The Small Gadget That Slices Water Consumption by 60% Worries Deborah | Dragons' Den

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Nigel Bamford entered the Den with his invention the ‘Waterblade’. Nigel is seeking a 85k investment for a 10% stake in his business. The Waterblade is a small gadget that fits to most taps and offers efficient hand washing. The Dragons were pleased to discover he’d trialled the invention with RBS, resulting in a 60% reduction in their water consumption. But the eagle-eyed Deborah didn't leave one stone unturned...
    An international sensation, Dragon's Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
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  • Dragons' Den
    Dragons' Den  18 days ago +2

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  • ninilulu7
    ninilulu7 13 hours ago

    “I’m not worried about him, I’m worried about you and my investment.”
    Let’s be real, Jenny, you have nothing to worry about because you were never going to invest anyway.

  • Buk Lau
    Buk Lau 17 hours ago

    My old school in sweden had something like this. not the same design but same feature

  • Daniel Tramp
    Daniel Tramp 2 days ago

    Barbara: "I'm not even on this show and for that reason, I'm out."

  • Naz Khan
    Naz Khan 4 days ago

    Jenny, without a doubt you look like a trout , there maybe a drought but im out.

  • Naz Khan
    Naz Khan 4 days ago

    0.28 psycho. Im out

  • Anita Hardesty
    Anita Hardesty 5 days ago

    Theres a mandate here is the USA for many states to reduce water consumption. Exspecially in the dryer states like Arizona and Nevada. That product would be huge here. It's not going to be tough here in the states. He needs to get that over here. I would live that in my house!! They are making a huge mistake if they dont invest. I know we have the kind of faucets that you press down and a certain amount of water comes out but you have to keep pressing it over and over so more water is used. This invention uses less water and will be perfect for washing hands, brushing teeth etc .I want this product for my bathroom sinks. I have 3 bathrooms. One other thing. 3 states share water from one source. California, Nevada and Arizona. These states get a certain amount of water. We all need water conservation wherever we are. I live in dry Arizona. We didn't get a monsoon season this year. Hardly any rain. Not good.

  • Mark Mc Cabe
    Mark Mc Cabe 5 days ago

    Yeah they want I when it's going good..

  • 1Chasg
    1Chasg 5 days ago

    4:59. How rude is Jenny for no reason holy hell.

  • Joshua O'Connor
    Joshua O'Connor 5 days ago

    Was really keen on this guys idea until I found out he's says issue like Tissue. On that basis I'm out

  • Anon Wibble
    Anon Wibble 6 days ago

    I think it's a pretty good idea. I'm just not sure it fits to my taps.

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath 6 days ago

    I always slice my water. Don't even need a sharp knife.

  • witty d
    witty d 6 days ago

    Perfect my newly downloaded face blurr app will activate as soon as Jenny appears 🖲
    Let the good times roll baby... 🙏🏽 please work

  • vinay nams
    vinay nams 7 days ago +1

    Me: Jenny do you ever read the comments out here!
    Jenny: No and For that reason am out!

  • GJ
    GJ 7 days ago

    85K was bit high. But dear dragons you got the market completely wrong. Products like this are selling like hot dogs in countries/places with water scarcity. Malls, restaurants, offices, public places and where not 🤷

  • joe 90
    joe 90 8 days ago

    I'm out I'm out I'm out I'm out i mmmmmmmmmm ouuuuuuuuuuuuuut. Jenny

  • bslmbslm
    bslmbslm 8 days ago +2

    Does anybody. besides myself, get tired of the endless Jenny joke. I go to the comments and I know that if Jenny is on the show, at least 75% of the comments will be along the line "Jenny says, "because of X, I'm out" - X being very funny, witty, repetitive, boring.

    • MudFlood Warrior2020
      MudFlood Warrior2020 Day ago

      Yep...When you want to read intelligent comments about the actual products and the whole show, you have to sift through endless mounds of those "jokes"...Mt eyes skim down these comments and now pick out the word Jenny instantly and I scroll down...

  • Baza H
    Baza H 8 days ago +1

    His creepy laugh at the start.. climate change "agenda" is the best thing he said.. agenda is bang on.

  • Woodnugget
    Woodnugget 10 days ago

    Of these. Greedy people. My advice to these people is get us on board and we will support you. It’s what we need. We are free after all 😀😀😀😀👌👌👌 we deserve and have the right to be free and live how we want to

  • Woodnugget
    Woodnugget 10 days ago

    This man has designed a fantastic product, but the problem is the dragons know that they would be stepping on some serious toes that could effect their lively hood. Because it would have a huge impact on the water companies. Ie government powers. And that woolly day apply to any great person developing any product that would save the great average person of this world some money to the detriment

  • Junaid Desai
    Junaid Desai 10 days ago

    Like this hoe was gonna invest. Piss off poser

  • Sheepish Buffalo
    Sheepish Buffalo 11 days ago

    With water utilities installing meters everywhere you would think the bill payers would want this water saving device on every tap they have. Have the dragons lost the plot or run out of money?

  • Matthew Montana
    Matthew Montana 14 days ago

    Jenny got eyes like Mr Blobby

  • Kashif Hussain
    Kashif Hussain 15 days ago

    I think it was very rude by Jenny - poor chap didn't say much wrong, but she was just ensuring she was on the front foot for her trademark "and for that reason I'm out". She needs to try and come and get a dragon onboard!

