• Published on Apr 12, 2021
  • Some video game enemies feel super smart thanks to great design. Here are some of our favorite recent examples.
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    Shadow of Mordor/War
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    Red Dead:



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  • DesolatorMagic
    DesolatorMagic 9 months ago +1882

    In Cyberpunk the NPCs will always find brilliant, innovative ways to fall through the map. It's truly impressive AI.

    • Shravan Raj
      Shravan Raj 2 days ago

      Sarcasm at its best

    • mr krog king
      mr krog king 3 days ago

      Yes of course dont forget the boat from assasinscreed thats no ai but hes goin to hell with theboat

    • Rob Vespa
      Rob Vespa 4 days ago

      What's impressive is that your easy throwaway comment received close to 2k likes. I'm jealous. I spend a lot of time creating thoughtful posts that result in people having strokes or gifting me flaming bags of poo for making them think. That is, when I'm not posting stupid comments like being hella jelly about not being a stock teen female in 1993. I need to change my MO.

    • oxcoma
      oxcoma 6 days ago


    • John Mitchell
      John Mitchell Month ago

      Har har har

  • Denis Ruskin
    Denis Ruskin 9 months ago +1776

    The random events in RDR2 are beyond belief.

    • Ptr2680
      Ptr2680 19 days ago

      remember when that husband and wife invites you into the house? man loved that soup...

      and his basement

    • DLJdotWAV
      DLJdotWAV 24 days ago

      @Oneeb Ashrafyou’re explicitly talking about yourself though. most of this thread is stories of the small encounters that were memorable, so clearly your sentiment is minority.

      those random encounters are entirely what puts RDR2 on a different playing field from 99% of open worlds where AIs just stand there or path aimlessly.

    • Gent
      Gent 2 months ago

      I went to collect a bounty rocked up outnumbered by alot of enemies new minut a grizzly bear tramples in and everyone realises they don't have to outrun the bear just each other including me

    • Lolicon Gang.
      Lolicon Gang. 2 months ago

      Yeah. If its programmed on a random switch its random.
      Like it's just happens some places you been in the city for a while leaving and coming and bam something else happens

    • Stefan Dingenouts
      Stefan Dingenouts 2 months ago

      except they are as repetitive as in any other game. The number of times I've encountered a guy who was just bit by a snake...

  • L0n3w01f
    L0n3w01f 9 months ago +347

    On top of the reactive AI in RDR2, the NPCs also have an entire life within the game. If you follow an NPC around in story mode, you’ll see they have a daily routine and jobs they work in. One instance is a person who takes a stagecoach from Carmody Dell all the way to Blackwater and back every day for farm supplies and trade. All of this makes it seem nearly real with the attention to detail rockstar put into the game

    • Jeff T
      Jeff T 8 hours ago

      The game reminds me of that show Westworld, such a trip and so much fun. It's actually educational too for the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

    • Geoffrey Barber
      Geoffrey Barber 2 months ago +2

      there was a Cracked article that talked about how the author followed an NPC throughout its day in GTA IV and it's still amazing. basically, Rockstar has been doing this for a long time and they keep getting better

      mr.MYSTERIOUS,YT 9 months ago +12

      on my second playthrough trying to see and unlock everything after having sped run the first time only doing the story missions and wow im i amazed at how many things you can do in this game

  • Swapnil
    Swapnil 9 months ago +374

    Even the animals in rdr2 are smarter than most game enemies.

    • Jesse Cooley
      Jesse Cooley Month ago

      @Torey Jones I completed that one by accident lol.

    • Gigi
      Gigi 2 months ago

      @Torey Jones it's easier if you use a different horse. For example, trying to run over the rabbits on an Arabian isn't easy. Doing it on a less nimble horse is much easier.

    • Torey Jones
      Torey Jones 5 months ago

      Trying to run over the rabbits for the horseman challenge had me so furious. They'd just juke at the last second then swoos off 180 degrees while I start to turn and get clotheslined by a branch.

    • Jonny 1996
      Jonny 1996 8 months ago +2

      @Just a Thought no you use your lasso

    • Just a Thought
      Just a Thought 9 months ago

      @mr.MYSTERIOUS,YT does it have to be raining or stormy to do that?

  • Maaz Mathers
    Maaz Mathers 9 months ago +243

    Playing Rdr 2 for the first time it blew my mind i couldn't believe a game could be this realistic

    • Gigi
      Gigi 2 months ago

      @Accolade HQ me, too. Nothing else comes close to RDR2 even after 3 years.

    • Anonymous_ Dot_Com
      Anonymous_ Dot_Com 2 months ago

      @Gannie Lukks for me the realism and immersion in that game out weighs the gameplay and controls... RDR2 is not a game designed to be played like other openworld games like watch dogs or far cry
      Basically it doesn't need Story mode missions to be fun... I treat story mode as just another activity... I would play 2 or 3 story missions then the rest of my day's playthrough, I explore the world and what it has to offer, that is the proper way to play a Rockstar game...
      With other games, if you don't do campaign story, the game will ultimately be extremely boring because it's dependent to it.. Rdr2 is not dependent to the story mode, that's why the way they designed their missions is perfect for me👌🏽👌🏽People complaining about mission design are literally playing the game all wrong.. You must be immersed to the world and everything around rather than doing story mission after story mission like other open world games..

    • Mightyda60
      Mightyda60 8 months ago

      @John Varley you play it ?

