I advertised my FAKE Roblox game... and made it creepy

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO GET MERCH BEFORE IT'S GONE: represent.com/flamingo
    Today I create my own Bloxburg and I put 20,000 robux into advertising for it and people didn't expect what they saw.
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  • amongles
    amongles 8 months ago +927

    this guy should get a world record for owning the most roblox accounts

    • LionBlaze
      LionBlaze 2 days ago


    • David Ott
      David Ott 5 days ago


    • Cuteberry kiki
      Cuteberry kiki 11 days ago

      I own 9 for loomian legacy
      7 for mains
      4 for adopt me
      And I have 4 old account
      And 6 for yt acts
      And a lot more
      And maybe sourxmint

    • hil poblete
      hil poblete 13 days ago

      @GuardPog you fool ALBERT HAS 70 ALTERNITIVE ACCOUNTS.

    • Phantoms mask
      Phantoms mask 13 days ago


  • AllyGames
    AllyGames Month ago +24

    you made my day rn when I’m not feeling good, keep up the funny and great content!

  • Expunged
    Expunged Month ago +51

    “Time to remake bloxburg once and for all” -Albert 2019

  • j7jhj
    j7jhj 2 months ago +5

    Albert, you can search up “scripts” on the right of your screen. You can then delete any viruses that show up and your game will be fine. Somebody probably already said this but I just wanted you to be aware if you ever read this

    • ᎷᎾᎿᎻ ᕼᓍᖇᖇᓍᖇ
      ᎷᎾᎿᎻ ᕼᓍᖇᖇᓍᖇ Month ago

      @j7jhj tysm! Thanks i dont know how to script but some items roblox made that i put into my joke game does, thanks! Ill do then when i can!

    • j7jhj
      j7jhj Month ago

      @ᎷᎾᎿᎻ ᕼᓍᖇᖇᓍᖇ okay so you know the side of the screan that says workspace and serverscriptservice and all that junk? Just find the top of that part and search "scripts" and if there are scripts you did not put in the game, delete them

    • ᎷᎾᎿᎻ ᕼᓍᖇᖇᓍᖇ
      ᎷᎾᎿᎻ ᕼᓍᖇᖇᓍᖇ 2 months ago

      Thanks so much! But where is scripts? I’m on Mac whe i edit my game
      Plus its not updating, i put a roblox ufo in there, update the game, its not there, its the version i dont want

  • ✨Nicegirlbutdeadly✨
    ✨Nicegirlbutdeadly✨ 3 months ago +94

    I played this game with people and it was fun they didn’t know you made it

  • Mr Trooper
    Mr Trooper 2 years ago +225

    When you realize reporting things on roblox doesn’t do anything

    • r0tt3nF4irY
      r0tt3nF4irY 10 days ago

      Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t

    • Julie dela Cruz
      Julie dela Cruz 2 years ago

      Now everyone is able to exploit

    • Mr Trooper
      Mr Trooper 2 years ago +1

      chuck norris Gacha is better than you’ll ever be

    • Letter L
      Letter L 2 years ago

      @Wisdom Soybean no ive gotten 20

    • Letter L
      Letter L 2 years ago

      It does if you have proof

  • Pusheen Lover
    Pusheen Lover 3 months ago +5

    I love the fact that he is just friending someone for saying Blox bug lol

  • paige Fenton
    paige Fenton 3 months ago +2

    You let us watch your greatest videos but you get banned and I feel like it is worth it thanks for the Great videos

  • ferneaux
    ferneaux 2 months ago +2

    I played this game with people and it was fun they didn’t know you made it

  • 76Mayfair
    76Mayfair 2 months ago +3

    The kids that are reporting the game: I’m getting mad and I’ll just do a fake report

  • Some Guy Clint
    Some Guy Clint Year ago +1016

    Albert: I gotta make more R O B U X
    Also Albert: proceeds to spend 20,000 robux on a game he’ll delete in an hour.

