Sean Lock's INFURIATED By Clocks?! | 8 Out of 10 Cats | Best of Sean | Series 16


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  • E4
    E4  4 months ago +33

    ...Thoughts on clocks?
    Watch the series here:

    • OpTic ShitScared
      OpTic ShitScared 4 months ago

      yeah it was a decent song by coldplay

    • Maxim Seynaeve
      Maxim Seynaeve 4 months ago

      +Sea Skimmer chill out there buddy! No need to go all Brexit on me!

    • Sea Skimmer
      Sea Skimmer 4 months ago +1

      +Maxim Seynaeve Maybe because you don't appreciate proper humour :P

    • Maxim Seynaeve
      Maxim Seynaeve 4 months ago

      Why can't we watch the episodes in mainland Europe?

    • Sea Skimmer
      Sea Skimmer 4 months ago

      . I love clocks that set the time automatically,the radio controlled ones. and clocks that go back and forth each year automatically due to winter and summer. Well really down to the germans if we can believe history which most of the time we can't because we are lied to about it.

  • Heigs
    Heigs 2 days ago

    Jesus christ what did we do to deserve Sean Lock😂😂😂😂

  • Trevor Mwendwa
    Trevor Mwendwa 4 days ago

    Sean Lock is unquestionably the funniest British comedian on Tv & the internet 😂

  • Musicownz1997
    Musicownz1997 5 days ago

    Did I just see Richard Hammond on there

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 8 days ago

    4:12 I figured out how Sean lost his voice.

  • The DANK Zenon
    The DANK Zenon 16 days ago

    Fuck you old lady we’re gonna die

  • JD Speaks
    JD Speaks 20 days ago

    Claudia... love of my dreams.

  • Woody
    Woody 25 days ago

    Seriously what is wrong with that guys hair

  • Sketch Armslong
    Sketch Armslong 28 days ago +3

    Paul foot is an absolute legend

  • Zaher Miah
    Zaher Miah Month ago +2

    Sean lock would be great in top gear

  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr Month ago +1

    He might be the funniest person in the world.

  • Mac Beth
    Mac Beth Month ago +1

    Sorry but I don't think #8oo10c will catch on

  • Hollyleaf
    Hollyleaf Month ago

    thank uou alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin Thompson
    Austin Thompson Month ago +1

    Everybody in comments wants to talk about Claudia but kat Ryan is drop dead gorgeous

  • The Todd
    The Todd Month ago +1

    4:13 The song he‘s singing is „Summerbreeze“ by Seals & Crofts if anyone‘s wondering

  • sed8me69
    sed8me69 Month ago

    1:26 - "part of a loving hetrosexual relationship"
    Does it alone when wife is away....
    A well sneaky flaw(?) that makes the Halarious bit a fair bit of a funnier bit 😉

    • centre mental
      centre mental 25 days ago

      sed8me69, he might be deeply closeted.

  • Alice Smith
    Alice Smith Month ago +2

    old man yells at cloud

  • Ashley Hayes
    Ashley Hayes Month ago


  • Troy Jeffrey
    Troy Jeffrey Month ago

    The funniest thing is he's absolutely correct.

  • Bob McKenzie
    Bob McKenzie Month ago +4

    Sean Lock and Bob Mortimer are comedy geniuses !

  • Gerard Glancy
    Gerard Glancy Month ago

    hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hiiaaaaa. That fucking laugh!!! Funny guy, but his laugh does my head in!

  • amyisaway
    amyisaway Month ago

    sean clock?

  • 108johnny
    108johnny Month ago

    Camping- what's the attraction?
    Fewer people.
    Lowered hygiene standards.

  • Brett B
    Brett B Month ago

    geez don't sneeze when Sean Locke is talking - you could die laughing at the same time

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown Month ago

    I'm going to make Sean Lock screaming "FUCK YOU OLD LADY! YOU'RE GONNA DIIEEE!!" my morning alarm ringtone.

  • Beef
    Beef 2 months ago

    The old lady on the plane routine haha. "wanna swap clothes? It will. Look craaaazzzyy in the wreckage"

  • Prasanna J
    Prasanna J 2 months ago

    Paul Foot having the last laugh was amazing to watch.

  • shrikanthkalyan
    shrikanthkalyan 2 months ago

    who's the blonde at 5:32?

    • centre mental
      centre mental 25 days ago +1

      shrikanthkalyan, this is from a few years ago, but before dying it blonde, she used to have dark(er) hair and was on (maybe still is, I have no idea,) a tv show called Coronation Street.

