The Last Jedi and the 7 Basic Questions of Narrative Drama

  • Published on May 31, 2018
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    Far from being the “worst movie ever” Star Wars: The Last Jedi has some solid character work, even in its weaker plotlines. In this video, I take a look at Film Crit Hulk’s 7 Basic Questions of Narrative Drama as a way to examine the character arcs of Rey, Finn and Poe.
    Film Crit Hulk’s essay:
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    Creating Character Arcs, by K.M. Weiland:
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  • Just Write
    Just Write  6 months ago +369

    Hey guys! I highly recommend checking out Lessons From The Screenplay's video for more on the writing of The Last Jedi:

    • Bryce Jacobson
      Bryce Jacobson Month ago

      I like how you use editing and charts to explain things like at 6:52.

    • Jackson Furlong
      Jackson Furlong 3 months ago

      If you consider this movie an example of good writing, how are we to trust that you know anything about proper writing?

    • Kyle Stillwell
      Kyle Stillwell 3 months ago

      I was actually coming here to make this same suggestion. You guys don't seem to have seen eye to eye on the strength of the Finn plotline or, perhaps not accurately, you're looking at it from different angles. Great from both of you though.

    • Sub if you want Hillary In prison
      Sub if you want Hillary In prison 4 months ago +1

      Just Write No watter if it was good writing or not it wasn't written for the fans but for the writers and producers.....enjoy empty theaters

    • Nicolas Javaloyes
      Nicolas Javaloyes 4 months ago

      7 Basic Questions is kinda "With great power comes great responsibility"

  • Died of Dysentery
    Died of Dysentery 17 hours ago

    At the beginning of empire, Han isn't a willing warrior for the rebels, he was about to leave until he had to go find Luke, because Leia wouldn't give him the business. Lol

  • jmiogo
    jmiogo 21 hour ago

    Because characters have needs and wants it’s a good movie? I’d recommend adjusting your standards.

  • Tomáš Mužík
    Tomáš Mužík 22 hours ago

    Bro... Seriously... Nothing u said in this video is nor accurate nor true. Like... Nothing. I actualy know that u want to love this movie and like Star Wars, but its impossible (at least after this film). U can create plenty of reasons why that movie works but i can go sceen by sceen and plot by plot and character by character development and tell u why u r wrong. And Im not some angry fanboy - im actualy pretty respected screenwriter and nerd in my country - I actualy didnt saw Star Wars till my University studies. So... No attachments to hold me back (unlike you) - and i can pretty much say that everything u said in your video is total garbage. Like seriously u suppose to be Screenwriters muse (and i liked your Hobit review) but now u r just another desperate fanboy who needs your child love to be awoken and kept alive. And thats not how we work. So seriously. Put this crap down ok?

  • Anže Erjavec
    Anže Erjavec Day ago

    thanks for this. I deeply enjoyed the movie, but then pretty quickly got overrun with videos and reviews with the angry reactions - like your downvoters at this video and some of the commenters. And so then I kind of accepted some of the points they make and it got me to see the flaws. But then I watched the movie again at home and I loved it even more - thats when I started to look for videos that dive more deeply into the analysis, like the Movies with Mikey, and Cinemawins and Lessons from the screenplay and your own. And yes, I agree. Not that I personaly observed all the same details, but retrospectively I can recognize you're making sense and it feels like it explains why the movie is so enjoyable to me.

  • Katherine Lott
    Katherine Lott 2 days ago

    Hey, no problem with you breaking down the basics of storytelling and saying Johnson did an adequate job of fulfilling a middle schooler's understanding of plot.... But saying that The Last Jedi is better written than WB's piss-poor attempts at comic book movies is faint praise.
    You said it yourself: Finn failed to have a complete character arc in his first movie, so it took two whole movies for him to get to where Han was at the end of one. Po is just now having a character arc because he was a plot device in his first appearance, but the movie isn't willing to focus on his character arc, so it's largely conveyed through meaningful silences or cliche dialogue.
    And Rey's character development largely comes as a result of the two men she was trying to see the best in and learn from betraying her trust or abandoning her, which is about as satisfying as saying that a girl HAS to have a few abusive boyfriends to learn what she wants in a man. And we're comparing that to Toy Story where Woody has to learn that even if Buzz is threatening his status and relationship, that STILL doesn't make him a bad person? She learns to be "emotionally independent" because Luke tried to kill Ben and Ben, for all his talk, still wants to rule the galaxy, and she thinks that's bad, so she dropped them... That's not being emotionally independent, that's exercising the morals she already had anyway. It's not like SHE was the one who was "learning to care about the rebellion"... She would have made those choices in the last movie. She would have made those choices 2 years ago. How emotionally vulnerable is she, really, if she isn't actually tempted to agree with whatever her mentor says if it means she stays in his good graces? (Oh, right, Luke is barely her mentor since Johnson decided to have him spitefully lecture her instead of train her.) If she wouldn't reimagine her damaged friend's rants into something more morally ambiguous? (Oh, right, Ben isn't her friend because he's literally the guy she just fought for killing his father.)

