The Last Jedi and the 7 Basic Questions of Narrative Drama

  • Published on May 31, 2018
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    Far from being the “worst movie ever” Star Wars: The Last Jedi has some solid character work, even in its weaker plotlines. In this video, I take a look at Film Crit Hulk’s 7 Basic Questions of Narrative Drama as a way to examine the character arcs of Rey, Finn and Poe.
    Film Crit Hulk’s essay:
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    Creating Character Arcs, by K.M. Weiland:
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  • Just Write
    Just Write  9 months ago +391

    Hey guys! I highly recommend checking out Lessons From The Screenplay's video for more on the writing of The Last Jedi:

    • Kevin Ouellet
      Kevin Ouellet 26 days ago

      +Jordon Foss What large majority?

    • jeff
      jeff Month ago

      Just Write My Wife’s boyfriend loved this video! The force is female, thank you!

    • bizbite2
      bizbite2 Month ago

      Just Write - Ray is complex... ah you such a (((shill)))... 👹👹👹

    • Bryce Jacobson
      Bryce Jacobson 4 months ago

      I like how you use editing and charts to explain things like at 6:52.

    • Jackson Furlong
      Jackson Furlong 6 months ago

      If you consider this movie an example of good writing, how are we to trust that you know anything about proper writing?

  • D. Ice
    D. Ice 17 hours ago

    The problems aren't with the wants and needs in the movie.. But how they get the wants and needs in the movie.. Like Kylo and Rey was conflicting between the light side and the dark side... Suddenly they just accept it like ok i'm this side now..

  • John Freeman
    John Freeman Day ago +1

    " The last Jedi may not be the movie you wanted but it is the movie this franchise and its audience needed...."
    Sounds like something from a Batman movie..

  • Samira Abagodu
    Samira Abagodu Day ago +1

    Heres the thing though in the beginning
    Of the last jedi finn goes to find rey but makes a complete 180 and goes on the canto bight misson to help the resistance and in the end he still tries to help the resistance

  • Sebastian Zellah
    Sebastian Zellah 3 days ago

    I mean main reason why Holdo was introduced is that they couldn't have Akbar having a suicide mission for obvious racial reasons.

  • kenthehobo
    kenthehobo 4 days ago

    Yeaaah... _no_

  • Inquisitor Richards
    Inquisitor Richards 6 days ago

    "the movie we needed"? I'm gonna have to be mad about that one
    you could have done all those things AND made the movie not offensive

  • Jakob Toet jorsal
    Jakob Toet jorsal 11 days ago

    my problem with the new star wars movie is, that although they are made to become a trilogy, they aren't written as one. each movie is just a hollywood blockbuster on it's own.

  • orothien
    orothien 14 days ago

    9:17 rofl

  • fcrfortes
    fcrfortes 14 days ago

    This is a great movie. Not flawless. But actually great. I'll stick to Luke for now: he wanted to get away from everything because of his mistakes as a Jedi Master. Couldnt forgive himself. Thats why he tosses the sabre. People expected him to say "hey, you found me! Congrats on finishing the scavenger hunt! Now lets go fanservice the shit out of the New Order!" Well, he was in hiding for different reasons.
    Yoda appears and explains to him that being a Jedi is about making mistakes, and that is part of the balance. Yoda didnt stop the rise of Darth Sidious, Obi Wan failed Anakin, Anakin failed himself, Luke failed his apprentice and so on.
    If the did see light in Kylo Ren, well the villain would be pretty much pointless, because we would know he would turn to the light in the long run. However, since the guy who saved VADER saw only darkness in him, maybe he actually cant be saved.
    Also, Luke didnt send a projection of himself for the final showdown because he was a "coward" suddenly, but because he knew he would be obliterated. When Luke went to the death star alone to face vader and the emperor, he foresaw a different scenario.