    • Gannie Lukks
      Gannie Lukks 9 months ago

      @Accolade HQ Maybe they do not come close in realism, immersion, visuals and even story, but there's ton of games with better gameplay, gunplay, combat and level design.

    • Demetreking TV
      Demetreking TV 9 months ago


  • Daddy J
    Daddy J 9 months ago +1548

    Next video : 5 OPEN WORLD Games With Terrible Enemy AI

    • Coyzone3
      Coyzone3 14 days ago

      1. cyberpunk 2. cyberpunk 3. cyberpunk 4. cyberpunk 5.cyberpunk

    • Slade Stryder
      Slade Stryder 2 months ago

      All FARCRY Games !!!!

    • meesechurger
      meesechurger 3 months ago +1

      5: cyberpunk 2077
      4: cyberpunk 2077
      3: cyberpunk 2077
      2: cyberpunk 2077
      1: cyberpunk 2077

    • Jody Williams
      Jody Williams 7 months ago

      Days Gone #2 and Cyberpunk #1

    • Bokie
      Bokie 8 months ago

      Far Cry 5 would be the absolute king

  • nour noor .mohammed
    nour noor .mohammed 9 months ago +1588

    i encounterd pack of wolfs trying to fight bear to get a deer corpse in rdr2 and it was so cool to see it

    • Rocky Montana Garcia mayne
      Rocky Montana Garcia mayne 3 months ago

      @Salvador Nuñez Damn I dont know how I'm just now seeing this but your right but usually in rockstar games there just called random events in the progress menu

    • Rushav Kumar Panda
      Rushav Kumar Panda 3 months ago

      @Joselyn Yu New target acquired! :D

    • Klay Thompson
      Klay Thompson 3 months ago

      @Rocky Montana Garcia mayne Because that's more detail than even hunting games have.

    • Joselyn Yu
      Joselyn Yu 5 months ago +1

      I've encountered this too, but when the wolves saw me they instead ran after me hahaha

    • asma ali
      asma ali 8 months ago


  • Yxng Wavii
    Yxng Wavii 9 months ago +792

    Already knew rdr2 was number 1 . . . It's just so damn immersive 😩😂

    • K SP
      K SP 8 months ago +1

      @Nirmal Singh Just because you don't know how to enjoy the game doesn't make it boring. Think before you comment.

    • Landon Is here
      Landon Is here 9 months ago

      @Koi no

    • Bryant Escobar
      Bryant Escobar 9 months ago

      @Josh Bow if you stand your ground and stare down a grizzly bear it won't attack you

    • Gwyneth Saburao
      Gwyneth Saburao 9 months ago

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    • Cody
      Cody 9 months ago

      The forest has way better ai

  • Darek Baird
    Darek Baird 9 months ago +433

    I'll never forget. This nobody Orc captain showed up in the middle of nowhere by himself, shouted some crap, then got one shot to the head with an arrow before even taking a step. Well, he turned up later with his brain exposed and held in by metal bars. The dude was angry

    • Torey Jones
      Torey Jones 5 months ago

      @Darek Baird Last I heard you couldn't even finish the story of Shadow of War without buying something.

    • Joshua Thabane
      Joshua Thabane 6 months ago

      @L3ftie If you're still interested, and are on Playstation, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - GOTY Edition and Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition are on Sale on the PS Store right now

    • Let's Ride
      Let's Ride 8 months ago +1

      @L3ftie Both LOTR games (Shadow of Mordor & Shadow of War) are absolutely brilliant. I'd definitely recommend it.

    • NerdGuy1988
      NerdGuy1988 8 months ago

      @L3ftie It is 100% worth it. Especially if you are on PC and catch it during one of its 75% off deals.

    • onimu$ha
      onimu$ha 9 months ago

      @L3ftie i'm trying to get my platinum trophy, it's is very funny game, i just don't like the world, to much "caves" for me

  • Lucas Morgan
    Lucas Morgan 8 months ago +165

    If you let a Grizzly Bear in rdr2 approach you without moving your character, the bear will roar and attempt to intimidate you. If you remain still, the bear will give up and walk away. This is actually documented behaviour of real bears when they perceive their prey to be defiant.

    • oklahoma mama
      oklahoma mama Month ago

      If a full grown bear charges towards me, and you expect me to stand still. Id expect that by the time I open my eyes, Id be seeing the pearly gates, and not a bear walking away.

    • Gigi
      Gigi 2 months ago +1

      This may happen sometimes, but definitely not most. I have tried it.

    • Samuel Costa
      Samuel Costa 3 months ago +1

      @kinetic pen o

    • kinetic pen
      kinetic pen 3 months ago

      @Samuel Costa We just chewing fat here Samuel

    • Samuel Costa
      Samuel Costa 3 months ago +1

      @kinetic pen Amazing

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 9 months ago +440

    Hell yeah... Stalker was massively entertaining when you'd hear gun shots, screaming, dogs barking and other chaos and there you were thinking 'I hope the night just hurries up and it stops raining.'

      MEANMACHINE 2 months ago

      And the Misery mod improves the experience many times over

    • ShumpireMadness
      ShumpireMadness 8 months ago +1

      Just wait until an emission happens and you just so happened to enter the bloodsucker lair. And they KNOW you're there. Fun times ahead.

    • The Barbary Ghost
      The Barbary Ghost 9 months ago

      One of my favorite shooter series ever. STALKER has one of the most immersive and unsettling open worlds ever. Night time in that game is so freaking dark too. Metro is pretty good, but it feels more linear.

