull = the most beautiful and manly animal ever!

    • Edsel 0201
      Edsel 0201 Month ago

      +al pacino LOL too less testosterone!

    • al pacino
      al pacino Month ago

      Edsel 0201 what about lion?

  • هراتيهاي هامبورگ Hamburg Hrar Amiri


  • Макс 56
    Макс 56 Month ago


  • Eliseo Ticse Guerra

    No alas corridas de toros

  • giovaluci
    giovaluci Month ago

    Belle bestie.

  • Comfy Pavl
    Comfy Pavl Month ago


  • Smokin EZalez 88
    Smokin EZalez 88 Month ago +1

    I see bulls and now I wanna eat tri tip and brisket lol

  • It's not gonna happen

    Fuck You 🖕

  • Truthbetold Gizmo 718
    Truthbetold Gizmo 718 Month ago +3

    From what I understand, the bulls meat is served in certain restaurants after the slaughter, like bulls balls soup as an aphrodisiac in Spain. At least they eat the animal after the accustomed barbaric exhibition that is bullfighting, kinda like the same as hunters.., kinda. I would love to see a 'torero' try his skills in the wild in his tight-ass colorful suit and sword, like a real man. 🤣🤣🤣

  • GOTAGO 13
    GOTAGO 13 Month ago +4

    Clavillero good luck for this night 😂🙏

  • Bernard Geay
    Bernard Geay 2 months ago +12

    Tuer pour manger je suis d'accord et j'adore la viande, mais tuer en faisant souffrir pour le plaisir en metant de la vaseline dans les yeux des toros et en leur plantant dans le dos des lances à l'aide de chevaux je suis outré et contre vous etes des laches et à chaque fois que meurt un matador je me réjouis. Si vous voulez du sang vous avez qu'à vous battre entre vous

  • flowtrancer
    flowtrancer 2 months ago

    Все здесь .

  • Avoidance Technologies
    Avoidance Technologies 2 months ago +1

    "An Auction".

  • Avoidance Technologies
    Avoidance Technologies 2 months ago

    "Steak and Cheese for happy families".

  • Avoidance Technologies
    Avoidance Technologies 2 months ago +1

    "Interest of the abandoned devils"?

  • Your Fabulous Happy Mann
    Your Fabulous Happy Mann 2 months ago +9

    Beautiful beasts. They are very brave and will try to kill any person they can. It would burn like fire to be gored.

    • Nikolas Douglas
      Nikolas Douglas Month ago

      no they won't unless hurt and cornered and provoked. Bulls aren't monsters.

  • Dwreck Baker
    Dwreck Baker 2 months ago

    Bet those are hard to milk.....I dont mean drinking milk lol

  • Chelsea Fans
    Chelsea Fans 2 months ago


  • Chelsea Fans
    Chelsea Fans 2 months ago


  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 2 months ago

    I always feel sorry for animals getting slaughtered for our food.but I still eat meat sorry to say.

    • Your Fabulous Happy Mann
      Your Fabulous Happy Mann 2 months ago

      +Stephen Smith I mean GO to a slaughterhouse..T.V. does not do it justice. It's pretty gruesome.

    • Stephen Smith
      Stephen Smith 2 months ago

      +Your Fabulous Happy Mann seen it happen on TV still feel for them it's heart breaking

    • Your Fabulous Happy Mann
      Your Fabulous Happy Mann 2 months ago

      No doubt. Go to a slaughterhouse....

  • Ayhan Sivas
    Ayhan Sivas 2 months ago +21

    Shame on you Spain for killing this beautiful animals !!!

    • Ayhan Sivas
      Ayhan Sivas 29 days ago +1

      +Thomas Hadleigh Thank's..but it don't change the reality in Spain

    • Thomas Hadleigh
      Thomas Hadleigh Month ago

      This is NOT in Spain, it's in France. They don't kill bulls in France, just fight them. FYI

    • Big Squid
      Big Squid Month ago

      The Spanish don’t deserve to have such amazing creatures in its country. They don’t know how to live together with them.

    • E H
      E H Month ago +1

      +Ouroboros I think he meant killing for sport. To raise an animal to peak of health only to be killed in a humiliating and extremely bias sport. .even to injure such an animal. .is ABHORENT. I don't like how my countryman on mainland Portugal do the same as Spain. It's not so on the island of Terceira [my home island]. I would rather see the bulls in the street in a bloodless play. .than see the torture of the matador or the bull in a battle to the death [for the bull]. Feel me, playa. . . On the other hand, as food for consumption. .I cannot let down a good roast beef or prime rib. . .

    • Ricardo Romero Fernández
      Ricardo Romero Fernández Month ago

      En este caso es en Francia, ignorante.

  • Eric Moriceau
    Eric Moriceau 2 months ago +2

    Faut etre une sacré ordure pour faire le commerce de ce genre de "spectacle".

  • Shane Hoy
    Shane Hoy 2 months ago

    These are breeding bulls, and not used for fighting.....