  • lucketrazzi
    lucketrazzi 15 days ago

    I agree with the fellow down there... The main problem of this film is continuity. And, although we could recon that it does the job of tell the character’s conflict very well, as you demonstrated to us, this doesn’t mean that the conflict is well structure in the narrative as a wholly. If you come to think about it, the some of the main problem or conflict or dilemma, just got out of the bloom. Poe’s dilemma is alright, I guess. Finn is fine two, and show us a character definition, although I just wished Rian had chose another way of show that, without wasting so many time of the film by introducing so cliché character like of Benicio Del Toro one (DJ or something). But Rey’s dilemma… Rey’s conflict, and other things, they are not something introduced by the previous movie (Force Awakens). Even batter, It was not even introduced by The Last Jedi: to get/discovery that her parents matter, not only to her (or with her), but for the wholly story and universe of Star Wars. It all comes from Rian Johnson’s wish of surprise the fans… By killing their expectative. See… In the Force Awakens, we got introduce to this girl, Rey. We come to learn that she was left behind by their family when she was just a little girl, for porpoises unknown… That she wishes to remain in the planet, waiting for then to come a get her. And… that is that. No more questionings. It wasn’t Rey who kept all this time thinking: who are my parents? Are they Skywalkers, Kenobis, Solos…? It was the FANS. ONLY the FANS. As far as the Force Awakens had shown, Rey could even know who her parents was - since she was not a baby when left behind in Tatooine (ops, sorry, Jakku). Know their names, what they do, where they were from. Everything. Except where they are now, or why they left her behind. This fact, and a lot more that was just thrown away to the audience in Last Jedi, is exactly what make the film lose their insightfull meaning to me: Rian Johnson wasn’t trying to make a film that subverted the Star Wars saga. He was just trying to subverted the fans expectations to create a feeling of controversy and unexpected. And he got it, anyway… See, Rey conflict is not about a narrative issue, is about catch up with the fan theories and drag then. I actually like the fact that Rey parents where “nobodys” (I though that if she had important parents, related to another important character, that would just be cliché), and that was a good moment for me. The thing for me is: shit, why they matters?? Luke’s own father wasn’t a big deal until we learned that he was Lord Vader. What annoyed me in the film is that it doesn’t construct an “internal logic”, just an “external logic”. Another examples: Kylo Ren helmet turns into a joke by Snoke and get Kylo to smashed, in shame and anger, in a symbolic gesture of its inner conflic. Ok, we know that this helmet make the audience related him with Darth Vader… But, if you come to think about it, ONLY we and the audience sees that! Why is his helmt a problem in a universe where almost every other cool character has a helmet? Was Jango and Boba Fet, Captain Phasma, every stormtrooper or rebel pilot using one just to be like Darth Vader? Man, that’s just get me out of the seat. The helmt is a “problem” for the fans, not a problem of the universe, just like Rey’s parents. Snoke’s ends has the same issues. All the fans was elaborinting teories about who he is, where he came from… And, for some narrative facilities, Rian just decided to cut him out of the film (literaly). Wasn’t that a way of subvert the fans expectations and force the film to that the directions he wanted? See, its not as bad as it looks: I liked the “let the past dies” idea, and tough that was thrilling to see the grandson of Darth Vader not committing his mistakes and longing under an Emperor’s figure shadow. But the way Rian did was just… a bad way for me, since he decided not to tell more about Snoke to the audience, an character who was given so many status in the previous film, not even before or after cut him away. But who knows what episode 9 will bring to us…? Anyway, to conclude, I don´t think that the movie does this wrack in the Star Wars narrative structure, besides this effort to subvert fan expectations, or renovate the storytelling way of telling the saga story, since the whole structure of the film is almost the re-filming of Empire Strikes Back. Just like did JJ Abrams in the Force Awakens, for my dislike, Rian Johnsons take the structure of Empire and give us nothing really new: there is this chase between the empire (first order) and the rebels (resistence); there is this boy (or girl) going an isolated place in search of this old and legendary jedi master; and there it goes… Shame on Disney producers to by Lucas Film just for a reboot with another names. Bye!

  • Greg Espinoza
    Greg Espinoza 15 days ago

    The Force Awakens lost me when Han Solo and Chewbacca we're shown to have gone back to the space trucker life and running around ridiculous instead of shooting it out with the bad guys, I didn't buy the movie - the best part (the beginning) is on TheXvid, the rest of it sucks. The Last Jedi lost me in the beginning during the bomb sequence, it's a good Kylo the Sith story but the rest I don't care about. Episode 9 can go through all the reshoots LucasFilm wants but in the end after two turd movies a third is guaranteed and besides all the promises of answering questions we know that's a lie. Thank luck that there are lots of Star Wars stories out there that I do like.

  • Steve O
    Steve O 15 days ago

    I think the issue is that you focus on the point of certain elements and not on the art of the execution. I can understand that Rian Johnson had ambitious ideas he wanted to convey, but coming from a TV background with all the runtime in the world, he was unable to execute his ideas in a concise matter needed for a movie. This led most of the interactions and events to feel unnatural, too blatant, and even insulting intellectually.

  • T G
    T G 16 days ago

    I can sit through "7 basic questions of narrative drama," sure. But in service of the premise that The Last Jedi is a "good" movie? Sorry -- no can do. You've found my limit. (Nice work revisiting The Matrix trilogy, though.)

  • DDtheJetPlane
    DDtheJetPlane 17 days ago


  • Nowwhattian Boghog
    Nowwhattian Boghog 17 days ago

    1. People who complain that Rey is a Mary Sue choose to overlook the fact that SW has always had a Mary Sue character: R2D2. It never bothered people all that much.
    2. People who complain that TLJ "destroys Luke's character" implicitly admit that all they wanted was more of what they already knew from movies 4-6, no character development, no new experience. Posed with Abraham's setup Johnson had to answer the question: "Why did Luke retreat? Assuming he had a good reason, what would it take for him to come out of retirement?" Certainly not just some stranger delivering his light sabre saying "We need your help".
    3. People who dislike the other answers Johnson gave to Abraham's lazy mysteries: "Who is Snoke?" (not that important), "Who are Rey's parents?" (nobody), "How did Ben turn to the dark side?" (mainly a misunderstanding), "Can Kylo be redeemed?" (no), "Will Finn and Rey get together?" (who cares?), "How can the few surviving rebels rouse the galaxy into a significant resistance against the First Order?" (they can't), should understand that these answers were a direct and inevitable consequence of all the crazy fan theories after Ep 7. After all possible cool answers have been given and explained ad nauseam in countless videos and blogs, what is left for a writer but to say: "Forget it - everything you thought was important actually doesn't matter all that much?" See? He didn't give you what you wanted but you got what you needed.
    Sure the movie had its weaknesses but if you can appreciate surprising plot twists it was really entertaining.
    4. People who talk about the movie having a political agenda and call everybody involved an SJW can just get lost. If after all these years of movies with one or two female characters in an otherwise undiluted sea of sausages you can't accept a small trend towards a few more women with (the horror!) their own opinions and less unearned respect for dashing pilots, it's you who has the agenda. Sorry to break it to you: The 50s aren't coming back.
    Or didn't you appreciate the political message that war profiteering is morally wrong? I'm sure K. Kennedy is going to come for our guns next.