  • Panupat Chongstitwattana

    I'd like to read that essay you linked to, but my gawd, ALL CAPS? If listening to you is heaven, that essay is the 7th hell.

  • Tim Mitchell
    Tim Mitchell 3 days ago

    My biggest problem with the movie is that Poe isn't executed by the rebellion for reckless insubordination. His actions are tolerated without real consequences even as he manages to get nearly everyone killed. The only conclusion we can draw is that Poe's life is more precious because of his standing in the plot...which is convoluted and contrived at best.

  • Rokooooo
    Rokooooo 4 days ago


  • Max S.
    Max S. 4 days ago

    Oh yeah, I smell salt in the air.

  • Edwin Jonsson
    Edwin Jonsson 6 days ago

    It's a great movie, most things people complain about are also present in the original trilogy

  • Bradley Mace
    Bradley Mace 7 days ago

    A pile of turds with a solid foundation is still a pile of turds...

  • Mad Pyer
    Mad Pyer 8 days ago

    Nah bro
    This movie is garbage

  • AndreNGropo
    AndreNGropo 8 days ago

    If Rey wanted External Validation she would search for it her entire time alone, she would own a bar or something. A characters want can't be something the character never searched until the point the movie starts, because than its not her want.
    And she was already emotionally independent at the start of TFA.
    So this essay is really trying to make a point by distorting what the movies show. The were both bad movies with bad characters, this is the only fact.

  • snipersev07
    snipersev07 9 days ago

    Exactly 100% in agreement that this movie was needed 👏👏👏👏

  • Kurt Buttstadt
    Kurt Buttstadt 9 days ago

    Found your channel a few weeks ago with your video on Fury Road. I think I've watched a video every day since then. Fantastic analysis that is told very clearly. It helps that we have the same tastes also. Just wanted to say you have a new fan in me! Big time!

  • Bronson McLeod
    Bronson McLeod 13 days ago

    Horrible execution of a novel concept does not a success make.

  • pomena
    pomena 14 days ago

    Even if the movie sort of sits into a structure thst youve chosen, doesnt this general hate against the movie sort of imply that the either there is more to creating films/stories?
    If we consider the earliee movies to be following a heroes journey structure, doesnt changing the structure cause confusion? Quite clearly some parts of heroes journey leaked into the last jedi but it also seems clear that either it was unintentional or the creators didnt succeed in proper implementation.

  • Brooke Luder
    Brooke Luder 15 days ago

    Too many characters + too many stories = not enough time spent with each character = I really don’t care about any of them = I got bored despite the fantastic production quality.

  • hendon ixasedron
    hendon ixasedron 16 days ago

    "the last jedi may not be the film you wanted, but it IS the movie this franchise, and its audience, needed"
    blane: need? or want?
    jacey: I've never been much for wanting
    blane: spoken like someone with needs

    oh jeez

  • Vincent Girgenti
    Vincent Girgenti 17 days ago +1

    I thought the Last Jedi was phenomenal. I think that if a writer is not willing to destroy their own work, they are never going to change nor will their audience change.

  • The Casual Italian Channel

    A Mary Sue is a complex character... huh, go figure! LOL

  • thetramp123
    thetramp123 18 days ago +2

    Such a great movie.

  • Jonathan S.
    Jonathan S. 18 days ago

    Interesting take, I found the script to be a dumpster fire my six year old could have written.

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller 20 days ago

    I just wish they kept Phasma's deleted scene in the movie and didn't "kill her" in this movie

  • NekoMouser
    NekoMouser 22 days ago

    That whole casino sideplot was stupid, though. Besides the fact the claim that "there's only one business in the galaxy that'll get you this rich" is laughable both in reality and in the context of the movie (look at Earth, our richest people aren't all war mongers--Bezos, Gates, Buffet, Arnault, Zuckerberg, Ortega, Slim, etc. Most of the richest of the rich are data; telecommunications; retail; investing; raw materials, refining, and mining; even clothing and textiles. Besides, the First Order was isolated and most of the galaxy had spent 30-odd years in relative peace--that's WHY Leia couldn't get funding for her Resistance forces). Then they steal the horse thingys and just leave them in the field next to the city? Like they weren't all going to be rounded up AND severely punished and beaten within hours? The whole side adventure was forced and futile.

  • Ruly Mantee
    Ruly Mantee 23 days ago

    This is an excellent video
    In my opinion your best on yet

  • Arbiter 617
    Arbiter 617 24 days ago

    Ooh a channel about story/character writing.
    _watches video_
    Nevermind, moving on.