  • Emilijus Jocas
    Emilijus Jocas 2 months ago

    poor animals

  • Victoria Hart
    Victoria Hart 2 months ago +15

    Such gentle giants. Shame on the humans who get their cheap thrills out of hurting/murdering those who mean us no harm. Much better for everyone to learn respect and reverence for life. goveganworld.com

    • Victoria Hart
      Victoria Hart Month ago

      +Your Fabulous Happy Mann Your indoctrinated-since-birth prejudiced speciesism has clearly gone unchecked. You call nonhumans "livestock" and presume to know what purpose bulls have in life. Those comments reflect the height of arrogance and superiority. The absurd, destructive human superiority complex, to be specific. Unlike you, I don't believe that I'm superior to anyone, regardless of species. I reject the arrogant belief that humans have the capability and right to determine the value or purpose of any individual's life. So... who is REALLY being "self righteous" and claiming superiority here? You had no sincere desire to know about veganism; your questions were posed to wage a war. You contemptuously labeled veganism a "faddism", as if you are the know-it-all superior expert in what veganism is. In my 30 years of being vegan, I've seen questions like yours posed a million times, and they are NEVER put forth with good intentions. They are knee-jerk defense reactions to the imagined "threat" of veganism infecting your neck of the woods and exposing your cognitive dissonance. Relax... and realize that you are only reacting to your own flickering cognizance of the lie of human superiority that our culture/the powers-that-be unrelentingly pressures us to believe and conform to and never, ever challenge. No wonder you're uncomfortable. Our hearts cry out to be reconnected to the other beings whom The Lie of Human Superiority has separated us from. Yet this separation is only an illusion. The question is, will you wake up from the illusion... or go on as usual, ignoring what just happened to you?
      To answer your other question -- "so you have no animal originated garments or products?" -- No, I purchase no garments or products sourced from animals. I always do my homework before making any purchases. Not all vegan options are sustainable/eco-friendly, which is something to be aware of. And then there's the topic of sweatshops and other unfair business practices that I also want to avoid, seeing as how they don't reflect a Golden Rule way of living. But no worries. As the demand for sustainable animal-free/veganic and fair trade products increases, the supply of such will also increase.
      Mean of you to say what you did -- i.e. "Go pick your scabs." That revealed your immaturity and inability to control your anger. Tsk tsk.

    • Your Fabulous Happy Mann
      Your Fabulous Happy Mann Month ago

      +Victoria Hart you started it. I merely replied to your comment and then you attacked as if somehow you are on some high moral ground because of your "vegan" faddism. Then you started sanctimoniously preaching as if to somehow teach me something. You would be intolerant of others but demand special consideration for YOUR views. Your views about these fighting bulls show that you know absolutely nothing of livestock. Your "veganism" in no way makes you superior at all. Talk about arrogant prejudice. Go pick your scabs and quit trying to get the last word in. You won't win.

    • Your Fabulous Happy Mann
      Your Fabulous Happy Mann Month ago

      +Victoria Hart so you have no animal originated garments or products?

    • Victoria Hart
      Victoria Hart Month ago

      +Your Fabulous Happy Mann "NO" to all of your questions. Did I pass your test and thus merit a gold star? Do you know what authentic veganism is, based on the original definition? It is an ethical stand against animal use/exploitation and animal cruelty and includes a reverence for life. Since most vegans, myself included, weren't born vegan, it's therefore a lifelong journey of changing old, hurtful habits to new ones that reflect a Golden Rule way of living. Each day, I acquire new info related to veganism and make necessary adjustments. I'll never understand why anyone would be against the practice of doing the least harm to ourselves, the planet, and the creatures we share it with. This is the essence of what it means to be vegan, and yet non-vegans seem so threatened by it. The ONLY thing I regret about being vegan is that I didn't do it sooner. When we have the choice to do the least harm, why wouldn't we make that choice?
      In asking all those questions, I suspect that you were trying to find a flaw in my veganism that would allow you to call me a hypocrite and thus discount veganism altogether. But that's a useless tactic. Every human is prone to hypocrisy. As long as vegans live in a non-vegan world that supports and perpetuates exploitation and violence towards nonhuman animals for selfish pleasure and/or profit, it will be impossible to live 100% vegan. But that never stops me from doing whatever I can to help co-create a vegan world. It doesn't stop me from doing what I know in my heart is morally right -- i.e that it's WRONG to exploit and hurt others just for selfish pleasure or gain. Now go pick on someone else for a while and give me a break.

    • Your Fabulous Happy Mann
      Your Fabulous Happy Mann Month ago

      +Victoria Hart do you wear leather shoes or boots? Do you have a leather jacket or a car with leather seats? Do you eat Jello? Do you have a leather collar for your cat or dog? Do you have a pair of leather gloves? Do you drink lattes? Do your kids drink milk? Do you eat chicken or fish? Do you wear wool?