  • stanley13579
    stanley13579 17 days ago

    It's Star Wars. All the audience "needed" was to get a satisfying, exciting experience, and TLJ was one of the least-satisfying films in a long time. It isn't what the masses have shelled out their money to see, and Disney has a responsibility to THEM to make the movie they want.
    Star Wars is not high art. It shouldn't be. It's a fantasy. And when a fantasy is plagued by characters who behave irrationally, just so they can go through contrived "motivations and character arcs", rather than appropriate ones, it's disenchanting. Not only does it make us begin to root against the heroes (and the success of these films, a la Solo), but it gives rise to this fear that if some rogue filmmaker is given the reigns to a property which is beloved by millions of people, they will have their way with it with next-to-no consequences, and those who love the series are powerless to stop it. They have to sit there, and watch it turn into something they no longer recognize.
    I, for one, never had much stake in Star Wars. But I truly feel terrible for everyone who does (or did).

  • Rafael Moura
    Rafael Moura 17 days ago

    this video has 22k likes and only 6k dislikes, and yet, if u look at the comments, u would think most people have disliked it...this goes to show how the internet works, it feeds on hate.

  • Rafael Moura
    Rafael Moura 17 days ago

    oh my god! i think i might have just witnessed inteligence on the internet.

  • baronvg
    baronvg 18 days ago

    I’m sorry but you’re never going to convince me that this was a good movie. Visually, maybe. But nothing else. Hell, I didn’t like Man of Steel either but it did give fan service and I like those parts! Lol

  • wtfdoihavetodohere
    wtfdoihavetodohere 18 days ago

    Wants and Needs? No sir.
    Any decent story is in fact an argument, made by the author, and the characters in that story represent different approaches to that argument. The author shows the audience which argument is correct, according to his/her opinion, based upon the resolution of the conflicts between the characters. This is the basic foundation of a compelling story.
    The Last Jedi has no central argument. It is a pointless film filled with pointless characters and ham-handed political pandering. This is the reason no one is interested in seeing any subsequent Star Wars film. Rian Johnson has succeeded in removing any kind of meaning from the franchise and from the characters.

    • Fat Tony
      Fat Tony 4 days ago

      The central argument of the film is failure and how to move on from it. Luke and Kylo are burdened by their mistakes in the past and struggle to accept them.
      Luke initially starts the film consumed by his failures as a master and the failures of the jedi order. He believes that both he and the order must be forgotten. After Yodas final lesson Luke learns that you cant move on by forgetting the past but by accepting and learning from it.
      Kylo also believes in killing the past. By doing so he never really accepts it and is consequently trapped in it. Although wanting to end the past his hatred towards his uncle ultimately ended with the resistance escaping.
      You cant move on without accepting where you came from. You'll keep repeating the same mistakes if you don't learn from them. There is literally a whole sequence of Yoda explaining this to Luke I don't know how you missed this.

    FUCK YOUTUBE 19 days ago

    excuse me!!!!!!!!!!????????? ive rewatched multiple times and there is nothing redeeming about this movie other than the visual eye candy.

  • Luis Rodolfo Herrera Ávila

    Great video! Thanks for the hard work and great critic!

  • zac bennett
    zac bennett 19 days ago

    Great presentation, but sorry man, I very much disagree with this movie being even remotely good. The whole plot of the movie is based around two ships slowly chasing each other...
    Also if you ignore the past movies, you could say this movie is okay, but the problem is it's number 8 and it blatantly contradicts and breaks the lore of the previous films.
    The story may answer those questions but that doesn't mean it was written or paced well.

    • zac bennett
      zac bennett 18 days ago

      +Branden Lucero the difference is the lore was being built. Not claiming the previous films were perfect, but Rey is now all powerful even though it contradicts the previous established lore built in the last films. Training was required, yet she never fails. At least the audience was told Anakin was the chosen one (and yet he still fails). Luke was the one to bring hope, yet he fails many times. Rey has yet to show any real weakness and never fails. She's a poorly written protagonist.

    • Branden Lucero
      Branden Lucero 18 days ago

      pretty much every Star Wars movie contadicts itself. it's a piss poor written universe with no coherent measure. Is it a good franchise? yes. but it's an extremely flawed oned, right down to the very first film.

  • franco carrizo sparosvich

    Video = 10 minutes on how the last Jedi develops great character arcs and has several qualities proper from a professional writing.
    Haters= You are wrong cause... it's...poorly...written and, boring and....bad written!!!(?)

  • franco carrizo sparosvich

    Entering to the comment section = realising how doomed is humanity because no one listens to arguments in an objective way or is capable of understanding them.

  • James Tolliver
    James Tolliver 23 days ago

    Just because a story checks boxes of story telling doesn't make a it a good story.

  • Count Ravid
    Count Ravid 23 days ago

    A trilogy with an incoherent story poor writing boring characters/ Massive amounts of plot holes is a good movie then TLJ is the best movie ever.

  • Bryant Seaton
    Bryant Seaton 23 days ago

    Spot on! Completely agree!

  • Friedrich Kurth
    Friedrich Kurth 24 days ago

    No character changes in essence, Rey has always been the ultimate hero and she stays that way by always being better than Luke and by resisting Kylo. Finn fought Kylo and whent with Han to destroy the Death Star 3, that’s kinda a lot to do for a girl you barely know if you not a damn freaking hero. Poe, well from the point of view the video offers he is actually a great character in every way, but there is also another way to look at the matter, he destroyed a 10 Kilometer large drednought such a victory is extremely inspiring and greatly outweighs the loss of a few of the worst bombers to ever be devised. I would go on to rant further about the sequels, but I do realize that was not what this video was intended to be about.