    • KRIBZ 45
      KRIBZ 45 Month ago +2

      helen flanagan

  • Ed Sharp
    Ed Sharp 2 months ago

    *That* guy should not have long hair

  • Pardon me,
    Pardon me, 2 months ago

    Sean Lock is Norm MacDonald's eviler twin.

    • centre mental
      centre mental 25 days ago

      Pardon me, Pardon me, but they're both good guys. 🙂

  • jacob_ films
    jacob_ films 2 months ago +2

    8:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Shrestha
    Alex Shrestha 3 months ago

    If i wake up to Jimmy Carr's laugh i will fucking neck the prick

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago

      are you trying to say deck or is neck the prick a euphemism for some vampiric sexual act

  • Jack Napier
    Jack Napier 3 months ago

    Thanks for not pushing me in front of that train. Haha Sean is brilliant.

  • Nineteen Seventy7
    Nineteen Seventy7 3 months ago

    10:13 Sean does his monty python Makes me mad!

  • Nineteen Seventy7
    Nineteen Seventy7 3 months ago

    8:53 Sean doing a bit of an Alf Garnet on clocks!

  • Kribz igk
    Kribz igk 3 months ago

    Seans face ffs hahahahahahahaaaaa!!!

  • Justin Kalman
    Justin Kalman 3 months ago +6

    "...especially ME!!! HYAAAAAAAAH!!!"
    I am dying...!

  • Adam Tate
    Adam Tate 3 months ago


  • Name of the Rose
    Name of the Rose 3 months ago

    Speaking of clocks, how about when you're watching a game and there's 2 minutes left, and that means there's at least a half an hour left!?

    X PARKS 3 months ago

    10:30 When you're having a really difficult shit

  • Woody
    Woody 3 months ago

    what the fuck is up with that guys hair

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater 3 months ago +17

    so I'm sitting here with my cheesestrings feeling rather offended..

  • tom waterson
    tom waterson 3 months ago


  • WOODY Don
    WOODY Don 3 months ago

    Is there any point in Claudia being there seen as all she does is laugh and agree with anything cos shes not funny herself Its a comedy panel show not house of lords. Fucking dick

    • WOODY Don
      WOODY Don 3 months ago

      Mass Debater cheers for the explanation you fat fucking peadophile cunt

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago

      +The Don lmao is that above your intellectual comprehension? to simplify for you I was agreeing but would add that no woman comedian has ever been funny or essential so that's what I'm chatting bruvva it shouldn't have needed explaining though fuckwit

    • WOODY Don
      WOODY Don 3 months ago

      Mass Debater what u chatting?

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago

      I concur but would broaden that scope to include all women 'comedians' bar for one

  • suzuki sinclair
    suzuki sinclair 3 months ago +6

    sean's wife is so lucky. i imagine he'd never stop making you laugh.

    KEV STEWART 4 months ago

    Claudia oh yeeeeeessss

  • Tali Zorah
    Tali Zorah 4 months ago

    David O'Doherty has the face of a flaccid penis and the personality of a haunted vagina.

  • Jeff Skills
    Jeff Skills 4 months ago +4

    God Claudia winkleman is annoying!

  • toast4242
    toast4242 4 months ago

    Why do Brits always wear these weird red flowers ?

    • Traditionalist Cunt
      Traditionalist Cunt 3 months ago +2

      Patsy Catsy - That's untrue.. British empire was still active at the time, we were the ones expanding in Africa and such.

    • Patsy The Cat
      Patsy The Cat 4 months ago +2

      We wear 'those weird red flowers' to stop the world from speaking German.. 🇬🇧

    • Aaron Campbell
      Aaron Campbell 4 months ago +1

      toast4242 I’m assuming you’re talking about poppies, you buy them from the royal British legion or other charities and you wear them to support the troops that died in world war 1 during November as that’s when the First World War ended. They aren’t real poppies, but made of card and plastic.

  • Dnows Unknown
    Dnows Unknown 4 months ago

    8:41 Sean WHIPS

  • Guus Hoogeboom
    Guus Hoogeboom 4 months ago +2

    Sean Clock

  • Harfast
    Harfast 4 months ago +2

    So Sean hates clocks? I know, let's start our own version of Countdown.

