Full Frontal Rewind: The Best of Big Tech At Its Worst | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • Do you love the website you’re currently on and think it’s never done anything wrong? Huh. Okay then. Maybe you should watch this video.
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Comments • 294

  • UncleFonso
    UncleFonso 3 days ago

    Black women over black turtle necks ... YES

  • MoKush Da Poor Gamer

    It’s not the privacy, it’s the policy that makes them money.

  • sunrize601
    sunrize601 22 days ago

    How can we be sure that Zuckerberg isn't an AI robot?

  • Theresa Sanders
    Theresa Sanders 22 days ago

    This is a "Never Before Used" Legislative CHECK on the Judicial Branch!!! Let's use it on CITIZENS UNITED! Either that or declare TREASON & try the "CORPORATE CITIZENS"! #EndCorporateTreason #PowellMemos #BreakUpMonopolyMedia #Stop4ProfitWars constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution/interpretation/article-iii/section/203?fbclid=IwAR06BO16Dt4ztQ7p1Gn3Kxf2XF5fGpsAqeXQm05fxGeLemqd8V0iiI7djvY

  • Jeremy Reagan
    Jeremy Reagan 23 days ago

    For those who are like me obsessed with history read Edward Bernays book Propaganda from 1928. I am a student of US propaganda history read or be slaves.

  • Thomas Houghton
    Thomas Houghton 28 days ago

    Hmm🙄. It’s interesting that their bringing this up when the the attorney general is about to release the unredacted fisa violations and other high crimes of treason by the DS. Feels like their mirroring and preparing us for what’s to come. Perhaps there is video that’s been found that their worried about the public being introduced to. Lolita express visits to Epstein island? Both Clinton’s visits to that place is well documented. I feel like we are being prepared for what’s to come.

  • tracy thompson
    tracy thompson Month ago

    We have something that could be amazing and it becomes something that should be shut down. People turn it evil.

  • 姚澜
    姚澜 Month ago

    It's their business model; so if that doesn't change, their policies won't change and zucc's apologies will stay just that, apologies. The whole tech biz needs to be revised, and cyber space policies need to happen soon together

  • Noises
    Noises Month ago

    You know who uses facebook? vain people, idiots and sheep.
    Frankly, they deserve what they brought upon themselves.

  • EisAngel
    EisAngel Month ago +1

    No joke, I'm scared for my children:-(

  • MissRetThreatisnot DeadJet

    THE WHOLE SCREEN IS BLACK! lies are white on it💪🏿☯️

  • dreamervanroom
    dreamervanroom Month ago

    The Trump thing went too far. Ick.

  • 4bibimimi
    4bibimimi Month ago +4

    Mark Zuckerberg:
    2011 I'm sorry
    2013 I'm sorry
    2015 I'm sorry
    2017 I'm sorry
    2018 I'm sorry
    2020 Trump re-elected. I've toltally gotten away with this you realize.

  • R Griffin
    R Griffin Month ago

    Yep... Hastening In Progress!

  • Inezz Mullins
    Inezz Mullins Month ago

    FU! FB Rules!

  • Inezz Mullins
    Inezz Mullins Month ago +2

    Okay, that did creep me right out seeing Sam as Nicholas Cage.

  • Kerv D
    Kerv D Month ago

    #Awesome!!! #ILoveThis!

  • Marie Reilly
    Marie Reilly Month ago

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  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Facebook is far from the biggest or the worst, Google is.
    Google owns TheXvid.

  • Will Hatton
    Will Hatton Month ago

    I feel funny watching a video on TheXvid trashing (legitimately) TheXvid...

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez Month ago

    Mmm always looking good !!!yummu

  • john panos
    john panos Month ago

    read " The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human ... i.e. facebook

  • Scribe Rothchild
    Scribe Rothchild Month ago

    These compilations are great

  • Lubus Maximus
    Lubus Maximus 2 months ago

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    i figured out what im gonna do! im becomin a school teacher guys!
    Joey Biden, during tonights debate, said they make 100 k a year... and you get summers off, (plus i dont like fire... fireman is a real dangerous job) sign me up for 10 months at 10k a month!

    i'll learn em good

    • Lubus Maximus
      Lubus Maximus 2 months ago

      Liz and Bern workin on a ticket would get it done, yet that aint happening...so i'd say youre pissin in the wind, in other words youre fukd

    • Lubus Maximus
      Lubus Maximus 2 months ago

      May day you say
      Well Miss May has a nice fire going, shes unable to signal the ship, like Hanks in Castaway, we see the fire, the boat aint seein it
      May should get it done, yet wont

  • viner48x16
    viner48x16 2 months ago

    time to switch: mewe.com/ MeWe is the revolutionary social network with the social features people love and no ads, no targeting, and no newsfeed manipulation.

