National: Defining the American Dream | The New York Times

  • Published on May 7, 2009
  • In the recession, the American Dream is alive, if not entirely well, according to a poll by The New York Times and CBS News.
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    National: Defining the American Dream --

Comments • 100

  • Tiarra Murphy
    Tiarra Murphy Month ago +1

    But they are asking well off people, ask the poor or communities that are targeted to stay poor.

    • J McNeill
      J McNeill 19 days ago

      You're right they don't look like they're hurting for money

    • Tiarra Murphy
      Tiarra Murphy Month ago

      gramerpolise typical closed minded response.

    • gramerpolise
      gramerpolise Month ago +1

      typical poor person mentality.

  • Trollington mcTroll
    Trollington mcTroll 2 months ago

    the American dream doesn’t exist anymore

  • The Ahrora
    The Ahrora 6 months ago +2

    It's called the American Dream because you must be a sleep it ti happen.

  • Eduardo Javier Tapia Agurto

    Fome la caga de vídeo

  • Álvaro Arostica
    Álvaro Arostica 8 months ago

    Wena los cabros

  • 海賊
    海賊 2 years ago


  • Gopakumar Nair
    Gopakumar Nair 2 years ago
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  • JulieKroun
    JulieKroun 2 years ago +6

    1:30 Is that Taylor Lautner in the background?

  • Hesihan Suthakaran
    Hesihan Suthakaran 3 years ago +1

    Why don't they make London times

  • Hesihan Suthakaran
    Hesihan Suthakaran 3 years ago +4

    But I live in Africa so I don't care

  • Hesihan Suthakaran
    Hesihan Suthakaran 3 years ago +2

    Why don't you do stuff on the British dream

    • DaCrazMon
      DaCrazMon 3 years ago

      +Mr Cabbage lol

    • Mr Cabbage
      Mr Cabbage 3 years ago

      +B Singh I like men

    • DaCrazMon
      DaCrazMon 3 years ago +2

      Coz they're biased to America Coz it's the NEW YORK TIMESSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Hesihan Suthakaran
    Hesihan Suthakaran 3 years ago +3

    I don't get this

  • Hesihan Suthakaran
    Hesihan Suthakaran 3 years ago +2

    I don't live in America

  • L3GIT HD
    L3GIT HD 3 years ago +2

    What is this!!!!????

  • Ben Bernard
    Ben Bernard 4 years ago +5


  • Jiksi 15-18
    Jiksi 15-18 5 years ago +2

    Yo la TES1

  • Connor FX
    Connor FX 6 years ago +1

    This is not american hate, i don't hate american's but one thing i will say is that they glorify everything, especially like Hollywood movies. anyway the "american dream" is a glorified way of saying "live a happy life" right?

  • anonymousQ45
    anonymousQ45 6 years ago +1

    its different for people depending on their economic/cultural background/social status. those things form your values. some peoples 'american dream' is to be alpha at whatever they do. some just want a family that will love them.

  • DrSuperMonky
    DrSuperMonky 6 years ago

    Without that constant competition you wouldn't have your computer, your house, your plumbing, your refrigerator, your shoes, your clothes, your.... should I go on? Go out and live in the woods if you feel that way.We live in a society that trades goods and services to one another. If you dont help others why the heck should they help you? Grow your own food, make your own clothes, and build your own house and then you can say those things with some dignity. right now, your just a stupid kid.

  • DrSuperMonky
    DrSuperMonky 6 years ago

    True that, everything sucks and there's no way to improve your life or be successful if you live in america. Thanks. I could have wasted years of my life trying to be successful.

  • kessass83
    kessass83 6 years ago

    Investment banker where is american dream come true? Yes and a lawyer, and health care, and service industry and collapse of manufacturing what makes american dream. And yes government job is american dream too.

  • A means to an end 13
    A means to an end 13 6 years ago +1

    Get filthy rich quick and don't care about anyone around you that's what it really comes to .

  • DrSuperMonky
    DrSuperMonky 7 years ago +3

    the whole point of it is to provide hope and motivation for people. It's supposed to reinforce the idea that you can proactively better your life. What is your proposal? Life sucks and there's no hope so lets give up and die?

  • Policin Helicopta
    Policin Helicopta 7 years ago

    As George Carlin once said "It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."

  • DrSuperMonky
    DrSuperMonky 7 years ago

    I dont think anyone is actually competing for survival here in america. The indigent are taken care of, the rest of us pay their bills for them if they cant work. Social security, medicare, food stamps, housing vouchers, disability. No , the only competition is for a higher standard of living. Stop being dramatic, it discredits you and makes you appear overly emotional and just plain silly.

  • Axon36
    Axon36 7 years ago

    Ain't your friend and your answer is more than enough to explain your ignorance. Just I don't understand how some one can even dare to talk about a country than he doesn't even know. Really, WTF you think you are? Do you've to go to college to be this stupid?

  • Axon36
    Axon36 7 years ago

    Fair enough. Just wonder if your ever live abroad and for how many years. In my opinion, there's no way to have a real perspective about the US society without a context.

  • Axon36
    Axon36 7 years ago

    As I said, you don't even know what you're talking about. If you're around here (US), please leave!

  • Axon36
    Axon36 7 years ago +3

    You've no idea!

  • Nelson Stiveens
    Nelson Stiveens 7 years ago +2

    no entiendo?

  • Jonah Shahid
    Jonah Shahid 7 years ago

    quoting the Comedian from Watchmen, "What happened to the American dream?!...IT CAME're looking at it..."

