BKFC 9: Post Fight Interview | Jason Knight, Artem Lobov | Jim Alers Calls out Knight

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • BKFC 9: Main event post fight interview - from Biloxi, MS
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Comments • 873

  • John ó brien
    John ó brien Day ago

    artem whent into that fight with bruising on his face.when did he stop training for the fight ? and the eye that was black and blue befor the fight was swelling up like fuck ,whos to blame?

  • Mike Suarez
    Mike Suarez 9 days ago

    Artem has grown on me over the years. He's a warrior, as is Knight. I really enjoyed seeing these 2 become friends over the past year.

  • SkyIs The Limit
    SkyIs The Limit 17 days ago

    Artem had a bruised eye already going in that fight

  • isolator86
    isolator86 17 days ago

    Artem punched this guy so hard that he starts talking to imaginary friends

    ALL DAY MMA 18 days ago

    🐐 gonna 🐐

  • Arma Lol
    Arma Lol 18 days ago

    when did this bums fight was playing ? also is McTapper still hiding ?

  • Martial Artist
    Martial Artist 21 day ago

    Jason Knight and Artem Lobov walk into a bar?

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 21 day ago

    Bkfc the mafia. Not even letting artem possibly retire

    KENDALL_KNOWS_BEST! 22 days ago

    God don’t exist

  • EB SSCamG6
    EB SSCamG6 23 days ago

    Artem didn't lose. He just wanted to take a break being champion so he can go hunting grizzly bears with his bare hands.

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel 23 days ago

    Total bullshitter

  • Jason Armenta
    Jason Armenta 23 days ago

    That prayer to GOD shit ruined the win!! Knight, that was ALL you doing great things!! Believe it!

  • Last Action Hero
    Last Action Hero 24 days ago

    Artem is shooting for that 50-50 W-L record in bare knuckle too

  • Waves M8
    Waves M8 24 days ago

    How tf is this shit still legal lol?

  • Jamie Chambers
    Jamie Chambers 24 days ago

    I think Niko price influenced him to find God in his life

  • Love All hate none
    Love All hate none 24 days ago

    Did he pay to god or did he talk to his friends in a pub lol he just did his thang

  • Martin Del Rosario
    Martin Del Rosario 25 days ago

    5:05 "WHO THE FOOK?"

  • funkotaku
    funkotaku 25 days ago

    God loves his bare knuckled fights!

  • Nigel Smyth
    Nigel Smyth 25 days ago

    Artem needs to give up fighting

  • J A Reyes
    J A Reyes 25 days ago

    That was beautiful. Salute Jason Knight

  • Patrick Cunningham
    Patrick Cunningham 25 days ago

    God is a fan of bare knuckle boxing, i knew it!

  • zorigtbaatar
    zorigtbaatar 25 days ago

    author Morgan if he get into combat sport

  • Sir Trollsalot
    Sir Trollsalot 25 days ago

    Jason looks like Voldemort with that nose.

  • The Trace House
    The Trace House 25 days ago

    A slab of concrete has more charisma than Feldman

    BROADWAY BARBARIAN 25 days ago +1

    We should create a transgender fight league....that shit would be funny AF 😄

  • The Elusive Man
    The Elusive Man 25 days ago

    Amazing fight but I wanted Artem to win.

  • theven sena
    theven sena 25 days ago

    Warrior class.

  • Kieron Doherty
    Kieron Doherty 25 days ago +2

    Does he think theres actually an almighty deity up there just like - "cheers mate"

    • Se7enDsinS Gaming
      Se7enDsinS Gaming 25 days ago +1

      Lol out of all the people suffering. God just wants to see a good fight...

  • As you Were
    As you Were 26 days ago +1


  • M 2
    M 2 26 days ago

    Hoes in da house

  • Mike V
    Mike V 26 days ago

    When did kevin lee start fighting bkf

  • GET RICH WIZ 1999
    GET RICH WIZ 1999 26 days ago

    Hw Anthony Johnson in the cut that’s a scary sight

  • Shinee
    Shinee 26 days ago +1

    Your god is great, letting two men fight for money

  • Jovan Djordjevic
    Jovan Djordjevic 26 days ago

    God baby. Sounds great xD

  • l Josh l
    l Josh l 26 days ago

    Irish people be like:you guys have a sport for this?

  • Check- Facts
    Check- Facts 26 days ago

    Он просто искрено верующий человек. Не то что лобов под православие прячется. Вот и преимущество

  • John Bryan
    John Bryan 26 days ago

    People can say what they want about Artem but he ha to be respected.
    The man's a warrior.

  • Dagan Vickers
    Dagan Vickers 26 days ago

    "I couldn't see but you could see" hahahha legend

  • Are You
    Are You 26 days ago

    He said rubber match not rematch

  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong 26 days ago

    How's it possible to have arms that short.

  • Alnie Salazar
    Alnie Salazar 26 days ago

    The Goat just got slaughtered.

  • The better man
    The better man 26 days ago

    So Sajad Gharibi vs Bob Sapp will fight at BKFC 16...... HOLYYYYY SHIIIIIIIIIIT I CAN'T WAIT

  • KnygnešyS
    KnygnešyS 26 days ago

    4:19 that blood start pooring man that was bad ko !!!

  • EastSide Eazy
    EastSide Eazy 26 days ago

    Dear Sweet Baby Jesus

  • bhunep neppoho
    bhunep neppoho 26 days ago

    No doctors there Shame on bkfc that cant even afford a doctor to check the eye of artem after first round and artem still fought with one eye

  • FM Lover
    FM Lover 26 days ago

    “Dear lord...” clicked off the video

    • Nikita Karelins
      Nikita Karelins 24 days ago +1

      Triggered libtard, did it hurt your feelings?

  • accord 777
    accord 777 26 days ago

    Русский есть кто?

  • Shrapner's place
    Shrapner's place 26 days ago

    5:17 stfu jacki chan wannabe, like you heard, they can do 4 match to

  • robertg305
    robertg305 26 days ago

    Lobov / Knight is one of my favorite rivalries

  • Alan _
    Alan _ 26 days ago

    Красава Джейсон Найт хорошо выступил.респект

  • Scott francis
    Scott francis 26 days ago

    Purple suit an a headband get the fuck out herr

  • ynwa LFC
    ynwa LFC 26 days ago

    God or jesus im confused . 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Peter kunz Rose
    Peter kunz Rose 26 days ago

    Love it

  • Tex Johnson Sir
    Tex Johnson Sir 26 days ago

    Goat gifts him w a win

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein 26 days ago

    1000 questions after the fight wtf

  • itsgambini99
    itsgambini99 27 days ago

    Did he just call God 'baby'...?

  • Comander
    Comander 27 days ago +1

    Ohh god, so much bullshit god faith
    "Ohh god thank you for letting me win god god thank god yes god, GOD!!!"

  • HunkpapaLakota
    HunkpapaLakota 27 days ago

    Artem wins again via loss....

    WHITE LION 27 days ago

    UFC Brasil...
    I fell asleep...woke up
    I fell asleep again...woke up
    Main event...one round...fell asleep

    WHITE LION 27 days ago +1

    Got dam I missed out on this for Boring Brasil?