The Last Jedi and the 7 Basic Questions of Narrative Drama

  • Published on May 31, 2018
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    Far from being the “worst movie ever” Star Wars: The Last Jedi has some solid character work, even in its weaker plotlines. In this video, I take a look at Film Crit Hulk’s 7 Basic Questions of Narrative Drama as a way to examine the character arcs of Rey, Finn and Poe.
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    Creating Character Arcs, by K.M. Weiland:
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Comments • 4 924

  • Just Write
    Just Write  23 days ago +304

    Hey guys! I highly recommend checking out Lessons From The Screenplay's video for more on the writing of The Last Jedi:

    • Un-broken and victorious
      Un-broken and victorious 6 days ago

      This is like a guy who went back to his childhood home, found it on fire, and then decided to stand outside admiring how the blackened timbers are more aesthetically brilliant than the original structural integrity. This is where we're at: Star Wars fans have Stockholm syndrome

    • Miles Kauffman
      Miles Kauffman 8 days ago

      So after seeing your thanos video overall how does Thanos compare to other Marvel villains in your view

    • Raiken Xion
      Raiken Xion 10 days ago

      Stop trying to see positives in TLJ, and stop trying to bring people rnd to see it in the way Rian saw it or whoever. The simple truth is this, the ONLY way TLJ will be looked on in a better more positive light is IF JJ does great things with episode 9.

    • Claude Winters
      Claude Winters 10 days ago +1

      I find it fascinating that you cherry picked the good but largely ignored why this movie is so hated & divisive... There are writing lessons you could have pointed out such as points in how to build up a truly Powerful character which was absolutely ignored regarding Rey or how to make Luke more compelling as a force of good in his final film or why after all he went thru with Vader how could he go so dark and attempt to kill his nephew who was only being called by the dark while his father was a full murderous Sith Lord???? Why was Holdo so frustrating to a reckless Poe? Why was Poe so stupid - constantly causing countless deaths or blabbing secrets over open channel like a rookie? It's long list of problems that weakened the potential for an incredible movie... Instead we got an Okay film with a few cool scenes.

    • behindthedesk
      behindthedesk 13 days ago

      Just Write I think you just agued this is a good "movie " not a good star wars move that's more importantly, part 8 of of a 9 part series. So this makes pretty much no sense.... One more thing... How is Rey's parants being no one brilliant? thousands of Jedi were not Skywalker's. Thousands. They want to a school and came from no where. Why is that special when 99% of all Jedi were not Skywalker's? I don't care if she does have some relevant lineage but not having any at all is kinda just being contrarian for the sake of look, it's not what you thought. Brilliant. It might be a good movie on its own but part of a 9 part series that's ever expanding in lore due to 30+ years of content? t's completely terrible. It's an abomination. Imagine reading a book where the character faught his own father because he saw the good in him. He refused to kill a genocidal maniac because he was his dad and chose death. Then you turn the page and he wants to die. He almost betrayed his sister and han by almost killing their son (even though he would not kill his father and kyko was just a kid ) and now drinks from tits then fades away to nothing. It's the worst writing imaginable. Not only does it have nothing to do with 7 or the rest of the films but it also makes the prospect of 9 just boring as all hell. Sorry dude. It's BAD writing.

  • WhatistheMatrix?
    WhatistheMatrix? 16 hours ago

    Okay, I listened. I subscribed but also downvoted this vid cuz that conclusion made me a little nauseous..
    Add: It sounds like your argument is "the thematic structure had qualities of a good movie therefore the movie was good."
    Not equivalent nor true.

  • WhatistheMatrix?
    WhatistheMatrix? 16 hours ago

    It's clear why Holdo doesnt tell Poe plan, why is her hair purple?

  • DarkLumiya
    DarkLumiya 16 hours ago

    TLJ is awesome

  • Gopnik Aleks
    Gopnik Aleks 16 hours ago

    My problem is that this movie didn't change anything. Poe's development is pointless because him being impulsive was never a part of his character to begin with.
    Rey's parent being nobody was inded "brilliant", back when Maz told her exactly that in TFA.
    This movie did some baby steps in developing the characters, while killing half the set ups from TFA and introducing nothing for episode 9. But it managed to have a story with themes and characters, so I guess that makes it a great movie.

  • Olgun Yolcinar
    Olgun Yolcinar 18 hours ago +1

    1-Having good/formulated character arcs does not make a story good. It helps but it’s not enough.
    2-There are many flawed plots, flawed dialogues in the movie which you fail/choose not to adress.
    3-Some of this flaws are also conflicting with the franchise or so-to-speak universe as well.
    4-So, your opening statement falls flat: The movie is not good. It may have its merits but has many shortcomings you choose not to adress.
    5-Your closing statement also falls flat: It’s not a movie the franchise needs either because it fails to fully develop it’s radical approaches or inversions. Luke’s arc and Rey-Kylo relationship are perfect examples for that. The movie does not deserve merit for it’s failed attempts. Also adding some unnecessary plot devices to make other installments questionable is lazy at best. (Kamikaze hyperdrive action hollows every major action scene on the franchise. Period.)
    6-Your other videos shows us you got what it takes to make a good all-around review of scripts/movies but I think you did not managed that on this one. Maybe you wanted to rush to be a contrarian or maybe you genuinely missed those points. Or maybe you overlooked them willingly, who knows.
    Ps: Not a SW fan for years. I take them as good hearted, space-operalike fairy tales and nothing else. I was kinda intrigued by the mature taking on Kylo Ren-Rey relationship but like I said, the film somehow didn’t just go over that line and open that sexual tension more.
    I’m no fanatic by any means but I find Disney’s backlash against criticism truly despicable. They are doing every dirty trick in the book to paint people who disliked movie as monsters. So there’s that.

    • Olgun Yolcinar
      Olgun Yolcinar 15 hours ago

      Dennis Smith LOL

    • Dennis Smith
      Dennis Smith 15 hours ago +1

      Olgun Yolcinar how could you forget Jar Jar Abrams?

    • Olgun Yolcinar
      Olgun Yolcinar 15 hours ago

      Dennis Smith Too true. But let’s not forget that JJ Abrams is greatly responsible for the current state of the franchise and literally hot potato’d Rian Johnson with TFA. Many shortcomings of TLJ has its roots back in TFA, be it visual or structural. I don’t like to see JJA slither away from criticism.
      Btw Adam Driver might be the only decent thing in this new trilogy. Sad that it can not get a chance to shine properly.