  • Guill4um321
    Guill4um321 8 years ago

    simple.... the american dream for me... is a good job... a home familly... great house....great car... a women to love...children... and no problem.... like a dream -_-

    HELLO PATTAYA 8 years ago

    how many people SS killed, moron!!!
    I am a swiss, if USA and the french didnt kick the ass of hitler, you would be dead in a stupid war or you kid would go to war if not , he would have destroyed all germany in a nuclear war.

    just get some respect for people who saved the world.i dont like USA but at least i respect their old america when everybody was welcome...

    HELLO PATTAYA 8 years ago +1

    american dream for me it was when you can rent a plane with fuel for 20$ an hour, and that was in 1997. now it s 150$ !!!!

  • Jared Brautigam
    Jared Brautigam 8 years ago

    The real problem boils down to human greed. You can see it right here 1:01
    When is enough, enough?

  • TheJay9002
    TheJay9002 8 years ago

    @nomad824 haha good one man, tell that to the people who make it their life ambition to live in huge houses and sit on bags of money. Shit, even the rappers who come from the most deprived parts of the country make that their ambition, and then proudly proclaim that they are the american dream. Face it, the american dream IS about huge houses and bags of money, if you don't have it then don't try and redefine it.

  • Weston Grimmly
    Weston Grimmly 8 years ago

    I live in the US but now I'm seriously considering leaving because this is not the life that I want to live! I'd rather put a bullet in my head than live in this corporate ponzi scheme that they force on us! And by "put a bullet in my head" yes I do mean committing suicide.

  • corey6516
    corey6516 8 years ago +4

    "It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it"

  • dojOdRiFTeR
    dojOdRiFTeR 8 years ago

    work hard yes but how hard its the business world to blame stressing out university students beyond belief

  • MasterAdam100
    MasterAdam100 9 years ago

    @Twilightifyable Did I say tax the middle class a lot? No. But while our neighbors are struggling to pay the bills, that rich guy down town you voted to give a tax cut to is buying his 3rd yacht. Don't think he's using that extra money to hire anyone here and I'm pretty sure he's moving his company to China next year. And that "trickle down money"? The only thing that's trickling down is the piss from the elites on to the majority of Americans that work for a living.

  • MasterAdam100
    MasterAdam100 9 years ago

    @Twilightifyable Who said anything about a welfare state?

  • MasterAdam100
    MasterAdam100 9 years ago

    The American dream is seeing a politician and a banker make out. Because it's that kind of elite class circle jerking that is ruining our country.

  • TheMurdockSons
    TheMurdockSons 9 years ago

    anyway, i think that the american dream is still alive ;)

  • TheMurdockSons
    TheMurdockSons 9 years ago

    it's so strange
    last summer i was in US and own in bryant park with my friends i've started to ask "what's for you the american dream ?" the answeres were interesting
    i kept asking all around the usa
    see yaaa

  • timmy D=
    timmy D= 9 years ago

    the american dream is still there, my uncle who started off as a secretary is now a big figure for an insurance company. ontop of that my aunty who was struggling with 3 kids started a very good small buisness. also my other uncle started his own health clinic in arizona. my other uncle was chosen among 150 students for a scholarship to a university. yah i got a lot of uncles. no lie. its still there if you want to get it. the question is whether you want it that much or not

  • timmy D=
    timmy D= 9 years ago

    @junkers1337 it was great back than and its great now. and even before WW2 and WW1 immigrants from Asia and europe were flooding into the nation. even now we are ranked one of the best places to live.

  • junkers1337
    junkers1337 9 years ago

    @Born2Rock1987 Never has been and never will be. Because for every 1 honorable, charitable, trustworthy person, there are 10 lying, cheating, greedy people.

  • Jankers
    Jankers 9 years ago +1

    i thought americans had finally woken up, apparently they are still dreaming, fast asleep.

  • Policin Helicopta
    Policin Helicopta 9 years ago +1

    The American Dream is a modern form of an Old Testament style tale about the promised land of milk and honey where everybody realizes God and lives in bliss. It's a symbolic expression of everybody's hidden desire for self-realization and nirvana. Instead of nirvana we are engaged in "a constant competition for survival in a economic jungle". But hey... what can you do - that's the logical result if you consider yourself an evolved ape whose only merit is that s/he learned how to make tools...

  • Pharnax
    Pharnax 9 years ago

    The american dream was a nightmare to begin with. Free your mind.

  • jaay334
    jaay334 9 years ago

    Dusty Rhondes is and american dream

  • jaay334
    jaay334 9 years ago

    @Grcar57 Your an idiot

  • Hiroshi Nakashiro
    Hiroshi Nakashiro 9 years ago

    The American Dream is what immigrants are now looking for just like our immigrant ancestors sought when they came and invade this land destroying the dreams and illusions of the Native Americans.

    STUNTNJB88 9 years ago

    @TomAndJanieBrode Agreed!

  • timmy D=
    timmy D= 9 years ago

    wow you guys are weak. my grandfather came from guam and moved to san fran. after having my mom he had to take up 3 jobs to support the family and work his way through college. my mom had a jacket box as a crib. he died 3 years ago but he died as a senator of guam. if you guys just get over your self you can achieve anything here in the US if you dont believe in the dream than thats sad cause you guys have it good being able to go on the computer and type in all this shit. bunch of spoiled fucks

  • r2d23678
    r2d23678 9 years ago

    @Seanyboyh you mad your lazy ass won't be able to reach the "American Dream?

  • misguli
    misguli 9 years ago

    Will America Survive Islamofascism?
    google faithfreedom for answers

  • Greg KII
    Greg KII 10 years ago +2

    thanks for that. tomorrow i'll write my second english exam in this year and it's all about TAD.

  • mussman717word
    mussman717word 10 years ago +4

    American Dream (n.):
    a non-existant figment of imagination, produced by conservative propaganda.

  • Mihajlo Gajic
    Mihajlo Gajic 10 years ago +1

    ha propaganda...