  • UHDGamers 2015
    UHDGamers 2015 4 months ago +16

    Carol Vorderman is a mega gilf now 😂

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 2 months ago

      +baldyarmpits I don't discriminate I'm a cunt all year round but yeah happy Christmas matey

    • baldyarmpits
      baldyarmpits 2 months ago +1

      +Mass Debater happy Christmas to you too

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 2 months ago

      +baldyarmpits your intellect knows no bounds how did you come up with such original zingers?

    • baldyarmpits
      baldyarmpits 2 months ago

      Your opinion is as useful as christy browns right foot

    • baldyarmpits
      baldyarmpits 2 months ago +1

      Your opinion is as useful as tits on a Nun

  • Will Bourner V
    Will Bourner V 4 months ago +21

    I’d destroy vorderman

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago +1

      oops misread that although she does resemble voldemort

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago +7

      are you harry Potter?

    HANGMAN NZ 4 months ago +6

    I could watch Sean Lock for hours! The guy is absolutely hilarious 😂😂

      HANGMAN NZ 3 months ago

      +Mass Debater
      Not creepy at all.
      I enjoy watching live performances of comedians and Sean Lock is one of the best around, and I could watch him do comedy for hours.
      I don't see how that can be taken as "creepy".

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago

      that's a bit creepy man

  • Just a guy wasting some time

    Ive been attacked by loads of bears

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago

      +CorvusCorone68 in alaska it's illegal to not be armed against bears

    • CorvusCorone68
      CorvusCorone68 4 months ago +1

      in the US there's a law giving the right to arm bears

  • Daniel Calvert
    Daniel Calvert 4 months ago

    So much better than the 'does countdown' format!

  • Tom bones Jones
    Tom bones Jones 4 months ago

    I can't believe this clock thing isn't in best of Sean lock compilations

  • wicious
    wicious 4 months ago +3

    That's my exact thought process when I cross in front of a car haha

  • Cancer Horse
    Cancer Horse 4 months ago +11

    Christ, Carol is hot

  • Foxtrot Mike Lima
    Foxtrot Mike Lima 4 months ago

    I wish they'd can him.

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago

      Delta Oscar Papa Echo Yankee
      Charlie Uniform November Tango

    • YIIMM
      YIIMM 4 months ago


  • egg
    egg 4 months ago

    Just laughed ngl

  • L Turner
    L Turner 4 months ago +94

    Bet you could hear Jimmy laughing in a whole concert full of people...

    • HyperWalrus 007
      HyperWalrus 007 12 days ago

      There’s a video on Frankie Boyle somewhere apparently you can hear jimmy laughing from the crowd

    • KRIBZ 45
      KRIBZ 45 19 days ago

      Depends on if Ricky Gervais is there aswel

    • John Rainey
      John Rainey 2 months ago +2

      He had a story of him going to a show of one of his friends in comedy and being singled out in it because he heard his laugh from the back of the concert

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago

      you probably could seeing as he would be on the stage

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago +18

      ...Or even at feeding time at Sea World.

  • Josh Roberts
    Josh Roberts 4 months ago +22

    4:12 Summer Breeze makes me feel ffaaahhhiiinne

    • wicious
      wicious 4 months ago +4


  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 4 months ago +6

    Dear god, Carol Vorderman has the chest of 10 women. I'm mildly jealous.

    • pixel girl
      pixel girl 2 months ago +1

      +Mass Debater, why are you following me around on TheXvid, you creepy fucking stalker?

    • S. G.
      S. G. 3 months ago +2

      Valuable contribution from Mass Debater here. Thanks

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago

      I have never seen you and know nothing about you yet I would consent to be legally bound to fuck you 200 times before I even considered getting hard over that dirty ugly sack of potatoes I dunno what atrocity your features present but unless you are recently deceased you should think better of yourself at least compared to that mess

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago +3

      ...And enough to raise the wood of 10 trees, I expect.

  • Maxim Seynaeve
    Maxim Seynaeve 4 months ago +12

    Jimmy back taxes must have been insane because he can't remember that in a regular hotel, the toilet is in your room. There's no people to pass.

    • richard cunningham
      richard cunningham 3 months ago

      Actually if you go to a proper hotel the toilet is down the hall.
      Ensuite rooms used to be for the rich people who could afford the luxury.
      It's not until the modern times when ensuite became all the rooms in a modern hotel.
      If you go to a hotel in every town in Australia they all have bathrooms down the hall but they don't have any business unless all the motels are booked up in town. Motels are the best now.