    • Dennis Smith
      Dennis Smith 16 hours ago +1

      Olgun Yolcinar 100% man. The direction they’re headed is really piss poor. Their handling of legacy characters is very disrespectful. They also don’t seem to give a shit about their new characters either considering how simple and bland they are, including Kylo Ren he’s not exempt despite Adam Driver doing the best with what he’s given. It just doesn’t feel like Star Wars. I’m of the belief blockbusters should be more than just mindless action, they should at least have some substance. TLJ is too concerned with subverting expectations and pleasing Rian Johnson’s ego, and judging by the film it doesn’t seem like he likes Star Wars and has a real resentment of luke

    • Olgun Yolcinar
      Olgun Yolcinar 16 hours ago +1

      Dennis Smith
      I’m not an arthouse guy either, I like myself a good blockbuster. But I want only one thing from a blockbuster: Craftmanship. A story that seems simple where you can turn off your switch but convulated enough when you wanted to dig deeper into it. James Cameron is a perfect example for that. His action flicks are fun but with many many layers inside.
      What irks me about Disney’s direction with its franchises is this. They are the strongest producer on the market and somehow deliberately lets this aspect slip away. Because people seems to eat it up anyways. And things I’m asking don’t cost so much after all.
      And it’s not the story or the script as a whole too. Simple things. Dialogue.
      Every dialogue in TLJ is a shallow character or plot exposition. It TELLS you, does not SHOW you.
      When they are talking about Poe they go like “He’s reckless” “I like him.”
      Really? You showed me that, underline it with more character driven action. And you like him? Show me that then. Don’t tell me, it’s lazy.
      Lack of craft seeps through the strongest points of this franchise also. You have means to hire the best concept artists and what do you give us instead? Dull concepts for vehicles and different species. A dull worldbuilding which keeps me from immersing myself fully.
      Wheodon did an outstanding craftmanship on script in first Avengers. He gave audience a script which helps audience to like and get to know the characters. Managed to tie all characters together and made audience who are not familiar with those characters to like them. Then it’s formulated and turned into a caricature of itself which now plagues every other Marvel movie. SW suffers greatly because it fails to find it’s own voice while trying really hard to not the echo previous installments.
      They need capable writers, better designers and most of all they need to respect their audience. Not only with their backlashes but they need to respect their intelligence from the get go.

  • anthrogend
    anthrogend Day ago

    I'm just gonna say this, only because it did something, doesn't mean it did it right.

  • Jeremiah Noe
    Jeremiah Noe Day ago

    Am I the only one who refuses to acknowledge any Star Wars films as legit other than episodes 4, 5, 6? Couldn't even bring myself to watch this one after the other catastrophes, tbh. Dear God, how I want the hours of my life back from episode 3 in particular.

  • Ethan Latinum
    Ethan Latinum Day ago

    Oh boy, this comment section is going to be...yikes. Anyway, while I’m here, The Last Jedi is the third best Star Wars movie.

    • Buck Rogers
      Buck Rogers Day ago

      Ethan Latinum Yeah that’s why people want to remake it.

  • Salman A
    Salman A Day ago

    TLJ is history now
    Let it die plz

  • ytriles
    ytriles Day ago

    This movie will only off if Rey turns to the dark side because she made all the wrong mistakes that Anakin did in the prequels, and falls in love with Ren. This is different from Luke trying to turn Vader because they had a strong emotional connection, and both were conflicted after Empire. It's pretty doubtful this will happen though.

  • Maniac742
    Maniac742 Day ago

    Oh god, shut up already. The movie wasn't only poorly written, it was out of continuity with the movie before it, which is grade A retard piss poor writing. Not even gonna watch this past 10 seconds.

  • Sashvin Kumar Gunaseharan

    A wise man once said, "Never go full retard."
    But Rian Johnson never listened to that advice and made The Last Jedi.
    Hopefully, Episode IX will be better.

    • Buck Rogers
      Buck Rogers Day ago

      Sashvin Kumar Gunaseharan Just Write went full retard too.

  • Andrej
    Andrej 2 days ago +1

    Thanks for the lovely video again! I love the movie and I think this video exposes all the good sides. For me, it was truly Star Wars. The mystery, the ambient, the character growth. I mean yeah it had a few bad sides on it, but internet culture is a negative cesspool these days :) People think that hating something else will make them happy or something. If the haters payed more attention to how the characters in this movie grew, they would most likely grow out of it as well. "But, yeah, no, it's easier to hit up addictions and hate everything that doesn't fit my expectations cuz I'm unhappy with my life! Rawr! Internet rage!" Get real.

    • Dennis Smith
      Dennis Smith 17 hours ago

      Andrej we don’t hate it just to hate it, we hate it because it’s poorly written and a joke of a Star Wars film

  • SDNate760
    SDNate760 3 days ago

    Sorry Sage- love your channel but you missed it on this one. This movie was such a failure from a character standpoint that it made the narrative problems that much more glaring, such that when Purplehead rammed the command ship I was too checked out to care. I found it particularly strange that you have talked so much about character consistency, consequences, story logic, etc., and didn’t seem to apply those standards here. Like you I wanted to love this film, but in the end I had to judge what was directly in front of me, not what I wanted to have in front of me.
    I can’t look at such a sloppily-written story and call it great, no matter what it claims to be trying to say.

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark 3 days ago

    The thing is, these aren’t the only things that make a movie “good”. The movie was a mess in its comedy vs seriousness, and requires way too much miscommunication between characters for most of its conflict.

  • Miles Greb
    Miles Greb 3 days ago

    The last Jedi is the worst movie ever made. Write nothing like it, and you will be doing just fine.

  • ericsbuds
    ericsbuds 3 days ago

    it may have some strengths, but I just don't care enough. it might have worked if it was titled something besides Star Wars.

  • KronnangDunn
    KronnangDunn 4 days ago +1

    The Last Jedi is a good fantasy sci-fi film, but a HORRIBLE Star Wars film. Bye bye continuity. Bye bye Hero's Journey... Bye bye legacy characters. Hello political stuff.

  • Aiphiae
    Aiphiae 4 days ago +1

    I guarantee virtually everyone who is making excuses for this shit-show of a movie is under 35. It's fucking terrible. It's terrible and it obliterates everything that made the original characters what they were - the heart of the series.

