OZIL & SANCHEZ - contract REBELS! Will Wenger trick them into signing a new deal?

  • Published on Dec 9, 2016
  • Wenger tries to trick Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez into signing new contracts - they've only got 18 months left!
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Comments • 790

  • Dave Baigrie
    Dave Baigrie 2 days ago

    Well wenger stayed for 18 months

  • Caiden Price
    Caiden Price Month ago

    If you look closely at the contracts at the start it says D.sanchez instead of A.Sanchez

  • chinnu yanamadala
    chinnu yanamadala Month ago


  • Just an Idiot
    Just an Idiot 2 months ago

    Luv this vid hahahaha😂😂😂

  • Kleo Mits
    Kleo Mits 2 months ago

    Ozil will stay

  • abdirahman mohamed
    abdirahman mohamed 3 months ago

    m.ozil big eyes

  • Caleb bennett
    Caleb bennett 4 months ago

    Who’s here after wenger and Sanchez

  • Marsbar King 21
    Marsbar King 21 4 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that Arsene gave the pens to them but then they acted like they always had it and they signed it with their pen

  • does anyone fancy some crumpets and tea


  • Luz Andrade
    Luz Andrade 5 months ago

    Alexs man utd and ozil real

  • Duval In The Wall
    Duval In The Wall 5 months ago

    Mesut Ozil STILL at Arsenal WTF Lol

  • Somkamol Poungprome
    Somkamol Poungprome 5 months ago


  • salty pearl
    salty pearl 6 months ago

    Damn you mesuuut

  • Aden Garrido
    Aden Garrido 6 months ago +1

    Not Ozil

  • Catherine Lowe
    Catherine Lowe 6 months ago

    Dame you

  • Romina Grech
    Romina Grech 7 months ago

    finally giroud is faster

  • Sofirifagha Ibelema
    Sofirifagha Ibelema 7 months ago

    Just let them go you old man

  • nizamuddin nizam
    nizamuddin nizam 7 months ago


  • Garda Tube
    Garda Tube 7 months ago


  • V J
    V J 7 months ago

    Eyezill's pen wasn't working sadly 😭.

  • Olivier François
    Olivier François 7 months ago

    #Savage Ozil

  • Gustavo Miranda
    Gustavo Miranda 8 months ago +2

    DAMN YOU!!!!

  • Oli
    Oli 8 months ago

    Your fan base is cancer

  • Dan17 Josh30
    Dan17 Josh30 9 months ago +2

    Mesut signed a new contract for Arsenal but Alexis signed for Manchester United and is playing terribly! Ha ha!

  • DangerousGamer71
    DangerousGamer71 9 months ago

    ozil stayed at arsene fc

  • Bayern München
    Bayern München 9 months ago +2

    Schlong Terry:"I would"😂😂😂😂

  • Jayden Astley
    Jayden Astley 10 months ago

    make new videos now crap 442oons

  • Merve Dodoloğlu
    Merve Dodoloğlu 10 months ago

    Man Not funny ---_______---

  • Eimaan Nuristani
    Eimaan Nuristani 10 months ago

    Mesut should leave arsenal for barca! 😀😀😀😀

  • Herda Bagas
    Herda Bagas 10 months ago +1


  • Sohidul M
    Sohidul M 10 months ago

    It's obvious that the animation creator doesn't like ozil.

    WINTERGAMER 123 10 months ago

    Hah funny

  • YeeTortoise
    YeeTortoise 11 months ago +1

    Özil tho 😂

  • Fox Kingplays
    Fox Kingplays 11 months ago

    Play for Chelsea

  • omar jobe
    omar jobe 11 months ago


  • Serg G
    Serg G 11 months ago

    Ozil is looking cool xD

  • TheDominatorxD
    TheDominatorxD 11 months ago +1

    Where’s Özil contract signing video? 😂

  • CR7 plays
    CR7 plays 11 months ago

    They signed a contract in money utd

    • CR7 plays
      CR7 plays 10 months ago

      Rxpid9474 i true

    • Rxpid9474 i
      Rxpid9474 i 10 months ago

      CR7 plays it's just Sanchez who signed...

  • Noax
    Noax 11 months ago

    their not i am from the future and mesut will sign a deal to 2021 and alexis will go to united

  • Andrew Muldoon
    Andrew Muldoon 11 months ago

    Well Sanchez is gone but ozil stayed

  • Alex Healy
    Alex Healy 11 months ago +1

    And ëyezil finally signed!!! How did Arsey do it???

