Mackenzie Dern and Kelvin Gastelum Share Last Thoughts Before UFC 224 Fights in Brazil


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  • Neny barreto
    Neny barreto Month ago

    Charlie Brown Jr isn't a guy it's a band. The vocalist died from cocaine overdose and the bassist committed suicide a few months later.

  • Eddie LM
    Eddie LM 3 months ago

    Have you been fighting your whole life?
    "Uh yeah..Since I'm 6 years old."

    MEXTEKA 8 months ago +2


  • Raul Diaz
    Raul Diaz 9 months ago

    I dont understand why people are saying Dern wants gastelum.. I dont ser it.. yall need help

  • Rj
    Rj 9 months ago +1

    Damn the host nose is horrible only rivaled by elleby however you say his name

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 9 months ago

    hottest girl in MMA. I don't even think most MMA girls are that hot but Mackenzie is just THICC

  • Cris Elba
    Cris Elba 9 months ago +2

    Mckenzie so ugly for Kelvin

  • The Real Deal
    The Real Deal 9 months ago

    Dern looks like a damn gargoyle, sure she has a fat jiggly ass but that doesn't make up for that butterface #RealTalk

  • Chris Fraser
    Chris Fraser 9 months ago +1

    Mackenzie's living large..

  • Denn Mcambley
    Denn Mcambley 9 months ago +2

    so fake, stop smiling, she looks like a weirdo. Some kind of psycho, imagine that's your girlfriend......

  • Theron Nelson
    Theron Nelson 9 months ago +1

    These are lame questions

  • Rosie theRivetor
    Rosie theRivetor 9 months ago +1

    faking an accent.? So odd 2008 she did not sound like that at all.

  • SD Brahm
    SD Brahm 9 months ago +1

    These two totally fucked after this lol

    • Cubic Man
      Cubic Man 9 months ago

      She has a husband or a fiancee I forgot one of the 2

  • Raul Macias
    Raul Macias 9 months ago +11

    She wants that beef burrito 😅😅😅

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 9 months ago +8

    So hilarious. Kelvin shows up in a suit, talks about professionalism, and admits he doesn't have much time for other things. Dern shows up casually dressed and talks about wanting to dance. One made weight and one didn't.

    • JessMan508
      JessMan508 9 months ago

      Larry Medina
      Patrick didn't say anything to contradict your statement, Kelvin has missed weight past but didn't this time.

    • Larry Medina
      Larry Medina 9 months ago

      Patrick Bateman Kelvin missed weight twice and that is why he had to move up a division. Derp

  • Aaron Cooney Cooney
    Aaron Cooney Cooney 9 months ago

    These 2 fat fucks would fit in better at the breakfast club

  • Escorpio123PS
    Escorpio123PS 9 months ago +9

    10:30 one of the only times Kelvin looked at Mackenzie in a 14 minute interview. Lol

  • Escorpio123PS
    Escorpio123PS 9 months ago +20

    Mackenzie seems interested in Kelvin and Kelvin doesn't even stare or look at Mackenzie. Like ignoring her the whole interview or just not look at her.

      ALAN PARKER 7 months ago +2

      He's trying hard not to get a boner

    • Hugo Stiglitz
      Hugo Stiglitz 9 months ago +2

      That's because he wants her to be into him. He's smart LOL

    • HM Fitness
      HM Fitness 9 months ago +2

      Escorpio123PS Kelvin has a woman already lol

    • Larry Medina
      Larry Medina 9 months ago +1

      Cubic Man she is mentally ill.

    • gogalevus
      gogalevus 9 months ago +5

      Kelvin is a bit reserved, really likeable guy btw...

  • Hispanic!! at the disco
    Hispanic!! at the disco 9 months ago +2

    macdoubles dern missing weight and faking an mames puerca

  • Enabler
    Enabler 9 months ago +7

    Dern should really stop forcing that damn teethy smile, just relax lol

    • Raul Diaz
      Raul Diaz 9 months ago +1

      Larry Medina shes not fake

    • Larry Medina
      Larry Medina 9 months ago +1

      Enabler she is fake pretentious liar.

  • Valery Chekmazov
    Valery Chekmazov 9 months ago

    Bitch. She's interested to go for nutrition.... Hahahahahahahaha. Life is stranger than fiction

  • Kid Power
    Kid Power 9 months ago +11

    Where Johny Hendricks at? he fits in here perfectly

    • J
      J 9 months ago

      Kevin Reyes Lee missed weight once and it was by 1 pound

    • Valery Chekmazov
      Valery Chekmazov 9 months ago

      At Popeyes

    • Kev
      Kev 9 months ago

      also... Wheres Kevin Lee??

