LILI's FILM #2 - LISA Dance Performance Video

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Filmed by WELCHI
    Choreography by Cheshir Ha
    Music by DaniLeigh - Cravin (Feat. G-Eazy)
    #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #LISA #리사 #Lilifilm_Official
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  • shahad
    shahad 27 minutes ago

    I saw many videos of girls and boys who dance like her, but no one managed to reach her professionalism and ability, even the choreographer herself.

  • Gustarika Leo
    Gustarika Leo 31 minute ago


  • Ju Bi
    Ju Bi 35 minutes ago

    The best dancer😍😘

  • Rudy VN
    Rudy VN 36 minutes ago

    Lisa best dane

  • lalalalisa _m
    lalalalisa _m Hour ago

    Just great😍😍😘😘

  • Arinena Chan
    Arinena Chan Hour ago +1

    .... _Yo pienso que Drake se quedo pendejoh_ ....
    ¿Que tienes que decir en tu defensa Drake?
    "Drake" : *jfghhhfjfhdjjdhjfhhf*
    Definitivamente Lisa lo mato

  • Sudarut Chaited
    Sudarut Chaited Hour ago

    Lisa 💕💕💕💖

  • Sudarut Chaited
    Sudarut Chaited Hour ago

    Lisa 💕💕💕

  • Sudarut Chaited
    Sudarut Chaited Hour ago +1

    Love Lisa 💖💖💖

  • 2054 s
    2054 s Hour ago

    I wish if could see the reaction video of Jackson and Bambam for this.

  • XZ_XZ _XZ
    XZ_XZ _XZ Hour ago +2

    Lalisa Manoban i love youuuu

  • Selena Linares
    Selena Linares Hour ago

    Can we talk about the fact that she had done all this without any effort :)

  • JB_Jib BP
    JB_Jib BP Hour ago

    ยังจ้า.. ยังเต้นไม่ได้ สังขารพี่ไม่เอื้อจ้า 😂

  • Exo with us
    Exo with us 2 hours ago

    Imagine a collaboration of kai and Lisa,,,💥

  • Pam Leg
    Pam Leg 2 hours ago +1


  • Chandan Dubey
    Chandan Dubey 2 hours ago

    Bhot hard ' Lisa is hard dancer

  • Archs Angels
    Archs Angels 2 hours ago +1

    MY #1 IDOL!!! ITS 9M VIEWS, 853K LIKES AND 2.18M SUBSCRIBERS NOW!!! i wish you more blessings a happy and to the fullest life, have fun, take care, plss be safe and be healthy always i

  • nerissxa
    nerissxa 2 hours ago


  • M. D.
    M. D. 2 hours ago

    Until now I can't find dance cover same with the style she's dancing. So sharp and clean.

  • Nampueng Kanyapach
    Nampueng Kanyapach 2 hours ago

    Super!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • la la
    la la 2 hours ago


  • Black bom
    Black bom 3 hours ago

    Juste woooooow 😍😍😍😍💋💋💋 we love Lisa

    SUNFLOWER 3 hours ago +1

    Congrats my girl for 9M views.

  • Nguyễn Tiên
    Nguyễn Tiên 3 hours ago

    Song ?

  • Melody RK.
    Melody RK. 3 hours ago +1

    Dear lisa you are more beautiful in your curly short hair

  • Shirley Chajon
    Shirley Chajon 3 hours ago

    Lisa te Amo...

  • Leeza Salavan
    Leeza Salavan 3 hours ago

    9m 🎉

  • Un Used
    Un Used 4 hours ago

    Big slapped in knetz basher. Lol, Lisa is bigger than ur country now tho.

  • Love Lalisa
    Love Lalisa 4 hours ago

    So damn talented. Forever a fan of yours, queen Lisa ♡

  • Love Lalisa
    Love Lalisa 4 hours ago

    ★ LALISA ★

  • Zoliana Kunva
    Zoliana Kunva 4 hours ago

    Love you

  • Aya 12
    Aya 12 4 hours ago

    Lisa I love u are sooo talented

  • 1234听名利
    1234听名利 4 hours ago


  • Panji Sudoyo
    Panji Sudoyo 4 hours ago

    WHO wanita a collab with👇🏻
    Seulgi, Lisa, Momo, SinB, Jhope, Jimin

  • Suraiya Hayikachi
    Suraiya Hayikachi 4 hours ago


  • Suraiya Hayikachi
    Suraiya Hayikachi 4 hours ago


  • StSt BtBt
    StSt BtBt 5 hours ago


  • Kayleigh Ondra
    Kayleigh Ondra 5 hours ago

    LILI SING for the next video please ☺️

  • Boring blood
    Boring blood 5 hours ago

    Her solo is needed

  • Boring blood
    Boring blood 5 hours ago

    She's the best!

  • Manobal Lalisa
    Manobal Lalisa 5 hours ago


  • Manobal Lalisa
    Manobal Lalisa 5 hours ago +1


  • Manobal Lalisa
    Manobal Lalisa 5 hours ago +1

    U oa

  • Manobal Lalisa
    Manobal Lalisa 5 hours ago +1


  • Wrenthley Dawla
    Wrenthley Dawla 5 hours ago +1

    She promote herself well by her real talent... dancing. Oohh

  • Melisa 600
    Melisa 600 6 hours ago

    Amazing dancer lalisa manoban 🖤💗

  • Stefany Aihara :3
    Stefany Aihara :3 6 hours ago

    ¿Por qué Lisa tiene que ser tan hermosa? 7-7

  • Love lisaaa
    Love lisaaa 6 hours ago +1

    South East Asia Queen. Thailand's Pride. Gamechanger in kpop.

  • Gibran abd
    Gibran abd 6 hours ago +2

    how can humans dance this well? you are an angel, yes you are my angel and our angel lalisa manoban
    Love from Indonesia.

  • Anyas ARYSK
    Anyas ARYSK 6 hours ago

    อยากให้มีมาอีกเยอะๆๆๆๆๆ 🌈🌈🌈 ถ้าเลื่อนมาเห็นเม้นท์นี้ อยากบอกว่าเป็นกำลังใจให้นะต้าวลิซ 😘🥰😍 ไม่ว่าจะเจอเรื่องไร ท้อแค่ไหน ขอให้รู้ไว้ว่ายังมีอีกหลายๆๆๆคนที่อยู่เคียงข้างและsupport youนะ go go ต้าววววลิซ 🤘🏼🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻💜💜

  • P K CS
    P K CS 6 hours ago GO Vote for Lisa to be person of the year! 😍Go Blinks gooooo!

  • Anix Arrohmah__27
    Anix Arrohmah__27 7 hours ago +1

    The best dancer idol kpop💖


    My baby LİSA❤🌹

  • Tangmo najaa
    Tangmo najaa 7 hours ago +2

    ดูกี่รอบก็ไม่เบื่อ เยิ้ฟๆ

  • Laura Nguyen
    Laura Nguyen 8 hours ago +2

    who are here before 1million likes???

  • jhoe cie
    jhoe cie 8 hours ago

    Next - - - - - 10M

  • jhoe cie
    jhoe cie 8 hours ago

    They're blind to see it! Lol. Lisa is a dancing goddess!

  • Kirstiee.
    Kirstiee. 8 hours ago

    Still can't get over this 😭

  • L J
    L J 8 hours ago


  • Y EN
    Y EN 8 hours ago +4

    Sokor afraid of Lalisa's power thats why they try soo hard to ignore her talents and impact. Dont worry Lisa many people love you Sokor is just a small part of the world.