• Published on Sep 16, 2018
  • Hey guys! today's video is Episode 1 of my Jaclyn Hill collab series with Tea Spill (another drama channel). Please remember that this is a SERIES, therefore, we are telling a story and trying to establish a pattern in Jaclyn's behaviour. With that said, some information may be "old news" to you, however, it plays a big role in the overall picture so please trust the process.
    FYI: the use of Rich Lux's "She was a good woman" line in the thumbnail was approved by Rich prior to use (thanks Rich!)
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    The intent of this video is to create a conversation in which people can share their thoughts and opinions.

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  • Eden The Doll
    Eden The Doll Year ago +15634


    • Katie is kappy
      Katie is kappy 2 months ago

      @Here For The Tea hi

    • Armor III
      Armor III 2 months ago

      @Cersei Lannister's Wet Nurse blaire and eden arent friends anymore

    • Sonia Nevermind
      Sonia Nevermind 6 months ago

      @Here For The Tea stfu

    • Kimmy❤
      Kimmy❤ 8 months ago

      Eden The Doll ì

    • Ms. RayRay
      Ms. RayRay 10 months ago

      Eden The Doll wish she continued it 1.5 m girl

  • Broganne Perrin
    Broganne Perrin 2 hours ago

    Where’s pt.2 💔

  • Nayeli Gonzalez
    Nayeli Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Jaclyn seems like that one co-worker that will always say she will cover you while you're gone but when you come back she didn't do anything and then blame everything else for why she didn't do it.... Yea

  • Léon Austen
    Léon Austen 3 days ago

    Imagine you are that E-Mail-Guy employee. 😂😂😂😂
    You’re like :
    Please respond :)
    Please respond :)
    Hello Please respond :)
    Hi Please respond :)
    Hey Love Please respond :)
    Please respond :)❤️

  • Elise Duda
    Elise Duda 3 days ago

    MUG: Just wanted to check back in! Have you remembered to breathe? We really need you to breathe!
    Jaclyn: **three days later** Huh?

  • Bobbi with an i
    Bobbi with an i 4 days ago

    Sam, would u ever consider completing this series? I really wanna know what u had planned to talk about.

  • Wheels
    Wheels 7 days ago

    The fucking emails dude. They asked her a million times for a photo for the back of the box because they are short on time and Jaclyn dead ass replies with, "cAn I gEt m0rE mOnEy iF ThEy sELl iNdIVIdUaLly???" BITCH! SEND THEM A PHOTO OR IT AINT GONNA SELL AT ALL OMGGG

  • Wheels
    Wheels 7 days ago

    After a lie, she has to stop and swallow the bullshit before she can keep talking
    10:55 but she does it alot

  • Scribblebytes
    Scribblebytes 7 days ago

    I'm only 9mins in and you can see she's a terrible actor. When she's telling a story (from alleged memories) she looks like someone does when they're trying to think of a math question answer. It's incredible how one can be so transparent and still shift stock. As a trained actor it leads me to think that people aren't really buying products from/by these people, they're just buying the honor of funding a pretty woman's dreams. It's like these people are glorified camgirls/camboys. It's the only thing that makes sense. It's like the difference between Channing Tatum and Sir Anthony Hopkins. One is a government hooker and the other is an actor. Cognitive dissonance soothed.
    Edit: I'm getting so angry 😡 at the email part. I can't even. I'm not even 😂 😂
    Talk about a pallet of palletes!

  • Mariah
    Mariah 8 days ago

    don't understand how she became successful in the first place when her makeup is unflattering af... that shade of purple lipstick, yeesh

  • Olivia J
    Olivia J 10 days ago

    DAMN the receipts

  • Stacey Smith
    Stacey Smith 11 days ago

    This hurts my heart... she abused Marlena’s kindness. Karma came around Jaclyn

  • Jikook Army
    Jikook Army 12 days ago

    Omg, she ignores half the questions asked of her in those emails and it triggered me so bad when she made the employee repeat themselves over and over.

    Bruuuh Manny saved MUG from total monetary loss.

  • Angie thinksuramazing
    Angie thinksuramazing 12 days ago +1

    Omg that's james charles Pallet in the thumbnail dang, wet n wild was late.😂

  • TLepageArt
    TLepageArt 14 days ago


  • Patricia Silva
    Patricia Silva 15 days ago

    What a waste of time for mug. Jaclyn was very disrespectful on so many levels. What a bitch.

  • Traciee Stafford Pollard

    what a bitch!!!!!!

  • Julie Bui
    Julie Bui 17 days ago

    If she couldnt handle collabs without dedication and accountability, what made her think she could launch a brand on her own

  • Megan Mann
    Megan Mann 17 days ago

    Still wish that this series was put up 😩

  • jrysfnst21
    jrysfnst21 19 days ago

    She’s so immature childish and unprofessional she’s like dealing with a teenager.. those ppl have the patience of the almighty god himself... smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Ori Voss
    Ori Voss 21 day ago

    It seems like she just started this collab for free samples and commission pre-payment wow...

