Jake Paul is a loser

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Jake Paul is a loser...
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • ImAllexx
    ImAllexx  29 days ago +6157

    Jake Paul took a big L

  • KillYourselfPlease MoreLikeTikiTiki

    Omg 😂😂 that choker it would look better on me :P

  • Katy Robson
    Katy Robson 2 days ago

    mental how different the energy is in jjs room to logan’s

  • Sam Hammersley
    Sam Hammersley 3 days ago +2

    I’ve seen worse acting on suicide squad

  • Plazma boi
    Plazma boi 4 days ago

    We need to get off our phones!
    I posted this with my phone

  • stinky butt Hole
    stinky butt Hole 5 days ago

    His voice goes really squeaky when he cries

  • Empirestatesloth
    Empirestatesloth 7 days ago

    Jake Paul looks like he moans when he wipes his ass

  • Empirestatesloth
    Empirestatesloth 7 days ago

    Jake Paul looks like he moans when he wipes his ass

  • Shelby Cargill
    Shelby Cargill 8 days ago +3

    Title- “Jake Paul is a loser”
    Me- who knew?

  • Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    I'll fucking punch Jake Paul when i see him, and when i do, i will film it and satisfy the whole universe!

  • perfect Cell
    perfect Cell 10 days ago

    He looks like he is absolutely losing it. Look at him he looks dead and jake Paul also looks pretty bad

  • char
    char 10 days ago

    *laura lee left the chat*

  • lilroberto
    lilroberto 11 days ago

    i wear memeulous merch.

  • Jasmyn Morris
    Jasmyn Morris 11 days ago

    Jake Paul is clapped

  • TJ
    TJ 12 days ago

    Him crying was so cringe for me.

  • XVo_rtex
    XVo_rtex 12 days ago

    It's just the same as you alex

  • Herbie Shallcross
    Herbie Shallcross 12 days ago

    jeck peol

  • Herbie Shallcross
    Herbie Shallcross 12 days ago

    joke pull

  • Herbie Shallcross
    Herbie Shallcross 12 days ago

    jack pool

  • RationalPragmatist
    RationalPragmatist 12 days ago

    Guess it takes one to know one eh?

  • English Person
    English Person 12 days ago

    Shannon and Jake's fight reminds me of a year 5 playground argument.

  • Peach Fuzz
    Peach Fuzz 12 days ago

    0:03 it’s every day bro

  • Alisha .C
    Alisha .C 13 days ago

    Does anyone else notice his subtle glance at the camera? 4:44 I've never seen such bad acting before. 😂

  • Jokrr Face
    Jokrr Face 13 days ago

    I just drank a beer and im......... Not drunk

  • GoodEbeningHD
    GoodEbeningHD 13 days ago +1

    Jake's next video: *ImAlexx is a bully*

  • Tiffany Rose
    Tiffany Rose 14 days ago

    I’m sorry but I’m really dumb I don’t understand the website to your merch when it says enter using the password please explain?!!?! Really want some of your merch

  • the god bro
    the god bro 14 days ago

    jake paul is not a loser

  • Reece 20
    Reece 20 14 days ago +1

    He’s a sore loser and he’s not even the one that lost

  • Who's A Pretty Kitty?
    Who's A Pretty Kitty? 15 days ago

    Jake Paul is a loser? I'm surprised you didn't call him a rapist since you seemed to enjoy that. I guess you only do that to friends, huh?

  • L O V E L Y
    L O V E L Y 16 days ago +3

    I used to like Jake Paul (3 years ago) and honestly, it’s really embarrassing of what he’s become.

  • Doctor K
    Doctor K 16 days ago

    The Paul brothers existence is a reminder to humanity that we will undoubtedly go extinct one day.

  • Soggy Carrot
    Soggy Carrot 16 days ago +2

    Man. imagine dragging your friend through the dirt and the talking trash about jake Paul

  • star girl
    star girl 16 days ago

    Ksi, Jake and Logan Paul are assholes. So is comedyshortsgamer

  • SpaceEyeGaming
    SpaceEyeGaming 16 days ago +1

    Yeah Logan Paul you are an idiot

  • King revolution
    King revolution 16 days ago +1

    Your lips are pinker than your jumper

  • Ronaldo chop
    Ronaldo chop 16 days ago

    If cancer was a person it would be Jake Paul.

  • Legendary
    Legendary 16 days ago

    the title of this video summons up him after his fight against Big GIBBA

  • Elizabeth williams
    Elizabeth williams 16 days ago

    why do you look stoned? yo eyes red and you aint hiding nuthin

  • ツQueer
    ツQueer 17 days ago


  • Lovecraftian Sweetheart

    Jake Paul looks like a discount Guy Fierie

  • 【Mari Rose】
    【Mari Rose】 17 days ago

    @4:43 *looks at camera*

  • Nick Hartman
    Nick Hartman 17 days ago +24

    Jake: I don’t care if people hate on me
    Also Jake: Confronts Cody Ko for making jokes about him

  • sir havu
    sir havu 17 days ago

    this guy is ugly as shit

  • Roman Grzegorczyk
    Roman Grzegorczyk 17 days ago

    Imaless is a Dick head

  • Roman Grzegorczyk
    Roman Grzegorczyk 17 days ago

    Imalllllerfxx is a loser

  • Chum bucket scum
    Chum bucket scum 17 days ago +7

    Jake looks like he has been snorting Cocaine shm🤦🏾‍♀️👀

  • Glendon Kok
    Glendon Kok 18 days ago

    honestly i hate jake paul but this video is so lame hahahaha

  • Noah 4 the boys
    Noah 4 the boys 18 days ago

    Logan Paul should of won

  • Natejo
    Natejo 18 days ago +1

    Your mom is loser

  • 1999sonicboom
    1999sonicboom 18 days ago

    guys check my channel out got a lot of vids on youtubers

  • Beauty H.
    Beauty H. 18 days ago

    Please please change your hair color

  • dale daley
    dale daley 19 days ago

    WTF happened to 200k holy fuk

  • Brenda Isabel Pichardo

    We all know jake Paul is a jerk

  • ChandlerBoy
    ChandlerBoy 19 days ago +1

    Love how the light ring was in your eyes 😂

  • The Emerald Alpha Gaming

    Love you and your channel 💖

  • no no
    no no 19 days ago +1

    Jake Paul reminds me of my classmate and that ain't a compliment. Roger that

  • Okami-Rose
    Okami-Rose 19 days ago

    He posted that for publicity ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • La Nausée
    La Nausée 19 days ago +2

    Jake needs to go to rehab, that coke habit is becoming an issue lol

  • Georgia Pengalin
    Georgia Pengalin 20 days ago +10

    Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that Jake Paul was a serial killer...

    PRMDZ 20 days ago

    I thought he was just upset that the dude was yes manning him too much, and he was actually right, and he may have took it emotionally because there dad raised them the other way. He is right, but I don’t even watch ur whole vid so maybe ur just making fun of him in general or something... who knows.

    • PRMDZ
      PRMDZ 20 days ago

      I just pay attention

    • PRMDZ
      PRMDZ 20 days ago

      Him taking pride in knowing more about content also proves his abilities of persuasion must be present. Jake Paul is fake and he can spot a fake.

    • PRMDZ
      PRMDZ 20 days ago

      When jake confronted him about being a yes man, he began to take about how “he knows more about making content”, which is proof he is taking a theatrical approach and a fight is just too serious.