  • Christopher Barber
    Christopher Barber 25 days ago

    oh sure, the phantom menace is totally better than the last jedi. god i will never understand the hate. perhaps it's a microcosm for the divide in our culture at large

  • Twilight Gardens presentations

    Your opinions are bad and you should feel bad! (That being said, love your channel)

  • Adrien Knox
    Adrien Knox 26 days ago

    No one needed to see Luke milk that alien.

  • Dylan Snow
    Dylan Snow 26 days ago +1

    Kinda glad all the Last Jedi haters are done with Star Wars. They think the universe is all about what they want. But frankly, the fandom will go on without them, and in a more positive sense because most of the remaining people view it in a positive light.

  • Suraj Vadulas
    Suraj Vadulas 26 days ago

    So that is all it takes to make a movie competent/great?
    the years of training Luke put into becoming a Jedi master, no the years Yoda put into becoming a Jedi master and here we have Lea flying through space, such an insult to the lore the movie has. you cant possible make an excuse for such a transgression!!
    Or how the First order has such resources? weren't they defeated? what even is the meaning of defeat? People usually give example of Germany coming back in second world war, well excuse me! the first WW was nothign but a conflict among 6 nations of the world, only a self indulgent west would call that a world war, because for them that is all the world consists of. WW2 on the other hand was a true world war, where most of nations of the world participated. it is the same scale of war that we see in Star Wars, a huge swath of galaxy is embroiled in the war and when one side wins after experiencing such a long duration of conflict, what did they do? just walk away and be in the same situation few years later! what a filthy joke! it is these absurd logic that i take issue with and makes this such a bad movie.
    it might be a textbook perfect plot but the execution falls waay short of expected standard.

  • mark lloyd
    mark lloyd 27 days ago

    Just imagine how good this sequel trilogy could have been if all three films were made by Christopher Nolan...

  • Zeynep Kayra ÖZCAN
    Zeynep Kayra ÖZCAN 27 days ago

    Sarp abiden gelenler like :) 👍

  • Darth Kai
    Darth Kai 27 days ago

    I would like to see you do a debate against Thor Skywalker

  • Calum Page
    Calum Page 27 days ago

    5.10 "...this sounds a little confusing, but consider this....."
    Hahaha, this should have been the title of this video. Why do you feel the need to go to such lengths to rewrite Johnson's story so that is finally good and not bad? Has there been a movie in the history of cinema that has received such a convoluted and undeserved defence of its shonky writing? Is Johnson paying you? :)

  • JadeSun7
    JadeSun7 27 days ago

    I agree with you on one point: the Rey/Kylo plotline was actually quite compelling. Unfortunately, you've also alienated me by claiming that the real resentment for this film stems from it's "resisting the urge to indulge in fanservice". That's an incredibly patronizing point of view on the detractors of this film. Sure, fans are not experts and thus have difficulty expressing or identifying why something is good or bad, but that's why we look to people like you, to help us understand. But to write off the unprecedented (for the franchise) outcry against the story, without ~really~ trying to understand why, for someone in your position, it's aggravating. The fans are already suffering enough abuse from the studio and #internetJournalists and commentators without you adding to the heap.
    Normally, I respect your insights, but on this one, I'm not sure you tried.

  • unprofound
    unprofound 27 days ago

    I have great respect for the intelligence and craft that goes into making these videos.
    Because of this, it incredibly troubling that the author is unable to discern massive, irrecoverable problems with this movie. It is BAD. And fan expectations have nothing to do with horrible choices that were made in telling this story.

  • Kimberley's Book Talk
    Kimberley's Book Talk 27 days ago

    I understand what you are trying to say, I disagree with you but I understand what you think was going on

  • True Gooner
    True Gooner 28 days ago

    I only argue that Poe Dameron is extremely flimsy as a character. His want and need is very flimsy at here at best, "be a better leader" by totally failing and being reprimanded at every stage? There is no real learning, save that the concept that he learns through repeated failure but the execution is weak. I feel that this character should have had less attention if at all in this narrative, clearly he is not hitting the Han Solo spot.
    I'd argue this movie is ok, not great, not bad at all. But it's more so on a conceptual scale that I appreciate it, rather than the whole execution of the project and this particular script. At times it felt so out of place comedically, yet the more emotional scenes are extremely powerful. Rey being a no one in a 6+ movie arc about the Skywalkers. The moral ambiguity of good and bad in war, but I really feel let down at how little Benicio Del Toro got with that character. The sudden death of Snoke... great, I hated the forced mystery box of JJ's meandering character. Finn... eh...
    But I don't even know what this war is about... I mean we are 2 movies in... what's the point of the war? I'm just getting kind of tired of not even understanding on a conceptual level what is it that the Empire wants? Domination to what end? There's a reason that Nazi bad guys are played out in movies... we live in a world extremely muddled with grey zones of morality, struggling with good and bad. It's not black and white. This movie hints at it at times... then bails.
    It's the naive vs cynical in one storyline... only to bail and pick of course, that good is good, bad is bad. It's the light vs the dark... only to find a grey zone. But Kylo just wants to be bad [I guess]... Rey can never be evil [I guess]... great by implying some sort of ambiguity... but it's really just vacuous space. I guess my problem is, most of this was all nice in concept, but in practice we're lead all the way back to square one and I feel that although the characters may have learned something... me as an audience member, I'm already tired and uninterested.