    • Chaos Corner
      Chaos Corner 3 months ago

      +Mass Debater Every hotel except cheap-ass hotels so not every hotel?

      The whole idea of a hotel is a place to sleep and take care of needs. Many hotels in the UK were built before en-suite was a thing. Some even before indoor plumbing was a thing. Conversions have happened a lot but I don't know if it applies everywhere.

    • Mass Debater
      Mass Debater 3 months ago +1

      every hotel in the UK has an ensuite the whole idea of a hotel is luxury and convenience are you sure you haven't confused it with a B&B or some cheap ass hotels

    • Maxim Seynaeve
      Maxim Seynaeve 4 months ago +1

      +Chaos Corner Never been to the US and I've never stayed in a hotel where I have to walk down a hallway to a toilet.

  • Jonathan Lunn
    Jonathan Lunn 4 months ago +2

    3:33 haha

  • MrWickedd69
    MrWickedd69 4 months ago

    I don't Jimmy Carr has ever actually laughed at anything in his life

    • Jonathan Reyes
      Jonathan Reyes Month ago

      Didn't he make himself laugh with that famous "glory holes" comment to Suzie on Cats?

    • Aaron Campbell
      Aaron Campbell 4 months ago +2

      MrWickedd69 one time when Sean offered to not spit on miles jupp whilst they were having sex actually made jimmy laugh for real

  • Joey Owens
    Joey Owens 4 months ago +19

    While watching Jimmy Carr Stand-Up vids, i Started seeing all these BBC-4, 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown vid suggestions. So I Hit'Em Up, & BAM!
    I was introduced to Sean Lock.
    Instant Fan.
    I Would Love to Hang-Out with that Funny MoFo.
    Even Jon is Hilarious. I Share a few of his O.C.D's.

    ADAM OF GREYSKULL 4 months ago

    Sean is legitimate crazy. Love it

    ADAM OF GREYSKULL 4 months ago +11

    Damn carol vorderman is sexy as hell whooooooooo

  • Alexanderiii
    Alexanderiii 4 months ago +2

    Clocks are set at different times so the people in the Jewellers aren't deafened ever hour when they all would chime. Think about it Sean.

    • JohnD640
      JohnD640 4 months ago +1

      +Morgan Oxer I've had the chime of my life...

    • Morgan Oxer
      Morgan Oxer 4 months ago

      Alexanderiii oh yeah because every clock chimes as every hour passes and even if every clock did chime as every hour passed they’d rather they all chimes at the same time than one going of every couple of minutes. It would just be annoying. Think about it Alexanderiii

  • pepegstar
    pepegstar 4 months ago +5

    00:53 pause

  • IG Mylegasi
    IG Mylegasi 4 months ago

    fuck me jimmy's laugh is worse than ear cancer

  • Rob Burgess
    Rob Burgess 4 months ago +20

    I love Claudia so much

    • Kms
      Kms 2 months ago

      you are alone.

    • Jamie W
      Jamie W 3 months ago +1

      +richard cunningham
      Sean: "before the hat, what people had to en........"
      Claudia: *stupid noise for attention*

    • richard cunningham
      richard cunningham 3 months ago +5

      Doubt she did it to interrupt Sean considering it never actually interrupted him. She's always been generous with her laughter. Like miles Jupp is.

    • Jamie W
      Jamie W 4 months ago +3

      +Frederick J. Apart from interrupting Sean half way through a joke with a clearly fake laugh and irritating noise?

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago +3

      Disagree. I have never seen her butt in rudely on this show. Never.

  • Sachin Sharma
    Sachin Sharma 4 months ago +3

    I love it when your girl tick tock pon me

  • gtfo utube
    gtfo utube 4 months ago +1

    Why wasn't Katherine Ryan dressed in a hijab. She has converted to Islam after all.

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago

      Converted, really? Hmm... I guess Katherine finally did bring the mountains to Mohammad!

    • Chaos Corner
      Chaos Corner 4 months ago +2

      Not actually an Islam thing. I've met many muslims who dress in western fashion. It used to be the way in Iran too before it went to crap.

  • ckyisyourfuture
    ckyisyourfuture 4 months ago +213

    i just absolutely adore watching claudia crack up

    • Abhishek Sharma
      Abhishek Sharma 17 days ago +1

      +richard cunningham and Dawn o porter

    • Sean Bryan
      Sean Bryan 3 months ago +4

      She’s annoying

    • richard cunningham
      richard cunningham 3 months ago +2

      Claudia is the only woman on the planet who can pull the fringe look. Hot as fuck. And generous with her laughter.

