• Published on Sep 3, 2018
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  • ronald rogerson
    ronald rogerson 2 days ago

    Yes sure and we are all plugged into ps4 with vr but being harvested by robots

  • Gerardo Solórzano
    Gerardo Solórzano 2 days ago

    One of my favorite videos of you, Felix. No doubt why you are the king here.

  • cybersleep
    cybersleep 11 days ago

    Such an embarrasing understanding of the book it becomes ironic. The people that now think they fully understand the book by the way it is portrayed here becomes itself a simulation, it imitates the contents of the book, simulates it, but losing most of the original meaning.

  • The Negative Gamer
    The Negative Gamer 14 days ago

    You OBVIOUSLY don't read these but I wish you would have told me what you thought Morpheous should have said.

  • davranbek rozmetov
    davranbek rozmetov 21 day ago

    You Sauce, You Lose!

  • Just another wahmen
    Just another wahmen 29 days ago +2

    From a screaming soyboy to a person who found solace in cardboard people to a philosophical thinker. Very nice 👌🏻

  • Psyche
    Psyche Month ago +1

    despite all those downvotes, I highly enjoyed this video

  • Lil BOGO
    Lil BOGO Month ago

    This will allow us to beat t series content like this

  • Press Turbo
    Press Turbo Month ago

    This video should be shown in schools

  • Redbait
    Redbait Month ago

    WTF Did I just watch?

  • Maxime Mitchelson
    Maxime Mitchelson Month ago

    I sure wasn't expecting this by clicking on this video

  • Paul Alexandre Williams

    I tried reading simulacra and simulation of jean baudrillard. Jesus, i don't fuken get anything from it

  • Zanimate 98
    Zanimate 98 2 months ago +1

    You're trying way too hard to be smart. It's cringy. Sorry, just a thought. I'm unsubbed to T-Series by the way...

    • Zanimate 98
      Zanimate 98 Month ago

      +Alpaca Queen So what defines his intelligence? Always been smart, no he hasn't i've watched his videos and they involve some irrational behavior here and there. He even explains that TheXvid is like a drug to be in. In an interview, he seemed to be different from this "TheXvid" personality which is good, but If PewDiePie is considered smart (not sure on what though) then i'm convinced anyone can be as well. I'm on the neutral side of this, i don't think he is smart, neither is he dumb, but i noticed his way of tone in this video to be severely different to a point in which i can't take this video seriously. Once again he could have a natural tone fitting in with the channel's majority videos. And this topic has been covered multiple times, i'm sure googling things don't require great skill.

    • Alpaca Queen
      Alpaca Queen Month ago

      +Zanimate 98 This is him. He has moved away from being just a gaming channel to a commentary/variety channel a few years ago. He's always been smart. Just because he played games in the past doesn't mean he's not smart.
      I'll give you some examples. These are his past videos:
      and his book reviews.
      I've seen enough of his videos to be able to see that he's intelligent.

    • Zanimate 98
      Zanimate 98 Month ago +1

      +Alpaca Queen As a gaming channel, not as a thought provoking channel. What i meant as "trying way too hard to be smart" is that he is not himself in this video, compared to others. Look at this man's past vidos...

    • Alpaca Queen
      Alpaca Queen Month ago

      Well he is smart.

    • Zanimate 98
      Zanimate 98 Month ago

      +lilmighty I would have approached this manner differently, yes. And i liked my comment because i wanted it to be shown to more people.

  • Rodney Reyes
    Rodney Reyes 2 months ago +1

    *THEORIES* 👏 *AND* 👏 *PHILOSOPHIES* 👏 *REVIEW* 👏 everybody! 👏👏

  • Melody Ara
    Melody Ara 2 months ago

    I wish Pewds make more video-talks like that. I really enjoyed it!

  • Forda
    Forda 2 months ago

    I want more content like this

  • Daood4544
    Daood4544 2 months ago +1

    We have this video and then we have meme review

  • DeanRendar84
    DeanRendar84 2 months ago

    Who chose Morpheus's snazzy green tie and Neo's forrest green inner shirts as they just stepped in? That seemed intentional.

  • PaccoLazyGuy
    PaccoLazyGuy 2 months ago +1

    3:30 Nightmare fuel

  • Lasklo
    Lasklo 2 months ago +2

    Hey VSauce, PewDiePie here!

  • Fnordles
    Fnordles 2 months ago +1

    Take the red pill.

  • Leah Suter
    Leah Suter 2 months ago

    This is my favourite pewdiepie video it is really good

  • space koala
    space koala 2 months ago +2

    why'd he narrate this like a middle school student reading a paper in front of their class....