  • Commentism
    Commentism 4 days ago


  • Brendan Ward
    Brendan Ward 4 days ago


  • roller03
    roller03 5 days ago

    I get the point you are making here, that when looked at in the context of these "7 Questions" the film succeeds in defining them and can be considered good for it.
    I believe, however, this is a pretty large oversimplification of a film or the story though and what makes it "good." Cinematography or the visual way its portrayed must be taken into account. Audio has to be working, including score, for the right sense of the moment to be taken from the film emotionally. Actors have to do a good job portraying these answered questions. Editing has to be coherent and fitting to move the story along in an understandable and interesting way.
    This and many other aspects need to be taken into account. And I would say, funnily enough, these specific elements do succeed and are handled well by TLJ. There are many things that work in the film! It's for that reason I tell people I'd rate it around a B- range for a film.
    There is additional elements that TLJ fails horribly at. Elements such as world-building, tone, plot & character progression, and conflict that all have serious issues in this film and based upon the context it takes place in due to the prior 7 films.
    To use an example using the "7 Questions" for how these elements can impact a film, let's take Rey's "need" for emotional independence. The story chose to help her find that by becoming a Jedi, but maybe, if the writer decided, she instead becomes emotionally independent by learning how to paint. She's in conflict with The First Order and she doesn't know who to join, but maybe painting helps her to focus her thoughts enough to not care what others think, so why not? Or, what if she does become a Jedi, but the story writer decided to make the "impact" be something like she decides to try and take on the entire First Order military by herself. I mean, why not? It might be a dumb, but nothing specifically listed in the seven questions guarantees logic or internal consistency from a character.
    I know these examples may seem out there or a bit unrelated, but my point is simply that the mere presence of an answer to these "7 Questions" provides no guarantees that the characters are making realistic or fitting decisions or that the plot is progressing in a fashion that fits with previously implied or set up rules for the Star Wars universe.
    The primary and simple issue I seem to hear from most every person I know who dislikes the films is that they "don't make sense," or are "full of a bunch of unnecessary things." It's oversimplified, but I believe it is valid criticism that stems from what ends up actually happening in the TLJ despite these "7 Questions" being answered.

  • lawmansama
    lawmansama 5 days ago

    so if i'm understanding this right, SWTLJ is good IF all the Starwars movies before it are'nt considered or don't exist? Lucisfilm has stated that these movies are, in the least, apart of a Trilogy. A good writer would understand this and create a story that takes this into account. Rian Johnson took nearly every "Mystery Box" that JJ Abhrams built and threw it out the space lock. I will agree that "IF" none of the previous movies existed SWTLJ would be an okay movie, but they do exist! A good writer would have done better. I cannot agree that Rian Johnson is a good writer. Feels more like a novice who has the experience of only 4 previous movies and 4 TV Episodes, oh wait....

  • Franz Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand 5 days ago

    The Movie felt emotionally dead to me, while Star Wars was always about the Human experience The Last Jedi felt like it didn't really understand what it means to be a human. Examples are how no action seems to have a consequence, Kýlo turning on Snoke but he is still the bad guy and rey still the good guy. Poe starts a mutiny and even dooms the resistance by leaking the plan to DJ yet he feels no qonsequences, neither by Leia nor by emotionally himself for causing so many people to die. Luke single handedly doomed the Republic, the Rebellion and his friends yet we are supposed to accept that the fact that he merely helped the survivors to escape (without being an integral part of the escape he just bought time) is his redemption.. Everything that happened in the original trilogy? Meaningless, like it never happened. The Empire still around, Luke still not fully developed as a jedi, rebellion still struggling, nothing has any consequences in Rian Johnsons version star wars. Finn atempts to sacrifice himself for the Rebells, then Rose sacrifices the Rebels and potentially herself AND Finn in order to stop finn from sacrificing himself, yet at the end they both just walk back to the base like nothing happened. Appearantly the first Order realized that it would be to much of a mercy to end their existance. The Moral lectures of this movie are absurd and conflicting, Rose infamous quote for example is just ridicolous and comes after Holdo heroically sacrificed herself for the rebellion in a very similar manner. Admiral Holdos sacrifice is meaningless because noone cares about her. The whole Canto Bight scene was just an abomination, they freed the space horses only for them to be captured later but left behind the abused child slaves. Honestly this movie feels like it was written by a psychopath or nihilist who really understands how to write a movie but has no fucking clue about morality and Being.

  • ryan robertson
    ryan robertson 5 days ago +1

    I loved tlj. It's one of my favorite star wars films. The same people who complained that tfa was the same as a new hope are now complaining about tlj.

  • Kevin Callies
    Kevin Callies 5 days ago

    I’ve seen a few of your videos and I really enjoyed them, but I STRONGLY disagree with your analysis on TLJ. Everything you pointed out proves why this film contradicts itself and makes everything meaningless in story and character. The script feels like it was written by a Nihilist.

  • Misc.2
    Misc.2 5 days ago

    You lost me at "star wars the last jedi was good"

  • Luthiart
    Luthiart 5 days ago

    You have nothing to teach anyone about writing if you think TLJ was well written.

  • slida23
    slida23 5 days ago

    So your conclusion is essentially that 1/3 of the movie is good. I agree. The other 2/3rds were egregiously, unforgivably bad.

  • Taper Hunter
    Taper Hunter 5 days ago

    Thank you for helping me understand why I like this movie!

  • ba m
    ba m 5 days ago

    I’m not a Star Wars fan. I took my kid to the movie because he wanted to go. I paid attention. This film didn’t even do a good job of communicating the names of all the characters involved. I’m not even sure all their names are spoken to be honest. Everything that was communicated about drive and emotion was almost completely spelled out in the film. That’s not even to say everything was communicated that would have made the story good. There’s a ton of plot holes, and unanswered questions. Like where’d Benicio del Toro’s character come from? Or did the writers realize they’d painted themselves into a corner and solve their problem with a shadowy character in the corner? It’s all a mess

  • Bijinius Cross
    Bijinius Cross 5 days ago

    The worst part about _The Last Jedi_ is that it was utterly unnecessary. You could skip the entire stupid movie and pick it right back up with the third one with very little missed. The plot was totally weak, its characters _awful_ and the "humor" very famously lame; contrived, cheap, almost always TOTALLY inappropriate to the tone of the scene. The 'Rey' hero is also _incredibly_ weak. She's just awesome and anything and everything. Instantly. No effort or losses or gains for her. I hated this movie more than any other I can remember-It's worse than any of the Transformers movies to me. But I'm glad you all liked it-I'd rather people LOVE something than HATE it.

  • Alexander Morelli Most valuable Performer

    Soooo they made great movie with great narrative...... but then delivered it in a way that had terrible narrative, terrible character and plot development, aaaand terrible relation to the rest of the franchise...this movie only gets points if a good movie is to have a good point then to surround it with cinema sins.

  • Moemura
    Moemura 5 days ago

    The very fact that not all 3 parts of the trilogy were not written before they started filming them, tells you everything you need to know. Its a setup for failure.

  • Anna!
    Anna! 5 days ago

    impossible to make a counter argument if I am just an angry fanboy to disagree, well played.

  • Majed Hakawati
    Majed Hakawati 5 days ago

    Having character arcs and a struggle between desires and needs is the foundation for a successful story but doesn't mean the movie will be good. That's where technique comes in: pacing, editing, scene structure. Rey's arc didn't have the convincing progression of Luke's in the Empire Strikes Back - it was very sudden. Yes Kantobite was very thematic but that was very obvious, and the audience didn't care because we were never invested in the atmosphere of the setting and didn't develop any sympathy for the people.