    • Admz's
      Admz's 18 hours ago

      But after he get view he gotta get money then. he gonna buy robux and alot of people use flamingo starcode so he will get 5% of the robux lol

    • Kevin gaming
      Kevin gaming 13 days ago

      @Toneless this is it just like you are not in the beginning and I am a little bit more people than I did not have the gun and my body and my head when I punch gas and it came out and then I went back to my house and it got a bit more water than I had the last week and it was just too hard and the only way of getting the right to the original video was to get the same likes and I think it was I have a problem with the engine and the springlocks go off the power line and it is cutted to get to the idiot's side and it can be used the audio and the audio system and I was to be a girl was the one she was in the beginning
      Am a boy btw

    • Hilda Rosa
      Hilda Rosa 13 days ago

      @Meme Bacon *hi*

    • Small Clips
      Small Clips 16 days ago

      good one

    • Sunlight edits#ROADTO20!
      Sunlight edits#ROADTO20! 26 days ago +1

      He didn’t because I played a few days after this vid

  • idk dog
    idk dog 4 days ago

    i love watching him make games that are scary or something

  • Fennekin Loves Demon Slayer

    I love how he's chasing a baby who said the game was fake but when he jumped He said fake
    It was funny!

  • Jo Spalding
    Jo Spalding 2 months ago +1

    You’re the best TheXvidr I know keep up the admin work

  • bad gaming
    bad gaming 2 months ago +2

    Thank you Albert, now i know whats the best update on Bloxburg is.

    • bad gaming
      bad gaming 2 months ago

      how much money does he put into roblox?

  • Ninoska
    Ninoska 2 years ago +539

    Albert: fakes a advertisement
    Mrflimflam: “Curse Of Vanishing”
    Edit: *how did I get 300 likes*

  • Rai-Cone
    Rai-Cone 2 months ago +1

    This was the first flamingo video I've ever watched.. I've loved watching him ever since.

  • Jimmy the dog
    Jimmy the dog 3 months ago +8

    Can we all appreciate on some of his videos he spends so much money just to entertain us

    • FriendlySlender
      FriendlySlender 10 days ago +1

      His group is like a bank, he withdraws robux from it,

    • Beastbro133
      Beastbro133 Month ago

      thats cuz he makes more money lol

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago +1

    That "there we go" always gets me lmao

  • Maija Kaps
    Maija Kaps Month ago


  • Verdoux Kai
    Verdoux Kai 3 months ago +1

    I love his videos they’re so FUNNY 🤣🤣🤣

  • Roman’s Aquarium
    Roman’s Aquarium 18 days ago

    albert:spends 40000 robux on a game. also albert:deletes game in less than a hour

  • Lisa Benjamin
    Lisa Benjamin 2 months ago +1

    Albert spending 20k robux on his amazing game and shuts it down 15 minutes later

  • Stelaria13
    Stelaria13 2 months ago +1

    I am now realizing I played this game with my friend on my old roblox channel and I had no idea Albert made it 😂

  • Baal stan 😨😨
    Baal stan 😨😨 10 months ago +357

    Albert: *Im gonna take this game down*
    Also Albert: **Keeps game up for 3 years**

  • GamingGamers Real
    GamingGamers Real Month ago

    I love how it says ”succesfully banned” down in the corner 9:31

  • Sandra Harris
    Sandra Harris 2 months ago +2

    Fun fact:bloxburg costs money because it’s in a [BETA] stage

  • ClaireLovesDonuts
    ClaireLovesDonuts 15 days ago +1

    I laughed my head off when he said “ you can be the monster, pill, or small man “

  • BedrockDaFox
    BedrockDaFox 16 days ago +1

    I like how I'm still watching roblox content after I deleted it like 4 days ago

  • Theofficialrache
    Theofficialrache 2 years ago +311

    He said his merch will be gone forever...
    Amazon: Let me handle that.

    • Theofficialrache
      Theofficialrache 2 years ago

      Gustavo Ruiz I have lol only true will get it

    • jessinzion
      jessinzion 2 years ago

      lol so true

    • POO
      POO 2 years ago

      I think you mean amazook

    • Feroz Sheikh
      Feroz Sheikh 2 years ago +1


    • :]
      :] 2 years ago

      Hopefully because I want his merch but my Christmas ain't done so oof

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog 28 days ago

    it seems like when Albert makes games 5% of people know it's Albert when he joins the game that he made so they try to make Albert laugh

    DRTIN 2 months ago +1

    Albert: you have about 1 day left.
    Me watching 2 years later: I have the high ground.