    • STB FeelXtra
      STB FeelXtra 9 months ago +1

      @Fyo Hanz yeah I remember sparing some bandits in a small camp near the station. Well, they once overrun the nearby buildings, killing some stalkers and then next time, I had to deal with armed-to-their-teeth bandits.

    • Fyo Hanz
      Fyo Hanz 9 months ago +2

      Don't forget about the NPC can literally buy equipment on trader or loot enemies equipment and eventually upgrading themself to become more powerful

  • A J
    A J 9 months ago +436

    Honestly after RDR2 every AAA game that got released after it doesn’t feel like a AAA game.

    • Gigi
      Gigi 2 months ago


    • Archaean
      Archaean 3 months ago +3

      Man, I had that problem too. It almost ruins some games for me, since the level of detail is so drastically different.

    • Rohan Shah
      Rohan Shah 5 months ago +2

      I swear I don't feel playing any other Open world either. It puts GTA5 to shame too!

    • that famous redneck
      that famous redneck 5 months ago +1

      And that's the reason I've played it 5 times

    • xvxvcaspervxvx
      xvxvcaspervxvx 6 months ago +1

      @Zachary McChesney
      There is, its on PC
      I purposely bought the game again just for the 4K options and mods.
      Basically, v1.00 on console but with PC specs

  • Jordan Moreno
    Jordan Moreno 9 months ago +31

    I would of gave an honorable mention to "the forest " ai in wich enemies will littleraly stalk you relay information to groups have patroll routs and regular stops and a system that makes enemies more aggressive or passive depending on your game actions such as killing and deforestation. And all under a rather small dev team

    • BlueNinja Noname
      BlueNinja Noname 3 months ago

      My base was on the coast and they would rarely do anything.
      Also I think Green Hell has something similar.

    • Shooter Tone
      Shooter Tone 5 months ago +5

      I really thought it was going to be on this list, crazy that it's not up here anyone that plays the forest always talks about the AI In it

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez 6 months ago +4

      Ikr, they would assess the situation, see they had the numbers to take you down and have a fight or flight response. They would use trees near by your base to jump over. And sometimes have an intimidation stand off to see if you would back off or turn your back before attacking you. They would leave if they saw you stand your ground. Loved the AI so much in that game

  • Unimaginative Username
    Unimaginative Username 9 months ago +277

    I remember in RDR2 when an NPC came up and started talking to me for the first time. I really thought something was wrong for a second.

  • Udeme Ebong
    Udeme Ebong 9 months ago +411

    Cyberpunk 2077: I'm supposed to be on this list...but I took an arrow to the knee.

    • Stefan Williams
      Stefan Williams 2 months ago

      @VanWilder X ps fanboy. Played hzd for like 30 mins and got bored bro gtfo. God of war is golden though!

    • Stefan Williams
      Stefan Williams 2 months ago

      @VanWilder X are you off your head?

    • VanWilder X
      VanWilder X 2 months ago

      @Stefan Williams same way like hzd and gow are 5x better than rdr2

    • Stefan Williams
      Stefan Williams 2 months ago

      @Sahil Sahoo yeh nah no excuses bro

    • Sahil Sahoo
      Sahil Sahoo 2 months ago

      @Winking Skeever this was their 1st fps open world lol give it time eventually they will learn

  • S-B
    S-B 9 months ago +139

    Shadow of war is awesome, I was getting my ass kicked by a boss and one of my crew randomly showed up and executed the boss. Got me hyped

    • Kidwunder16
      Kidwunder16 6 months ago +2

      I had an Orc with a crossbow save me randomly like 6 times. Had to make homie an overlord. He proved himself.

    • Whisdom Watterson
      Whisdom Watterson 9 months ago

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    • Commissar Gab
      Commissar Gab 9 months ago

      @tatri2 oh yeah welp atleast i can do that in mount and blade

    • tatri2
      tatri2 9 months ago

      @Commissar Gab That's the one and yeah, it's not quite what you were asking for. Still, it's closer to it than the main games

    • Commissar Gab
      Commissar Gab 9 months ago

      @tatri2 baranor dlc? i own that one what i mean is just a captain of a ranger and you travel around mordor to ambush orcs something like that

  • Drop Dedd
    Drop Dedd 9 months ago +124

    Im more excited for stalker 2 than halo infinite, sometimes youll get a mission from someone and when your out doing it youll get a notification that he died. If you return sometimes its bandits raiding a base or the military using their chopper to tear people apart walking around. Definitely makes things interesting

    • Kresna Noob
      Kresna Noob 9 months ago

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    • irvanCrocs
      irvanCrocs 9 months ago +3

      Hope they still make the sequel unforgiving just like the prequels, and not make it easier just to attract mainstream audiences..

    • Shriyansh Pandey
      Shriyansh Pandey 9 months ago

      @karthik Ganesh also avowed

    • karthik Ganesh
      karthik Ganesh 9 months ago +4

      Yeah really excited for stalker and fable

  • ElemehnoP
    ElemehnoP 9 months ago +90

    RDR2 AI is smarter than the actual people around me irl.

  • Kaiza
    Kaiza 9 months ago +14

    The pawns in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen blew me away when I first played it.

    Most followers/npcs in games like Skyrim just follow behind you, block doorways and run off to fight anything that becomes hostile.