  • zajaro
    zajaro 5 days ago

    What this really means is that for all the theoreticals means of intelectually construct an story, ultimately they all means nothing at all if what you'll end up with it is "The Last Jedi". A movie who forgot who their audience was. What their were expecting or wanting. Does it delivers on what the audience needed? Who cares! the audience is not a character. Do you want to ludically intellectualize everything and make the audience into a character for you game, fine. That's the result. The best advice you can give to anyone is to realize that all this concepts are just guidelines and crutches to carry you through the process of making a story, when you're out of ideas. But in the end if you take two steps back, and what you made was total crap, then how do you made it, doesn't really matter. Otherwise, you can just "fly casual, kid!"

  • bodasactra
    bodasactra 5 days ago

    WTF are you talking about? The director clearly trolled fans and gave them a middle finger while doing it. It is a stupid story line absolutely at odds with who and what the characters represented and achieved. How many death stars with tens of millions of enemy troops and generals and sith lords have to be killed before the republic wins and we go another way with this?? How the hell is the rebels on the run again from an enemy they defeated 110 times over?

  • attlue
    attlue 5 days ago

    Liked your "7 Basic Questions of Narrative", but why is THIS movie the film "we" ( whoever they are ) needed?
    What if "we" needed a totally different story and plot?
    Doesn't it make "need" seem undeniably subjective?

  • Tyro Video
    Tyro Video 5 days ago

    Does Force sensitivity and wielding a lightsaber make a person a “Jedi.” I thought that was more of an ideology? Rey doesn’t grow, or face consequences for her actions other than breaking the Bespin lightsaber. The parents revelation is an info dump at best

  • stann lee
    stann lee 6 days ago you know the movies GLARING faults. yet you ignore them

  • Aundrea Reck
    Aundrea Reck 6 days ago

    A New Hope: Luke wants to be a pilot but can't, then his Aunt and Uncle die. Then Luke wants to save Princess Leia. He does. Then Luke wants to join the rebellion and destroy the deathstar. He does. The end.
    Empire Strikes Back: Luke wants to become a Jedi so he follows ghost Obiwan's instructions to Dagoba. Luke wants to be a Jedi, so Yoda teaches him. Then Luke has a vision of his friends in danger and his new want is to rescue them. He goes after them and crosses Darth Vader. His new want is to kill Darth Vader. Then he loses.
    Return of the Jedi: Luke wants to save Han from carbonite. He does. Once his friends are safe, he wants to change his newly discovered father to the light side, kill or dethrone the emperor, ending the war. He does.
    The Last Jedi: Rey wants Luke to teach her how to become a Jedi. He doesn't. She figures it out anyway? Rey wants to find her parents. She... doesn't do anything related to that? Kylo Ren connects with her, then Rey wants to change him to the light side, because...he good inside?? Does he promise her he can help her find her parents?? I honestly don't remember. Together with Kylo, she wants to overthrow the First Order and end the war... like vaguely. And then Kylo turns against her. So then she wants to save Leia and friends. She does.

    Idk man, I ain't an expert I just feel like the OT was pretty straightforward.... ain't need to be that complex....

  • Erick Puma
    Erick Puma 6 days ago

    What...? I have so many problems with this reasoning. This stories are not even important to what happened in the movie, I'm not even counting to what happened in any of the previous movies. They sort of connected, but their conclusions or payoff are completely inconsecuensial. Por is reckless, ok fine, let's roll with that one. Say he goes back to the fleet and desist from destroying the dreadnought, then either the whole fleet gets destroyed (that is bad, in case you haven't realize) or they carry on with the long chase, same as it happened in the movie (not a change there, besides maybe having more pilots to die in the salt planet) this one is the most passable story line. Terrible writing but could have probably work with some serious rewriting.
    Finn, seriously just think about the movie. If he would have been taking out of the movie, what would have been the difference?. What did he accomplish? He didn't help Rey as he wanted. The code breaker only betrays them, thus causing more deaths, and when he finally is about to do something selfless for the whole group and not just for Rey and himself, Rose stops him and takes us to the arguably second most cringe worthy scene of the movie. Nothing is accomplish by Finn. Oh what you are saying? He becomes a rebel? Good for him, sucks for the rest who died on those evacuation ship who were already on board with the cause... The were nobodies so screw them! Am I right?
    Rey... Oh Rey, yes people I'm mad because my theory that she was Jar Jar's daughter never happened... You've got me there... 🙄
    Not only the source of her powers are never explained. Let's forget about that. Let's assume that the movie explained that to perfection. She goes to convince Luke, accomplishes nothing. What's that? Luke in the end creates a diversion to let the rest escape, thus returning to the status quo of him being a legend. So much for "change" this movie brought.
    She confronts snoke, nothing accomplished there. Oh wait, since Kylo likes her for reasons that enables him to betray Snoke. And now that he is dead the plot can change to the first order... Trying to kill the resistance... You mean just like the empire trying to destroy the rebel alliance? So much for letting of the past and killing it if they had to...
    So she started as the "embodiment of the light" but now she is... You know what I'm not even going to continue. This story only goes in circles. It establishes something in their own terms, plays a supposed "conflict" and returns to square one, but with a different hat to justify the time lost. Example, Kylo is a whiny kid, gets treated like that by Snoke and made fun because of that by Luke at the end. Growth? Oh... Oh... He is now the leader of the first order and things changed to... You've guessed it! Nothing.
    Take into account that I'm not even pointing out the conflicts with the original movies. Heck! I'm not even using TFA for inconsistencies in the very same trilogy, or the infamous "not my Luke" argument. The movie fails on itself.

  • Alyssa Martinez
    Alyssa Martinez 6 days ago

    This is the tea, drink up! Thank you for clarifying the roles of Rose and Finn and the point of the Canto Bite journey, besides the unfortunate goal. You made it clear that DJ was instrumental in making Finn realize that only caring for oneself can lead to such terrible consequences in times of war.
    I completely agree that this film gave the franchise something it needed, but did not want. I also appreciated your brief clip of Darth Vader from Rogue One. If those in charge are constantly trying to appease certain fans with the predictable, and not take chances, Star Wars will not expand to reach its full potential.

  • Un-broken and victorious

    This is like a guy who went back to his childhood home, found it on fire, and then decided to stand outside admiring how the blackened timbers are more aesthetically brilliant than the original structural integrity. This is where we're at: Star Wars fans have Stockholm syndrome

  • TheBermudaMan
    TheBermudaMan 6 days ago

    I haven't respected Film Critic Hulk's opinion ever since he defended the original endings of "Mass Effect 3" as works of art. I have very few deal-breakers when it comes to somebody's personal view about something, but unfortunately, that's one of them.

  • Paul Sheldon
    Paul Sheldon 6 days ago

    Yeah, right. Calling movie great drama, yet avoiding problems robbing it from any dramatic tension or meaning. Noice.

  • Jeff Armstrong
    Jeff Armstrong 6 days ago

    Nope. Worst written movie I have ever seen. Hands down.