  • BuletPrufe
    BuletPrufe 29 days ago

    I’d say that this movie is good, but that would be ignoring all of the damage it does in terms of storytelling. The last Jedi is utilitarian in its approach to storytelling. If this is the goal Rian Johnson wanted to portray with the Star Wars story, then by your logic, he NEEDED to respect the story that was already there. He broke laws that were already in place for the star wars universe, and he wasted snoke, as well as made the whole movie feel like a pointless clusterfuck.
    I like your defense. But as many people pointed out, I didn’t notice half of this shit. I saw Poe’s growth, but I saw little to none of that in the other characters. In fact, I wish Rey would have gone with her wants. I like the story setup and this definitely has redeemed the movie somewhat, but ultimately, I think it still fails.

  • El Lobo Uchiha
    El Lobo Uchiha Month ago

    I see what you did there. I like it. Ha!
    That's funny yo. Buttah, yeah, I enjoyed the film a lot. I don't know why people hate it. I frankly enjoyed it way more than The Force Awakens to be real. (+)

  • Matthew Ercolani
    Matthew Ercolani Month ago

    Such great analysis, bravo!

  • Andrew Ross
    Andrew Ross Month ago

    T H A N K Y O U

  • Adam Kecskes
    Adam Kecskes Month ago

    I throughly enjoyed TLJ. It was a fun nostalgia romp and as your video points out, pretty complete, character wise. It's as flawed as all the previous Star Wars movie -- none of them (save maybe Empire) are particularly great works of cinema. For all that I forgive in the last TLJ, what I can't understand is the character of Holdo. In a desperate situation, she choose to withhold her plans (which was essentially "do nothing") from the entire crew. No competent leader in her right mind would do that, given the immensity of the threat. I can't imagine what the screen writers' logic was in giving such a massive subplot-destroying flaw.

  • Johnny Braccia
    Johnny Braccia Month ago

    Criticism to your analysis of the character Po: Yes he wants to win the war, but not at all cost. He endangers himself, but the high casualty battle in the opening of TLJ nobody in the movie disputes that the ship they destroyed was a prime opportunity and has and would have killed more people if they hadn't attacked. They just didn't want to have any up front cost. Although a different franchise, the line from Starship Troopers is very applicable, "It's simple numbers, they have more." And indeed the Resistance is outnumbered.

  • Marinus van Zyl
    Marinus van Zyl Month ago +1

    Finn didn't have a conflict with the Canto upper class. Rose had a conflict with them and hijacked Finn's mission to free the space ponies? The entire casino scene was unnecessary, and they could simply have had Finn and Rose try to steal something, get caught and still end up in prison. The entire abused animal scene was also unnecessary, as it was still an extension of the capitalist idea that was embedded into the storyline without it having anything to do with the plight of the Rebellion, the military superiority of the First Order, or the backstory of any of the characters? It didn't even lead to a change or the development of Rose or Finn, so unless I'm mistaken, one of the cardinal rules of screenwriting is don't put anything into the script that doesn't advance the story - and this scene most certainly didn't advance the story in any meaningful way.

    • Marinus van Zyl
      Marinus van Zyl Month ago +1

      Rose also assumes that weapons can ONLY be sold to the First Order? War is kinda universal to any race or individual who believes power can be achieved at the barrel of a gun, so unless the First Order is some mega-rich superpower at any point of their history, it seems highly unlikely that everyone at the casino is an arms merchant, or that so many people became hyper-billionaires when the First Order (with a handful of ships) was pursuing the Rebellion (with an equal handful of ships) - it's not like their conflict was a galaxy-wide one? I hardly even think you needed a dreadnought when you still had a small fleet of Star Destroyers? That does not even take into account that some of the rich people in the casino made their fortunes through other means (like criminal, commercial, political or social) or that some of the individuals (or through inheritance) made their billions during the Empire-era? o.0

  • SSchithFoo
    SSchithFoo Month ago +1

    Its all the plot holes and millitary acting like mentally challanged chimpanzees. How anyone can enjoy such garbage is the real question that needs answering.

  • Russell
    Russell Month ago +1

    TLJ is an incredibly boring, poorly written, useless movie, full of plot holes and pointless segments and shit characters.

  • Macchu Perito
    Macchu Perito Month ago

    "It may not be the movie we want, but it sure is the movie we needed" Great ending line!

  • Jim Fourniadis
    Jim Fourniadis Month ago

    Loved it. R2D2 playing Leia's message for Luke is among the best moments in the franchise.