    • TheAwesome Ran
      TheAwesome Ran 4 months ago +1

      I just absolutely adore watching Claudia

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago +9

      I'd like to pal around with Claudia just about any day. If you've got some wit about you, how could she not make you feel great? And Claudia always pays close attention to what's being said, silly or serious. Seems like what you see is what you get. 💟

  • Becky Welton-Fodder
    Becky Welton-Fodder 4 months ago +7


  • William Delaporte
    William Delaporte 4 months ago +85

    Note to self: Do not underestimate Sean

  • Xplora213
    Xplora213 4 months ago +20

    She was the girl on Countdown? Not one bloke noticed it was about numbers or words, just that they put a timer until the next Carol shot.

    • DarkParagon
      DarkParagon 4 months ago +1

      Now they put Rachel Riley on it's pretty much the same pattern.

  • IHACKER316
    IHACKER316 4 months ago +476

    Sean Lock is the God of panel shows followed by Lee mack and David Mitchel and Bob Mortimor

      SUBHA GHOSAL 21 day ago

      I didn't find his stage shows that funny. But his panel appearances are amazing

    • Vegeta San
      Vegeta San 25 days ago

      Fam where my boi jon richardson

    • John Wright
      John Wright Month ago

      +WOODY Don tool

    • sed8me69
      sed8me69 Month ago

      +Rok Fish, agreed, seems to me he'd use up the setups of others rather than Banter or build up on a long game.
      Shame cos his witt is remarkable...

    • sed8me69
      sed8me69 Month ago

      Don't totally agree, but funny is a very personal kink hey 😉
      Does no one Count The Blue Whale Lover on QI cos he seldom visits other Pannels..?
      Sean's AwEsOmE, a comedian who cracks up other comedians,
      So that'd make Bill Bailey is Sean's Sean right!?

  • MegaChris
    MegaChris 4 months ago +434

    tick tock
    hide the clock
    from Sean Lock
    he has a glock

    • le lo
      le lo 18 days ago

      +O Gent no it isn't

    • O Gent
      O Gent 23 days ago

      Tick tock
      hide the clock
      Sean lock
      has a glock
      Is much better

    • Tom X2
      Tom X2 2 months ago

      He has a hand grenade ಠ_ಠ

    • WOODY Don
      WOODY Don 3 months ago


    • CorvusCorone68
      CorvusCorone68 4 months ago +2

      funny thing is, clock comes from the German word glock, meaning bell; glockenspiel is bell set; medieval clocks included bells so peasants who couldn't read Roman numerals could tell the time

  • Mustangtel
    Mustangtel 4 months ago +121

    Vorderman's got a decent set of headlamps on her.

    • Tali Zorah
      Tali Zorah 3 months ago +1

      Hahaha!! +loodlebop

    • David Green
      David Green 3 months ago

      Bought and paid for...

    • Tali Zorah
      Tali Zorah 4 months ago +1 long as she doesn't talk.

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago

      Yep, and as Orson Welles speaking on TV for Paul Masson Vineyards once said, " wine before it's time". Carol looks especially ready to enjoy, I think.

    • fongfongy
      fongfongy 4 months ago +1

      Like fine wine.

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond 4 months ago

    Oh sean u r funny x could watch u all day x feckin clocks x thanku x love u x god bless x

  • g davies
    g davies 4 months ago +9

    I got a headache from laughing so hard😐

  • Wind Turbine
    Wind Turbine 4 months ago +100

    Best comedian in the country by far.

    • Stijn de Groen
      Stijn de Groen Month ago

      +Wind Turbine 0
      L q'bvOMJJ'NOM

      u 8mhh

    • blackaface
      blackaface 2 months ago

      Wind Turbine yep

    • Prasanna J
      Prasanna J 2 months ago +1

      I disagree sir. In the world.

    • WOODY Don
      WOODY Don 3 months ago

      Lxxx MXXX no it doesnt. He is just a cringey old pervy guy who talks bollocks

    • Lxxx MXXX
      Lxxx MXXX 3 months ago +1

      +WOODY Don Not doing stand up doesn't make you a comedian? Wut?

  • Charlie Stanley
    Charlie Stanley 4 months ago +111

    Karen Vendermenn looks nice....