  • issam abbas
    issam abbas 2 months ago

    i ask how a lion or a tiger do en face of this toro 1 to 1

      SAACAAS 2 months ago

      Cats gored! Search bull vs lion and wacth!!

  • Trausti Traustason
    Trausti Traustason 2 months ago

    May they all rot in hell tese pink socks pussyes and animal terrorists

  • around the block
    around the block 2 months ago +1

    How much for the bull?
    I want it for my naghbor loves coming over with no notice.

  • Colette 333
    Colette 333 2 months ago

    You do not realise that everything you do in this life is creating your own home in the spirit world when you pass and you will have to emotionally go through every emotion that you caused these beautiful animals to go through on this earth. Please make a different choice and set these free. Just because you have power over someone or some animal does not mean you have to treat them unlovingly aww I pray for these wonderful animals

  • Green Hawkeye
    Green Hawkeye 2 months ago


  • metaldude
    metaldude 2 months ago +2

    hmmmm…...lot of burgers

  • اذكر الله
    اذكر الله 2 months ago

    ٥ مليون مشاهد و ٨ الف مشترك كيف كدا

  • cергей Bsn
    cергей Bsn 2 months ago


  • Ali Asghar
    Ali Asghar 2 months ago

    Who dare wishes to stand in there between them😁

  • Isiah 6:8
    Isiah 6:8 2 months ago

    Reminds me of being back in the penetentiary. Waiting on doors. Thru doors may be nothing may be big something. I wonder if bulls are anything like people. Eating n sleep, make/raise babies. Protect family. Move around.

  • William Anthony Leasure
    William Anthony Leasure 2 months ago +6

    I like their personalities. Definitely no bull here.😃

  • Doris Siverio
    Doris Siverio 2 months ago

    Wuow estes Toro está muy á sus Tados

  • black berry
    black berry 2 months ago

    Mean bulls..

  • marcelo esl
    marcelo esl 2 months ago

    Eles devem viver soltos longe de tortura e outras coisas absurdas que fazem com eles.

    • marcelo esl
      marcelo esl Month ago

      +Ricardo Romero Fernández não tem nada haver o animal não sera extinto por isso eles vão viver descentemente longe das torturas causadas por idiotas inúteis desocupados covardes.

    • Ricardo Romero Fernández
      Ricardo Romero Fernández Month ago

      Estos touros existen porque hay corridas. Sin corridas desaparece a especie porque non sería rentable a cría.

  • Деня Ленин
    Деня Ленин 2 months ago

    Я не понял в чем прикол..

  • Dscrappy Golani
    Dscrappy Golani 2 months ago

    Can anyone explain what I'm watching here?

    • jawed iqbal
      jawed iqbal 2 months ago

      +Dscrappy Golani ok

    • Dscrappy Golani
      Dscrappy Golani 2 months ago

      +jawed iqbal ah! More mindless stuff then! Right ! Thanks! I'm gonna go read a book now.

    • jawed iqbal
      jawed iqbal 2 months ago

      just bulls or raw material of beef burger .

  • Andy Griggs
    Andy Griggs 2 months ago +1

    Provechito has a killer bulge of a neck!

  • AK HAN
    AK HAN 2 months ago

    NUSRET Saltbea

  • El Pariente
    El Pariente 2 months ago +2

    Hermoso animal, no entiendo por que putas los torturan en las corridas

  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif 2 months ago

    Enemies at the gates

  • Lola Surulesco
    Lola Surulesco 2 months ago

    bande de connardss, laissez ces pauvres bêtes, regardez leur yeux paniqués

  • Axel Foley
    Axel Foley 2 months ago

    ojala los toros los revienten a cacho limpio...

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 2 months ago

    not one of these is named double sided penis

  • Marcelina Arzate
    Marcelina Arzate 2 months ago

    simdiye dinlediklerimin icinde en güzeli

  • Major Rebello
    Major Rebello 2 months ago

    Ne günlerdi.

  • WanTed comPuteR
    WanTed comPuteR 2 months ago

    Mksudai.. Ki bl dsa

  • Delaney Richardson
    Delaney Richardson 2 months ago

    Why would you put so many bulls in a tiny inclosure and then spray them with water? Did you not expect them not to fight?

    НКВД СССР 2 months ago +3

    Согым!!! Молодёжь энергии до Луны аж танцует!!!

  • Cocktail rai
    Cocktail rai 2 months ago

    Francis Cabrel

  • PatolinoNebulous
    PatolinoNebulous 2 months ago


  • pablo smith
    pablo smith 2 months ago +1

    Down with corridas, this so called tradition should have been banned ages ago.

  • Asiprinz von und zu Berlin

    Bullfighting = stupid middleage Tradition

  • yes one
    yes one 2 months ago

    con bo totluc nao no cung hu du

  • Naing Tun Zan
    Naing Tun Zan 2 months ago


  • Люда Снег
    Люда Снег 2 months ago

    Очень красивые!)))