  • MattWagnerMovies
    MattWagnerMovies Month ago +1

    Good God everyone...this is why I can't stand my own damn fan-base nowadays. TFA is my 2nd favorite of the entire saga. I had SO much fun with that movie it blew my mind. And don't dare not call me a "true" SW fan because I have loads of proof otherwise. Anyone that disagrees with me, I'm more than willing to have a FRIENDLY debate on either this one or TFA. I love deep discussions, especially about Star Wars haha. :)

  • Ty Finn
    Ty Finn Month ago +2

    It is flat out some of the worst writing I have ever seen. I don't even care about "fandom". It is a bad "Star Wars" movie and it is also simply a Bad. Movie. Period. Too much bathos, too many illogical characters and decisions, too much heavy handed political interjection. I LIKE that Snoke becomes kind of a nobody. I LIKE that Reys parents are nobodies. Its just too bad Rey is so flat. She is just great at everything from the get go. Its an unrelatable character. Luke TAUNTING Kylo Ren and saying theres no hope for him is so WRONG for his character. If that was to be the completion of his arc, he should have returned to his strength of the Return of the Jedi and "sensing the good" in Kylo.
    Also, Hyperspace is not going really really fast. It is another dimension. So that sacrifice at the end doesn't make sense. What was the point of that character anyways? It seemed like the message was "blindly follow authority--don't question it". I am more concerned with story, but this hyperspace mistake is one of many in-univerise goofs that make the plot totally ridiculous as well.

  • Fusilier
    Fusilier Month ago

    3:20 Normally I'd agree with what Leia says here, since it just makes sense. However, in the specific context of Star Wars, leaping in a fighter and blowing something large up has proven very consistent over time as a method to solve your problems. At least four of the eight movies so far were directly solved by this; Anakin in the N-1 in 1, Luke in his X-Wing in 4, Wedge, Lando and crew in 6, and Poe himself in 7, which is implied to take place right before 8 when he gets this lecture.

  • Troin
    Troin Month ago +1

    Oh look, it’s MauLer’s circlejerking cult of a fanbase here to shove their opinions down people’s throats as fact despite “claiming” that that’s not the case!

    • Troin
      Troin 16 days ago +1

      +motor4X4kombat You're welcome! :)

    • motor4X4kombat
      motor4X4kombat 16 days ago

      +Troin the most sane covertation i haven't got in years, thank you very much

    • Troin
      Troin 16 days ago +1

      +motor4X4kombat I haven't seen the new Star Wars movies yet, but you can say whatever you want. I also believe that the "true fan" argument is bullshit. The only way for someone to _not_ be a "true fan" of something is if they lie about being a fan of something that in reality they dislike/don't care about.

    • motor4X4kombat
      motor4X4kombat 16 days ago

      I though they were from the red letter media circlejerking cult...But who cares theres too much circlejerking in star wars that honestly everybody can go the hell if their arguments only gets reduce to "this movie sucks because that guy that i follow say it", personal experience Is death by this point in the fandom . While we are at it. Heres my ranking
      This Is no one ranking because its MY OWN personal ranking, not some shitty excuse to be popular in the fandom by loving and hating what everybody "must" to and beeing a jerk about it. So disagree with me, call me a horrible person, death treat me, insult me with one millon variations of thd word idiot, do whatever steriotype troll shit you can el best, but if you want to change my opinion in order to be a "true fan" of the saga you have to pay me..... With a scrooge mcduck side cellar full of Golden coins. If the troll Is pathetic, then teach him how to troll better.

  • Andreas Friedrich
    Andreas Friedrich Month ago


  • rasmus smith
    rasmus smith Month ago

    I want to watch and learn but the clips give me traumatic nausea.

  • Elliot Hartsough
    Elliot Hartsough Month ago +1

    I respected your opinion on movies up until I saw this video about Star Wars TLJ. This movie like others have said is not an individual film, but part 8. To view it as an individual film is basically saying you know nothing about star wars and you just generalizing everything.

  • William Alewine
    William Alewine Month ago

    Thank you for making such an extensive positive review! I personally loved the movie, but until now couldn’t find someone else who thought so as well. This review, and the ones you did on Ready Player One and The Hobbit solidify you as my favorite critic! Keep up the good work, my friend

  • That’s Jamie F%*%ing Lannister

    The thing with Poe not retreating no one ever mentions that if Poe didn’t blow up the dread naught they would all be dead because this did not change the fact that they were being tracked through light speed. So po was the best leader already cause he disobeyed a direct order and saved everyone

  • Digital Creative Front

    Loved this film... Yes ppl, I grew up on the classic SW as well. Its simply my personal opinion.

  • Raymond Heart
    Raymond Heart Month ago

    What SW fans need is to do is let go, and let SW be something else. You can't have the originals played out again and again, that would become boring. Which is the biggest problem with Force Awaken, since they set it up to cannibalize the originals just to do fan service.