  • Mak.webalbums Mak
    Mak.webalbums Mak 7 days ago

    Thank you, SO MUCH!!! I absolutely LOVED the film, the amazing dramatic storytelling and you just explained to me why I loved it.
    I love all of your stuff, BTW. Kudos and good vibes be always your way!

  • Bass Neel
    Bass Neel 7 days ago

    I disliked The Last Jedi solely because of the Rose/Cantobite story line and the general pacing (not for any of the controversial stuff), but this definitely changed the way I thought about the movie

  • Get Taut Training
    Get Taut Training 7 days ago

    No matter how "competent" this movie couldve entertained fans and engendered new ones by being truthful to the universe in which was built. TLJ cheated by changing all precedent to create a movie few recognized.

  • Get Taut Training
    Get Taut Training 7 days ago

    Kylo needs a shirt.

  • Kinda Irish
    Kinda Irish 7 days ago

    How does the fact Poe's "wisdom" leads him to make what is objectively the wrong call factor into this? Or the fact that Rose completely reverts Finn's arc by literally saying the opposite fo what she said before? Finn starts off selfishly wanting to save his friends and learns to be self-sacrificing while Rose does the opposite and saves her friend? Which, by the way, under believable circumstances would have surely been the death of not only her and Finn but also of everyone else.
    The only arc that i can really get behind at all is Rey's, but even that is a bit hard to get excited about when the rest of the movie is filled with so many glaring issues.
    Appreciate the lessons learned from this video, but I would contend TLJ is only good at a bedrock, barebones level. The execution of its arcs, themes, as well as its consistency with established cannon all leave quite a lot to be desired.

  • Danny Walsh
    Danny Walsh 7 days ago

    Stop trying to act like your smarter than the rest of us. The last Jedi was awful.

  • Vaughn Treude
    Vaughn Treude 7 days ago

    A story can answer all those questions and still be really, really bad on other levels, such as consistency and plausibility.

  • Matheus Terra
    Matheus Terra 7 days ago

    Yes. The movie has a story. And it's a bad one. Just because the movie is technically competent does not imply it is artistically competent.

  • LittleDudeNT5
    LittleDudeNT5 7 days ago

    What irritated me most about this video wasn't anything about your review of TLJ, it was that you used the Darth Vader lightsaber scene from Rogue One to subtly insinuate that the movie was fanservice. Just because there was one indulgent scene in Rogue One, does not mean the entire movie was that way. When it comes down to it, Rogue was a more solid film than The Last Jedi.

  • Mister E. Theatre
    Mister E. Theatre 7 days ago

    "The movie goes where it wants to go..." but where it wants to go and why it wants to get there are anethema.

  • Trevor Curtis
    Trevor Curtis 7 days ago +1

    There are so many problems with TLJ, it is ridiculous! This video has convinced me that there will always be:
    A) people who will inexplicably love and unconvincingly defend this movie
    B) people who felt that this movie not only betrayed most of the story that came before it but also had a completely incompetent plot.
    I direct you to this link for a very well written analysis:
    For myself, I saw this movie one time and my immediate feelings as the credits rolled were:
    1. FIRST AND FOREMOST: Apathy for all the characters going forward (this fact is pretty much the most telling reason that this movie is terrible)
    2. Disappointment with the story
    3. A cringe for all the horrible humor (especially the "yo mamma" joke at the beginning. This takes place in a galaxy far far away or our galaxy and specifically our solar system?
    4. Wondering why Yoda didn't just lightning bolt all the bad guys from the safety of his force world
    5. Wondering why Rey is able to do any task presented to her without the least but of struggle or need of instruction
    6. Why Holdo is so pretentious and a horrible leader who would withhold information from officers under her command up to and including a mutiny
    7. Why we had a whole "anti-capitalism and save some weird dino-horses" scene that served no purpose and seemed like a really long pit-stop while Rose and Fin's friends are actively being pursued and killed by the first order
    8. Why Rose destroyed the only real part I got emotionally invested in by stopping Finn's self-sacrifice and following it up with that terrible line
    There is too much to list, So I'll leave it at that.

  • Halfway Famous Productions

    Still not a good movie

  • Robbin Huckelberry
    Robbin Huckelberry 7 days ago

    Nope. This film killed the franchise. And is a huge reason why nobody went to Solo. It also left the third movie nowhere to go. Let's hope whoever buys this IP next does a better job of storytelling. And leaves out the SJW propaganda. Mary Sue Rey has already beaten Emo Ren twice so if she beats him or turns him in Ep9 who cares? I don't care what happens to these characters, they're not relatable or likeable. Poorly constructed and overtly political. Trash, garbage, refuse.

  • Geoffrey Grundy
    Geoffrey Grundy 7 days ago

    Great video. Thanks.

  • KEL Willi
    KEL Willi 7 days ago

    YES!!!! F'N(2187) YES!!!

  • Dr Matt Phillips
    Dr Matt Phillips 8 days ago

    I enjoyed the The Last Jedi, and still do a lot, but as someone who writes professionally I cannot say it was well written.. It's fine to enjoy something even if fundamentally isn't good writing. You say the controversy was it's disownership of previous Star Wars but that's simply not true if you actually look at what people are saying, very few of them hate it solely for the reason you stated. That seems more like a subjective outlook. It think the Rey and Kylo scenes were handled well but everything else was either sloppy or just seemed so bizarre in terms of creative choices. The feeling I get when I read non-published fan fiction and I compare it to the actual written work. Equally and also as bizarre the film didn't try to separate itself narratively from the original films or the prequels and spin-offs but it strongly tried to create distance between itself and the Force Awakens. The reason this is more important is because the Force Awakens is the only film in the series that has direct narrative beats set up only to be disowned or mocked, which in doing so mocks you for putting any interest into the previous film of which this film is a sequel to. Rebooting Star Wars is fine, doing so in the middle of a trilogy makes no sense.. The whole story here is Episode 7, 8 and 9. They're not separate, it's a beginning a middle and a end, yet it's apparent that the beginning and middle of the story have entirely conflicting narrative beats, story ideas and overall direction, almost like they were made by two different people with two entirely different perspectives (because they were). fundamental you cannot argue that Last Jedi for ignoring the set up of the story is good drama when if any other non-star wars story did the exact same thing it would be outright attacked. Imagine reading a book where the set up has so little importance to the main conflict in the middle. If the dramatic key points where turned into slapstick jokes? These are things we know are wrong, things we are taught you don't do in storytelling at school yet people act like they aren't even issues. I could go through the narrative issues and how they could have been fixed whilst maintaining the story Rian Johnson wanted to make, and how in retrospect because these issues are there it fundamentally is poor writing but this essay comment is long enough as it is. I think the most fundamental issue is that the set up for this story that is the force awakens is walked all over and disregarded despite this being a trilogy. That is not good writing and I would say rebooting mid-production wouldn't pass in any other industry but it doesn't even pass in this one usually.