  • Ernesta V
    Ernesta V 2 months ago

    I`m from Lithuania, but I just love this show....

  • Jack Doyle
    Jack Doyle 2 months ago

    believe all women no matter what? like Teresa May or Kelly Ann Conway?

  • Lup Domnitor
    Lup Domnitor 2 months ago

    Rules for FACEBOOK consumers:
    Obey these commandments and FB is fine.

  • Vanishing Sun
    Vanishing Sun 2 months ago

    Are you not entertained?!?! Lol

  • technological akshually void spaghetti seeds

    why can't they show FF every day?????????????????

  • Archibald Tuttle
    Archibald Tuttle 2 months ago +2

    You don't need AI to predict that Wallstreet is crime prone.

  • LW Riker
    LW Riker 2 months ago

    This was done to President Obama and Jim Ocasta.
    By #MeinFuhrerTwit and friends.

  • Sealot
    Sealot 2 months ago +2

    Remember our data belongs to us. Yet Facebook sells it. Do we get a slice of this. No we don’t. About time we get a dividen...
    Yang proposes we get a share of this wealth. Why not it’s ours. How else does Facebook make billions. Think about it

  • ThE DuCk
    ThE DuCk 2 months ago +1

    Nick Cage Face -- so creepy !!

  • Will Harris
    Will Harris 2 months ago +17

    “Jeep Cherokee. Beep beep. It’s car time.”
    -2018 Car Ad of the Year

  • RiC Communications
    RiC Communications 2 months ago +1

    Al-gore-rythums!!!!!! So funny!

  • RiC Communications
    RiC Communications 2 months ago +1

    Nothing is for free, there is always a catch somewhere.

  • BroNumsi
    BroNumsi 2 months ago +1

    ...and at the same time FB removed classic art because of painted nudity...

  • Tim THE F WORD Johnston

    your the best Sam

  • Carol-Anne McMillan
    Carol-Anne McMillan 2 months ago

    Samantha is clearly horrified by the possibilities for fake news. She looks like she wants to throw up.

  • Butt Hurtz
    Butt Hurtz 2 months ago

    20 years in Pelican Bay for this stuff. If you do this to people you need to be locked up. No short sentences for good behavior.

  • Bugdriver49
    Bugdriver49 2 months ago

    Now I'm patting myself on the back for NEVER setting up a Facebook account!!!

  • Digital Jackie
    Digital Jackie 2 months ago

    Wait... what is "Tune into to Tokyo"?

  • Monster Dad
    Monster Dad 2 months ago

    Next in my list

    How Do 90% of Americans Have Jobs? - Daniel Tosh

  • MatchstalkMan
    MatchstalkMan 2 months ago

    3:10 “engineer a tape”
    Digital video uses tape?

  • CSolarstorm
    CSolarstorm 2 months ago

    Deepfakes will absolutely be a terrible issue, but most people are already suspicious of everything being Photoshopped. In fact, more theories rely on calling things fake, like the moon landing theory, 9/11 truthers, or flat eartherism. It's easier to deny things than accept them.
    We might have the opposite problem, where any politician can alledge that anything is fake and instantly discredit it. Oh wait, I legitimately forgot Trump literally does that. Basically, the hunt for deepfakes may do more damage than the deepfakes themselves.

  • Simpletown Worx
    Simpletown Worx 2 months ago +1

    Upgraded sincerity algorithm!!!

  • Ben G
    Ben G 2 months ago +6

    They need to do face-swap with Moscow Mitch and everyone in the Congress. Let's see how quick they move to pass a law to ban face swap.

  • Mark Henderson
    Mark Henderson 2 months ago

    Ariana Grande is actually white, she uses black face.

  • Bedazzle Juju
    Bedazzle Juju 2 months ago

    F¥£k Facebook!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. Every single one of us should remove it from our lives. I have. It’s been fantastic!

