Sony's PS5 Release Date Just Leaked And This Would Actually Be Great News For Microsoft!

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • We'll probably see more of these types of things, but this PS5 release date seems very specific to me. I'm not sure if Sony would want to give Microsoft this kind of advantage going into the next generation, but I've been wrong before.
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Comments • 119

    BINARYGOD 26 days ago

    After black Friday is a useless rumor.

  • Robert Mckenna
    Robert Mckenna 27 days ago

    Ok so this date was leaked by other TheXvid channels several days ago and it has already been debunked. Seriously bro, come up with some good content!

  • marty8370
    marty8370 29 days ago

    CRAP - Date won't make a difference for PS5, Pre-order books for PS5 will be full by then. Next Failbox is DOA
    Neither will be discounting new hardware on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, that is a silly idea

  • RealityCheck
    RealityCheck 29 days ago +2

    Is there anything funnier than a console peasant thinking the next gen console's will beat high end PC's?
    Remember how crap kept making video's saying the Xbox one X would be more powerful than a high end PC only for the Xbox one X to get beaten out by a gtx1060ti HAHAHA!!!
    Now he thinks the PS5 will beat high end PC's HAHAHAHA!!!! Priceless!

    • RealityCheck
      RealityCheck 27 days ago

      @XboxTh3Beast4K So how many seconds of input lag does your TV produce?

    • RealityCheck
      RealityCheck 27 days ago

      @XboxTh3Beast4K I'm bringing my channel back actually(just started downloading all the movie editing software again) to do a video on Crapgamer and I might have to make fun of you on it. You're priceless HAHAHA!!!

    • RealityCheck
      RealityCheck 27 days ago

      @XboxTh3Beast4K I need more subscribers? I haven't made a video in years, I don't expect subscribers you moron HAHAHA!!!
      No you won't be enjoying 4K game's with maxed out graphics. Your Xbox one X is less powerful than a PC with a gtx1060ti in it and it can't even do 4K in most game's. And with that garbage tablet CPU inside your console your game's have to run at 30fps HAHAHA!!!
      4K is a total waste of resources for very little gain. 144fps is far better looking and more noticable than fakeK, medium graphics settings.
      Not only are you playing on a console with shit framerate's but you're running it through a shitty TV with tons of input latency HAHAHA!!!
      I'll stick to my rtx2080ti, i5 8600k build on my 1440p, 144Hz, 1ms response time 32" monitor. A monitor I'm sat right in front of meaning it fills up more of my field of view than your shit laggy TV does yours :)

    • XboxTh3Beast4K
      XboxTh3Beast4K 28 days ago

      @RealityCheck you need subscirbers im starting to think your a senile 40 old lonely man with his weak PC lmao 不 im enjoying my 4K Max Graphics. 4K >> 1440p anyday theres no comparison your ignorant to say otherwise and i dont care what you think or say, Im Buying Xbox Scarlett next year and gonna enjoy it on my Massive 4K Screen with HDR10 and Dolby Atmos. hang in there RealityCheck you might find a Job one day lol 不不不

    • RealityCheck
      RealityCheck 28 days ago

      @XboxTh3Beast4K I'll chose 1440p at 144fps with all the graphics setting maxed out and no input latency. That's far better than the fakeK, 24fps medium setting's with 1 second of input latancy you get and will be getting in over a year with the Xbox scarlett.
      How are you enjoying your fakeK, 24fps multiplat game's?

  • d r
    d r 29 days ago

    Systems normally come out between September and November, to build up hype and sales keep in mind if it comes out next year they're going to be mass producing them by early next year

  • mgpdevil
    mgpdevil 29 days ago

    No it won't because you said Xbox is ruined.

  • Frank Nickell
    Frank Nickell 29 days ago +1

    I've never seen a console come out during Christmas time being on sale within the first year

  • Jon Oz
    Jon Oz 29 days ago

    Your lil pidley 3 min vids lmao.