  • krmarcika
    krmarcika 8 days ago

    Well this has been the best video on Last Jedi I've seen so far. Thank you!

  • Ray Carter
    Ray Carter 8 days ago

    Shit movie with SJW politics!
    Any marysue movie is shit!

  • mccayla34
    mccayla34 8 days ago

    While you might argue that all these characters had a dynamic story ark, I would offer that they did not have character logic. The problems I had with the movie were not that I had a list of things I wanted and just didn't get. My problem came out of the complete lack of logical character decisions. I don't feel the director understood these characters and did any of them justice. I also think they over all story suffers from a lack of clear direction for this film being part of a bigger story and where that story was taking you. It was determined to do it's on thing regardless of dealing the story as a whole.

  • Bloodshark123
    Bloodshark123 8 days ago

    The Darth Vader scene in Rogue One is not pandering. It's a microcosm of the whole film in which the rebels find themselves against hopeless odds and sacrifice their lives to earn every second they can to keep the hope alive. The one at the back is initially concerned with saving himself but then tells the guy on the other side of the door to take the plans and leave him behind, just like Jyn Erso. Pandering my ass.

  • skullberry9000
    skullberry9000 8 days ago


  • supacrazy55
    supacrazy55 8 days ago

    I love your videos man, and while i have had some issues in past videos, they are so small it doesn't matter to me, I view it as a difference of opinion but there are some serious issues with this video.
    1. You mention that Rose serves to make Finn into an actual rebel and not just someone who saves the lives of his friends. She is supposed to help him see the bigger picture. She accomplishes this, BUT, she herself then does the very thing she pulled Finn away from. She knocks him out of the way of the cannon, stopping him from destroying it. At this time, there is nothing that suggests there is a way for the rebels to escape/withstand the attack if that cannon is not destroyed. Yet Rose saves her single friend, thus dooming the rest of the rebellion. The only reasons they escape are 1) luke projection 2) crystal foxes leading them out 3) Rei being immensely overpowered (individually these are bad but not awful, together this is nothing short of terrible writing). Rose knew none of this and her actions should have ended the resistance right there. If she is going to serve as someone who draws Finn towards becoming a rebel, she can't have the same flaw he has since the beginning.
    2. When you show that Holdo calls Po dangerous and reckless as an excuse not to tell him the plan, you are making a terrible argument because those are reasons for her to tell him! If he feels there is no plan, he is far more likely to come up with one on his own instead of sitting around waiting to die! It makes no fucking sense not to tell him if you want him to remain docile and collected. Also, the story is meant to portray Po as overly zealous and Holdo and Leia as intelligent, but Po's brave nature helps to destroy the dreadnought. Had he not done that, that ship would've been there to destroy the rebels immediately once they were tracked through hyperspace. So when the writing is suggesting that Po's behavior is bad, yet his actions are what save the rebels in the first place, THAT'S BAD WRITING. His growth shouldn't have happened because if he looked at his actions he would see he did more to help than they did.
    3. You argue that Luke is helping Rei find what she needs (emotional independence) but luke doesn't really do this. First off he refuses to train her, then when he does, he "teaches" her one lesson. Kylo Ren and snoke are the ones that actually get her to accept her parents lineage and the fact they left her years ago. So Luke doesn't really even have the much effect on her and it is Kylo Ren who helps her in both ways you mention. it isn't his intention to do so, but ultimately it wasn't luke that made her come to this conclusion.
    A) Rose can't live up to her own ideals and primary function in Finn's arc
    B) Holdo gives poor reasons for not telling Po and his actions are reckless but actually save the rebels early on in the movie
    C) Luke doesn't actually serve the purpose you suggest
    I'll keep watching your videos, i really enjoy them, but your arguments were weak in this one.

  • Marcara081
    Marcara081 8 days ago


  • Joey Mitchell
    Joey Mitchell 8 days ago

    I like your channel but I don’t agree with very many points in this video. Last Jedi was a mess. Probably the best looking movie in the entire series but that’s about it...

  • Duxx
    Duxx 8 days ago +1

    You have some great arguments Just Write. And if this movie was in a vacuum I'd agree with most of what you said. But this movie isn't in a vacuum. It's built off of The Force Awakens. Which is built off of 6 other movies and countless other games, books and comics, even if most of those aren't cannon anymore. Not pandering to the audience or fanboys is fine, but having SO many of the things built up in TFA end up being macguffins undermines this entire movie.

  • Jnaejnae
    Jnaejnae 8 days ago +2

    I respectively disagree with this. Poe being "reckless" is a nonsensical character arch because every "reckless" action he does is a strategical victory and the correct decision. Poe's want vs needs would only make sense if they failed to destroy the dreadnaught. Also remember that for some reason the whole fleet engages despite Leia calling Poe back, since Poe is not of a higher rank than Leia, that has to mean the ENTIRE resistance fleet respects Poe's decision more than Leia.
    It really just seems like you are making stuff up. The character arcs are quite obviously the most poorly executed parts of both the TFA and TLJ. You are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, hoping that by using movie terminology you might make people forget that this movie has nonsensical plot and characters.
    Finn's arch "sounds confusing." because Abrams and Rian didn't coordinate at all regarding the direction of movies and characters, which is why it seems like a ret-con when Finn was supposed to have gained his confidence and loyalty at the end of TFA but starts TLJ running away. A character suddenly having a different personality between movies is the very definition of poor writing. Again, everything you spout appears to be a desperate stretch to defend an objectively bad movie. This video has made me lose all respect for your insight.

  • Craig Barron
    Craig Barron 8 days ago

    Well thought out video. I agree with everything you said and i like the movie too.

  • 81ackman
    81ackman 8 days ago +1

    The movie was terrible and paint by numbers action movie with characters I found annoying. We didn't need this, it was an abomination of star wars.