  • keith benson
    keith benson 16 days ago

    Worst thing they ever did was to put Jenny in Dragons Den

  • Teamkuchen
    Teamkuchen 16 days ago

    I don‘t why i watch this show.. those people are mostly disrespectful , especially jenny and they are nothing like any real VC Investors..
    They don‘t want to take risks and value companies based on the net profit and revenue... ( buying underpriced shares thanks to the on stage pressure on the founders in profitable promising growing businesses; sorry but that‘s anything but fair) Most great Start-Ups needed years to become profitable and are nevertheless worth millions before making any profit...
    Please surround yourself with people with vision and a sense for great developments...

  • J.M. Vail
    J.M. Vail 16 days ago

    It's too bad his pitch wasn't the best because I really love the product I would love to buy it

  • ManifoldCuriosity
    ManifoldCuriosity 17 days ago

    I like Jenny because she triggers people :D

  • That Guy Scott Webb
    That Guy Scott Webb 19 days ago

    Hotels, pub chains, schools etc etc, there is definitely a market.

  • warren walsh
    warren walsh 19 days ago

    Has Jenny ever invested in anything, I'm starting to think she has no money to invest and somehow got herself on the show!

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 19 days ago

    He didn’t invent a thing lol. It’s been used on machines for years for coolant.

  • Dan HerrickVet
    Dan HerrickVet 19 days ago

    This is a great idea for countries with minimal rain, camper vans, military, construction sites etc

  • Joshua French
    Joshua French 20 days ago

    Take a shot every time he says the word 'water'

  • AKA Peter Rabbit
    AKA Peter Rabbit 20 days ago

    So glad to see the back of Jenny. Absolutely useless as a dragon.

  • InternetLearningUserJ
    InternetLearningUserJ 20 days ago

    I hope I don't stumble
    *laughs like a true, verified, certified lunatic

  • Stony P
    Stony P 20 days ago

    Jenny may have got wet but she is still out

  • you tuber
    you tuber 21 day ago

    Jenny: As you can see, I'm clearly not at home at the moment. So for that reason, I'm out.

  • gerard . A
    gerard . A 21 day ago

    Hope it will be the biggest Dragons dent misse out for this inventeurs , it’s a genius idea , good for the planet , peoples , everything is great on it .

  • gerard . A
    gerard . A 21 day ago +1

    Water compagnies will do everything to stop him selling his product .

  • LogicPak
    LogicPak 21 day ago +1

    Jenny would be a nightmare to work with. Gladly she’s always out.

  • Chris
    Chris 21 day ago

    "I don't use water so for that reason I'm out" jenny Campbell

  • ultra galic gun
    ultra galic gun 21 day ago

    him and the dragons are thick this product needs to be marketed in countrys where water is scarce and people would actually benefit from it not try sell in in a country like uk USA which is full of big companies trying to rape us

  • ameyap108
    ameyap108 21 day ago

    Another working class honest individual fucked over by the rich. These guys should be helping entrepreneurs not throw them under the bus with no positive feedback. Hence Shark Tank will always win, they are a lot more real and even if they diss they do give proper feedback no matter how harsh. In the US this bloke would easily get a deal.

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 21 day ago

    Jenny: "That blade of water will not wash poo off my finger when my finger busts through the toilet paper & for that reason, I'm out".

  • alida flus
    alida flus 21 day ago

    Entrepreneur: "My product helps solve climate change..." Jenny: Yawns

  • Leo from Freo
    Leo from Freo 21 day ago

    I love Jenny. She’s so rude and nasty and clever and she’s just like me.

  • just me
    just me 22 days ago

    Why does Evan Davies keep going on about Deborah Meaden's 'Eco credentials'?
    She has rejected loads of great environmentally friendly pitches because they wont make her money quick enough.
    She's just another capitalist

    • David Thomson
      David Thomson 21 day ago

      I think she was quite fair here, she didn't even make an offer because from her perspective the amount she'd want to take off him to balance the risk of the investment was so large that she didn't feel it would be right or fair to him as the inventor.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 22 days ago

    this is a great idea - could be so beneficial to countries in drier climates too (public utilities, hotels etc) .

    • alida flus
      alida flus 21 day ago

      Peter I am struggling to get excited? That’s what your good lady said.

  • Hussain Ahmed
    Hussain Ahmed 22 days ago

    Out: I’m Jenny

  • Perseus Wong
    Perseus Wong 22 days ago

    0:26 Maniacal mad scientist laugh

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 22 days ago

      Jenny Campbell is just a waste of space, get someone else in that chair.

  • Andy Judge
    Andy Judge 22 days ago

    Jenny is a man! thank you, thank you

  • Henry Salisbury
    Henry Salisbury 22 days ago

    Deborah taking 33% then when she makes 85k back goes down to 20%. Bunch of intelligent idiots! 😂 shows how much the dragon with eco credentials cares about the environment not investing in a genius business/product that potentially saves millions of gallons of water.

  • Laura Richardson
    Laura Richardson 22 days ago

    Typical - people that are more concerned about making money than saving the planet

    • gerard . A
      gerard . A 21 day ago +1

      Laura Richardson true , show their real faces

  • M Love
    M Love 22 days ago

    Jenny needs to take some leafs out of Deborahs book on how to talk to people properly. Silly rude cow

  • hadz001
    hadz001 22 days ago

    Yeah I didn't think Kenny would splash out on this either 💦

  • djkayce
    djkayce 22 days ago

    Where do I buy them?

  • JayElCee
    JayElCee 22 days ago

    I would buy this

  • dasraiser
    dasraiser 22 days ago

    @2:17 this is why i can't watch this show, it's annoying having recaps on what was only said moments earlier.

  • Spyro hawk9293 Gaming
    Spyro hawk9293 Gaming 22 days ago

    Deborah and Peter are still the best dragons