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  • Published on Jan 3, 2021
  • Thanks to the team at MedCram for this video collaboration.
    Interviewer: Kyle Allred, Physician Assistant, Producer, and Co-Founder of
    Roger Seheult, MD is the co-founder and lead professor at
    He is an Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine and Assistant Prof. at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Dr. Seheult is Quadruple Board Certified: Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. He currently practices medicine full time.
    John Campbell, RN, BSc, MSc, PGC.Pharm, PhD is a health educator and analyst who has spent over three decades teaching students in the United Kingdom, Asia, Africa, and online with an extensive video library. John has also published textbooks on Physiology and Pathophysiology. He publishes frequent COVID-19 updates at his TheXvid channel:

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  • Bluesmama
    Bluesmama Year ago +172

    You both helped me protect my medically fragile child throughout this from the start. There are no words for my gratitude.

  • CrocodileKeyboards

    Hi Dr Campbell,

  • Beth
    Beth Year ago +14

    That was as long as a movie and I was as engrossed as I would have been had it been an Oscar winner. That was wonderful. Really great to see the Brits and the Americans talk science.... was like watching a peer reviewed study! (...I don't know about taking a hot , THEN a cold bath -no sauna -...but now I have to see if I can do it. Have a feeling that this is not going to be fun!) 🔥❄️

  • Wildlife Wales
    Wildlife Wales Year ago +8

    Yes I watched to the end! Brilliant minds coming together, clear and concise information, very watchable. Two of my favourite channels, please do this again and thank you once again for everything that you have and are doing. 😊

  • O. Hayes Griffith
    O. Hayes Griffith Year ago +12

    Wonderful to have Drs. John Campbell and Roger Seheult on the same video. I have been following both of them and now learned even more as they discuss the current situation. Kyle Allred is an excellent moderator. Well done all of you. I am 82 years old and taking notes.

  • V Tsang
    V Tsang Year ago +6

    My main two go-to Drs. for Covid info! Been watching both their channels since January 2020. So pleased to see this collaborative video. Looking forward to another session soon!

  • Amanda Gleaves
    Amanda Gleaves Year ago +259


  • Dr. Nancy Living-Co-creatively

    So glad to see US respect for Dr. John. And to hear his words about post infection immunity.

  • Andy Lloyd
    Andy Lloyd Year ago +57

    Dr John is so intelligent! So glad we have this guy available to offer advise through his videos. What makes me laugh is we have Boris giving us his new updates, yet this guy blows him out of the water with real information! I can only imagine if we had a guy like this in power making the decisions the country needed since the start of the pandemic, we may be in a better shape as a country in this time and present :-/ When I had Covid a TWO part disease makes sense. The feeling of becoming well again only got replaced by a worsening of my symptoms on day-8! Terrible disease and i cannot wait until the world is rid of it...

  • Magdalena Cruz
    Magdalena Cruz Year ago +23

    I watched the entire video. I've watched John since the beginning of 2020. It was interesting and fun to see both clinicians give their thoughts, opinions and experiences. God bless all of you!

  • Kennie Diamond
    Kennie Diamond Year ago +56

    This is freaking amazing.. the exact 2 channels i have been following since the start of this epidemic has come together in one video.. wow :D

  • Nebhu MS
    Nebhu MS Year ago +14

    Great discussion, respect all three who carried the show through out .

  • 2 pieces of wood, 1 piece of rope

    If someone told me a year ago that I would be excited about seeing 2 doctors discuss pandemic response issues, I would laugh in their face. Very strange times.

  • Mel Walden
    Mel Walden Year ago +5

    I can't believe it, two of my favourite doctors in one sitting! I have been hooked since, researching COVID...............such a shame these guys were not around before I joined the ambulance service 29 years ago! Thank you both so much for your precise information on all medical facts. I look forward to keep on watching you, long after COVID.............. I think you are both brilliant!!! Just love these channels!

  • Cindy Bogart
    Cindy Bogart Year ago +4

    This was a wonderful video. I would not have survived this past year with COVID 19 if I wasn’t following Dr. Campbell & MedCram. I’m great full to have found you both when I needed you most. Thank you✨

  • nurseflanders
    nurseflanders Year ago +7

    Many thanks to my hero’s from this crazy time. The best intelligent and clear information!

  • Friendly Pharmacy 5
    Friendly Pharmacy 5 Year ago +18

    🇨🇦This is the most intelligent conversation I’ve heard since March of 2020. Thank you both!

  • Bo Allen
    Bo Allen Year ago +18

    This collab is one of the few really interesting ones I have ever watched. You could see that even if each were from different countries they understood the 'scientific language' the other was talking about. Just awesome!! Well done Gentlemen

  • Shelley Charlesworth
    Shelley Charlesworth Year ago +280

    These 2 guys are THE ones I watch every single day! They have done people a WORLD of good by generously sharing their time and info on YT.

  • Peter Cogswell
    Peter Cogswell Year ago +8

    Watched Dr Campbell since the beginning and benefitted immensely from his expertise, his ability to inform and his philosophical approach. A role model for real expertise laced with humility. Thank you sincerely.