  • YEET 3
    YEET 3 Month ago

    “You can become the: monster creature , the pill or -the-the small man”
    Wise words have never been spoken

  • Specifix
    Specifix 14 days ago

    "You can pick the monster baby, the pill, or the little man."
    - Albert

  • Dom Deschampe
    Dom Deschampe 2 months ago +1

    nice game i played it a second ago
    but know one believed me when i told them it was made from you

  • BTS ARMY ♡
    BTS ARMY ♡ Month ago

    I like how Albert is so rude to his fans, yet loves his fans

    ABBYBUN 2 months ago +1

    Yay,I saw this game :D🐝

  • Adina Dincă
    Adina Dincă 19 hours ago

    I love how the thumbnail changes to felipe when albert said robux.

  • luliana dawit
    luliana dawit Year ago +4084

    I swear Albert kisses his mic more than his girlfriend

  • Trampoline Ethan
    Trampoline Ethan 2 months ago

    Just to let you know the houses are actually successfully stolen from
    Bloxburg Yeah I played it

  • Mo Jeb
    Mo Jeb 3 months ago +1

    Finally someone I can talk to

  • piggiepig
    piggiepig  2 months ago

    I didn't know that This man knows how to draw Respect

  • • hatyx •
    • hatyx • 3 months ago

    Ah flamingo, standing strong at 102, seems legit

  • Flammenwerfer Einheit
    Flammenwerfer Einheit 2 years ago +218

    Make jailbreak & friends but there’s even more corpses scattered cross the map

    • “ austin
      “ austin 2 years ago

      Dragous _X you mean underrated hun buns

    • brit
      brit 2 years ago

      good idea but....

    • Walter Gerling
      Walter Gerling 2 years ago

      Ha good idea!

    • BNL1
      BNL1 2 years ago

      *YAS QUEEN*

    • Opt
      Opt 2 years ago +1

      That’s just what he did in this vid...

  • They call me Snowy!
    They call me Snowy! 3 months ago

    Albert’s drawing skills are beautiful

  • Chanjuan Wang
    Chanjuan Wang 15 days ago

    This part made me laugh so. Hard 9:12

  • Tabby Tails
    Tabby Tails Month ago

    I love your videos :D

  • cutieyashi dave
    cutieyashi dave 3 months ago +1

    I like how you made a free version

  • KingTimothy
    KingTimothy 2 years ago +215

    9:12 I couldn't stop laughing at everything after this 💀

    • JuJu Pop
      JuJu Pop Year ago +1

      I gave you another like 😁

    • mel& Narla
      mel& Narla 2 years ago

      I ate a child and I will eat anthor

    • mistyhxrizon
      mistyhxrizon 2 years ago

      100th like!

    • nessa
      nessa 2 years ago

      Is the child a boi or a girl :D

  • Mermaidunicorn Fairy
    Mermaidunicorn Fairy 3 months ago +1

    I tried the game and I loved it TYSM

  • Skylar's Flower🌺🤍

    "I ate a child, I will eat another." - IWantToEndItAllPls 2019

  • Alejandro Medrano
    Alejandro Medrano 3 months ago

    🤣I laughed so hard when you laughed🤣

    GRADUALY122 3 months ago +1

    Every game that Albert makes he uses about 15,000 robux advertising it so that mean every game he makes takes about $150 US dollars

  • Lenia Aponte
    Lenia Aponte Year ago +192

    Literally Nobody:
    Roblox Ad: i cAn cOuNt tO fIvE

    JERRY SHAW 3 months ago


  • S4d_B1tch666
    S4d_B1tch666 Month ago

    I joined the game and the whole chat was filled with “FLAMINGO MADE THIS GAME!!!”

  • Zigg Zigg
    Zigg Zigg Month ago

    Omg you were the one that made that! I used to play that before I got robux 😂

  • Maple VR
    Maple VR Month ago

    Flamingo: makes a free bloxburg game
    Him later:I’m not the person that copies

  • cookieetheyt
    cookieetheyt 2 years ago +1592

    "The disgusting monster creature, the pill, and the small man."
    Best way to describe baby morphs.

  • chase porter
    chase porter Month ago

    You’re my favorite Albert

  • Emily Lilly Moore
    Emily Lilly Moore 29 days ago

    I'm going to play this game and tell you how much I like it.
    I am 100% sure that it's what I watched up until 6:04 for informtion about this game.
    Edit: Can't Find it, but it seems to be a good game!