  • ZippyLemon
    ZippyLemon 8 days ago +2

    I am a 23 yo, male, card carrying politically correct feminist anarchist and huge star wars fan since I was five or so (no really though), who expects nothing less than for modern star wars films to ditch the hereditary skywalker worship and have strong female leads, and watching TLJ I found myself bored and frustrated, and resentful of how little respect the movie had for star wars convention or continuity
    look at kotor 2 for an example of a piece of media that critiques, deepens, and ultimately improves the universe that it is a part of, that openly deplores established elements of the fiction and yet manages to deconstruct them respectfully, that is tonally coherent, that contains rock-solid, character-driven storytelling
    now look at TLJ
    - lightspeed ramming, force ghost lightning strikes, leia's superman flying through space, rey's absurd force training and her immediate lightsaber skill all give the lie to a director who doesn't care one iota about the integrity of the science fiction he's working with (nor the spectacle it can evoke when handled with care)
    - constant marvel-esque quips! The film begs us not to get emotionally involved from the first scene, which portrays the first order as buffoons, and never misses a chance to undercut its own drama from then on
    - pacing issues galore. I mean, you acknowledged this, but you didn't really acknowledge the way a film fails if it bores its audience and makes them skeptical for nearly a third of its runtime
    - holdo. Cool that poe gets put in his place, I agree, but holdo is written so obviously consciously abrasively that it becomes obnoxious and distracting. I wasn't thinking "oh man I hate this lady because she is bad"; I was rolling my eyes and wondering when and how they would pull the 'gotcha'. Also yes she could have told her fleet the plan, and this blindingly obvious plot hole breaks poe's whole arc seeing as his well-intentioned mutiny would never have happened if his prickly leader had just shared her knowledge of the base they were within reach of (I can't remember the film too well but leia probably could have told everyone too before she got incapacitated)
    idk man. Apart from nitpicks, it comes down to pacing and tone. Both were WAY off. Character arcs were contrived and riddled with plot holes, spectacle was cheap, the ideas of franchise coherence and continuity were openly mocked... how is a fan meant to feel when their favourite universe is being ridiculed and sloppily redefined, and their nose is getting rubbed in that?
    I really hope you do do the sister video you mention under Eric Kimball's comment. That would be a dialogue worth opening. Props for the one you already started here :)

  • Diana Dota
    Diana Dota 8 days ago

    great video you made!

  • Funky .Monk
    Funky .Monk 8 days ago

    The last Jedi is one the best SW movies because it takes big risks and does not spoil the franchise with a fairly good result and gives a chance for new stories. Instead of sticking to old formulas like the previous one. (of course its not perfect)

  • W-James
    W-James 8 days ago

    TLJ is one of those movies which I'm just glad exists.

  • Hermit T Mog
    Hermit T Mog 8 days ago +1

    Poe wants to win the war. He destroys the one weapon that could have destroyed the entire resistance and is punished for it. He needs to become a responsible leader. He is taught to be a responsible leader by an admiral who refuses to even admit to having a plan to the point that a mutiny begins to actually make sence to the audience to create a got ya moment. Rey's parents don't matter. The way her seemingly unstoppable power was handled dose, the movie doesn't answer the question of how she can do what she can do. Instead of facing her "shadow" the way Luke did, she sees that it's all about her and she is the only one who can give herself "validation" even through she was validated by everyone she met in episode 7 basically as soon as she met them. She doesn't fail to integrate her shadow the way Luke dose instead she becomes self validated superheroine through no struggle required. Notice how the male characters are taught "what they need" by the wiser women. While Luke "helps" Rey find what she needs by being so useless she finds it without him.
    Not rock solid. Rey's story was garbage. Seek out asshole hermit, become dissatisfied with his lack of usefulness, makes self into "Jedi" remains uber powerful, no struggle very little growth. Perfect in every way wants to go home to perfect in every way realises she is home.
    I get what you mean but it is still not a stellar job story wise.

  • Eliza Toponce
    Eliza Toponce 8 days ago

    Yes! I loved the last Jedi and didn't understand all the hate. This was definitely the movie that star wars needed.

  • Jace Wallace
    Jace Wallace 8 days ago +1

    No, lost me in less than 10 seconds. The movie was shit. The writing was shit. Everything from the shitty dialogue, to character motivation, to the over arching story. All of it SHIT. Anyone that thinks this movie was good, especially it's writing, clearly has no fucking idea what the fuck they are talking about.

  • jupiter vv
    jupiter vv 8 days ago

    this video just makes it seem like Rian Johnson watched a bunch of storytelling analysis videos (like this one!) to help him write the script.
    kinda like Lucas and his cliffnotes... I guess it is cyclical

  • TheBlackDoor
    TheBlackDoor 8 days ago

    Box offices tell a different story.
    I think TLJ maybe needed to indulge its audience a little more

  • Jovino Margathe
    Jovino Margathe 8 days ago

    at the very least, this movie is more original than TFA.

  • God Emperor
    God Emperor 9 days ago +1

    TLJ has a lot of story telling problems. The single worst thing they introduced into SW was the lightspeed ramming. Have a hyper drive, you can easily destroy the enemies fleet at the cost of one much smaller ship. Kamikazi lightspeed ramming tactic is just not an interesting story telling plot point. So then Holdo's plan was pointless since she could have just rammed the the ship anytime she wanted and saved the whole fleet before it was picked apart one at a time. Her sacrifice was pointless as well, since autopilot is a thing.

  • pancakes3ful
    pancakes3ful 9 days ago

    In a multipolt way does story structure matter, when a main or subplot is just to destract from one another. Why couldn't they go pulp fiction and go off in there own directions .like Empire did not having to construct a reason to get back together .

  • Japeth321
    Japeth321 9 days ago

    Love this comment section filled with: "who cares if every single moment had a setup and a payoff and all the characters have arcs of their own... it still sucks."
    Sorry but the reasons for it sucking are shallow and nitpicky.

    • Japeth321
      Japeth321 8 days ago

      Dude, JRR Tolkien, who created one of the most expansive worlds in all of literature had to sacrifice continuity for drama here and there. In the Hobbit, Gollum offers the ring to Bilbo before his addiction to the ring was solidified by Tolkien. That is obviously not the same character we would come to know in LOTR. But according to you, all that character development for him in LOTR should be tossed out the window because it doesn't fall in line with a throwaway line he had written 20 years prior.

    • MasterofOssus
      MasterofOssus 8 days ago

      "First of all, they state quite clearly that it's a map to the Jedi temple where they THINK Luke might be."
      That is absolutely not what they say.
      Han does mention that Luke went looking for the first Jedi temple, but Threepio tells Leia that the completed map will have enough data to "find Master Luke." Leia agrees with this.

      "It's almost as if it does whatever the plot or characters call for at a given moment. Movies do that all the time, it isn't as jarring as you think."
      Yeah, it kind of is - especially when it's violated as badly as in Last Jedi. I really cannot remember any movie that cares less about maintaining suspension of disbelief.

    • Japeth321
      Japeth321 9 days ago

      First of all, they state quite clearly that it's a map to the Jedi temple where they THINK Luke might be.
      "TLJ's disregarding of internal logic and even the flimsy standards of laws of physics in the SW universe leaves it completely undefined, and basically anything can happen." It's almost as if it does whatever the plot or characters call for at a given moment. Movies do that all the time, it isn't as jarring as you think.

    • bartholen
      bartholen 9 days ago

      Japeth321 No no no no no no and thrice no. Plot holes are a cancer on movies, especially when they break the film's internal logic in half. TLJ's disregarding of internal logic and even the flimsy standards of laws of physics in the SW universe leaves it completely undefined, and basically anything can happen. If force ghosts have been able to control the very damn weather this whole time, what threat can anyone pose to them? Same for hyperspace kamikaze tactics in space combat. Notice that this isn't something that's never addressed in the films but the audience would propose: in those cases suspension of disbelief can forgive that kind of behavior. But when those behaviors *are* not only demonstrated by the characters in the film, but also shown to be *devastatingly effective*, it breaks not only the film, but the entire Star Wars continuum. Also: if Luke never wanted to be found, why did he leave a map for people to find him? You know, the thing the entire last movie hinged around?