    • graham943
      graham943 Month ago


    • ManBearPig
      ManBearPig 2 months ago

      I thought it was Karen Voldermort

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago +2

      Thanks for the confirmation, Rashpal. ...Carol the Cougar, eh? Ha, ha, ha, I'm afraid I'm well past the target age for cougars, but I myself am O.K. with a much younger woman!

    • Rashpal Cheema
      Rashpal Cheema 4 months ago

      +Frederick J. Yes, that's the one

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago +6

      Provincial American's question here: Are we talking about the one displaying (proudly, I take it) the noteworthy & surprisingly fresh looking melons? Is she the same as I might be remembering in a hot red dress from clips of 'Loose Women'?

  • monkeydust100
    monkeydust100 4 months ago +7

    So... Does Sean wear his wife's cloths or not ? 😏

    • Pul5ar
      Pul5ar 4 months ago

      You know he does... look at him

    • dave smith
      dave smith 4 months ago +1

      Only new ones,
      he`s not some dirty old bloke.

    • Chris H
      Chris H 4 months ago +10

      He wears other men's wives clothing.

  • Ross Leighton
    Ross Leighton 4 months ago +18

    Does anyone else absolutely loathe Claudia Winkleman? She's so unfunny and over reacts to everything so people will laugh at how she over reacted. Ugh

    • Jon W
      Jon W Month ago

      +Ross Leighton im with you she seems like a shaky mummy whos not had her daily bottle of wine yet

    • Pete
      Pete 4 months ago +2

      Frank Linnartz the gauge of an over-reaction isn’t by comparison to your previous reactions. It’s usually based on what most of people would consider normal and over-reacting. If her reactions are consistently over and above what most other people consider to be normal, then yes, she is over-reacting. Smart arse.

    • wicious
      wicious 4 months ago


    • Sam Shorto
      Sam Shorto 4 months ago +1

      +Mark Walker Ooh yeah, would agree with both of those. Rhod Gilbert is great as well.

    • Mark Walker
      Mark Walker 4 months ago +3

      +Sam Shorto I would have Kevin Bridges on that list just for his horse story alone. Out of recent guests James Acaster us probably the best

  • Darklef D
    Darklef D 4 months ago +21

    Glad to hear that Sean’s voice is picking back up :)

    • DriveThru
      DriveThru 4 months ago +1

      Series 16 happened awhile ago I think, he's wearing his old glasses

    • Dismissing
      Dismissing 4 months ago +3

      Are you guys retarded or is this a woosh?

    • Itz _George
      Itz _George 4 months ago

      It's been better for months, not just this week.

    • Dismissing
      Dismissing 4 months ago +9

      This is ~4 years old

    • Chris H
      Chris H 4 months ago +4

      Think he lost it because he shouted at a lazy jeweller?

  • Symphony lover
    Symphony lover 4 months ago +53

    "Numbers with some sticks" how modern smartphone users feel looking at analogue clocks

    • Frederick J.
      Frederick J. 4 months ago

      All the way back in 1994, a kid working at a TV and Appliance superstore here in the American Midwest did not know what a portable "radio" was: "Whadya mean... [pause, puzzled look]... like, a boombox??" ...Er, never mind, Marconi.

    • reaperexpress
      reaperexpress 4 months ago

      "with some sticks moving DIFFERENT WAYS"

    • TRiG (Ireland)
      TRiG (Ireland) 4 months ago +1

      +Ann Other Digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

    • Ann Other
      Ann Other 4 months ago +7

      I'll let you into a secret - we even had digital clocks back in the 70s and you could wear them on your wrist

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer 4 months ago +76

    Do you think his first aid joke was because Richard Hammond was there? It makes it even funnier if that's the case.

    • senpai toast
      senpai toast 14 days ago

      Paula Go he likes to crash a lot

    • The DANK Zenon
      The DANK Zenon 16 days ago

      Fuck me hes had a car crash so he should be offended by first aid? Doubt it mate

    • Cornybeef
      Cornybeef Month ago

      Paula Go no fuck off

    • Jonny Sevent
      Jonny Sevent 3 months ago

      +Paula Go - The crash Richard Hammond was involved in was not just high speed. It was 300 miles per hour high speed. Pretty lucky to survive.

    • Paula Go
      Paula Go 4 months ago +1

      Hannah Davis thank you kind person :)

  • TemplarOrden Gaming
    TemplarOrden Gaming 4 months ago +7