  • M8seVr
    M8seVr 2 months ago

    Why was the game so fun when I played it? I don’t remember the game but it was really cool thank you flimango

  • Tabby Tails
    Tabby Tails Month ago

    Haha your so funny Albert

  • Streaming Until
    Streaming Until Year ago +257

    albert trying to convince people not to buy bloxburg be like:

    WODJBGHKL Month ago

    I wish I can join into that server.

  • Mark Justin Orfano
    Mark Justin Orfano 2 months ago +2

    POV: you rename that game:welcome to bloxburg.exe😱

  • Mr  Postal
    Mr Postal 2 days ago

    idea: just make a half hour magnum opus video of top tier torturing and screaming at children in an online childrens game.

  • N Turton industry
    N Turton industry 2 months ago

    I love how he says ROBUX it's so funny

  • Crowned PEN
    Crowned PEN 8 months ago +437

    If he put the actual bloxburg logo then people may actually start thinking it's fake

  • Four
    Four 2 months ago

    Imagine that you were there and met Albert

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    Ok I love his vids they make me laugh reply to this if it's the same with u

  • Marcuz Liam Austria
    Marcuz Liam Austria 2 months ago

    10 million subs congrats flamingo

  • Veronica Bonilla
    Veronica Bonilla 3 months ago

    Looks fine I like that game it's funny😉

  • LiteralChaos
    LiteralChaos 8 months ago +70

    I find it how some people who joined are actually aware that this is a joke and kind of just laugh.

    ZEINEB ANWAR Month ago

    I have been playing this without knowing my favorite TheXvidr made it 😭

  • Nixon bach
    Nixon bach 3 months ago


  • Sarah Stubbings
    Sarah Stubbings 3 months ago

    im playin it lol, it's cool, thx for making it

  • SoaRBot22v
    SoaRBot22v Month ago


  • Tupolev Tu-4
    Tupolev Tu-4 2 years ago +54

    Nothing surprises me when he does something weird anymore

  • SoaRBot22v
    SoaRBot22v Month ago


  • SoaRBot22v
    SoaRBot22v Month ago


  • SoaRBot22v
    SoaRBot22v Month ago


  • Unavailable
    Unavailable 2 months ago +1


  • SergeantThundercrackerPlays
    SergeantThundercrackerPlays 5 months ago +36


  • Laura Perales
    Laura Perales 15 days ago

    Albert:merch will be gone forever. Amazon:I’ll take care of it sells for 1 dollar less

  • Leon Thompson
    Leon Thompson 2 months ago

    I saw your game and I tried it and it was kind a hard I was also great

  • Ice
    Ice Month ago

    I watched you since I was like 6 then I stopped now I'm 9 and I'm watching you again!

  • Pretzels plays
    Pretzels plays Month ago

    This is so funny 😆

  • James Andrew Fraser
    James Andrew Fraser 2 years ago +65

    When you remember the old flamingo, Lots of memory’s come back.

  • Jullio Play's
    Jullio Play's Month ago


  • ~•¶IXY•~
    ~•¶IXY•~ 2 months ago +2

    Albert is my king I watch him everyday and I think murdering- I'm mean Roblox and violence is good 👍 king of murder and violence

  • Animated Ayden
    Animated Ayden Month ago


  • Ted White
    Ted White 3 months ago

    Albert can you please give me all the flamingo plushy’s you are my favorite youtuber I like every single video I see of yours so please can I have the flamingo plushy‘s

  • McIntyre
    McIntyre 2 years ago +315

    "I ate a child
    I will eat another"
    -IWantToEndItAllPls 2019

  • GamingWithMrcheese
    GamingWithMrcheese 2 months ago

    flamingo your the only youtuber on roblox i watch

  • Christopher Costin
    Christopher Costin Month ago

    i see it im laughing so hard but i love your videos

  • dreamcore game
    dreamcore game 2 months ago

    omg now l know you flamingo ☺

  • Pan Cinnamonroll
    Pan Cinnamonroll 3 months ago

    He has beautiful drawing skills

  • Felipe The Felipe
    Felipe The Felipe 2 years ago +363

    Albert: omg people are joining
    me: *makes a game* *no one joins* rip
    Edit: I know I need to advertise it so please stop telling me.

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    I just spent 1 month of my life to make a game which got visited by 10 people and this man makes a game in 1 hour and becomes rich