    • Japeth321
      Japeth321 9 days ago

      As a matter of fact, yes, very fucking shallow. Those are CinemaSins complaints at best and they have nothing to do with what makes movies good. The original Star Wars didn't stick with us because of how accurate the science was portrayed or the Nolan-style plotting, it was because of the engaging hero's journey inspired story, strong worldbuilding, memorable characters and excellent filmmaking.
      Bitching about plotholes is a cancer to film criticism. It adds nothing interesting to the discourse other than mentally masturbating yourself in taking pleasure that you think you're smarter than the writers are. Tons of movies have plotholes that are considered masterpieces. For example, Hitchcock himself said in interview that "logic is dull." And he's absolutely correct, it misunderstands the idea of drama.

  • Aaron 'Marth8880' Gilbert

    So you're saying it hits the bare minimum, and therefore it is good or even great?

  • Edward Hahm
    Edward Hahm 9 days ago

    I don't get all the hate this video received. I thought TLJ was boring, nonsensical, and an insult to us fans, but even the worst films have some strengths. Anyways, here's my take on this video.
    4:27 While I agree that it's great that Rey's parents are nobodies, I think that a) they should still have been characters that are at least extras in any of the older films, and b) Rey should have merely looked into the mirror in the cave and seen people that she didn't recognize. The idea was great, but the execution sucked.

    • Edward Hahm
      Edward Hahm 8 days ago

      Ok. True. I felt that too, and that the tonal shifts left me confused and tired. I think he was referring to broad strokes and not the little details. Because if you simplify the movie to this level, you sort of get what he's saying. But yeah, the movie sucked overall.

    • MasterofOssus
      MasterofOssus 9 days ago

      Because the strengths of the writing that the video highlighted are not actual strengths of the movie, and it badly misapplies the analysis that it purports to use (which is based on Truby's analysis). For example, it shows Poe as being caught between Holdo and Leia as opposite poles (or "foils") for his character. But both of these characters exert the same pull on him: they both demand blind conformity to people of higher ranks.
      The video also repeatedly mistakes "needs" in Truby for "wants" and "desires" (which are all clearly distinguished), which leads him to assume character growth when it didn't exist (e.g., Rey deciding that she didn't need her parents after she already agreed to leave Jakku and stop waiting for them in the last film).
      But fundamentally, the video ignores the fact that Truby's analysis is only a starting point for film writing - even Truby never claimed that it was necessary or sufficient to answer these questions. And Last Jedi is a perfect example of this: even if the video is correct about their dramatic questions (which it is absolutely not), then the script would still be only a WIP because it hasn't presented any of the conflicts in a compelling way and has left many critical plot holes. A reasonable observer, for example, would still think that Poe was an extremely competent officer whose entire command chain consists of imbeciles, and that those imbeciles lead him to adopt their stupidity... except that the movie clearly wants the audience to believe that his actions early in the movie were wrong and that he grows in the end of the movie. Similarly, he is objectively wrong about the side characters being integral to the plot: without Poe's existence (after the opening), Holdo wouldn't have told anyone the plan and then Finn and Rose wouldn't have gone on their side-quest, but nothing would have changed from the end of the movie whatsoever.
      And this doesn't even get into the bad character writing moments or the gaping plot holes and conveniences throughout the film, nor the tonal changes throughout the movie and from the earlier Star Wars films.

  • David Hutson
    David Hutson 9 days ago

    Answering the 7 questions does not automatically guarantee good character development or good storytelling. While I applaud the character points that you made here, the overall storytelling of the movie failed in properly communicating these points to it's audience. That is a failure in storytelling, in editing, directing, and in story development (writing) I have no problem with many of the character developments you mentioned here, what I do have a problem with is the movie failed to let the audience in on them. Example, could Luke be believable as a broken and bitter old man who has abandoned hope, friends, and the Jedi. Sure, it's been 30 years since we have seen him but, the film maker owes the audience more exposition, based on all that we fans already know about the character of Luke Skywalker, than a few seconds showing a micro second on indecision for us to buy into his current path. Let the past die... okay, all good things must end and at some point so must Luke but, the film maker has not given fans the opportunity to experience how, why Luke is where he is, and I'm sorry but one incident, a few seconds in his life is not enough. The Last Jedi has many faults, even most critics I have read that liked it seem to have issues with the same things I and many others have issues with, maybe many of us are just sick and tired of plot holes and plot devices that are not well conceived and executed in most Hollywood movies these days and we've had enough. Maybe if Luke had been treated with more dignity and respect and not killed off for no other reason than to make room for the new characters, which by the way is not good storytelling, If he had been allowed to live to let fans see a final heroic act instead of just "phoning it in" and then dropping dead for no apparent reason, fans reception to The Last Jedi might have been a bit more tolerant.

  • Ezequiel Gutkind
    Ezequiel Gutkind 9 days ago

    thank you, clearly people just refuse to change... wait, the force awakens didnt change anything and it had a lot of bad critic for that... i guess that this isnt the kind of movie that you expect to tie some knots on your own. But they did it and it is going to be remembered as one of the best when the tides go down.

  • Gustavo Wadas Lopes
    Gustavo Wadas Lopes 9 days ago

    Liking that this video showcased me another writing theory within an example.
    But disliking the portrayal of opposite arguments without the acknowledgement that it's wrong.

  • JakeTheGearHeart
    JakeTheGearHeart 9 days ago

    These seven questions were answered in the movie, but the heroes journey was no where to be found, that's the problem with the film.

  • Jesse Livingstone
    Jesse Livingstone 9 days ago

    You make some compelling arguments...however wisecracks "what went wrong" ultimately is much more concise as to why the characters fail and actually the arc of Rey is completely anti climatic and Kylo is admittedly the best written

  • Matthew Tilley
    Matthew Tilley 9 days ago

    Sponsored by Disney

  • Gustavo Wadas Lopes
    Gustavo Wadas Lopes 9 days ago

    Ok, so the movie is good on it's own according to this meter. But and the other meters?
    Not dismissing the analysis, just saying that although it has good points it fails at others.

  • Joshua Heise
    Joshua Heise 9 days ago +1

    I don't think anyone ever said this movie had any problems saying what it had to say. Even the average movie goer got the jist. The core of the problem is that just because you can speak in full sentences, doesn't mean you have anything interesting to say. They spent what $250,000,000 on making this film? I'd sure hope they can follow basic tenants of storytelling. None of the characters made any significant strides that warranted 2 hours of movie. Fin has joined the rebels? Shocker. Rey is a Jedi? How exciting. Poe has learned to blindly follow authority and sometimes retreat? Great I guess?