    Dogma pawns act like people, they run ahead and open chests or break things to loot steal, they point out hidden treasure, locale info, mechanics and enemy weaknesses if they have prior experiences when serving other players, and they coordinate/work together in battle. (Using shields as a springboards to launch damage dealers into the air to cling to large enemies and reach weak points)

    They also just straight up run off and complete quest objectives without you doing anything.

    I love it. Too bad we won’t get another DD since MonHun sells so well rip (same studio)

    • Austin Holt
      Austin Holt 28 days ago

      I only say that because there's been a weird resurgence in interest in the game recently.

    • Austin Holt
      Austin Holt 28 days ago

      I wouldn't count DD out my dude. I'm sure it'll be back eventually.

  • Giorgos Katselis
    Giorgos Katselis 9 months ago +26

    I enjoy the videos that showcase how incredible RDR2 is.

    • abidamn
      abidamn 2 days ago

      That kind of videos are enjoyable because you know that RDR2 earned all the praise it got.

    • Samuel Costa
      Samuel Costa 5 months ago +1

      Indeed it is

  • Michael Holmgaard
    Michael Holmgaard 9 months ago +3

    Shadow of War is one of the greatest games I've ever played. Amazing combat, smooth gameplay and with the best version of the Nemesis system so far. Sad that so many never gave it a chance due to the loot boxes (which they removed). It's a really great game!

  • I record with a phone
    I record with a phone 9 months ago +11

    RDR2 is on another level. I was literally in the small Valentine saloon that had 2 entrances. I was training my sights on the front door hiding behind the desk, and lawmen surrounded the front. I fired shots out the windows at them so I heard one of the lawmen say "pull around the back and get him!" So I was like what the fuck? So then like two guys come behind me while the others stay at the front and I get cornered. I have never been so blown away by AI in a game

    I also lit the doorway on fire with a fire bottle, and the police didn't walk through it. They waited in cover for it to die out before rushing in.

    Rockstar AI really is amazing.

    Another time I was in the Saint Denis saloon, the big one, and guards entered through the front. When I lit that on fire they went around the building and through the upstairs back entrance.

    • abidamn
      abidamn 2 days ago +1

      On top of that, the wildlife ecosystem also have their own AI. I was following a rattlesnake and as I was aiming to shoot it with my arrow, an eagle snatched it right in front of me. That was some next level shit of AI they got.

  • omer rozencwieg
    omer rozencwieg 9 months ago +4

    I think you needed to make a larger list.. additionally, half life's AI was impressive to me, I remember an enemy settings a trap but reacting differently if I avoided it.

  • Muhammad Hussain
    Muhammad Hussain 9 months ago +15

    Rdr2 ain't even a stealth game but the stealth feels largely better than most of the games solely based on stealth gameplay. And this is because of the AMAZING AI

    • Muhammad Hussain
      Muhammad Hussain 3 months ago +1

      @Angelicatoo actually I have, the stealth is actually much better in it than rdr2, but as far as the AI, not even nearly as impressive. GoT had a pretty underwhelming AI TBH, great game tho.

    • Angelicatoo
      Angelicatoo 3 months ago

      Have you tried ghost of Tsushima ?

    • john xiong
      john xiong 4 months ago +5

      I agree. My only gripe is that stealth is too hard in RDR2 because you're guaranteed to get caught every time, which leaves very little room for stealth. But that's realistic because stealth is not nearly as easy as it is in video games. People aren't dumb like they are in video games, they're not gonna be like "What's that? Must be the wind." lol. But for the sake of a video game, I wish Rdr2 had more opportunities for stealth and set up the environment in a way for us to use stealth more instead of always going in guns blazing. Rockstar wants us to go in shooting everyone up but I wish we get to choose how we wanna do it, if you get what I mean. That said, this is probably my favorite game of all time and imo it's the pinnacle of open world games that I compare every other open world game to.

  • Xanider
    Xanider 9 months ago +17

    RDR2 always seems to get number 1. They really do love their games. (online modes excluded)

  • GrixJay
    GrixJay 9 months ago +4

    Far cry 2 had a decent AI also, which it was one of my favorite games back then.

  • Eddie
    Eddie 9 months ago +16

    I was in rdr2 and i saw a baby black bear cross the trail in front of me and i was like "aww, wait doesn't that mean the mother isn't that far away?" And i turned around and looked didn't see anything and turned back and this giant bear was charging me down

  • Seth Feldpausch
    Seth Feldpausch 9 months ago +4

    I LOVE the nemesis system! SOM is such a fun game, but that system makes it even cooler!

  • Adler z
    Adler z 9 months ago +3

    First game I thought of with an amazing ai system was stalker but totally didn't expect it to be in the video , can't wait till stalker 2 realeases.

  • Martin Soetanto
    Martin Soetanto 9 months ago +6

    I was always impressed by the AI in F.E.A.R. and halo ce

  • Ben McReynolds
    Ben McReynolds 9 months ago +5

    Halo 1 combat evolved had the best A.i. that I ever played against growing up. I loved remembering the experience of the first time going through the campaign as a teenager.

  • Mr. Kasshu
    Mr. Kasshu 9 months ago

    I've been playing more Shadow of War recently. It's really fun and cool to have a Orc army fighting by your side. It does have it's frustrations at times.