  • Mr. Payne
    Mr. Payne 2 months ago

    I love this, felix being calm in an almost satyrical tone, the informations, the dumb pictures in certain times

  • Xanesthia Killi
    Xanesthia Killi 2 months ago

    Why have I never seen this video?

  • GameStart just a simple youtube channel

    In a sense,we are living a simulation within our brains

  • Igstar
    Igstar 2 months ago +1

    Pewds is right now saying:
    "Bruh, look at me i'm so deep."

    BANDER SNATCH 2 months ago

    Neos hair is so green

  • Arse Hole
    Arse Hole 2 months ago

    “No ViEwS”

  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato 2 months ago


  • HeyitsHannah
    HeyitsHannah 2 months ago

    More 👏🏻 of these 👏🏻 videos 👏🏻 pleasE

  • DizesAaron
    DizesAaron 2 months ago

    Holy master Guяu Felix Aяvid Ulf Kjellberg the gяeasteat philosopheя of all time

  • Matthew Chalfant
    Matthew Chalfant 2 months ago


    if you really want your mind blown, then realize how you are both the simula-tion and the simula-tor

  • Brook Hall
    Brook Hall 3 months ago

    this video is underrated, it's almost annoying

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 3 months ago

    Hi, yes, can we simulate another black plague? Would be nice to have more resources and room once again... (Disclaimer: I think overcoming our consumption problems would be a better idea... But one can dream 😂 and joke)

  • Beam Team
    Beam Team 3 months ago

    That's real deep

  • Sh33p_Gameplay
    Sh33p_Gameplay 3 months ago

    Tf is this?

  • Alex Dill
    Alex Dill 3 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the piano music in the background?

  • maria herrera
    maria herrera 3 months ago +1

    Still the best video on youtube

  • CabbageMan
    CabbageMan 3 months ago

    Why does this feel like a last minute school project

  • Alyssa Esparza
    Alyssa Esparza 3 months ago

    We need more of these... conspiracy theory pewds????

  • Mr toast virgin
    Mr toast virgin 3 months ago


  • t pose oh yeah yeah
    t pose oh yeah yeah 3 months ago

    If you didn't notice the computer at 1:09 Felix put in some words i there like Twitter and mene

  • Ken Son
    Ken Son 3 months ago

    Great video Felix! Loved the content, this must have taken a lot of your time. Speaking from your own mind or thoughts based on research or facts doesn't matter this was very interesting to watch.
    Keep up the work and i wish for more of this similar format of video!

  • The Don DeLuxe
    The Don DeLuxe 3 months ago

    Pewds should go on Startalk.

  • GiveMeYourMoney
    GiveMeYourMoney 3 months ago +1

    Honestly, this is probably my favorite video of his, it’s so not pewds, yet in a way totally is, this video feels like a comment on on commentary videos, via the terrible music, the small reference meant to be cringe humor, and that one point where his legitimately states nobody’s gonna care, while still being a genuinely good commentary video that shows he really puts time and effort into all his work. This video I think shows just why we have this man on top, he gives the perfect mix of genuinity, while still being very entertaining

  • Sampopankki
    Sampopankki 3 months ago

    I know this is all "what ifs" until actually proven but... it's good to understand the consept so you can understand phenomenons that have these attributes (modern day money was a good example) and to, not necessarily have a better understanding of the metaphysical reality and yourself, but to have a better CHANCE of understanding them.

  • hoccus
    hoccus 3 months ago

    Does it matter if we're living in a simulation or not? Just live your life as peacefully and happily as you can :)

  • cameron roberts
    cameron roberts 3 months ago

    This video is so underrated, we need more of this

  • Malik Narayanin
    Malik Narayanin 3 months ago

    0:27 He needs some G-Sync!

  • Chad Hache
    Chad Hache 3 months ago

    honestly my favorite pewdiepie video

  • Bk417
    Bk417 3 months ago


  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt 3 months ago

    this is one of the best videos hes ever made

  • Ana Fox
    Ana Fox 3 months ago

    Good mindf*ck. Thank you.

  • Batata Mama
    Batata Mama 3 months ago


  • CanadianPsychosis
    CanadianPsychosis 3 months ago

    This is my 13th time watching this video, and this is the first video I clicked on from my recommended. Also Merry Christmas🎄🎁.

  • thales araujo novaes
    thales araujo novaes 3 months ago +1

    muito bom

  • Truth Is What You seek
    Truth Is What You seek 4 months ago

    Do more videos like this!!!!

  • smol u2ber
    smol u2ber 4 months ago

    So this world we're living now is a simulation then maybe heaven and hell is the real world?? 🤷🤯😵

    • AK SLICK
      AK SLICK 4 months ago

      Wow you don't say lil kid just waking up huh

  • Zlatko Polak
    Zlatko Polak 4 months ago

    That's a cool video he did, I would've never executed that lol

  • Logan Easley
    Logan Easley 4 months ago

    So thankful for this video. Using it as a source for my Freshman Socratic Seminar. Thank you poods.