  • jonny pepperston
    jonny pepperston 25 days ago

    If don't like TLJ you're a communist and need to get out of the country

  • Airing House
    Airing House 26 days ago

    While The Last Jedi may correctly check the boxes of what *should* be a good story, it fails absolutely because it violates one of the most basic tenants of film "show, don't tell." Everything "controversial" about the The Last Jedi isnt the fact that it subverts viewers' expectation, but it does so with no narrative support. Almost everything important to the story we are told in forced or contrived means. Why does Poe refuse to abandon the Dreadnaught fight? He tells us it is a fleet killer. Why do Finn and Rose go on their Canto Bight goose chase? Because those two characters tell us that is what they think will work. Why does Luke think to kill Kylo? He says he saw something bad. Nothing is narratively built to be understood by the audience. Luke dying from force exertion? Kylo mentions it offhandedly to Rey that if she were connecting their force conversation the effort would kill her. No decision is made with a coherent, narrative explanation. That's why it doesn't work as a safe. Rian Johnson thought "wouldn't it be interesting if..." something new or unexpected happened to such and such character? Sure, I guess I can see what he wanted to do, the problem is he didn't earn it by showing it happening organically. He just told us how it was.

  • Владимир Королёв

    I don't see how following some right patterns stop movie from being meh.

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 26 days ago +2

    “The Last Jedi is what this franchise needed” ha ha The Last Jedi and Solo crumbled future films, Boba Fett and Obi Wan were cancelled because of these really bad movies. You could always find something good about a movie but overall as a complete movie The Last Jedi is a bad movie, they tried to be original and had to many elements to the movie that did not work. Fans or not The Last Jedi will always be the worst Star Wars movie ever

  • Movie Analysis And Review

    I loved the last Jedi. I mean, they’re might be some plot holes, and it might not be the best Star Wars film. But overall, I liked this movie for a couple main reasons.
    1. Great Action
    2. Luke Skywalker character development
    3. Emotional Deaths
    4. To me the idea of a 2.5 hour ship chase was brilliant even tho most people thot it was a bad idea
    5. Most characters had the most amount of screen time
    6. Rain Johnson’s plot twist decisions
    There were plenty more things I loved about this movie but those were the six major things

  • Kevin Ouellet
    Kevin Ouellet 26 days ago +2

    The wonderful story telling tools of plot armor and Mary Sues!
    If you disagree with this fella, watch MauLer's breakdown. It's 4.5 hours addressing the entire flick, piece by piece. It breaks down the amateur story telling that manifested in TLJ.
    This man actually just said "Rey is more complex". Are we serious, Is this an actual opinion somewhere? Rey is "Complex" in comparison to what? Oh man. This is what happens when story telling is reduced to aesthetics and jokes within tension. Nothing else.

  • turkeydinnerchewie
    turkeydinnerchewie 27 days ago

    rey is the chosen one, not anakin. discuss.

  • Ryan Paye
    Ryan Paye 27 days ago

    Ew. Don’t use Film Crit Hulk. That guy’s a pretentious moron.

  • Scott [Gaming Banzai]
    Scott [Gaming Banzai] 28 days ago

    Sorry, I can't get onboard a "needed" movie that effectively discards important characters in order (how Luke was portrayed and his fate in the movie is my main sticking point by far). Pushing toward new characters completely and killing off previous ones simply feels like big business consumerism. A weak trope to force things to the "new generation". Of course, Leia is a special difficult situation.

  • Francesco Dondi
    Francesco Dondi 28 days ago

    Ok, that would have been an interesting concept.
    Now we just need a film which can actually deliver it rather than collapse into a blob of nonsense.

  • Aircheekz
    Aircheekz 28 days ago +2

    Lol at the mob of angry springfielders lol

  • Cartoon Cynic
    Cartoon Cynic 29 days ago +1

    Never have I see a video so full of shit that it needs an enema. Just watch E;R's video, it much better

  • ClockworkGearhead
    ClockworkGearhead Month ago

    Except for the part they took subversion to ridiculous lengths, sure.

  • Markus Ayasse
    Markus Ayasse Month ago

    We wanted more Batman, but this movie was Harvey Dent...
    I dunno, I liked it. It has some problems, with what I think could have been relatively simple solutions (replace Holdo with Ackbar, offer some suspicion that there was a mole, and that Rose was it), but I will literally never understand the sheer vehemence of the hate that people seem to have for this movie. I feel like a Sith Lord about this movie sometimes; your hate for it feeds me strength.
    Ultimately, I feel like the movie told us exactly what it wanted to say very effectively, and most of the hate seems to be disagreement that theme itself is important wrapped up in frustration over what would normally be glossed over as superficial issues.
    And if you're still reading, that theme is heroism as a legacy. The message is that heroes are not inherently special, it is the legacy that they leave behind for us that elevates them beyond human capacity. At least that's what I took from it.

  • TCOrigamist
    TCOrigamist Month ago +1

    I love this movie. It's so underrated and over hated.

  • MrEffectfilms
    MrEffectfilms Month ago +4

    Why am I not surprised? Someone makes a great, well thought out rebuttal to all the criticisms fans have and how do the fans react? By getting angry, throwing insults, calling you a joke, and refusing to let go of their hate.

    • MrEffectfilms
      MrEffectfilms 13 days ago

      +12121331 1334424 that's because to him, and to me, most everything did make sense.

    • 12121331 1334424
      12121331 1334424 13 days ago

      He didn't make a rebuttal to anything. All he did was explain the thematic framework of the movie. No talk about the character arcs not making sense, the logical inconsistencies, or pretty much anything else. And on top of that, he didn't even explain why he thought choosing this certain framework for the movie somehow made it a good movie.

  • Hanna Pahls
    Hanna Pahls Month ago

    Hi man. I really love your content! I think you have a way of analyzing movies in a accurate yet understandable way. Good job!
    I quite liked the thing in this video about how what characters want is different to what they actually need. Do you know Disney's princess and the frog? Not quite the same caliber as the Last Jedi, but still. The story has a compelling plot and good character development. And there's an amazing/hilarious song about exactly that, finding what you need, when you think you know what you what. It's called: "Dig a little deeper". Just popped into my mind.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Running Commentary 21

    8:56 "You have no place in this story. You're nothing. But not to me." Is that meta-commentary?