  • Hugo Fergusson
    Hugo Fergusson 9 months ago +565

    We all knew shadow of mordor was coming

    • altaf awan
      altaf awan 9 months ago

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      在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。.說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1618753545

    • Monke
      Monke 9 months ago

      @Tyrannosaurus Cow I wasn't talking about that I said that the uruk's dont look dangerous ans strong like the first game

    • Tyrannosaurus Cow
      Tyrannosaurus Cow 9 months ago

      @Monke Yeah it is sort of weird, SoW should just call 'em orcs.

    • Tyrannosaurus Cow
      Tyrannosaurus Cow 9 months ago

      @collieee I have never played Shadow of Mordor, but I know they both use the Nemesis system, so it is sort of annoying that Gameranx only mentioned Shadow of War.

    • BretN7
      BretN7 9 months ago

      The BOTW plug didn't fit though.

  • TheGuitarGamer33
    TheGuitarGamer33 7 months ago

    The A.I communication if TLOU 2 is pretty awesome. They actually communicate and follow each other's commands. There's a lot going on there

  • Warribo
    Warribo 9 months ago +8

    Can't wait for the day when an NPC can pass the Turing test, or at least take you several hours to work out if you're interacting with another player or an NPC.

    • Sima Simson
      Sima Simson 4 months ago

      based on my experience from last couple of years, the interacting part was achieved somewhere around Oblivion. But it's way way closer to players being complete brainless idiot than to an amazing AI.

    • The Barbary Ghost
      The Barbary Ghost 9 months ago

      That's truly next-gen AI.

  • Rogue_4TW
    Rogue_4TW 9 months ago +6

    I don't know if this a common thing in all games.

    But in stalker, if you aren't focusing on surviving and getting pissed off when your gun jams. You can notice that the enemy human ai Kinda coordinate with each other.


    Whenever I'm against a handful of human enemies. Some of them will face me head on and draw my attention. Whilst the rest flank around to get me from behind.

    They also spread out really good to keep me constantly changing my fire.

  • itsNes
    itsNes 9 months ago +75

    In RDR2 animals get scared away, by the smell of Arthur. You can see where his smell goes by activating eagle eye. It depends on the wind direction.

    • Anonymous_ Dot_Com
      Anonymous_ Dot_Com 2 months ago

      It even has a wind system, 1st game I know where wind actually blows exist in a realistic way... If you don't believe me, do eeagle eye, basically u do know your sent goes by the direction of the wind... Look at the direction of your scent, then look at the direction where the trees and grass is blowing, then look at the volumetric fog direction and the direction your hair is blowing(if you have level 5 and above hair) you will literally see that every one of what I mentioned also blows at the same direction as your scent...

      Idk maybe it's another detail I discovered that hasn't been by anyone else

    • HelenaCross
      HelenaCross 5 months ago +4

      @mr.MYSTERIOUS,YT Cover scent.

      mr.MYSTERIOUS,YT 9 months ago +6

      you can get a thing that covers your smell but i forgot what it was called

    • 1SI19CV005 Anjana G K
      1SI19CV005 Anjana G K 9 months ago

      B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X-..❤️⤵️

      livegirls19. com


      在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。.說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1618763578

  • J
    J 9 months ago +31

    To this day I still think rdr2 is the most realistic game I ever played it’s one of the one games that really delivers on its promises unlike cyberpunk

    • Apurva Shanker
      Apurva Shanker Month ago

      "But the story is horrible, boring, uninspiring, too long winded, drawn out and shallow"

      CYKA BLYAT 2 months ago

      I agree

    • Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne 2 months ago +3

      @Angelicatoo everyone is entitled to an opinion but you’re wrong

    • Angelicatoo
      Angelicatoo 3 months ago

      But the story is horrible, boring, uninspiring, too long winded, drawn out and shallow. The dialogue is way too long. The gameplay is so repetitive. The story gameplay was a grind, ride, shoot, steal, shoot, die, ride, rinse repeat. I ground through it just so I have an open world to mess around in.

  • Chudy Danny
    Chudy Danny 9 months ago +4

    Nemesis system was one of the most awesome game mechanics in video game ever. Hope more games use the system

    • John Wick
      John Wick 9 months ago

      @Chudy Danny good luck with that sue

    • Chudy Danny
      Chudy Danny 9 months ago

      @john wick and Muhammad Ali, they don't necessarily have to call it the nemesis system or completely copy the system back to back, just something like Assassin Creed Odyssey where the mercenaries and cultists all have some form of personalities and weakness/strength

    • Muhammad Ali
      Muhammad Ali 9 months ago

      They wont be allowed because a copyright has been put on it

    • John Wick
      John Wick 9 months ago

      Other games will not

  • SuperSkills101
    SuperSkills101 9 months ago

    The first thing I always look at with smart AI is whether enemies suppress you and get others to move up or flank while doing so.

  • okDre
    okDre 9 months ago +1

    I couldn't agree more with Zelda BotW and RDR2. These games fascinated me with their AI and world. It felt like the player has an actual impact on it

  • BarelyBlair
    BarelyBlair 9 months ago +25

    They literally made RDR2 so immersive and detailed, they programmed horse ball shrinkage 🤣

  • Jasandip Singh 2
    Jasandip Singh 2 9 months ago +4

    Shadow of Mordor is easily one of the best games ever!

  • Dylan Royer
    Dylan Royer 6 months ago +3

    Watching an eagle hunt a fish in a lake through my binoculars in RDR2 was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a video game.

  • David Gonzales
    David Gonzales 9 months ago +1

    RDR2 & MGS V are 2 of my favorite games both unique and beautiful in their own way. I would love to see a MGS 6 in the near future.