  • Jake Martin
    Jake Martin 11 months ago +1

    whos watching this now

  • Kemal
    Kemal 11 months ago

    Ozzil stays

  • Liam Vickery
    Liam Vickery 11 months ago

    Ozil re signed

  • Bailey Weeks
    Bailey Weeks 11 months ago


  • Nilay Kumar
    Nilay Kumar 11 months ago

    Giroud xD

  • Gabrielle Watson
    Gabrielle Watson 11 months ago +1

    Who’s here after Sanchez has left and Ozil has signed a new contract

  • Cameron Rendell
    Cameron Rendell 11 months ago +3

    OZIL actually signed lol

  • jaineel bhatt
    jaineel bhatt 11 months ago

    He will go to Manchester United in a seap deal with mkhitarayan

  • The thug life
    The thug life 11 months ago

    I wish I was them

  • Sports Bull
    Sports Bull 11 months ago

    Sanchez will go to Utd in January

  • Ismail Ali
    Ismail Ali 11 months ago

    Lmao!!! Am in tears

  • Alex
    Alex 11 months ago

    Man utd 🔴

  • Yahav Benayun
    Yahav Benayun 11 months ago

    Leave on a free

  • Aayush Karki
    Aayush Karki 11 months ago

    I think mesut ozil is to horrible.you should change it

  • Charlie East
    Charlie East 11 months ago

    Ozick has stayed

  • Muhammad Hasnain
    Muhammad Hasnain 11 months ago

    2018 when Sanchez is in United

  • Ciaran Deaville
    Ciaran Deaville Year ago +1

    Sánchez has now signed for united

  • L
    L Year ago +1

    Manchester United

  • William Arscott
    William Arscott Year ago +1

    Don't think ozil is leavind anytime soon

  • Flor Avalos
    Flor Avalos Year ago +1

    I like arsenal and mesut ozil and sanches are my favorite at arsenal but i think they might live

  • Anwarul Kabir NOYON
    Anwarul Kabir NOYON Year ago +1

    I'm so happy Sanchez is coming to man utd

  • Orange Gaming
    Orange Gaming Year ago


  • Suhaib Rashid
    Suhaib Rashid Year ago

    Damn you Mesuuuuut...

  • Farjad Hasan
    Farjad Hasan Year ago

    plz 442oon make video for pakistani team

  • Arsenal Fan Club18
    Arsenal Fan Club18 Year ago +1

    Why on the contract it is written D.Sanchez

    • James Clarke
      James Clarke Year ago

      Arsenal Fan Club18 his first name in this is Dirty

  • darkwear gt growtopia

    Lol you mean wenger past to wenger not to sanchez

  • Mr.Iron
    Mr.Iron Year ago

    I don"t know why, I love Alexis character model and the voice too.

  • Duppi
    Duppi Year ago +1

    Sanchez to Bayern!!

  • mohammad shahnawaz


  • Yahav Benayun
    Yahav Benayun Year ago

    Leave on a free

  • YourFave Noushii!!


  • Lucas Celvin Bech Nielsen

    If he can sign those players in fifa how can’t he irl?? Oh jea

  • mohammad shahnawaz
    mohammad shahnawaz Year ago +1

    D.sanchez ???

  • Casey Munyakazi
    Casey Munyakazi Year ago

    Please stay

  • Hankins FC
    Hankins FC Year ago +3

    Man united for ozil

  • BrodieSpursFan !
    BrodieSpursFan ! Year ago


  • nathan mufc
    nathan mufc Year ago

    Don't be sad Arsne Wenger it's ok I'll sign for you (:

  • Football Master123

    Who wants to buy me Alexis sanchez

  • George Morris
    George Morris Year ago

    when john terry pops out

  • life sucks
    life sucks Year ago

    Wait a minutes...... ALEXIS HAVE WIFE????

  • Mesuit Eyezil
    Mesuit Eyezil Year ago


  • Kundai Chauruka
    Kundai Chauruka Year ago

    Hahaha nice work really enjoyed it

  • Alex Healy
    Alex Healy Year ago

    Özil's vision is too good, no disguise works

  • Parth Shah
    Parth Shah Year ago

    Damn you wenger

  • Sam Brady
    Sam Brady Year ago

    When Wenger holds the contracts up for the first time it says d Sanchez instead of a Sanchez

    • Rxpid9474 i
      Rxpid9474 i 10 months ago

      Sam Brady in 442oons, He's referred as dirty Sanchez

    • Sam Brady
      Sam Brady Year ago

      And the 2nd time

  • Kaldo Hyper
    Kaldo Hyper Year ago

    Hes not a 👽

    MARK HO-SANG Year ago

    I love arsenal 50 million on lacazette and we lose to stoke ?fuck off wenger

    MARK HO-SANG Year ago

    do not give sanchez to man city cos I hate man city.Sell him abroad .if I was arsenal manager I would sell him abroad before he gos to man city next year. God willing guardiola will be sacked by then.I hate teams like man city that buy buy us the title. Man city are small Arsenal are mighty

  • Yes Now
    Yes Now Year ago

    You can't blame alexis and mesut. Why would anyone want to stay at a shithole like arsenal.

  • Hazaardy !
    Hazaardy ! Year ago

    Aí sim, deixa com essas legendas do Brazil que fica top

    • TheNoob
      TheNoob Year ago

      Lucão BFR primeiro br que eu vejo que assisti esse canal

  • Kevin Biju
    Kevin Biju Year ago

    Giroud got a bit more faster than usual

  • Jacob Davies
    Jacob Davies Year ago

    Would love a 442oons film 🎥

  • Imperfect Titan
    Imperfect Titan Year ago

    I'll sign in January don't worry

  • Xd Gaming
    Xd Gaming Year ago

    Y does Ozil take Sanchez in a car when he can use his alien ship

  • MArieange Jean
    MArieange Jean Year ago +1

    i hate Sanches

  • AlexanderGVevo
    AlexanderGVevo Year ago +1

    Schlong Terry 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheDivineBandit
    TheDivineBandit Year ago

    Hahahaha the Giroud security guard part killed it..

  • Steven Corps
    Steven Corps Year ago


  • Maciej Fitas
    Maciej Fitas Year ago

    szkoda że whodzi do realu de gea