Dank Hopping Under the Kaizo Bridge | Ryu Twitter Levels! [SUPER MARIO MAKER]

  • Published on Jun 27, 2017
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Comments • 238

    ΞᎢᎻΞЯΞΔᏝ 2 years ago +271

    i am fast, so i would like to say:
    i have been watching you for almost 2 months now but i live in europe so i cant be on your streams...
    anyways, love you Ryu!

  • Hannah Wells
    Hannah Wells 2 months ago

    That weird little creature is Chibi robo.. the greatest GameCube game of all time

  • RageCarrot
    RageCarrot 3 months ago

    When did Ryu stop cursing. Hardly hear it nowadays

    • Paraliez
      Paraliez 2 months ago

      When TheXvid and streaming became his full time job

  • skillzallday123
    skillzallday123 4 months ago

    dude you are a beast keep it up i see why you have so many subs

  • Wiesner
    Wiesner 5 months ago

    "RyuCarl" Sounds cool :D

  • MrPooPooJohn
    MrPooPooJohn 5 months ago

    There are so many skins in this game. No idea Chibi makes an appearance

  • John Wick
    John Wick 7 months ago

    No offense to Poo, Carl, Fail and every other SMM player out there, but you are by far the best SMM player there is... Period!

  • tim tompkins
    tim tompkins 8 months ago

    At 3:46 Yoshis got moves! Lol

  • Squid Master
    Squid Master 8 months ago

    What about a new series called ryu s&m

  • Seso Moral
    Seso Moral 8 months ago


  • BrownDogGaming
    BrownDogGaming 8 months ago

    13:14 when you cheat death

  • Hank the Hunk
    Hank the Hunk 8 months ago

    I watched because the word Dank was in the title :p
    Actually I like all your videos

  • CharlieRashi
    CharlieRashi 10 months ago

    Scooby got waves

  • Michael McGee
    Michael McGee 11 months ago

    Star power on the bullets was hilarious

  • Ultimate Break 82
    Ultimate Break 82 11 months ago

    Was the rio level an angry birds rio reference

  • Ryan Woolsey
    Ryan Woolsey Year ago

    5:48... this is Ryu’s gloryhole face

  • Krystle Taylor
    Krystle Taylor Year ago

    THat PyuRyuCarl level with the small platform boss fight. What if you did that, but with mushrooms instead of fire flower so you had to risk jumping on the guy instead of just shooting him?

  • D
    D Year ago

    13:15 should have been a slow motion moment

  • Segun Gamer 120
    Segun Gamer 120 Year ago

    Play street fighter 5

  • Segun Gamer 120
    Segun Gamer 120 Year ago

    Luigi Jumps I Know

  • charles crosby
    charles crosby Year ago

    Ryu-kidding me right now

  • Jamts DC
    Jamts DC Year ago +6

    6:04 anyone notice how the stars line up to the music?

  • Freeze frosty
    Freeze frosty Year ago

    Is the music from the true ending from eternal daughter?

  • TEC 5/325
    TEC 5/325 Year ago

    Ryukhar make more mario maker levels u entertaining son of a bitch. I watch u everyday in 2018

  • Adan Venegas
    Adan Venegas Year ago

    For some reason you are the only person I can watch play Mario maker other people are annoying but you it’s just chill. Keep it up man! I think I’ll always be watching

  • 777Edub
    777Edub Year ago

    11:20 That's what she said if I remember correctly

  • Sigma - 001 - Z
    Sigma - 001 - Z Year ago +2

    Dont dis chibi-robo

  • beux
    beux Year ago

    Accidently played this same video on my phone it's already playing on my PS4 didn't realize I was watching the same videos until the repeats lol

  • pewdiepie is better than tseries change my mind

    12:10 he looks like a vampire to me

  • MikeTMP_On
    MikeTMP_On Year ago

    look where Mario's standing O_O
    (Look at the spike)

  • Travis Jordan
    Travis Jordan Year ago


  • FF.TM
    FF.TM Year ago

    9:47 ryukahr: oh no

    Knuckles: oh no

  • Paul Desjardins
    Paul Desjardins 2 years ago

    You look like a smurf

  • Noobie
    Noobie 2 years ago

    “OH look at those speed strats, sexy”

  • mack wolfe
    mack wolfe 2 years ago



  • Canadian 01
    Canadian 01 2 years ago

    Mario was pounding yoshi 4:00

  • Ryan Roblox
    Ryan Roblox 2 years ago


  • Adrian Price
    Adrian Price 2 years ago

    Lmao the things you will go through to get your true ending, I love it lmao.

  • Natasha Park
    Natasha Park 2 years ago

    That was freaking AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Ziggy Rotten
    Ziggy Rotten 2 years ago

    Great idea to put a hook at the beginning of the video. Just a couple funny moments to get people to stay to see them.

  • Zeef
    Zeef 2 years ago

    I disliked bcus u said damn a lot but u die not say dab one Time!!!!!

  • Zeef
    Zeef 2 years ago


  • Zeef
    Zeef 2 years ago


  • Jose Tello
    Jose Tello 2 years ago

    Love you ryu ❤️

  • Zero 243
    Zero 243 2 years ago +1


  • BlocKoopa
    BlocKoopa 2 years ago


  • animegame100
    animegame100 2 years ago

    i like ryu and dashie

  • Metin2
    Metin2 2 years ago


  • Nintality
    Nintality 2 years ago

    You got crazy mario skills man, most of these stages look like mission impossible.

  • EtherealBlader X
    EtherealBlader X 2 years ago +1

    Hey I think that was chibi robo :D lol

  • The Real Boss
    The Real Boss 2 years ago

    This game is on ps4?

  • Steins; Ga Kill
    Steins; Ga Kill 2 years ago +1

    This entire gameplay was full of close calls lol

  • SmashTom
    SmashTom 2 years ago

    So, do you like spaghetti, Ryu? ;)

  • Makoto Tachibana
    Makoto Tachibana 2 years ago

    Your levels are so calming even when you get to a bad point. Keep up the good work I love watching these videos! 🌈☺️
    This is unrelated; but thanks for helping me fall asleep 😂😂 no not because these are boring!! Sometimes I'll close my eyes while watching and I'll be half asleep but then when I hear you say something my eyes will open again. 😂😂 I finally fell asleep! Thank you 😊😂😂😂😅😅

    1ANDONLY_M.I.C 2 years ago


  • Judson Berry
    Judson Berry 2 years ago +16

    Thank you @ryukahr for playing my level CheesySpaghetti. It is truly great to see a great TheXvidr reach out to his fans. I truly nerded out and got very excited once I realized you chose my level. The simple boss fight was just a reward. I didn't want the boss fight to kill your hard work. Plus I know you like "true ending". Once again thank you.

  • ziulyx
    ziulyx 2 years ago

    Wow! Great video Ryu! You're awesome when it comes to Mario! You just jumped right into my heart!

  • Michael
    Michael 2 years ago

    Whoah! I just played the 4th level you played because of a Reddit level exchange

  • Feelin Awesome
    Feelin Awesome 2 years ago

    Has Ryu's boyfriend ever been on the stream?

    • Feelin Awesome
      Feelin Awesome 2 years ago

      lol no I don't think so. I am just being ass.

    • RedManPower32
      RedManPower32 2 years ago

      Clint Boyd does he have a boyfriend?

  • Sir Potato Bottom
    Sir Potato Bottom 2 years ago +2

    13:02 those next few jumps line up with the music!