  • Beboba
    Beboba 7 months ago +12

    stalker is almost 20 years old but it has the smartest ai up today. I've never seen a single game where ai tries to surround you and attack from behind.

  • Jack James
    Jack James 9 months ago

    I think it would be really cool to get AI that learn how you attack in games and actively counter you so you have to become more versatile and not just rely on one spammy move like most people do in open world games

  • Kyle I
    Kyle I 9 months ago +1

    I honestly feel like Shadow of Mordor & Shadow of War were extremely underrated games. Even when it came out I feel like I didn't see much of it.

    I've recently started my third playthrough, finished SoM again and am currently 26 hours into SoW. 100% completed both times, no regrets. And I plan on 100%ing SoW for the third time because it's not actually that hard, I feel anyone could do it. Just a game thats hard to get bored with, so much fun to have with my little orcses.

  • Cyborg Gerbil
    Cyborg Gerbil Month ago

    The awesome game F.E.A.R has really good AI too. They flank you, rush you and will openly communicate with each other, telling one to go here or there.

  • Chizel
    Chizel 9 months ago

    The AI in Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty smart and adaptive as well on higher difficulties.

  • Viper
    Viper 9 months ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Nemesis system needs to be given to other developers. I honestly believe it could be a massive game changer if given to the right people. I'm talking about being to gaming what GTA III was to Open Worlds. It's literally a personality generator...and in the right hands, something truly amazing could be done with it. I enjoyed the hell out of Shadow of Mordor (not so much Shadow of War)...but I'd love to see another dev put that system to good use.

  • Notch
    Notch 9 months ago +2

    Even though it isn't technically an Open world game; the AI in the Last of us 2 is incredible

  • nintendians
    nintendians 9 months ago

    4. yeah, i noticed when i put the enemy to sleep the taking them to the base, to the point their in a group, so i just end up killing them instead.
    2. the enemy a.i. is kind of smart, but the thing i hate most about that weapons break too fast and i have to mostly used the cube remote bomb to weaken them if they are near it.
    1. combat ones are probably made intentional like that, but if you just normal interact, it's next level.

  • Moe Hob
    Moe Hob 9 months ago +7

    Kingdom come deliverance have some nice AI too

  • AzeNess
    AzeNess 8 months ago

    I would include the enemy ai in kcd. If they out number you they start rushing and circling you to break your gurd. Also repetitive attacking patterns become useless very quickly.

  • Nevasoba
    Nevasoba 7 months ago +1

    Shadow of war is such a refreshing and new take , I was really into that game until I beat it ,like the entire end of the end also. It was just so different and challenging especially the nemesis AI , and the enemy captains that beat u , they make u want to hunt them down it gets really involved.

    • Nevasoba
      Nevasoba 7 months ago

      Rdr2 lol I still laugh because a was riding my horse near the swamp and ran into a black chic that needed a ride and the conversation was absolutely hilarious and I could never find her again in different playthrus , it is definitely one of the best open world games ever IMO.

  • Callum Bailey
    Callum Bailey 9 months ago

    I really like when Oblivion's imperial Legion Foresters get in fights over friendly fire when hunting deer. Especially great to find them duelling on a big rock outside a city. Great A.I...

  • GeneralChickenz
    GeneralChickenz 9 months ago

    Divinity 2 should definitely be on here. The enemies know how to take advantage of different game mechanics and can play around your and their strengths and weaknesses. For some examples, if you are at a higher elevation, your ranged attacks deal 20% more damage, and you take 10% damage from ranged attacks, and any ranged ai will run away from your character to get to high ground before attacking. There's also abilities you can use that can reflect the damage you receive back at them, so the enemies will avoid you and attack your friends while the buff is active.

  • courtland beyer
    courtland beyer 6 months ago

    its actually quite impressive the immense detail RockStar put into that game including the AI

  • Zincsteve
    Zincsteve 9 months ago

    Great video, makes me want to replay a lot of those games!

  • Joe Robinson
    Joe Robinson Month ago

    Definitely think the (human) enemy AI in The Last of Us Part II deserves a mention. The way they react to Ellie/Abby killing their fellow gang members or follow and call out your movements was unexpected and seriously impressive.

  • PresII
    PresII 3 months ago

    F.E.A.R. has an amazing Ai. The enemies are very competent

  • Sir Dankenshire
    Sir Dankenshire 9 months ago +1

    I think my favorite little feature in RDR2 is when you do a lethal shot on an NPC and how they'll get back up and start either shooting at you or trying to run away before eventually losing to much blood, falling over and bleeding out in front of you.

  • Cody
    Cody 9 months ago +2

    Now imagine if all these systems...were put into one game! It would either be glorious or fail horribly!

    • Anonymous Alien
      Anonymous Alien 9 months ago +1

      Even if it does fail horribly, at least we would get some great memeworthy material

  • Bradly VanBrackle
    Bradly VanBrackle 8 months ago

    in Gears of War 2 it has an adaptive AI system when using bots in solo mode. I discovered this because at the time my kids would play it when they were little. When playing I would notice enemies running in circles shooting the sky, just like my kids did. This worked both ways the better you did the enemies got smarter at combating your tactics.