  • blugobln85
    blugobln85 Month ago
    Seems to be something of a response / satire to this video. Just thought I would share, as it popped up shared on reddit.

  • Ivan Stankovic
    Ivan Stankovic Month ago

    Ok, so this is my opinion on the whole star wars disney movies. Its totally subjective so there is no need for anyone to get offended. What i think happened in the beginning of the development is next: The writers and directors sat down in a conference room with the chart analysis of the movie market and came to this conclusion - Fictional quote: "Lets make a movie that will have the following:
    1. Easy plot so everyone can understand (so we can have a lot of paying customers)
    2. Super cool special effects (everyone loves stunning visuals)
    3. Super cool action (kids will love it)
    4. Obvious racial equality (more paying customers)
    5. Lets take something from the old movies and make the back story for it. This way we win over old fans. (smart - more money)
    6. Lets put in some feminist power (more paying customers)
    7. No need to develop the characters , make it simple
    8. No need to make the consistent and intelligent story (its not like we are targeting super smart people) " ......
    But the problem is that this way - you are underestimating fans intelligence. And that is why everything backfired for Disney. The point here is that Disney should learn from their mistakes and make the film that the FANS will appreciate.

  • Isaac Hidalgo
    Isaac Hidalgo Month ago

    Unfortunately, I feel like a good portion of this was unintentional.

  • Vilver II
    Vilver II Month ago +1

    It’s the movie I didn’t know I needed.

  • Dizwee
    Dizwee Month ago

    It's not bad written because of the 7 Basic Questions - It is bad written because it creates huge plot holes and completely ignores the previous episode(s), which it has to do because it's a sequel and not a standalone movie.

  • LimeCayOyster
    LimeCayOyster Month ago

    Holdo: We're going to sneak off to a planet and they won't know where we went. It's right out the window. Look at it! Right out of the window! It's glorious! They will never suspect that we've all gotten into escape pods and gone down there!

  • Jeremy Walsh
    Jeremy Walsh Month ago +1

    You make good points but this movie still sucked on a lot of levels.

  • Len Diggity
    Len Diggity Month ago +1

    TLJ is the best Star Wars movie and nerds need to chill out.

  • ArchRotor
    ArchRotor Month ago +1

    Stopped watching at "Rey is complex."

  • Wolfgang Kelly
    Wolfgang Kelly Month ago

    This is the movie the franchise and audience needed? Sorry dude. Did you see how solo bombed and how people are boycotting 9 over a year before it comes out? This movie destroyed Star Wars.

  • Wolfgang Kelly
    Wolfgang Kelly Month ago

    Rose ABANDONS CHILDREN to save space donkeys. Doesn't even attempt to save them. Rose puts donkeys over human life.

  • Wolfgang Kelly
    Wolfgang Kelly Month ago

    Poe was the only person in the resistance who had a good head on his shoulders. He sent Finn to destroy the tracker and tried to save the fleet. Holdo's only plan was to run to crate and die.

  • Wolfgang Kelly
    Wolfgang Kelly Month ago

    Fans wanted to know who Reys parents are as a way to explain how she is the most powerful being in the galaxy.

  • Brandon Makowe
    Brandon Makowe Month ago +2

    not the movie gotham deserves but the one gotham needed

  • Philippe Le Charbonneur

    I totally agree with your analysis...this movie was not perfect but I really enjoyed it when I saw it and mainly because of the screenplay (I'm not a big fan of star wars). The last jedi is more complex than we think it is and it has a good screenplay. Everybody I know said that the movie was garbage but they were wrong. I'm pretty sure that in 10 or 15 years this movie will be the best one of the entire franchise. Just look at this the spin off of Han Solo, Disney gave what the fans wanted and it was awful.

  • Jarory de Jesus
    Jarory de Jesus Month ago +1

    Brilliant video. Pity the comment section of this one is full would be fanboys who wrongfully think they could have told a better story.

  • Manolo Alatorre
    Manolo Alatorre Month ago +7

    this is like saying its good because its recorded on 8k raw and it got a big budget and amazing CGI

  • WeaponzofMasKreation

    The last Jedi works on paper but it need a few rewrites for it to actually play out in a satisfying way... or maybe I’m just too simple minded to grasp it’s brilliance

  • ckaz007
    ckaz007 Month ago

    I'll give you an A for attempting to polish this turd of a movie, but in the end, you failed. Disney is all about making money and they accomplished that with the new installments of the Star Wars Saga, but episodes 7 & 8 were completely disjointed from each other and bad storytelling.

  • KnightsLegion
    KnightsLegion Month ago +11

    "Canto Bight has pacing issues"... I lol'd and moved on.

  • Jonny Boyy
    Jonny Boyy Month ago

    This video articulates everything that I wish I could explain to people but way better and thank you for that.

    • Jonny Boyy
      Jonny Boyy Month ago

      And looking at the comment section I see that a lot of people just ignored everything you said that supports that movie and their rebuttal continues to sound like, "nuh uh you're wrong, it sucks". Which is mind numbing and if Star Wars dies as a franchise because nuance and cleverness are lost on it's so-called "true fans" then that's just disappointing.

  • Rex Orbis
    Rex Orbis Month ago

    Sometimes I feel alone on the internet when I say I liked TLJ as both a movie and a Star Wars movie.