    • Uriel Malváez
      Uriel Malváez Month ago +2

      You know what the problem of this "new blood" is? That they lack development. If fans hate Rei, it isn't because she's a woman, but because she's a lazily written out character. Same goes for all new major players and the old guard, who seem to have been changed, although faces are the same. Cheers!

  • Etienne Nückel
    Etienne Nückel Month ago

    Not all the writing in the movie is entirely bad, however there are somer very big flaws in basic storytelling. The majority of the film revolves around the incredibly complicated plot, that the rebels flee from the empire and are not fast enough to escape, however too fast for the empire to quickly catch up. Therefore the empire has to use a couple of painfully slow-firing guns to nibble at the rebel shields, while the rebel fleet limps away and slowly succumbs to the fire of the empires fleet. However, Finn and the other woman can somehow escape from the entire chase and go to another planet where they hope to find a locksmith, but then find another locksmith in order to do what people do in every sci-fi movie: enter the enemys flagship and sabotage some weirdly integral part of the flagship only to be caught by the bad guys but then being able to escape anyway and then the ship of the bad guys gets blown up by something that the rebels could have done in the beginning of the movie with a brick on the gas pedal. Yeah, that movie is truly gr8...

  • V Hinatsu
    V Hinatsu Month ago +2

    I completely agreed with you up until the end when you called Attack on Titan an "Excellent Anime"

  • Violet Soul
    Violet Soul Month ago


  • valipunctro
    valipunctro Month ago

    i fear that the fan overreaction and it was overreacting to the films quality will make disney clamp their corporate crip harder on the creative aspect of the next films resulting in more bland and safe sequels

  • Reket11
    Reket11 Month ago +1

    Buddy, you've missed all the main issues. Ray is overpowered and always wins. I wasn't at all surprised by the fact that that she won the confrontation with Snoke. Kylo turned the lightsabre on, but in the fight with the guard she wins and he looses .. until she saves him. And how was she supposed to join him? 'Let your friends die and join me'? Really? That was supposed to work? And Hodo is on the last surviving ship with the last surviving officer. How is he going to misuse the information exactly? Not telling him is stupid which is even more painful because the whole scene isn't about two officers, it's about the smart and responsible female scolding the irresponsible male. Ups, she was wrong. The whole hyper-ramming contradicts all the other movies. Why build a death star a Starkiller base or even a huge ship if all you need is say a rock with an engine attached. If you can take out a fleet like that then a planet too or a huge space station. And now there is absolutely no threat left. The general, who was competent in the last movie is now a clown, Kylo was already beaten by Ray and now she's even more powerful, Snoke died (maybe they'll clone him or something) and any fleet can be destroyed with almost no effort. I could go on, but the point is: the previous movie introduced an incredibly overpowered main character, but at least gave her some opposition - Snoke the end boss, the New Order with it's military and Kylo the new Vader. Then the new Vader is defeated by Ray and looses all threatening qualities (so this was the previous movies doing). Even Phasma is dead or at least beaten and Fin doesn't defeat her in any meaningful way - he looses and sneak attacks like a honorless coward. He doesn't use any newfound skill or real conviction. Even Luke as a character is wasted. He looses to Ray. He reveals that after confronting the Emperor to save Vader, he almost murdered his sisters child because he felt a bit of darkness from him (logic? nope, not present) and then suicides by force instead of fighting. So you tell me: what can stop Ray now? What can threaten her in the next movie?

  • nick burnett
    nick burnett 2 months ago

    Lol at dark knight quote... And nice try
    but what has been said to me means the following : "you can get the theory right, but if you make a mess of the rest it will still be a very bad movie."

  • SPQSpartacus
    SPQSpartacus 2 months ago +1

    I am a teacher. I can make a structurally great lesson, a masterpiece of pedagogic theory. If I fail to connect with the students on that lesson, it is a failure. That is what may have happened here.
    There seems to be a huge WTF effect around TLJ. A failure to connect with a major part of the audience. Often the part that is the most connected with the Star Wars universe and lore. Unfortunately that failure negates whatever is theoretically successful. And no reasoning can change that feeling of disappointment.
    When Peter Jackson had his triumph with Return of the King, he told the cheering fans they had been ’terrified of letting you guys down’. TLJ let us down, no matter How we analyze it.
    I acknowledge liking a lot of it. But as a whole, I felt empty. One day I will watch the dvd I bought ages ago. I will try to think of all said here and other places. But I expect to be as disappointed as I was after the two times I saw it at the movies. Both times really wanting to like it.
    I told a friend it’s a good movie, but that I wasn’t sure If it was a good Star Wars movie. The difference is crucial.

