Ugly Shirts and Casino Buffets

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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  2 years ago +624

    hey guys!! thanks for watching :) the tutu video was so fun to make, and I hope you enjoy this extra behind the scenes footage. more video coming soon!

    • Jady Corson
      Jady Corson 2 months ago

      Tyler Williams HELLLOOO AND WELCOME

    • Michele Squier-Wells
      Michele Squier-Wells 11 months ago

      I will love to have one TuTu.

    • PinkTaco OfDoom
      PinkTaco OfDoom Year ago

      I'm gonna need a tutu.. preferably black and purple... Just an FYI if you ever go back to Morons go casino the Tacos & Tequila restaurant inside has some crazy amazing tacos... and pretty good drinks too. 🌮🤘🖖👍

    • KatieKoo- KooHead
      KatieKoo- KooHead Year ago

      You should post more

    • Amanda Gifford
      Amanda Gifford Year ago

      I'd wear the tutu if I went to Coachella

  • ms.marvelous 815
    ms.marvelous 815 6 days ago

    I don’t know why people hate that shirt. I love it and I tried to buy it but it’s sold out everywhere

  • Anonymous Painter
    Anonymous Painter 2 months ago

    Are to tutus still available

  • irais salazar
    irais salazar 4 months ago

    Those plastic wrapped toilet seats, lol
    Only seen them here in OHare airport restrooms. I love those...I dont feel weird sitting on them

  • lovelexifan's vlog
    lovelexifan's vlog 5 months ago

    I want one

  • curryna
    curryna 5 months ago

    binging SafTy vids because i miss them

  • Reina Rodriguez
    Reina Rodriguez 6 months ago


  • Shmalimoo Ftw
    Shmalimoo Ftw 6 months ago

    that intro xD

  • Kary *
    Kary * 7 months ago

    I know im years late but I want a tutu :)

  • Destiny Dickerson
    Destiny Dickerson 7 months ago

    Are all the tutus gone?

  • Sherry Workman
    Sherry Workman 7 months ago

    My brother lives in there i go up there 😸

  • Chelsea Viveros
    Chelsea Viveros 8 months ago +1

    My sister works at Coachella

  • FlyJack
    FlyJack 8 months ago +1

    That was so lame. You went to Coachella but didn’t go in and party and went to a Casino and didn’t gamble. I can see you as this couch potato boring 24/7 stay at home couple...

  • breakmydreams
    breakmydreams 8 months ago

    I want a shirt like Safiya :)

  • Alexandra Giambastiani
    Alexandra Giambastiani 10 months ago

    If only I knew what toilet seats they were talking about xDD

  • Sabrina Qualls
    Sabrina Qualls 11 months ago

    Am i the only one who genuinely likes the shirt and would wear it? maybe ill buy a tutu to wear on my band tee

  • Angie Harmon
    Angie Harmon 11 months ago

    I love watching you guys. I cant believe you were out in coachella. I live in desert hot springs which is right by palm springs. It would be amazing to run into you guys one day.

  • makayla s
    makayla s 11 months ago +2

    *shane dawson and chuckey cheese has left the chat..

  • Laceykat66
    Laceykat66 11 months ago

    What is the title of Safiya's post on this trip? I looked but could not see her side.

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset 11 months ago +1

    I like chuck e cheese pizza.....shane dawson disagrees

  • Stephanie Paquin
    Stephanie Paquin Year ago

    I've never felt such kinship to a youtuber but this video is my kind of adventure. I love going to events to people watch in the parking lot. Plus just layers upon layers of weird. Love it.

  • Viva la Diva
    Viva la Diva Year ago

    You should have gotten married there 💖💖💖

  • Milla Maxwell
    Milla Maxwell Year ago

    I love that Tyler went and bought the tutus and not Saf 😂

  • Jahnavi Menon
    Jahnavi Menon Year ago

    Who’s watching after the proposal?

  • Mrs Kingdom
    Mrs Kingdom Year ago

    Our casino, the sands.. has the plastic coverings on the toilet! Lol

  • Car Ric
    Car Ric Year ago

    I love root beer floats. Buffets are good for that. Order a root beer utilized the ice cream bar and you have unlimited root beer floats!

  • Serena Akeroyd
    Serena Akeroyd Year ago

    I'm seriously loving these vlogs 🤦‍♂️ Anyone else find them super relaxing? Lol. Came here from Saf's ASMR vid... Not sure if that was the road Tyler was taking his channel down, but I'm chilled! 👍

  • Brittany Polly
    Brittany Polly Year ago

    I fucking love casino buffets! Prime rib and steak with desserts fuck yeah!!💚💚

  • Rory Flasck
    Rory Flasck Year ago

    omg i go to that rad all the time in the summer because I go to a lake up there called lake havasue , have you ever gone there!?!?

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short Year ago

    I want a Tutu

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short Year ago

    I’ll wear that shirt

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short Year ago

    I want a Too too.

  • courtney grace
    courtney grace Year ago

    1:28 *DAMN*
    I want a tutu!!! 😂

  • Miss Ellydia
    Miss Ellydia Year ago

    I love you guys. So chill and real.