  • Sabrina Beberman
    Sabrina Beberman 21 day ago

    I wonder why she is treating Makeup Geek like this, all she had to do was put a signature which isn't that hard to do, coming up with colors and taking a photo, that is so easy she could have done that within a year rather than do this to other people, this is beyond unprofessional I am glad I have never followed her or bought her products, I am not putting shade on her, but after watching a few videos about her lipsticks, and how she is treating people on social media and other businesses....this isn't how you treat people. To get respect you give respect.

  • Adrianne Johnson
    Adrianne Johnson 21 day ago

    She just can't seem to hold on to any friendships...something's not right with her😔😒😌

  • Tyana Alexandra
    Tyana Alexandra 22 days ago

    Things are never straightforward with her lol

  • Amy Uplinger
    Amy Uplinger 25 days ago

    Omg, if someone wanted my info and ti use my name I would just do it and be happy, they all make money on it whats the delay, oh JH

  • Sierra Smalling
    Sierra Smalling 26 days ago

    Man, ya'll are atrocious. You all literally have enough information to decide whether you want to support her or not; the series doesn't need to be continued. Even if JH is pretending, why take that risk? Like, this is someone's life potentially ending just so you can know the gossip and drama and then forget all about it to move on to the next. Ugh.

  • HumourDelight
    HumourDelight 27 days ago +1

    Jaclyn Hill is just actual GARBAGE!

  • topazsomnium
    topazsomnium 28 days ago

    Once the statue of limitations on the contract you signed is up, you better continue this series by making the next three videos.

  • JulzMusic
    JulzMusic 28 days ago

    Literally just heard about Jaclyn Hill tonight after watching a ‘Pretty Pastel Please’ video. Considering I’m so clearly out of touch with fashion/makeup/social media influencers, I’m shocked I stayed for the entire video but it was quite compelling!!

  • Libby Conn
    Libby Conn 29 days ago

    You not reading the entire email severely set off my OCD!!!! 😤🤯😭 took me about 2 hours skipping back and forth to read the whole thing! SMH!! 😭😭

  • allthingslaila
    allthingslaila 29 days ago


  • xo lucid lawripops xo

    I'm a new sub obviously I'm here for the tea ☕☮💕

  • Akkoy Dakkoy
    Akkoy Dakkoy Month ago

    I feel like this is a series now

  • Angie
    Angie Month ago

    I just can't believe how dumb the emails were! I mean, that poor employee really did their best and has unbelievable patience. Jesus if you say you're going to send something then send it in that email, not in a separate email

  • Invincible Beauty
    Invincible Beauty Month ago +2

    She was much more attractive in 2015 but she still look like Barney the dinosaur. I swear

  • Dulce Limon Olvera
    Dulce Limon Olvera Month ago

    Dont even care about JH💩, bit I ran out of Netflix series I like🤷🏻‍♀️😂 BUT those gosh she is terrible💩

  • Secluded Misanthrope
    Secluded Misanthrope Month ago +1

    She probably looks like an Albino Ginger without all of that shit on her face... It looks like she would need a stainless steel Brillo pad and a blowtorch to get all that shit off. I am so fucking glad I was born a Man because I am FAR to lazy to EVER put that much work into dressing up to go outside, fuck that!! It looks like you would need an industrial strength power washer filled with Simple Green and boiling water to get that off and I can't fit all of that in my bathroom nor would I be willing to put forth the effort....

  • Madeline Townsend
    Madeline Townsend Month ago

    It's crazy how concerned people are about other peoples business... Idk why people can't just live and let live instead of thinking they need to throw their 2 cents in on how people show be living their lives. I didn't watch this so idk what she did that was so bad but I'd lile to see how any one of you ladies would act if you lived under a microscope. The media is ALWAYS trying to paint an ugly picture of people. You know why? They like to stir the shit pot because ladies who like drama are all over it. Which is.... A lot of ladies. Stop worrying about other peoples lives and just live yours!!! Comparison is the theif of joy. And judging a woman based off of what the media says, or off of her business mistakes is just wrong. She is just human.

    • raz
      raz Month ago

      Madeline Townsend watch the video, then you'll see why. especially with the most recent happenings, her manipulation tactits are clearly intentional.

  • ninjataco3324
    ninjataco3324 Month ago +1

    i do agree with this video but why is it so bad that her opinion changed over the years. We all get new favorites. idk just something i thought i'd add.

  • juls fools
    juls fools Month ago +1

    JH : I will never change I will remain real
    lmao sure bro.