  • Joe Ola
    Joe Ola 9 months ago +11

    I understand the accent. Even though she's born and raised in Arizona, her father is Brazilian, and she's lived there and been around Brazilians for the past couple years - so developing an accent is normal. But there's NO excuse for poor grammar, you learned English in school like the rest of us

    • Andres Esquivel
      Andres Esquivel 2 months ago

      Naw, she's faking it

    • Eddie LM
      Eddie LM 3 months ago

      What about Kelvin? Both of his parents are Mexican and speak Spanish, so he's probably speaking more Spanish at home than Dern is speaking Portuguese. The town Kelvin grew up in is right by the border, and much like Cain Velasquez did, it was so easy to spend time and Mexico and come back home to the US. Kelvin still sounds just like any other American.

    • Larry Medina
      Larry Medina 9 months ago

      Joe Ola it's faked hommie. Your probably a liar yourself so it hurts u to see us go in on liars. She breaks her accent with words like hear, area, weary, third, and other words like this. She is mentally ill or embarrassed to be American. Her Portuguese is forced and conjugations are wrong. So she sound like an immigrant in Portuguese too. I'm Portuguese and even Brazilians say her Portuguese is forced and wrong.

  • K Dub
    K Dub 9 months ago +26

    Leave McKenzie alone she missed weight because she was practicing her english.

    • juggernaut316
      juggernaut316 9 months ago +1

      I think her translator told her the wrong weight.

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K 9 months ago +12

    Kelvin is an amazing fighter.

  • Kyle Tuchay
    Kyle Tuchay 9 months ago +15

    Mackenzie wants that GasteDICK

  • Shiffraw Dagnechaw
    Shiffraw Dagnechaw 9 months ago +11

    They both miss weight a lot they're meant for each other

    • JessMan508
      JessMan508 9 months ago +5

      Their kids would be some chubby ass killers.

  • TJ347
    TJ347 9 months ago +7

    Dern is gonna end up getting wrecked like Heather Hardy did. Undisciplined one dimensional hypetrain... It'll end in tears.

    • Raul Diaz
      Raul Diaz 9 months ago

      TJ347 dern is going to be a champ and represent Brazil well

  • Elias Romero
    Elias Romero 9 months ago +6

    Nacho Libre

  • Leon Roberts
    Leon Roberts 9 months ago +28

    "I wanna be likey the Kelvin. I wanna missy the weight more than he. It's normal"
    - Mackenzie "The Fat Pitbull" Dern

    • Eddie LM
      Eddie LM 3 months ago

      +Alpa Ćino I read it in Renato Laranja's voice lol.

    • Hugo Stiglitz
      Hugo Stiglitz 9 months ago +2

      she's not even remotely fat. Only phat.

    • Larry Medina
      Larry Medina 9 months ago +1

      Leon Roberts her father name is megaton. Lol

    • Alpa Ćino
      Alpa Ćino 9 months ago +1

      I read that in Anderson Silva's voice lol

    • Don N
      Don N 9 months ago +2

      Leon Roberts funny but lets not call her names lol

  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig 9 months ago +1

    you can already see shes to fat. look at that wobbly face.

  • Stephen Crumley
    Stephen Crumley 9 months ago

    The way she speaks is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard or hearing someone slurp milk after the cereal is gone ..... She's getting so much push and yet Thug Rose straight murks everyone, just annihilates the loudmouth champ, smokes her a second time but yet get no AirPlay......
    Meanwhile Ms Arizona has her own fuckin interpreter 24/7 .... smdh

  • MMA Demon
    MMA Demon 9 months ago +9

    yeah you might wanna kick back from that asahi Mackenzie lol

    • Larry Medina
      Larry Medina 9 months ago
      She can't fake this sentence power 106 make her say this
      "The third area had me weary and was really hard" so we can see how she tries to over fake it. It would hv her looking like she is filipino.

  • Joe Szabo
    Joe Szabo 9 months ago +27

    Do all people born and schooled in Arizona talk like that ?

    • Eddie LM
      Eddie LM 3 months ago

      +JessMan508 she was never an ESL student. She was the typical Arizona white girl for most of her life.

    • Eddie LM
      Eddie LM 3 months ago

      +Flashgott Basementer bullfuckingshit. She was never in Brazil for a long period of time and spent almost all of her life in Arizona. Kelvin is a Mexican American from Arizona as well, why doesnt he sound like a fucking foreign exchange student? He spends just as much time speaking Spanish with his parents and family and just as much time in Mexico as Dern does in Brazil. I'm Mexican American like Kelvin too, grew up in predominantly Mexican communities, so that excuse doesnt fly with me.

    • Eddie LM
      Eddie LM 3 months ago

      +Little Star Bis /Guerrero é ruim demais lol she's no more Brazilian than Kelvin is Mexican. In fact, Kelvin is more Mexican than Dern in is Brazilian, she only has one Brazilian parent.

    • JessMan508
      JessMan508 9 months ago

      She was most likely an ESL students, relax.

    • Raul Diaz
      Raul Diaz 9 months ago

      Joe Szabo shes Brazilian

  • saj
    saj 9 months ago +1

    they spelt gastelum wrong ffs

  • lapulapu54
    lapulapu54 9 months ago +2

    Kelvin ....

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 9 months ago +1

    Let's go guys!!