After Effects Tutorial: Disintegration Effect

  • Published on Jan 6, 2016
  • Adobe after effects tutorial: Disintegration Effect
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  • parahat bekiyew
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    Nam Phan Rang 6 days ago

    Hay quá

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  • Joy Klijnstra
    Joy Klijnstra 18 days ago

    Do you need a background video? Because i want to do this effect with a film scence ... is that also possible?

  • Al fahd
    Al fahd 19 days ago

    thx bru was really great

    MR SORIN 20 days ago


  • Baștuca
    Baștuca 23 days ago

    Background sound is with Copyright?

  • مهدي بدرالدين

    Please somebody answer me
    At 6:21 when i mark the two points together the backgrounf become black

  • mohssin el mrateh
    mohssin el mrateh 24 days ago

    Share with me, join with you and thanks

  • thais cava
    thais cava 25 days ago

    Awesom!!! - Great!!!! - Amazing!!!

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  • Uptown Unicorn TV
    Uptown Unicorn TV 27 days ago

    How to I make it fade into words ?

  • How to Graphic Design
    How to Graphic Design 29 days ago

    I need some one to make After Effect tutorial videos for my channel, reply to me if anyone is interested.
    this relationship if it worked is going to be a long time relation relationship...

    THẬP CẨM TV 29 days ago

    Helpfull, thank you

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    Sandex 45 Month ago

    Help subscribe back chanel saya pliaceeeee 😁👌👌

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  • Wail Mannad
    Wail Mannad Month ago

    thanks bro this video really helped

  • Aji Saputra
    Aji Saputra Month ago

    Kok bisu sih bos...

  • khalil khan
    khalil khan Month ago

    After effect vor???

  • kiran kitu
    kiran kitu Month ago

    Bro i am nee plz happly me i am asking software

  • Maurizio P.
    Maurizio P. Month ago

    Good, thanks, too much beautifull

  • pavel ovcharenko
    pavel ovcharenko Month ago

    Thank you for tutorial

  • David Watson
    David Watson Month ago

    New to AE love your tutorials...I have after effects 17.0. I see you used the Freeze frame in the effects browser.But I do not see it in the effects browser in this newest version. Is it under a different name? I even typed it in and nothing came up for that effect.

    • David Watson
      David Watson Month ago

      I FOUND IT! I think it was due to the I could see you choose it on the video because it was cut off on the top.

  • genesis nicole riofrio flores

    mmv por qué no explicas

  • Gooplier
    Gooplier 2 months ago +1


  • Иксперд Толян

    Good lesson

  • BMHater12
    BMHater12 2 months ago

    "Thanos Effect"

  • MaiChi funny
    MaiChi funny 2 months ago

    video rất hữu ích.
    ad hướng dẫn làm như kênh Doodland đi

  • sol negro producciones
    sol negro producciones 2 months ago

    Muy buen tutorial chaval, sencillo y efectivo, me ha servido de mucho, gracias.

  • RK HR
    RK HR 2 months ago

    thanks dear

  • Adrian Ross
    Adrian Ross 2 months ago

    Good job, thank you very much for sharing!

  • Linwood Mercer Paul
    Linwood Mercer Paul 2 months ago


  • Win MoeKyaw Blog
    Win MoeKyaw Blog 3 months ago

    Please I would like to ask about Adobe after effects software problem in my desktop.. when I finish editing movie by Adobe after effects, but can't see clearly.. please let me how?

  • FateH FateH
    FateH FateH 3 months ago

    Bang kasih link buat download Ae di deskripsi dong

  • Dan Jared Gomeceria
    Dan Jared Gomeceria 3 months ago

    nice thanks

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  • The Tribal Culture
    The Tribal Culture 3 months ago

    Very helpful

  • Thierry HENIN
    Thierry HENIN 3 months ago

    Really cool tutorial!

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  • jhonson Louis
    jhonson Louis 3 months ago

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  • Quang Trường Phan
    Quang Trường Phan 3 months ago

    Cảm ơn anh, video rất hữu ích. nhưng làm thế nào để làm ngược lại vậy?
    Thank you very helpful video. But how to do the opposite?

  • Tharindu Senadheera
    Tharindu Senadheera 3 months ago +1

    could you give me these video clips

  • Angelo Salamanca
    Angelo Salamanca 3 months ago

    This is just like endgame movie.

  • Victor Sokoluik
    Victor Sokoluik 3 months ago +1

    A wonderful lesson is a very detailed explanation. But why, after creating a mask, nothing happens. No, something turns out but not what I need (

  • bayu ryan
    bayu ryan 3 months ago

    1 kata ribet.....

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  • Az Fishing
    Az Fishing 4 months ago

    Trimakasih kawan👍👍👍

  • Phillip Stucker
    Phillip Stucker 4 months ago

    That mask detail...I highly recommend you learning the roto brush tool if you haven't in these past years

  • Nongthombam gowindz
    Nongthombam gowindz 4 months ago

    Very nice and clear tutorial....thank you.

  • Dokya
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  • SSN Sabio
    SSN Sabio 4 months ago +1

    make a tutorial, doing disintegration, photo, continuous disintegration, kind that starts and doesn't end, I need a lot, kind of being absorbed, and not for more .. just the edge ..

  • atlan t1ck
    atlan t1ck 4 months ago

    i bet marvel watched this tutorial

  • Wawan Asarehe
    Wawan Asarehe 4 months ago

    Bg mau nanya . Gimana caranya download aplikasi after effect?

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    Nice video, man!

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    He’s a Wizard Harry!!