    • Starry Night
      Starry Night Month ago

      juls fools she never changed she was jus never real!!

  • tti01
    tti01 Month ago +1

    is there anyone out there who can tell me the name of a brand of professional makeup brushes or a set that doesn't cost a fortune, without me having to watch a bunch of idiotic youtube stars that are only promoting a brand because they are making money for promoting it? thanks a bunch

  • tti01
    tti01 Month ago +1

    i just heard this girl's name less than a week ago while trying to find some professional brushes on ulta. so i'm like, "who the heck is this person?' then i get the bright idea to find high quality, low priced brush set ideas on youtube. and i gotta say honestly, i am already sick of hearing her name. especially after i saw this video. i am 53, (although i have been told i can easily pass for 42, since i have long thick wavy hair down to the small of my back, no old lady perm here! lol!!!) but i also gotta say, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU YOUNG GIRLS????!!! there is nothing wrong with getting ideas from someone else like maybe makeup tips and what have you, but ladies, please take some advice from a woman who's definitely been around (and maybe a little too much experience) get the basic ideas, and then find the beauty in you. don't go wasting your money on every new thing that comes along just because you ladies have turned some average person into an idol. these so called you tube stars are no better than you, and please remember that your true beauty comes from inside your soul. but of course it's nice to have a pretty outer package. but also please remember that outer beauty means nothing if no one can stand to be around you. and the most important thing to remember is to always put God first, and do everything you can to be the kind of person that HE would be proud of. and i guarantee you that if you constantly keep God in the back of your mind 24/7, always try to conduct yourself in the way Jesus would expect you to, (or in other words, don't lie, cheat or steal, put others first and stop thinking of yourself all the time, etc., etc., and most importantly, think of how YOUR ACTIONS AFFECT OTHERS, instead of thinking how what OTHERS DO AFFECT YOU, ) i guarantee you if you follow these rules of nature, people will see a light and natural beauty in you that will draw others to you like a magnet! and then you won't spend so much time and money focusing on some average person who has NO INNER BEAUTY and is only trying to sell you something.

  • melissa lucaci
    melissa lucaci Month ago +1

    why is this video actually scary

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Month ago +1

    Shiiiit girlfriend is a flake, and has a story for everything. but gotta give her cred. Came out of nowhere and made a fast couple million(s).

  • ashley cookies
    ashley cookies Month ago +1

    Sounds like Makeup Geek was at the mercy of Jaclyn by the looks of those emails. It really annoyed me that Jaclyn kept deflecting and putting off requests from MUG about their collab and then ended up bailing all together and she even had the NERVE to ask for free product while treating MUG like shit during that time. There are so many TheXvidrs who would kill to have a collab with a well-known brand like Makeup Geek but I kept getting the feeling that Jaclyn seemed "inconvenienced" by it. I definitely think Jaclyn lost her ability to stay humble and that "nice girl" act she does is very much fake

  • Mellissa Cross
    Mellissa Cross Month ago

    The thing about the bots and hackers always cracks me up. I talk to even regular TheXvidrs outside of the beauty community and they have only vaguely heard of her, James Charles, and Jeffree Star. These people are only celebs within this community.

  • MsJgreen77
    MsJgreen77 Month ago

    Money is the root of all evil. She needs to pray about that.

  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson Month ago

    Sorry but that's not believable. Apology needs action.

  • Amarilys Carrasquillo

    I am definitely unsubscribing from Jacquelyn what an ass hole she is and her mom help so I see where you get that irresponsible nature.

  • Jonathan Sark
    Jonathan Sark Month ago

    Does anyone use the telephone any more? seems as though things would be faster than texting back and forth.

  • joceline andrade
    joceline andrade Month ago

    Are you a lawyer/investigator lol you where on point sis

  • Lidocaine Lizz
    Lidocaine Lizz Month ago

    You are truly a saint for reading these emails

  • S L
    S L Month ago +1

    Maybe they could have done a 2 pan package and sent them out with subscription boxes. That way they aren’t rotting in the self. Could have named them the broken contract pack.

  • sabina junco
    sabina junco Month ago

    someone needs to call shane

  • Sebastian Bellarmino

    Who’s doing the voiceover? You’re more annoying than stupid jaclyn!

  • crystal petersen
    crystal petersen Month ago

    She only makes a video when she is selling something. She will be back when she is ready to sell again.

  • Don’tstopthere R
    Don’tstopthere R Month ago

    For JH paybacks a bitch 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 lipsticks!

  • Chantal Massicotte
    Chantal Massicotte Month ago

    I have no idea who this person is but she is annoying.

  • Hanin Fadel
    Hanin Fadel Month ago

    People made her famous and they would buy anything she would recommend

  • Blitz Krieg
    Blitz Krieg Month ago

    She has no morals. Wtf she talking about? 😂😂😂