  • bizbite2
    bizbite2 Month ago +1

    Main villain gets killed off like a fly, so no more conflict, the only conflict is if the emo wader will marry/fuck/kill Ray or not... it’s a romantic drama...
    >Ray is complex? No she is a anything but complex...
    >I will not even mention:
    SJW propaganda
    Anti male bashing
    Coloured haired feminist
    Bad guys made to look like nazis
    Anti-capitalism (by Disney 🤷🏻‍♂️ lol)
    Destroying rules of space travel
    Boring/stupid plot
    Every villain killed with no pay off
    Luke killed off because studio dislike the actor
    Destroying Jedi holly writings like it’s nothing
    Liberal agenda

  • Caleb Smiley
    Caleb Smiley Month ago +3

    Excellent video, and maybe I'm just biased because I myself and a Filmmaker and screenwriter, but I understood all the themes of The Last Jedi. I personally loved it. I understand why some people hated it, but when you analyze the film and see it for what it is it's brilliant. I'm glad somebody is finally standing up for the Last Jedi, but while I personally love the film to all those who hate it that's more than fine. We all have our opinions but just don't act like us filmmakers are biased and are telling you what you should love in regards to cinema. The Oscars do that to us every year. Can't we all just get along :)

  • PeterVintonJr_Art
    PeterVintonJr_Art Month ago

    Very well said. Thank you for this!

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano Month ago

    I agree that the themes were appreciated and advanced but the pacing should have started with the force awakens and picked up with this film, fuck fan service, write a measured story

  • Vontos' Magic Murder Bag

    So what you're saying is this was written like Baby's First Screenplay, and that's somehow an argument that it's a good movie?

  • Matt M.
    Matt M. Month ago

    The feeling leaving the theater was like being dumped in public. I think maybe because the movie had great PARTS, but at times if felt like it was being helmed by a director from the Hallmark Hall of Fame Xmas movie line up, just bad writing and execution. This gave the 40+ fans a the feeling of a let down, don't get your hopes up kid... the bar is lower now.

  • agr metor
    agr metor Month ago

    She does meet her parents. It was the pair the the table gambling. Her mom was using the force to win.

  • Lord Xanatos
    Lord Xanatos Month ago

    Yes, the movie tells the story it wants to tell pretty good. It´s just not the story it should have been in front of the background of the previous movie. Those two movies don´t work together but against each other. And in case of the charakter of Luke this movie also works against the original trilogie.

  • lazerbeam134
    lazerbeam134 Month ago

    The Last Jedi is a masterpiece, it is the best Star Wars yet. It pushed the envelope and wasn't a fan service retread. I loved it!

  • The Gneech
    The Gneech Month ago

    Great stuff. :) Well done!

  • polterghost
    polterghost Month ago +3

    None of this matters when writing is pure garbage

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +1

    luke: there is still good in him! [vader]
    also luke: dis n*gga has a bad dream. lets kill him lol.

  • videomotors
    videomotors Month ago

    I mostly disagree but it's good to hear the other side for a change. TheXvidrs DO milk the outrage way too much, in gaming, in movies, in everything. They actually make a living out of it, so it corrupts most of them.

  • Skyler Harmer
    Skyler Harmer Month ago

    This is so so well done. Way to go. I would not have been able to discover this by myself! And now I have proof of why this is an amazing film.

    • Muck006
      Muck006 Month ago

      You have this thing on your neck ... called a head, and in it you have this thing called a brain. USE IT ... honestly ... IGNORE the buzzword used in this and tell me what he actually says. Just repeat it for yourself ... and then explain why it makes sense.
      This is just a bunch of pretentious nonsense that sounds great because of the buzzwords.

  • Robert Coonley
    Robert Coonley Month ago

    I don't like it. I don't agree with it. But I accept it.

  • S Js
    S Js 2 months ago

    By the way - as soon as Poe does learn about the plan he tells DJ about it - jeopardizing the whole thing and getting people killed - and people wonder why it had to be kept a secret - she didn’t want the word to get out

  • S Js
    S Js 2 months ago

    By the way - your point about Rey wanting external validation - is perfectly illustrated at the end of the movie that some interpreted as Poe and Rey flirting - no it’s Poe saying he knows who she is based on her heroic actions - and that’s why Rey smiles the way she does

  • S Js
    S Js 2 months ago

    Nope - most don’t disagree with you

    • Muck006
      Muck006 Month ago

      ... and they are the ones who think on their own instead of "listen to buzzword salad" and being too scared to disagree. The whole way JW argues STINKS of marxist university nonsense, where one of the main ways of indoctrination is to make words meaningless by making them subjective. That is the first step towards Orwell's 1984 ...

  • alts rodrighes
    alts rodrighes 2 months ago

    Okay. This video will be a year old in a couple of months and now I've just watched it. Yeah, I didn't like The Last Jedi; it felt weird, disconnected from... idk, Star Wars. But after watching this, I'll give it a second chance and watch it again. I might appreciate it more. But no way can you convince me that speed of light kamikaze thing that purpled-hair lady threw out there was good. Even though it's visually cool, it sucked as it ruined the purpose for the resistance to be shooting their laser guns: just throw yourself at stuff and be done with it.

    • Muck006
      Muck006 Month ago

      You need to watch Mauler's critique as well ... or any other CRITIC ... because they dont use buzzword salad to basically say "you didnt like it because you are dumb". [Just repeat to yourself the arguments from this video ... and ask yourself if it makes sense.]

  • Rick D
    Rick D 2 months ago

    So they checked all the boxes... in ways that made zero logical or emotional sense. It's like it was taken from a brainstorming session in a fanfic study group.

