• Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • FIFA Bingo is back for FIFA 20! RTTF Themed and Hazard in a pack!!!
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Comments • 70

  • Ian Dong
    Ian Dong 16 days ago

    Here for giveaway

  • Sindre Rønning
    Sindre Rønning 17 days ago

    Do a checkpoint which says: Get one player representing each of the mayor leagues in one pack, easier with promo pack, but consider it

  • Sumron
    Sumron 19 days ago

    "i have litteraly no coins" meanwhile 20mio + coins

  • freddie Nichol
    freddie Nichol 21 day ago

    Jack: omg it’s hazard
    Jack in his head: DONT LET THIS F**KING SLIP NOW!

  • hej Nej
    hej Nej 22 days ago

    I have a checkpoint suggestion: Get a manager that has an icon card. For example Crespo, Gerrard, Lampard, Zidane, Alessandro Nesta and also Pep Guardiola.

  • Jamesgftw
    Jamesgftw 22 days ago +3

    Tom for the future just so you know: Leganes, Getafe, Rayo Vallecano, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid are all teams in Madrid. So you can use them all for the same city challenge

    WAYNESTOCK 22 days ago

    get someone new stop with the same one every video

  • Gary Stevenson
    Gary Stevenson 23 days ago

    You have to do a totw pack opening tonight!!!

  • DeSavageGamer
    DeSavageGamer 23 days ago

    I packed Dybala out of the rare gold pack you i got on monday

  • Benpie the senpai
    Benpie the senpai 23 days ago

    Imagine Jack complaining about coins when he constantly opens promo packs with just COINS :'D

  • Frankie Coku
    Frankie Coku 23 days ago

    2 gingers in one video. Now that’s a rare sight

  • Brennan Harrison
    Brennan Harrison 23 days ago

    Tom repping the Adelaide United badge, great choice

  • Huntert Thalbourne
    Huntert Thalbourne 23 days ago

    Try against Nick. I know he deleted his rich man but he deserves more collabs..

  • B Nada
    B Nada 23 days ago +1

    this Tom geezer looks like he smashes so much MD

  • Terence Waldron
    Terence Waldron 23 days ago +2

    jack wins because it aint a Fifa match

    • Terence Waldron
      Terence Waldron 23 days ago

      @CapgunTom that was a prediction before i seen the video haha

    • CapgunTom
      CapgunTom  23 days ago +1

      Wow no chill 😂

  • Zlatan Akinfenwa
    Zlatan Akinfenwa 23 days ago +1

    will different icons come out for icon swaps and if so will ever the same icon get another icon swap of their better version?

    • Zlatan Akinfenwa
      Zlatan Akinfenwa 23 days ago

      @SJK91 it did! thanks a lot bro

    • SJK91
      SJK91 23 days ago +1

      There are gonna be 3 batches of icon swaps through the game cycle and EA confirmed that an icon can only get 1 version of there card In swaps, hope this has answered you’re question

  • Lee Done
    Lee Done 23 days ago +11

    Is there any chance of a fifa bingo 3 way with your self and two sync?

    • Lee Done
      Lee Done 20 days ago

      2 + 1 = 3

    • Karna [QUIT]
      Karna [QUIT] 20 days ago

      Dexter Smith 🤦‍♂️ he did say a “bingo 3 way”

    • Dexter Smith
      Dexter Smith 20 days ago

      Also there's two of them

    • Karna [QUIT]
      Karna [QUIT] 21 day ago

      Lee Done that would be cool but TwoSync don’t necessarily do challenges

  • Steve McGowan
    Steve McGowan 23 days ago +2

    Attacks of the gingers aahhhh 🤪 (I'm a ninja too)

  • alex vrosch
    alex vrosch 23 days ago +1

    Love the fifa bingo! Keep it up mate!!!!!!!!

  • Alexander Davey
    Alexander Davey 23 days ago +5

    Good to see Kitson and Sidwell have followed Meyler onto the TheXvid scene. 😂

  • K1RWAN
    K1RWAN 23 days ago

    Battle of the Gingers

  • TIKI taka
    TIKI taka 23 days ago +45

    two gingers havin fun🤗

  • LargoBow07
    LargoBow07 23 days ago +17

    Is it just me or does Tom get basically identical kits at 5:22

    • • Alexx
      • Alexx 23 days ago

      Tim Vrečič Mexican needs a capital letter!

    • LargoBow07
      LargoBow07 23 days ago +1

      Tim Vrečič ye that’s why I said basically, clearly it’s not the exact same one is rare and the other is common

    • Tim Vrečič
      Tim Vrečič 23 days ago +1

      Emil Johansson 1. It’s whole not hole
      2. The first one is a cagliari kit the second is some mexican league kit.

  • Pablo Arellano
    Pablo Arellano 23 days ago

    That moment when you were first but watched the video and then commented and it stills 0 views.

  • Jack Hasler05
    Jack Hasler05 23 days ago +7

    5:26 New checkpoint- 2 similar kits or badges in the same pack look at toms pack

  • Clickbait Retard
    Clickbait Retard 23 days ago +123

    7:00 thank me later

  • Ethan CM
    Ethan CM 23 days ago

    Hi Tom

  • Nevin  Turner-Elsbury
    Nevin Turner-Elsbury 23 days ago

    Do one on Mbabu

  • Jack54HD
    Jack54HD 23 days ago +137

    Still buzzing after that pack 😅

  • Fradgers 123
    Fradgers 123 23 days ago

    Yo tom great vid bro

  • harry meekings
    harry meekings 23 days ago +33

    battle of the gingers

  • fifa Gameing hd
    fifa Gameing hd 23 days ago

    Keep up good video m8

  • Kenn Kenny
    Kenn Kenny 23 days ago +1

    I got ucl hazard then next pack I got rttf Kante

  • Gianluca Intranuovo
    Gianluca Intranuovo 23 days ago +2

    Doesn’t deserve the card anyways he sucked this season

  • harry meekings
    harry meekings 23 days ago

    love the vids man

  • neqqu
    neqqu 23 days ago

    Love the content

  • neqqu
    neqqu 23 days ago


  • Ben Rapley
    Ben Rapley 23 days ago +1

    1st like yay
    Also I love ur vids and as soon as I see it in my inbox it makes my day

  • Sam Wallace
    Sam Wallace 23 days ago

    Love the series Tom! Keep up the good work!!

  • Osci Fc
    Osci Fc 23 days ago +1

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    Four likes
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  • Daniyal Qadeer
    Daniyal Qadeer 23 days ago +1

    First 😚🥰🥰

  • Misch60
    Misch60 23 days ago

    Nice, new vid