  • Vulkrim
    Vulkrim 7 months ago

    both lotr games me got me stuck in a loop that i absolutely loved . I didn't bothered playing the main story , i was free roaming and killing orcs and the nemesis system made it absolutely more organic and realistic and fun . i did continued the story but maybe after around 8 hours of truly fun to play content

  • Lion lion lion
    Lion lion lion 9 months ago

    I always thought the AI in Uncharted 4 was really good. The enemies would work together to corner you and flush you out with explosives if you camped too much

    • Jonny 1996
      Jonny 1996 8 months ago

      last of us 2 has great ai.

  • FlyyGuyy
    FlyyGuyy 9 months ago +4

    Thanks WB for patenting the Nemesis System so we can never see it in someone else's hands.

  • Whipsters Idle
    Whipsters Idle 9 months ago

    I knew stalker was going to be on here.
    Stalker has a fantastic AI system. I remember fighting blind dogs and after some time of bumping in their packs, I realized they'll circle you to throw you off and 1 or 2 will come in and attack from behind. Same with chimera. They'll intentionally stay at a distance and circle around to get behind you.
    The AI was improved upon a LOT through Stalker's stand-alone mod "Anomaly"
    I've literally never played any other game where if an AI knows you haven't seen them and you're in your inv or looting, they'll actually stealth walk up behind you.

  • Teemu Leppä
    Teemu Leppä 5 months ago

    phantom pain was a masterpiece in my book...loved that game...i hoped it had a sequel just like it but improved

  • Nobody
    Nobody 9 months ago

    The Forest has lots of great AI touches. Enemies will bait you into ambushes, do retaliation attacks, seek revenge over fallen comrades, and attack your camp if they know you were poking around in their caves or camps. They patrol regular routes, hunt for you if you run after skirmishes, and will steal from your traps and food caches.

  • MyTruckinLife ACE
    MyTruckinLife ACE 9 months ago

    The ai in this land is my land is amazing. They don’t seem to have set patterns. One enemy can walk over and work on a wagon and he might be there for a few seconds or a few minutes and might never return to the same spot again. There are ways to lure enemies to you but sometimes you attract more than you can handle. The Animals are difficult as well because you don’t get much warning and even bears run in packs.

  • Dante Toshiro64
    Dante Toshiro64 9 months ago +360

    RDR2 really too damn beautiful 😭😭😭😭

  • Dead_Freak_PR GAMING
    Dead_Freak_PR GAMING 9 months ago +1

    The AI for RDR2 is what actually kept me going on for that slow intro I actually was so into the world that I gave it a chance and then the story picked up pace and it was one of the best experience I ever had with any open world game.

  • Michael Gunn
    Michael Gunn 5 months ago

    Anyone else feel like The Forest deserves an honorable mention? I know they aren't the best but their flight or fight sometimes is incredibly unnerving

  • Dan O
    Dan O 8 months ago +1

    RDR2 is on every list. That game is such a masterpiece. I was playing yesterday in 4k with an RTX 3080 and I was just in awe the whole time.

  • syler
    syler 9 months ago

    The combat AI of rdr2 is pretty impressive the closer you are to the enemies. If you're going for long-range fights then it's pretty standard but up close they can try to jump for cover or dive into you while the others shoot, when you have a gun in hand while they're bare-handed they can disarm you and make you drop your weapon and they're annoyingly really good at ganging up on you... one time I had a 1vMany fist-fight and when I looked away for a second they took turns pulling me towards them then punching me as well as grappling from behind while others bash me up-front.

  • Rogue_4TW
    Rogue_4TW 9 months ago +4

    Best experience with the stalker ai is in stalker soc.

    I got a quest to aid dutyers attack bandits in garbage and dark valley.

    And when I went to dark valley to aid the dutyers there.

    A bunch of Soldiers were fighting the dutyers there. EPIK BATTLE. Dutyers won ofc. And the thing is, it isn't scripted. So it could be a 1 in 1000000 typa situation.

    There's also another story in stalker anomaly (a mod tho). Where I was ambushed by freedomers. Fought to my last breath to them. But it still made a cool experience.

  • robert turner
    robert turner 9 months ago

    Great point with RDR2. Keep the combat simple and familiar like it is the normal for RDR but have everything around you enhance

  • Chapter Master Altethius

    One AI system that is fairly excellent for a game released in 2013 is Arma III AI. Yes, it's often bad at close quarters, and the AI will occasionally miss things that a normal person could notice, but they respond to many, if not most, situations with appropriate tactics. They patrol around and collapse in on any form of contact. Tanks and APC's know what their weapons are intended for and use them in that fashion. For example, a tank will rarely, if ever, engage infantry with it's main cannon. Instead it will use it's coaxial weapon and the commander's turret to attack. Grenadier Infantry AI will tend not to attack PC's with HEDP and instead resort to HE or Fragmentation rounds. Instead they will target lightly armoured vehicles with HEDP, and often with devastating results.

  • Kurtis Lawler
    Kurtis Lawler 9 months ago +1

    I know this is a little off topic, but I like looking for the notes in RDR2 left by the developers in desk drawers or other places. Feels like one of the AI could have left them there, because of how real the game feels.

  • Jagath XVI
    Jagath XVI 5 months ago

    Cant believe that you havent even mentioned oblivion's ai. Truly a masterpiece.

  • Heir2N01
    Heir2N01 9 months ago

    The nemesis system in SOW games are so frigging innovative imo. SOW is one of my all time favorite games it's such a frontrunner in AI imo,.Monolith are just genius

  • Ariel
    Ariel 9 months ago +1

    Making a top 5 video last like a top 20 video, quality content.