    WPG CLIPS 29 days ago +1

    Ps5 got nothing on the souljia console

  • XboxTh3Beast4K
    XboxTh3Beast4K 29 days ago +1

    lol no one cares about PC anyway. 不不 Costs $2000 for a good one.

    • Paine79
      Paine79 29 days ago +1

      @XboxTh3Beast4K 不 不's a hell of a drug^^

    • XboxTh3Beast4K
      XboxTh3Beast4K 29 days ago

      @Paine79 i am rich its just PC Gaming is a waste of time and money.

    • Paine79
      Paine79 29 days ago

      @XboxTh3Beast4K Cannot afford a prOpper gayming PC Van Brain Dammage? sd
      (Waits for answer where he tell's me that he's richer than Richie Rich 不)

    • XboxTh3Beast4K
      XboxTh3Beast4K 29 days ago +1

      @Malique DAVIS i care about 4K Gaming PC isnt good for that for $500 so.

    • Malique DAVIS
      Malique DAVIS 29 days ago

      1. If thats true why are the majority of Esports on pc. Oh btw Microsoft seems to love them pc considering they're a reason xbox and exclusives cant be in the same sentence.
      2. If no one cares about pc. Why does china have more pc gamers than there are americans citizens?
      Trust me look it up.
      3. You dont need 2k to have a good pc.
      Please just stop. We already know you dont know what youre talking about.

  • gottabump
    gottabump 29 days ago

    That's not a leak it's a rumor/guess & if people want a ps5 & not an Lbox then when it releases is irrelevant

  • Sonic
    Sonic 29 days ago +4

    The title of this video is almost identical to the other video, "Sony's PS5 release date leaked and this is the worst news for Microsoft."

      IRON FACE 29 days ago

      Make something about xbox now eh! You think this was a xbox channel to begin with.

  • Shogun_Blade Z
    Shogun_Blade Z 29 days ago +2

    Yeah like their going to launch it after Black Friday and cyber Monday to loose all those sales....

  • Tim Connell
    Tim Connell 29 days ago

    Sony is going to have more games because they have a lot of developers in their back pocket. I will buy both systems just like I did with the ps4pro and the xbox1x. Microsoft needs to bring the games this time like it did with the xbox360. Time will tell.

  • MrNYCinc
    MrNYCinc 29 days ago +2

    This channel is the cnn of TheXvid

  • Michael Casanova
    Michael Casanova 29 days ago

    Date, price, power all of this shit is irrelevant.
    Horizon Zero Dawn 2
    God of War 2
    Spider-Man 2
    Not to mention whatever other GREATNESS AWAITS that we have never heard of or about.
    That's all Sony needs

  • jay D
    jay D 29 days ago +5

    Crapgamer 不

  • King hazy
    King hazy Month ago +12

    If you get a xbox because you dont want to wait a couple weeks, you deserve it 仄撾儭

      IRON FACE 29 days ago +2

      I'm not getting the xbox first again. I'll wait and see how things go with them.

    • GoDoBeastBro
      GoDoBeastBro 29 days ago +2

      People actually be content with that which is sad.... might as well give me their money to piss right in their mouth, but if I had an xbox tramp stamp they would like it.

    TOM LENEGAR Month ago +1

    I heard October or November of 20/20

  • Lansville Paul
    Lansville Paul Month ago +2

    CRAP,what happen to the M&C show this morning,that two weekend in a row no SHOW拎返唐毋

  • Pony Slayer
    Pony Slayer Month ago +4

    I thought this was a NO RULES *REVIEW* channel? What does that even mean? REVIEWS?!!?! You play on super noob EASY mode and don't even finish games?!? Hahaha. When's the last time you even played something? You're too busy waiting for Phil to take you back.