  • Robin
    Robin 2 months ago +1

    The main problem was that it's mainly intended as a propaganda piece by Disney to a large extent (check interviews with CEO of Disney or Ryan Johnson if you think I'm making this all up). So part of what they wanted to happen was just given by their own agenda rather than by what would make sense within the context of the movie. And sure, I can see that if someone isn't really too aware of the previous movies and is on the same page as Disney in that regards that there's a lot of scenes that nicely resonate with those moral emotions and thus leave one with a positive feeling of the movie overall.
    Though I think if that wasn't the case no one would try and justify that terrible writing to be frank. Like, yeah, the character development was cool, but the way Johnson went on about it was just terrible in most cases. On top of that he shat in pretty much all the previous characters that people had positive connections to (except ofc Leia, cause she's a woman, so she has to suddenly be able to use the force and survive space vacuum for no reason).
    Like give me all that character development without forcing the propaganda into it and destroying half the franchises lore and previous characters and it would be a great movie, but do it like he did and it's just a failed political ad without much depth or coherence

  • kenz
    kenz 2 months ago +1

    i loved this video!! i loved the last jedi! although i disagree wholeheartedly that kylo is manipulating rey. he couldn’t manipulate his way out of a paper bag haha

  • 123pa1n
    123pa1n 2 months ago

    tjhe reveal that her parents are nobodys is brilliant?XD its retarded and turns her into even more of a mary sue xDDD sorry but cant watch beyond that... christ..

  • 外国人说中文
    外国人说中文 2 months ago

    LISTEN, the movie SUCKED because of the plot holes, character betrayals, etc... All the writing analyses are cool and all, BUT THE MOVIE STILL FREAKING SUCKED

  • Julian Zabala
    Julian Zabala 2 months ago +1

    *Reads Comments*
    HAHAHAHAHAHAH man star wars fans are full of shit

    • Troin
      Troin Month ago

      Julian Zabala I never said that those people don’t exist. I was just bringing up another example.

    • Julian Zabala
      Julian Zabala Month ago

      +Troin nah son I agree with what I think is a good argument. Trust me I know those fanboys exist. Mostly because of Thor Ragnarok.

    • Troin
      Troin Month ago +1

      Julian Zabala They’re also MauLer fanboys who tend to agree with everything he says and act toxic and condescending about it.

  • sadvamp1
    sadvamp1 2 months ago

    Ohh, man this is big big bullshit! Yeah... those 21 questions are answered, yet still... the movie is filled with SJW bullshit, destroyed the old main characters, and every consistency established by the previous 6 movies.... so no... TLJ is still a big pile of garbage, even it can answer the questions.

  • ArsonDigital
    ArsonDigital 2 months ago

    This makes little sense to me. I get what you’re suggesting, but, to me, what you’re ultimately saying is that RJ made a bad movie, but he did it with a lot of thought and more character development than people want to give it credit for. A bad movie at end of the day is still a bad movie. To me, the fact that he really tried to do something “thoughtful” makes its ultimate failure more complete. TLJ is hot wet garbage no matter how much thought RJ put into it. :/

  • F Gievski
    F Gievski 2 months ago

    Nail on the head

  • Diane K
    Diane K 2 months ago

    This was wonderful. I do love The Last Jedi but you really focused some of my reasons for it!

  • Ben Gorniak
    Ben Gorniak 2 months ago

    Thank you very much for this video.

  • Billy Prs
    Billy Prs 2 months ago

    TLJ tells to forget the past, forget the old jedi ways , yet the last thing you see is a back flip, rey saved the old jedi scripts. Also Rey faces zero adversity. Your are overeaching A LOT!

  • Brade Bronson
    Brade Bronson 2 months ago

    Sooo, no ones gonna mention that Rose Tico has the most complex character arc

  • Christopher Cooper
    Christopher Cooper 2 months ago +1

    TLJ is a good film, BUT not a good Star Wars film...

  • Dave Marx
    Dave Marx 2 months ago

    Rabble rabble rabble rabble
    Honestly, I think the film was ok. It was all the political nonsense *around* it that bugged me.
    I'll see 9. I didn't see Solo because I didn't care about his past. It had nothing to do with that boycott which I didn't know about until a couple days after, when I heard about the box office loss (still not an actual loss btw)
    If I honestly didn't care about starwars anymore, I wouldn't even be upset.

  • Rob K
    Rob K 2 months ago +2

    "The Last Jedi was good."
    No, this is a false statement. Anything anyone can say cannot change the fact that it's an awful movie. You should instead say: "Some things in The Last Jedi are good." That would be correct, since certain aspects and scenes were good, but the movie as a whole is beyond awful.
    I suggest watching The Anti Trekker's review if you want to better understand, but as someone who reviews movies you should really know by now what makes a good movie.

    • Rob K
      Rob K 27 days ago

      You wrote words. Congratulations.

    • Aaron Curtis
      Aaron Curtis 27 days ago

      "The last Jedi is bad". No, this is a false statement. Anything anyone can say cannot change the fact it's a good movie. You should instead say, some things in the last Jedi are bad. That would be correct, since certain aspects/ scenes we're poorly done but... Hehe, see what I did there

  • Trevor Greenfield
    Trevor Greenfield 2 months ago +2


  • Catfactory
    Catfactory 2 months ago +2

    Excellent analysis. I hope the whinging fans come to grips with how good the movie is one day -- they're missing out.