  • Megan Twehus
    Megan Twehus Year ago +6

    Safiya -" What do you think Tyler?"
    Tyler - " It's a lemon tart."
    I cracked up

  • Peter D
    Peter D Year ago

    Ty so sexy

  • LauraAnne Wright
    LauraAnne Wright Year ago

    I need a tutu!!

  • Dana Hamilton
    Dana Hamilton Year ago

    I want a tutu! They're so adorable!

  • Dom Shaheen
    Dom Shaheen Year ago

    Who doesn’t want a free tutu? Clearly they were all on drugs, but boring drugs like Advil and anti-depressants.

  • Zach Gage
    Zach Gage Year ago +1

    Hey Tyler TMI on the outro!!!!!

  • JustHere4Ambiance

    i love the bunnicula reference!!

  • BlueSilk
    BlueSilk Year ago

    I still don’t know what that bunny ears thing on the dashboard is 😆

  • lizzelz
    lizzelz Year ago

    Hey thats my home town

  • Riley_Ann_Louise _Ward

    can i please have a tutu ?

  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor Year ago

    Still have tutus ? Lol

  • sethorlando
    sethorlando Year ago

    some relationship goals right there

  • MS Lee
    MS Lee Year ago

    when will you upload a new video?

  • Danielle Alvarez
    Danielle Alvarez Year ago

    I'm not a big fan of your vlogs. (Not it a mean or rude way)

  • X G
    X G Year ago

    i can´t believe nobody wanted a tutu tbh

  • Ricardo Rocha
    Ricardo Rocha Year ago

    This is the first Tyler Williams video I've come across and I subscribed so quick because I wanna see him with a success perm. #TylerNeedsASuccessPerm

  • Maureen-Celeste
    Maureen-Celeste Year ago

    I know what you man about the pizza. I wish I could have my Catholic grade school spongy pizza once again :D

  • B MzRaiders Martinez

    It still amazes how so many people come to our little town for a huge music festival 😀
    You guys should have stop at the casinos we have here in the Coachella Valley i personally think they are better than morongo 😋

  • Joanna Joyce
    Joanna Joyce Year ago

    I actually dig the shirt id wear it on a casual day for sure

  • Kara Johns
    Kara Johns Year ago

    When you drop your iPad in time to the intro music

  • bubblesh
    bubblesh Year ago

    The lack of crusty makes me sad

  • Sapphire
    Sapphire Year ago +1

    You guys were out my way! (Yeah I know I'm year late LOL)

  • MS Lee
    MS Lee Year ago

    exactly one year ago!

  • McKenzie Rucker
    McKenzie Rucker Year ago

    I WANT A TUTU!!!

  • Ashling Huiras
    Ashling Huiras Year ago

    I want a tutu!

  • Hi There my FRIEND

    I want a too too

  • cantaloupe -
    cantaloupe - 2 years ago


  • Huda Rabah
    Huda Rabah 2 years ago

    Tyler ALWAYS has food on his mouth in vlogs

  • celina garcia
    celina garcia 2 years ago

    Just realized that saf had purple eyeliner

  • Sofia Leskinen
    Sofia Leskinen 2 years ago

    exCUSE ME but why would someone refuse a tutu. i want- no, actually, i NEED a tutu in my life asap

  • Кат Ус
    Кат Ус 2 years ago

    I know this video is old, but can anyone tell me what lipstick Saf is wearing? It's beautiful.

  • Kristen Wohrle
    Kristen Wohrle 2 years ago

    so i live in the suburbs of philly im wondering what school you went to??

  • Honey Joy
    Honey Joy 2 years ago

    had to look up "automatic toilet seat cover" to get what Saf was saying. lol

  • Mrs.Holly
    Mrs.Holly 2 years ago

    Oh man, you guys kill me. I live near Redlands, which looks like where you stopped to eat. Lol. I have not experienced the morongo buffet, quite jealous.

  • Michaela M
    Michaela M 2 years ago

    I think the shirt is really cool 😂

  • Becca Mancia
    Becca Mancia 2 years ago

    i want a tutu, but i want it signed or something or with a picture attached.

  • Adriana08
    Adriana08 2 years ago

    You guys are so weird. You’re a perfect match! 💜

  • Samantha McGuire
    Samantha McGuire 2 years ago

    I love your and Saf's channels.

  • Kayla Baker
    Kayla Baker 2 years ago +1


  • Carolyn Nguyen
    Carolyn Nguyen 2 years ago

    more mundane vlogs like this please

  • Melissa Koenig
    Melissa Koenig 2 years ago

    I would love a tutu lol Thank you guys for being so amazingly funny and positive!!!

  • Ava Victoria
    Ava Victoria 2 years ago

    TY Nice haircut homiie! keep up the awesomeness

  • libbyrussell 13
    libbyrussell 13 2 years ago

    i love safiya’s eyeliner 😍

  • Kat Deparrie
    Kat Deparrie 2 years ago

    Is tiy tyler it yourself??