    • XboxTh3Beast4K
      XboxTh3Beast4K 29 days ago +1

      Super Noob Easy Mode and Doesnt Finish Games LMFAO 不不

  • Dan 84
    Dan 84 Month ago

    Only new first time gamers would buy a console only because it released first. If you didn't like or are disappointed on either Xbox or ps this gen. Then people would either stick to preferd brand or wait and see if there will be enough games on the next gen console that dissepointed you this gen

  • Pony Slayer
    Pony Slayer Month ago +1

    PC is irrelevant. A freaking dinosaur about to be extinct. Dedicated hardware for the TV and mobile devices is where everyone is at. PC gamers are the vocal (very very very) minority.

    • X Bot Tear Collection Agency
      X Bot Tear Collection Agency 27 days ago

      @XboxTh3Beast4K you left it cause you can't fix anything without a dedicated help line to walk you through things 不 sounds more like your potato couldn't minimum requirements cause you probably assembled a Frankensteins monster rig but that's giving you too much credit when in reality you probably got a prebuilt and a poorly configured one at that 五 and xpadder who the hell needs that when most games are better with a keyboard and mouse also you probably wouldn't even know how to use it even if you tried to lol xpadder 不 plug in a Xbox one controller if you really need a gamepad don't need a third party software for it just plug it in you should just stick to Xbox cause you're either a mindless buffoon who can't operate a PC properly or you're just a salty peasant who needs to act like you actually had a PC

    • XboxTh3Beast4K
      XboxTh3Beast4K 29 days ago

      @X Bot Tear Collection Agency PC is boring nobody wants to deal with tweaking settings and mapping their controls with xpadder lol. also all the shovel ware indie games on steam. broken ports. badly optimized games. and no 4K on a reasonable priced PC Build. to many issues with PC Gaming thats why i left it.

    • The Edmgamer
      The Edmgamer 29 days ago

      @X Bot Tear Collection Agency Well I'm like a "corporate shill" fighting against console peasants & PC peasants

    • X Bot Tear Collection Agency
      X Bot Tear Collection Agency 29 days ago

      @The Edmgamer yeah don't act like we're cool you don't even have a current gen anything to game on... You're a corporate shill without actually owning any of the products you can't get an X and you can't get a PlayStation after years you're worse than any of these idiots trying to talk about PCs 不

    • X Bot Tear Collection Agency
      X Bot Tear Collection Agency 29 days ago

      @XboxTh3Beast4K better than you console idiots trying to discuss hardware it sure makes for a good laugh whenever you guys try to describe something outside of the corporate marketing slogans 不

    TH3WICK3D3ND Month ago +5

    Both consoles will kick PC Butt!!

    • The Edmgamer
      The Edmgamer 29 days ago

      @TH3WICK3D3ND Wait, you don't like to play on PC for some reason? Because M&KB controls are hard right? But at least you can connect your controller to any PC and have a console-level experience there.

    • RealityCheck
      RealityCheck 29 days ago +2

      @Malique DAVIS He doesn't have a PC. He thinks claiming he has one give's him an argument from authority so that he can say "I have a PC and console's are better"

    • RealityCheck
      RealityCheck 29 days ago

      @XboxTh3Beast4K You can use any controller on PC you moron. You don't know the first thing about PC gaming and it's blatantly obvious HAHAHAHA!!! All that bragging about the Xbox one X and a gtx1060ti beats it HAHAHAHA!!!

    • RealityCheck
      RealityCheck 29 days ago

      @The Edmgamer The PS5 and next Xbox won't be beating current high end PC's either.

    • RealityCheck
      RealityCheck 29 days ago

      @DaveGX Xbox one X and PS4 Pro owners are a "niche minority" so what's your point? And you peasants go on about console optimisation yet your game's have shit framerate's and medium graphics settings HAHAHA!!! RDR2 runs like garbage on the console's too with tons of input latency. Your game's look and run like shit. You focus on optimisation and I'll focus on the actual results. PC's are better than console's in every way and that will always be the case.