  • Zeaccu
    Zeaccu Month ago

    There is no doubt mgs V has really one of the best difficulty settings because the difficulty depends on your own play style and system will counter your play style to make the game difficult

  • billy bob
    billy bob 2 months ago

    if you make a part two I think the forest would be a good one. The IA in that game is pretty good, like how they have trade routes, use flanking when attacking, juke you out, create distractions, and when you start a game they don't really know that your there on the island until you run into one and that one reports back to its tribe

  • Ptr2680
    Ptr2680 19 days ago +1

    im predicting it, #1 is the forest. theres literally a hidden system which dictates how much the monsters hate you, if you do an action they hate their hostility goes up, and more will come to attack you, and just generally hunt you. while its at 0 they usually just watch or try to scare u, thats it, but if it increases theres more of a chance for them to attack you. and each character has its own personality. the women are more aggressive (like in actual nature)

    never mind, its not even in the list!

  • Matthew Carpenter
    Matthew Carpenter 9 months ago

    While not as complex as the regular "TheHunter" I felt "The Hunter Primal" had a pretty decent AI. Especially with the Utah Raptor communication and tactics.

  • Nick Radice
    Nick Radice 9 months ago

    I'm surprised Division 2's enemy AI didn't make it on this list. The ability for the enemy AI to adapt during combat is kind of crazy.

    Example: my friend and I were fighting a group of enemies. I tried to go around to flank the enemy and the enemy calls out "they're flanking" and adjusted their battle formation to account for the flank. Also, if an enemy knows you're low on health, they'll call out something like "enemy is low" and will encircle around you to cut off any escape. The enemy AI in Division 2 is some of the best I have seen in any game.

  • D3ysteampunk
    D3ysteampunk 2 months ago

    I remember playing Splinter Cell games as a kid. I triggered three alarm and the guards will protective gears and will be at full alarm. A little distraction will cause the guards to shoot. Looking at that AI behaviour that day is enough to blow my little 7 years old mind away.

  • thenachoandthecheeze
    thenachoandthecheeze 9 months ago

    Playing RDR2 single player for the first time
    in a while going from cabin to cabin until I realized I had some bounty hunters on my trail, but I led them to the next cabin which was really an O’Driscoll hideout and the O’Driscoll’s started lighting me up until the hunters caught up and they all scattered screaming “ITS THE LAW” so fuckin impressive.

  • The Marvel Universe Online
    The Marvel Universe Online 9 months ago +41

    The AI in FEAR was brutal!

    • Krishanu Banerjee
      Krishanu Banerjee 8 months ago

      @Mademan84 In FEAR, the enemy is simply looking for the nearest cover at all times. That's it. However, the levels are designed in such a way that in many situations, reaching a cover means going past the Point Man. As such, the enemies spread out looking for covers and when they encounter Point Man, the combat AI kicks in. That's why it looks like they are tenacious. They are actually the exact opposite. Brilliant coding and level design, I'd say!

    • Adam
      Adam 9 months ago

      The AI is not that great, they just worked alongside the level designers to make the Clones seem like they are running a smart AI, every group of enemy at certain areas are marked in those specific areas, so when you are hiding behind something, the Clones will say: "He's behind the 'X'!" and whenever you are at alternative paths, a trigger will happen making the Clones shout: "He is trying to flank!"

      Yeah it looks very advance 16 years ago but it was not very good in development standards.

    • MrHamerbush
      MrHamerbush 9 months ago

      hard AI doesn't make it any good.

    • caveman lovesmoke
      caveman lovesmoke 9 months ago +1

      Also Alien: isolation!!

    • tomstonemale
      tomstonemale 9 months ago +1

      @Mademan84 Play the same level several times then. Then play on hard and it's scary as fuck.

  • OtakuSparrow
    OtakuSparrow 9 months ago

    I am reminded of how Arcanum is scripted for the NPCs to react to you differently in ways you may not event think about. For example, if you run around town in your undearwear, the people will talk to you like you're some pervert lol

  • JacobIfDenmark
    JacobIfDenmark 9 months ago +8

    Honestly dissapointed that The Forest wasn’t on here, the AI adapts to everything you do pretty much

    • Ar Con
      Ar Con 9 months ago +2

      I just posted the same comment. Even more impressive is The Forest has a small dev team and relatively low budget.

  • Dinko Malinko
    Dinko Malinko 9 months ago

    AI is one of the least talked about game improvements I’m looking forward to on new gen tech. This list is short, for good reason, not many games in general have good AI... yet.

    • brodriguez11000
      brodriguez11000 9 months ago

      GPU Compute shaders as well as more powerful and capable CPUs.

  • edward ak levi
    edward ak levi 9 months ago

    Shadow of war is one of the most fantastic game ive played. The nemesis system the huge huge amount of enemies ..each personalities amazing

  • Jack Reese
    Jack Reese 9 months ago

    I saw two deer fighting like they would during rut, and that was super cool. I also saw moose fall through the frozen lake near lake Isabella and it run out. I saw dogs howling near their owners bodies after I shot them too :(

  • john wrath
    john wrath 5 months ago

    Both the nemesis system and the revenge system aren't really what I would call enemy "ai".

  • Tev
    Tev 9 months ago +2

    the first time i saw wolves play fighting, i was kinda taken back, like they really though of everything. i've played that game to completion like 4 times and im still not bored with it. rdr1 remake, crossed fingers.

  • North Milan
    North Milan 9 months ago

    Do more videos like this. I love things like this because I develop games on the side.