  • Carla Grady
    Carla Grady 2 months ago

    PULEEEEZ can it be about black women??? If we're talking about REAL progress that envisions something DIFFERENT and not status quo, PLEEEEEeeeeez can black women lead this, PLEEEeeeeeeez?!?!?!?? What has the alternative gotten us thus far? When men, black & white, run the show, it ends up needing MAJOR improvement.
    This is saying exactly what needs to happen. It's not that men are bad. Of course not. They're adorable.
    This isn't about dissing men, it's about new blood vitalizing the progression towards REAL change. The ppl who spoke on this clip are so WOKE! Get behind them!!! YOU. GO. ALLofYOU!!!

  • 20killershot
    20killershot 2 months ago +3

    I quit Facebook in 2010 best decision of my life.

  • Grant Botto
    Grant Botto 2 months ago

    Simple - delete Facebook.

  • M F
    M F 2 months ago

    Zuckerdick is a slimeball

  • Kevin Joseph
    Kevin Joseph 2 months ago

    Why can't some white hats expose Zuckerberg? 👀😱❗️

  • seekr696
    seekr696 2 months ago +2

    8:15 that isnt an apology, it means absolutely nuthin and applies to everything, its a spit in our face over and over again..
    1. this statement is in odd quotation marks. a space before and after the statement.. does this mean anything or cryptic stuff? 2. he doesnt say sorry 3. basically means: "i wont deny that everybody makes alot of mistakes". we need to boycott them
    8:25 hes sorry it happened, still no apology

  • MediaCastleX
    MediaCastleX 2 months ago

    they should have just used Anthony's face? 👀

  • seekr696
    seekr696 2 months ago +1

    7:27 whaaat.. has a history of this.. zucherburg has knowingly violated our privacy.. this creepy cyber bully perv has unregulated unrestricted access and exclusive rights to ALL our personal data .. to EVERY TINY DETAIL ABOUT US as individuals, as families, as generations, as consumers, as students, as humans, and if we are loyal/profitable happy citizens of the imperial republican trumfs american party.. or not so much. as our great wise stable leader trumf says "there are good and bad americans". (thats not far fetched). but about our government citizen trackers aka "devices" they can collect anything at anytime.. they dont need "memory", the "artificial" intelligence memorizes, pools and sends our data live to share on "the cloud" where everything is permanently stored. Are you wondering what your son and/or daughter are saying, doing, location, who/what/whe/how/where your chikdren are, sending and recieving mssgs from/to.. zuckerburg knows, but we dont have access to data he collects.. g👀gletube has admited to recording videos, verbal convos, mssgs, pictures using the devices without consent because "we gave them consent" by agreeing to terms of service.. now they are suspected of using devices to record audio from us..whats odd is that g👀gletube said anything because: 1. read your "terms of service", "privacy act", in our trust that a company wouldnt abuse our trust of not having to read the fine print of normal "terms of service and privacy acts" g👀gletube has molested our trust.. to use anything associated with g👀gle you give them sole rights to .. your privacy in disgusting perverse language like g👀gle knows our location regardless if we turn location services or regardless if cells are off and dont have sim cards in them. because its "for our protection". g👀gle and affiliates do not give out our personal data UNLESS its affiliated with g👀gle or a 3rd party "working with" or using g👀gle services or a 3rd party of "the service".. bullspit!! that says g👀gle sells our personal shet to any company that supports g👀gle.. its just watered down to look like normal terms of service and privacy act.. that we implied "agreed to" by hitting accept. your device is capable of and could legally record video and sound of you, me, our children 24/7.. if were texting a message our device cameras and mikes are aimeddirectly at our face and can live record and learn our faces, convos, emotional reactions, surroundings, ambient noise with pinpoint satellite locations.. its not regulated!! EVERYTHING WE DO, SAY, WHERE WE GO WHILE AROUND A DEVICE IS PERMANETLY RECORDED AND ACCESSABLE, forgot the state but a judge granted a warrant to release a suspects "social media file". this is f in bullspit!! our personal info isnt "evidence".. this could be useful but seeing how like 90% of the population doesnt criminally use social media thats violating our civil rights.. see they already had a "social media file" on him not related to charges it seems, since he upset "law people" they ordered his pre existing social media bs file opened. we all have social files, at minimum. we need to destroy these "devices", the zuck is an evil f***

  • Blah Anger
    Blah Anger 2 months ago

    Didn't one of those self driving cars not see not white people?

  • justin castillo
    justin castillo 2 months ago

    #TheXvidWoes #FacebookSucks #BigTech #DeepFakes #BlackFutureMonth