  • R&Frank
    R&Frank 2 months ago

    Maybe, The Last Jedi followed a formula well, but it lacks in so many other areas. To me it was still underwhelming.

  • Olivia Ulbricht
    Olivia Ulbricht 2 months ago +3

    I love this video. Thank you so much

  • Olivia Ulbricht
    Olivia Ulbricht 2 months ago

    Thank you

  • S3
    S3 2 months ago

    Hmmm. I think you forget what is Star Wars about. Is an Adventure stroy, Is not a Chrsitpoher Nolan film, so that is the conflict and of Course the characters of Rose Phin, Rey...

  • colpul2
    colpul2 2 months ago

    No, it was at best a weak story regardless if it hit certain checkpoints. Rey still a Mary Sue who never faces a challenge she can't easily deal with without earning it, still nothing to emotionally attach me to the characters, any of them. Still weak sauce story in an unchallenging plot. The story is just some narrative to advance the plot from one unremarkable action/chase sequence to the next. Huge plot holes, hug leaps that required unearned suspension of belief. For me this was an OK entertaining move, much like the Transformer movies are OK watch them once entertaining. It isn't that it's a horrible movie but that it is just so average.
    And those 7 basic questions EVERY movie answers them if you force them filled. Someone could just as easily do a vid essay on why they didn't meet them. But much like all the arguments that Rey isn't a Mary Sue it does not change that it is what it is and what The Last Jedi is an average movie that fails the Star Wars story. And no, while I loved the first Star Wars movie, New Hope as all the kids are calling it, I'm by no means a Star Wars fanboy, not even close. Just that the story of New Hope was an almost perfect capture of the monomyth with a fun campy serial quality.

  • tikiedit
    tikiedit 2 months ago +1

    The film had no plot or main character.

  • Jason
    Jason 2 months ago

    This movie is shit writing! Thanks for being an apologist for it and showing what side you're on.

  • Tiago Toledo
    Tiago Toledo 2 months ago


  • BuddhaJube
    BuddhaJube 2 months ago

    I get that this is 4 months out and no one will read this, but I came here after watching your Matrix sequels review. The contrast between the two is remarkable. In the Matrix you argue you need to tune your brain to a higher level and in The Last Jedi you need to dumb it down. Are there character arcs? Sure but they are also peppered with logical inconsistancies that make me question if anyone looked at the script as a whole. Rey turning on Kylo makes no sense and was very anti-Jedi. Any of the choices Haldo makes or any military commander in the movie shows a strange lack of common sense and tactics, considering she doesn't want to be seen as a hero Haldo's actions speak very differently. Rose's saving Finn at the end is both parts ridiculous and nonsensical.
    So my issues with the movie are not with the fact it is a Star Wars movie but purely that it doesn't follow it's own internal logic. It does not have good writing, it had a very basic first year film student plot and while I agree Star Wars needed to have a movie that was more than fan service or a remake saying this was the movie it needed smacks of inexperience. Honestly I don't think you even believe that.
    The movie is passable not great not even good and if it wasn't Star Wars no one would have ever watched it or cared.

  • Andy A
    Andy A 2 months ago

    That some characters have internal conflict is not the same as a movie being good.
    Even in The Room some characters have internal conflict.

  • AlexReynard
    AlexReynard 2 months ago

    *No, we cannot agree that it says what it wants to say in an effective manner.* The whole film strikes again and again on the idea of letting go of the past and forging something new. Except it won't commit to that in the end, because we need a laser battle pew pew. We see Rey and Kylo confront their beliefs about the Force and draw closer together, and finally they fight side by side, and then, when they are just about to reconcile and join forces, the film says NOPE! and instead they revert right back to Good Girl and Bad Guy. And what's most infuriating is that, if you have moved Kylo vs Luke to _before_ the confrontation with Snoke, then Kylo's humiliation at the hands of Luke could have been what tipped him over into foregoing his anger, he could have fought with Rey, and the film could end on a shot of their hands clasped together in a new beginning. They led us to a conclusion and then swerved away from actual subversion or innovation at the last second. Whether from cowardice or seqel bait, fuck 'em.

  • Eric Abbott
    Eric Abbott 2 months ago

    Maybe, instead of using a single film critic's perspective of what makes a good movie, you should look at some of the almost infinite number of videos made by fans and youtube film critics analyzing The Last Jedi from pretty much every perspective imaginable. Pretty much anyone who knows what they are talking about has come to the conclusion that it is not a good movie no matter how you look at it (besides the visuals). If you won't do that, at least look at how fans and pretty much anyone who saw it across the world have reacted. The vast majority of them hated it. That alone makes it a terrible, terrible movie.

  • Eric Abbott
    Eric Abbott 2 months ago

    I got 3 min in and lost too many brain cells to keep going. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of anyone who made it to the end of the video.