  • Rix gabriel
    Rix gabriel Month ago +3

    Dam I never even got ps 3/4h拎

    • Stimpson J. Kat
      Stimpson J. Kat Month ago +1

      they are worth it man, you should get a PS3 used for a good price these days or you could wait and see if the PS5 will play them all and i'm praying they do. i'm also hoping they make the games look even better like Microsoft did with a shit load of their older games that were on the 360 and OG.

  • Isaiah Robinson
    Isaiah Robinson Month ago

    I would pay Cristina Pucelli and Luan Loud up to a 1,000 dollars only if Cristina Pucelli and Luan Loud let me do Cristina Pucelli and Luan Loud in their butthole and middle part 100% really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad and Cristina Pucelli and Luan Loud give me some good sex.

    RESEARCH FLAT EARTH Month ago +6

    I hope it's great news for both Sony and Microsoft at launch 休毋,but either way I'm still want both.

      RESEARCH FLAT EARTH 29 days ago +2

      @IRON FACEthat's fair enough 毋

      IRON FACE 29 days ago +1

      I'm not getting xbox first again. They have to impress me big time this time around.

  • The Edmgamer
    The Edmgamer Month ago +3

    There is an extreme amount of hype and joy towards PS5. There's no hype for Scarlett. Cause we want the one with true exclusives eh?休
    PS5 out in Nov 2020, Scarlett out in year 3000!

    • X Bot Tear Collection Agency
      X Bot Tear Collection Agency 27 days ago

      @DaveGX LMFAO look at you trying oh so hard to make a point

      IRON FACE 29 days ago

      How the heck you know that pony rider? The console is not even here yet. Let them come out first and we'll see how they do!

    • The Edmgamer
      The Edmgamer 29 days ago

      @jay D You love console peasants?

    • jay D
      jay D 29 days ago +4

      @The Edmgamer 不

    • Pony Slayer
      Pony Slayer 29 days ago +2

      @The Edmgamer
      And some people don't care about THE BEST quality on exclusives, they just want to play.
      If you already have a PC, why would you be happy to play games LOCKED behind another $400 - $500 piece of hardware before you even get to buy the title or subscribe? Do you even hear yourself?
      So why even own a PC? To play MULTIPLATS? But I thought it was all about EXCLUSIVES and POWER doesn't matter?
      More cherry picking and inconsistency from kool-aid drinking Ponies with pretend high end computers?!
      Any logical person really into PCs would opt to play on their investment and bypass the NEED to buy ANOTHER piece of hardware when they don't have to.
      And if Sony were smart, they would just release games on PC for those that don't want to buy a console, have a streaming service for the most casual of casuals, and a dedicated device for gamers that want a dedicated experience for the TV and no tweaking of hardware.
      Oh, wait a sec?! Isn't this what Microsoft is doing? 3 different markets to capitalize on and an audience that chooses where they want to play? That's *destined to fail* though because they can't JUST sell you ONE box to LOCK content on.

  • nick jones
    nick jones Month ago

    More videos of this games this days please qustetin

  • nick jones
    nick jones Month ago

    Games coming to ps5 yes or no new saints row 5 , GTA 6 , Mafia 4 , just cause 5 , maybe sleeping dogs 2 back Yes or no when coming out this games more videos of this games this days please qustetin

    • Mohammed Akbar
      Mohammed Akbar Month ago +1

      What the hell you rambling on about my guy?

  • nick jones
    nick jones Month ago

    Ps5 when coming out when is anncoment ?

    • Stimpson J. Kat
      Stimpson J. Kat Month ago +1

      this is just a rumor and should be taken as such, mark your calender for i believe it's Feb 20th of next year that's when they are going to show it off for the first time and i assume give a release date as well and maybe even price ? unless they are saving the price for E3 next year but no doubt we will be seeing games come out for both the PS4 and the PS5.

    EFIL WV Month ago +6

    Like Ronald Reagan once said to his opponent - There you go again.