  • james84 -
    james84 - 2 months ago

    why do star wars fans hate star wars so much theres 10 movies and you like fuckin 2 of them and think 1 is reasonable

  • SaturnVII
    SaturnVII 2 months ago

    The problems with the Last Jedi are more predicated on the execution of the characters, the reality of the situation, and the blatant damage done to rules established within the lore itself.
    This is the problem with TLJ. It feels like Star Wars but its bastardized.
    Also the fact you claim we needed this film is a bit loaded. Star Wars is feeling the wrath of its fans because of this film. Its always been a hard fandom to please, but we havent seen this kind of uproar before.

  • Natalie Emelia Mitchell

    The movie as a whole was beautiful, but Poe's arc was sloppy and didn't make a lot of sense and Finn's arc was a huge mess. It felt to me like Finn just repeated his arc from Episode 7: going from running away, to fighting. Yes, I’ve heard the argument that he comes back for a different reason in the end, but if someone can’t watch the movie and cipher that out for their self, it’s still way too similar. Here’s the plot idea that I’ve been throwing around here and there since TLJ came out:
    Somewhere near the beginning of the movie, Finn is somehow captured by the First Order, but Phasma and Hux decide not to kill him, because here’s the thing: they’re not stupid. If they kill the Stormtrooper that broke his programming, they prove to every other Stormtrooper in the order that he is dangerous, and more importantly, that their programming can be broken. But, if they're able to integrate him back into the order, they can spin it so that “Even the Deviant FN2187 eventually realized that he could not escape his programming.” Whether through brainwashing or through the capture of other resistance agents who will be killed if Finn does not comply, they get him back. And he is back in the ranks as a faceless stormtrooper because he has to. He has no choice.
    And then he meets this cute little First Order Mechanic, Rose. The First Order picked her up off a planet where she grew up as a slave. Her sister Paige escaped the First Order, like Finn, joined the Resistance, and is trying to get Rose out. Finn accidentally walks in on Rose sending a transmission to her sister and Rose, thinking that Finn will turn her in, stuns him. Of course, once Finn and Rose have a chance to talk things through, they eventually realize they are on the same side and because they have no one else around them to confide in, become friends. He is even able to use her little transmitter to get information back to the Resistance through Rose’s sister, who as it turns out knows Poe because they are both pilots.
    Rose tells Finn that since he left the FO he has developed a bit of a reputation among the other Troopers. He is the reason that she and her sister tried to escape. “The Stormbreaker” is what the troopers call him (I got that from someone else’s fanfiction about him, but I really like it). Finn and Rose eventually meet a small modge-podge of different people from different departments who are all tired of the FO (among this group is an officer dubbed DJ within the group, who proves to be a traitor later). Finn and Rose almost accidentally become their leaders, and together, the group begins to set up their own covert network within the Order. The people look to Finn, but Rose handles a lot of the organization, since Finn is very high-profile and the Order wouldn’t suspect a tiny slave girl, at least not at first.
    All this time, the rest of the story has been proceeding almost exactly the same as the actual movie, just minus Finn and Rose and the Canto Byt (sp?) sequence. Rey still Force-times with Ben and all that Reylo stuff (which I LOVE), and Poe is still in contact with Finn and Rose.
    And this is when Poe finds out that Holdo is evacuating the ship, and Poe goes a bit berserk. And with these changes, it makes sense that she wouldn’t tell Poe or Paige about it because they are in direct contact with members of the First Order, which Poe and Paige would have told her because they want Finn and Rose rescued. Holdo would have assumed there was a spy.
    Anyway, Poe tells Finn that he’s planning on taking down Holdo, and Poe tells Finn that they need to stop the hyperspace tracking or something along those lines. And this would stop the tracking from simply being a plot device, because it's possible that Rose was one of the operators or had at least seen it used. So they would have plenty of occasion to sabotage it. But just like the actual movie, they are turned in by DJ and this time, Phasma and Hux decide that defaming Finn’s image didn’t work, so best just make an example of them.
    And again, just like the movie, this is when Holdo rams Snoke’s ship and we not only get to see Finn duel Phasma head-on, we get to see him leading his small army of “Stormbreakers” against what is left of Phasma’s men. And prevailing!
    Under Finn’s leadership, the group steals some First Order fighters and goes down to Crayt, where the rebels are cornered. They are able to help them somewhat, but in the end it’s not enough, and Rose’s sister is shot down in the fight. The remainder of the Stormbreakers retreats to the fortress and Luke has his showdown moment with Ben, Rey still has her “lifting rocks” moment, and we still get to see Rey and Finn’s reunion.
    So these changes would have given us more insight into how the First Order works through the eyes of several members, and would have given us more chance to explore the character of Rose AND her sister.
    EDIT: And also, it would give us more time to see Finn interact with Phasma. We see a little in TFA that she views him as a bit of a “problem child,” but we didn’t get a whole lot of Phasma action in TLJ, and I am forever sorrowful about that. END EDIT.
    Also, big thing, this would have fixed the scene at the end, “Not fighting what we hate but saving what we love,” because these fixes above actually make it a theme of the story that oftentimes what we hate and what we love are wrapped up in the same object. Rey and Kylo have that hate-love theme already. And Poe and Paige would be unable to stop the First Order without possibly killing Finn and Rose, so that is a dilemma for them. These changes actually make way for conversations about what “we love being contained within something we hate” cropping up all over the place. The line, though it’s poorly-placed makes more sense for what the theme of the film is with these changes.

  • Porter Sorensen
    Porter Sorensen 2 months ago +41

    I appreciate your analysis, though I wholly disagree with your conclusion. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • VonJay
      VonJay Month ago

      Anthony Hill exactly!!! You said it better than i could. He captured Luke as a real person. Even in the original trilogy after hearing about Jedi knights and all that other amazing stuff why would i automatically think Luke is a legend? Because he's the only one i see?