  • Pacman GOD :v
    Pacman GOD :v 4 months ago


  • kevin rice
    kevin rice 4 months ago

    Didn't even know he made content like this...

  • Faust
    Faust 4 months ago

    I wish you people would take you more seriously

  • DJC188
    DJC188 4 months ago

    *PewDiePie is on a bridge*
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    Supid n...

  • Kam
    Kam 4 months ago

    I'm talking into the void here but you should definitely do more of this. I really enjoyed it.

  • keisha x
    keisha x 4 months ago

    make this a regular series 10/10

  • Rodrigo Guerrero
    Rodrigo Guerrero 4 months ago +2

    What if we are living in a simulation and we are stuck here until we die and when we die we go to the real world

    • Zalegend
      Zalegend 3 months ago

      If we die here, we are gone forever until someone revives us in the simulation. Like how u would revive ur character.

    • Ohira Yakamochi
      Ohira Yakamochi 4 months ago

      But what happens if you die in the real world?

    • Infamous the God
      Infamous the God 4 months ago

      Rodrigo Guerrero mind blown

  • The Darth Knight
    The Darth Knight 4 months ago

    This is Felix’s serious voice

  • It All Starts With Gilgamesh

    French subtitles! for God's sake man!

    SPORT THE GAMERS 4 months ago

    T Series is the best

  • Letícia Souza Oliveira


  • TechTack
    TechTack 4 months ago

    Hay phytify

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown 4 months ago

    Is this a school project?

    • MashRep
      MashRep Month ago

      Nah, Felix dropped out of school years ago.

  • Tobias Möller
    Tobias Möller 4 months ago

    why would we die if we would live a matrix

    • Adam Gil
      Adam Gil 4 months ago +1

      How do you know we actually "die"??? These are all pretty much unanswerable questions

  • sack of potatoes
    sack of potatoes 4 months ago


  • Maxbotnick
    Maxbotnick 4 months ago +7

    Feels like a Lemmino video.

  • Mustafa Iraq
    Mustafa Iraq 4 months ago philosophy, etc.

  • Me Hes
    Me Hes 4 months ago

    Yes we are in a simulation, that is reality and when we aren’t in a simulation we are outside reality where the laws of physics don’t exist. It is nothing to be afraid of nor anything special and at the same time fascinating.

  • KoTu
    KoTu 4 months ago

    if I live in simulation, please load another program because this one sucks.

  • Korni Flax
    Korni Flax 5 months ago

    Wait a minute....

    IS THIS CONTENT?!!?!!??!

  • Shane
    Shane 5 months ago

    hyper-normalisation by Adam Curtis is a documentary everyone should watch, but few will understand.

  • Jackson Jacoy
    Jackson Jacoy 5 months ago +1

    Still the best pewdiepie video

  • SwingerHD
    SwingerHD 5 months ago

    cuz be tryna wake the masses

  • strxss relief
    strxss relief 5 months ago

    I could listen to felix talking all day

  • strxss relief
    strxss relief 5 months ago


  • Carlos E R Pimentel
    Carlos E R Pimentel 5 months ago

    Jews! hahahah

  • Michael McCarthy
    Michael McCarthy 5 months ago


  • Kristina Washington
    Kristina Washington 5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Edray13
    Edray13 5 months ago +1

    I like the maturity

  • Braja Gopal Ghosh
    Braja Gopal Ghosh 5 months ago

    you sucks

  • ItsAllNaturally
    ItsAllNaturally 5 months ago

    Wow. Im jungshook.

  • FrankNsteinGtr
    FrankNsteinGtr 5 months ago


  • Nitin Dhiman
    Nitin Dhiman 5 months ago +20

    so an awkward handshake is basically a glitch in the simulation

    • Michael L. Johnson
      Michael L. Johnson 2 months ago

      This comment doesn’t have enough likes imho

    • sanitary bread
      sanitary bread 2 months ago +1

      Are you saying Pewdiepie as a whole is a glitch in the system???

  • Joson Mathew
    Joson Mathew 5 months ago

    Lemmino ripoff

  • Shark fin Katie
    Shark fin Katie 5 months ago

    Could you imagine if we were a video game from the future (ex: high-tech sims) and the player is watching us and he's like "oh shit, they're figuring it out"

  • Aesthetic x Creations
    Aesthetic x Creations 5 months ago +1


  • aditya fundekar
    aditya fundekar 5 months ago

    pewds reads stuff.