How-To RPG MAKER: Use Fog As Lighting

  • Published on Aug 6, 2015
  • This is a simple lighting technique I use all the time.
    For examples of this, check out Fighterdoken's playthrough of Gaia's Melody 2(RMXP) on the EndlessGaming channel here!:
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  • Moof Miser VODs
    Moof Miser VODs 4 years ago +2

    Thank you so much for doing all these videos! I decided to make a game in XP a few weeks ago without really understanding just how limited it is right now (with a number of script links down, or just awesome scripts that are made for later RPG Makers that, I reeeeaaally wish I could borrow from, or learn) and your videos are really helpful!

  • PixelPrefab
    PixelPrefab 5 years ago +4

    I can't believe I never thought of this methode! This is very helpful. Thanks so much! Your channel has easily become my favourite after watching a ton of your video's! Keep up the good work! You're amazing. :D

  • iRave Youtube
    iRave Youtube 5 years ago +2

    You can do this easily on any other RPG Makers, just instead of going to the map settings, go to show picture ( which should appear on all RPG Makers ) .

  • Fahim Imtiaz
    Fahim Imtiaz Year ago

    Thank you so much this has been so so so helpful. You should also add that for bigger maps, if you have to zoom out to 1/2 your fog needs to be on 200 zoom and if your screen is at 1/4 zoom then your fog needs to be on 400 zoom. There's so many applications to this I love you so much thank you

  • delnarlt
    delnarlt 6 years ago

    Awesome tutorial. Is there a slower version of you creating the lighting layers. I'm trying to understand how to make those layers properly. Love your tutorials.

  • M Zarb
    M Zarb 2 years ago

    Wow. Didn't think that was so easy to do that! Thanks!

  • WillLockTheDoor
    WillLockTheDoor 5 years ago

    Hi Echo! I have a question.
    I have a large map 40x40
    And I tried to make lighting like this,
    But it was strange looking!
    Like, lava light was on ground xd

  • Purpleboye_
    Purpleboye_ 4 years ago

    I can imagine these images really piling up after a while. But nevertheless, good tutorial. I'll probably use this.

  • ⚘ SylkaChan 〶
    ⚘ SylkaChan 〶 2 years ago +3

    This is kool but I want to find out how to add fogs in MV. I think parallax would be better for this anyway because with fogs you would have to create a different image for every map (while with parallax you can just add stuff to your picture folder).

  • Chelda Hoffen
    Chelda Hoffen 6 years ago +10

    nice channel, clear explaination. subscribed :D

  • Nepeese
    Nepeese 3 years ago +8

    o_o I can see sooooo many applications for this technic my brain is boiling! thanks!

  • zeldaprincessgirl100
    zeldaprincessgirl100 2 years ago

    This is quite useful, but a problem i have though, when i move to another map, the picture is still there, i'm trying to figure out how to remove before i transfer to another map, i'm not sure if you'll reply to this comment. :3

  • zimizi
    zimizi 5 years ago

    Nice way of making Lighting thanks echo

  • Międzygwiezdny wyrzutnik salcesonu

    Cool videos! Greeting from Poland :) We have our small RPG maker communnity, but sadly there isn't very people translating their games :( including me
    hope to see more videos

    • glithchdraws
      glithchdraws 4 years ago

      o czym ty wgl gadasz. nikt cie nie pyta o twoje kompleksy zwiazane z polskoscią

  • Yandere Skitty
    Yandere Skitty 6 months ago

    I am facing a big issue with this. I've cropped it to the right size. But it still remains in the top corner. I don't know what else to do

  • Angelflame Animations
    Angelflame Animations 4 years ago

    please help! I tried to do this using both and firealpaca, but it keeps making the size messed up!

  • 44 Magnum Games
    44 Magnum Games 6 years ago +5

    do you know of any way to do this in RPG Maker MV?? i can follow this video untill you get to the "resource manager" section (which MV doesnt have)
    can anyone help?

    • lity fity
      lity fity Year ago

      @Exynos i know it's been three years but "dude" is a gender neutral term

    • wheatley
      wheatley 5 years ago

      i think you can just make this but when you have the file, save it in pictures and then make a parrarel event that makes the fog graphic show up (show image) i guess it'll work? i cant check my rpg maker mv broke because i dont have some "quazip.dll"

    • Exynos
      Exynos 5 years ago

      its a she XD

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      :3 Feel free, and good luck!

    • 44 Magnum Games
      44 Magnum Games 6 years ago +1

      +Echo607 dude your a genius. I've got huge plans for this software that are very un-RPG like. might pick your brain again later

  • Hosam Orfali
    Hosam Orfali 4 years ago +3

    does this work on MV?

  • Charbomber
    Charbomber 4 years ago

    i have an idea for RPG maker VX Ace... just use pictures!

  • 헤헤허
    헤헤허 4 years ago

    Many years have passed, but is there a psd file?I want to study one thing right.I'm sorry if it's not there.And can I get the detail of what you're doing?

  • CGonzales033
    CGonzales033 6 years ago +1

    what about for MV?

    • Anette Therese
      Anette Therese 5 years ago

      Hey! First of all: Thanks for creating wonderful videos!
      I am new to RPG Maker, and I just bought MV. I really want to learn how to add this effect - but even though I've watched the Parallax Mapping video as well as this one, I still can't figure it out.
      I would really appreciate it if you created a video like this specifically for MV. (Thought I'd share this, if you ever needed an idea for a future video - this is in no way a demand! haha).
      Thanks again for creating tutorials! They're great! :D

    • Keith Kurimoto
      Keith Kurimoto 6 years ago

      +Echo607 oh ok, thanks

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      To my knowledge, by default pictures don't scroll with your screen, they just stay where ever you put them, hence needing a plugin to scroll them with the player:P

    • Keith Kurimoto
      Keith Kurimoto 6 years ago

      +Echo607 wouldnt showing a picture of the shading in the second page, picture option work too?

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +CGonzales033 You'd have to use a plugin since they're lame and got rid of fogs X(
      I have a tutorial for parallax mapping, which is basically the same as this and can be applied for just lighting:

  • Juan Inostroza
    Juan Inostroza 5 years ago


  • Frostix
    Frostix 4 years ago +1

    snipping tool me boi

  • Me me
    Me me Year ago