    • Anthony Hill
      Anthony Hill Month ago +2

      @VonJay I agree with you. Unlike some of the Butthurt haters who apparently never understood Luke or The Return of the Jedi, I feel Johnson really captured Luke as a real person, someone who realized that by becoming the hero that all the Fan Service wanted to see him as, he would ultimately bring about destruction and death as the First Jedi order had done by getting involved with the Clone Wars. His failure and exile where very much to protect the galaxy from himself. Of course, Rey coming and showing him that he was still needed and I really feel Luke learned as much from Rey as Rey learned from Luke, he was able to make that final sacrifice and save the Resistance. Of course I never really thought of Ben and Yoda as dead more that they have merged with the Living Force and are still very much alive and Luke has joined them.

    • VonJay
      VonJay Month ago +1

      Man when I left the theater I felt so much pressure in my chest, I didn’t know what the fuck I just saw.
      I love star wars in general so of course I wanted to hear how everyone felt. And it wasn’t until someone said, “ it doesn’t do what you want it to do, that’s why you don’t like it.’
      I said fuck that to him and didn’t want to hear it.
      But my love of star wars kept me intrigued, not only that but the writing ability and thematic genius of Rian Johnson from Brick and Looper.
      So I gave it another shot without looking for what I wanted it to do.
      And this movie is a fucking masterpiece.
      I never understood who Luke was until I saw what Rian did with him. It was fucking genius. I looked at the original trilogy and I noticed that Luke never listens to yoda. And Yoda is telling him why he musn’t go after Vader. It’s the same shit with Anakin. Yoda tells Anakin what his attachments will lead to.
      And both father and son lead to the destruction of two Jedi Orders by way of their attachments. Jedi rules are blatant in that you’re not supposed to train above a certain age, and you’re not supposed to train family member. Anakin kills slavers because of his attachment to his mother. He slaughters children and kills Mace because of his attachment to Padme.
      Luke trains Kylo, his nephew, and refuses to kill him, though Luke would kill any other person that isn’t family, and what does Kylo do, slaughter the Jedi order and kill billions more.
      The genius in TLJ is what Luke does after not acknoledging his flaw. He deconstructs the same Jedi order that he never truly belonged to. GENIUS.

    • LimeCayOyster
      LimeCayOyster Month ago +2

      I agree. Good analysis but NO ONE needed this movie. It is a mess.

  • Rodeen
    Rodeen 2 months ago

    Last Jedi is a microcosm for the study of social behavior on how a 2 hour piece of entertainment media acts as a slippery slope for an entire hive mind of people who echo the same thoughts from deceptive expectations

  • Divisive America
    Divisive America 2 months ago

    Character work doesn't matter when characters are hollow. Making someone have needs and wants doesn't make a character good, it just gives a character meaning, though I'd really argue the characters having meaning in TLJ . The story itself is subpar, there are so many times that if you read this in a book you'd be very confused.
    With all the things wrong with this movie, the biggest thing is things just don't flow. How did Rey get out of that hole when she went to that mirror? Who knows, we don't see. How did Finn and Rose get back after crashing right in front of the walkers? Don't know, we don't see. There are a ton of things we just have to take on faith and fill in the gaps. Is it really good writing to teleport characters from one place to another and not explain how they got from point A to point B? Is it really good writing to have characters use things that they apparently had on them that we'd never seen them have on their body or in their hands previously?
    Spoilers for Show timeless
    In the show timeless they mention the is lady wearing a modern day bra when going back in time and they mention this long before they ever use it. And... in this case they could have easily assumed the audience would just connect those because she'd likely wear a modern day bra cause no one would ever notice. But they mentioned it for the sake of setting it up and potentially not blindsiding their audience with a convenient item to help them escape. TLJ doesn't care about that, it just cares about fast pace and getting on with it's points and stories and pumping the audience full of nostalgia and emotion.

  • Kyle Townsend
    Kyle Townsend 2 months ago

    This video reminds me of what my English Composition professor once told me. He said, "you can have the most technically sound story ever but if your story's plot sucks then the story sucks." I think you did a great job illustrating that about TLJ because you went into detail as to why the story technically is good but we know from the audience's reaction that it wasn't well received. At the end of the day the audience must be able to connect to the story and that obviously didn't happen here.

  • juligi1997
    juligi1997 2 months ago

    I agree that the storyline of Rey, Kylo and Luke was quite good, but the other two weren't and so just stole time from the one that was good.

  • Adrian N
    Adrian N 2 months ago +2

    This only proves simply checking off boxes in a formula does not necessarily make a good story. The Last Jedi was not even remotely good. And not because it subverts our expectations or whatever. That's a really lame way to dismiss valid criticisms.

  • Laoakai
    Laoakai 2 months ago +1

    I can see how these 3 characters and their plots are written and thought of well. However they don't work and here is why:
    1. Poe thinks that he is facing a competent admiral of the Dreadnought that would have scrameled Tie Fighters and Bombers faster and targetted the Raddus first. That's why he is so eager to destroy it. Also if Holdo claims to know impulsive trigger flyboys, why does she the one thing that actually will trigger his impulsiveness? Why doesn't she tell there is a plan to keep up moral?
    2. Finns story arc was completed at the end of the last movie and is repeated. He easily defeats Phasma, who is another wasted character. He could have scrificed himself at the end but is stopped for political ideological race mixing kiss reasons and whether or not canto bight is in this movie doesn't have any difference to the story.
    3. Rey might want to know who her parents are, but the only reason for her to believe she is somebody, is because JJ made Lukes Lightsaber call her, which was suggesting she has an important lineage, other than that, why would she believe her parents were somebody special?
    So good ideas in theory, horrible research and execution.