• Published on Dec 7, 2019
    #RuizJoshua2 #AndyRuizJr #AnthonyJoshua
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Comments • 1 223

  • David Linihan
    David Linihan 29 days ago

    Ruiz! YOU F’n BLEW IT!

  • David Gary
    David Gary 29 days ago

    If Andy can drop 40lbs he can drop Aj

  • David Gary
    David Gary 29 days ago

    Aj was still scared only reason ruiz lost is cause he wasn't able to chase andy he should have made Aj come get the points andy already had the belts re reason to chase aj aj needed the points to win should of made him walk to him then Chance's will be better

  • Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson Month ago

    So you trust Hearn ha ha

  • Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson Month ago

    Your right I’m wise not dumb lol like you

  • Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson Month ago

    Might pull 4 fight deal out this

  • Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson Month ago


  • Dave Bayliss
    Dave Bayliss Month ago

    If the third fight is going to be anything like the last one ,, don’t bother , retire , enjoy the $$

  • kogurt
    kogurt Month ago +1

    I also like pork chops

  • Dan Saunders
    Dan Saunders Month ago

    American reporter saying aj “struggled a lot with you tonight”
    In what way? Purely because aj didn’t look for the knockout & jabbed his way to the W?

  • Parental Guardian
    Parental Guardian Month ago

    its funny how all the ruiz fans in the comment section have turned on him HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHA

  • Mercedez
    Mercedez Month ago

    Two late buddy missed your once in a life opportunity

  • Zoka J Z
    Zoka J Z Month ago

    Money changes some People sad to see that money is nothing money comes money goes

  • Void _
    Void _ Month ago

    It’s true what people say that Ruiz was completely outboxed and in the first fight, AJ was outboxed as well?
    I hate how People just run to AJ’s side now, band wagons 🙄

  • Joey Fretwell
    Joey Fretwell Month ago

    Make your mind you sed you feel good be for it happend and yiur not letting belts go any where just even if you was in shap you still would of got beat new you was a fake champ 🤣👍🏻

  • kyle mueller
    kyle mueller Month ago

    Excuses .

  • J Kapoki
    J Kapoki Month ago +1


  • big balls
    big balls Month ago

    Awww Andy stop the bullshit man u lost to the better man anthony didn't make no excuses when u bate him

  • Omotosho Sunday
    Omotosho Sunday Month ago

    AJ isn't in your class oh boy, thank God he had finally sent you packing which the whole world is happy about.

  • Arty Hobson
    Arty Hobson Month ago

    I don't think we need to see a third fight. I think Joshua performed very well, he did what he said he was going to do and switched things up and we saw that in the ring. Ruiz however said he was going to be so much stronger, faster and better but we didn't see that in the ring. I thought Ruiz was very humble, but he keeps making excuses for his L, and the excuses he makes are down to himself. I think the money went to his head.

  • Dominic Powell
    Dominic Powell Month ago

    Atleast AJ didn’t make just got out boxed and out matched simple.

  • Jbsatx Illinois
    Jbsatx Illinois Month ago

    You went all 12 rounds keep your head up

  • G - Dawg
    G - Dawg Month ago

    Excuse, excuse, gave no respect to AJ & you over looked him this time, you said you trainee hard & knew AJ’s game plan!!! there won’t be no third fight - get over it!

  • frank's travel and live streaming channel

    He would not deserve a third fight give someone else a chance to fight Anthony Joshua and well done AJ love from Ireland

  • CutlerTheCourageous

    He got lucky the first fight due to AJ being so big and heavy as AJ was expecting to fight the 300lbs Miller who is a completely different style of fighter to Ruiz this resulted in AJ getting caught out and he was really disjointed the first fight. The second fight AJ has a full camp to train for Ruiz and was aware of what he was coming up against and he danced around him all night and completely out boxed him if there is a 3rd fight AJ will out box him again. Ruiz caught AJ out the first fight simple he got lucky coming in 5 weeks before fight night and fighting a guy who had trained completely for someone entirely different. AJ is a far superior boxer to Ruiz. All credit to Ruiz he has fast hands and can bang he is no mug but he can’t move around the ring and box like AJ there will only be one winner if there is a 3rd fight.

  • Ahmad Elhomayssi
    Ahmad Elhomayssi Month ago

    He looked like he was about to cry the whole interview 😂

  • Will S
    Will S Month ago

    Nobody wants to see the 3rd fight, let's be honest.

  • All Eyes On Me
    All Eyes On Me Month ago

    You got out classed Andy. You lacked discipline. Take the defeat and learn from it as AJ did.

  • solid cake
    solid cake Month ago

    Ref screaming break every time Joshua got close,ref letting Joshua hold an rabbit punch all fight,a massive ring an no word of drug testing.... Ruiz had no chance lol

  • Clare Jordan
    Clare Jordan Month ago

    He’s chatting rubbish now, Eddie must of paid him off

  • Alvy Alvarez
    Alvy Alvarez Month ago

    When he weighed in at 283 I thought to myself, oh my God! what did you do to yourself? Yep he’s going to lose😯😯

  • Heroic Miquio
    Heroic Miquio Month ago

    aj must be stupid if he fight against you, Aj just have a relax Time Aj can choos when and who he want to Fight...

  • Heroic Miquio
    Heroic Miquio Month ago

    first Juni 2019, was just a lucky Punch , and you have just luck , that it...

  • Fabian F.
    Fabian F. Month ago

    Bad looser, can’t say more...

  • Richard Bryant
    Richard Bryant Month ago

    Ruiz is a nice guy but he had ample time to prepare, except the loss with no excuses like AJ did.

  • Michael Gallagher
    Michael Gallagher Month ago

    This man could easily fight at middleweight are light heavy weight if he had is weight u see control

  • callyharley
    callyharley Month ago

    The biggest fight of your whole life, all you had to do was get in the car & get driven to the gym. smh No one will ever trust this man again & Eddie's not gonna let AJ fight Ruiz again, otherwise Ruiz would've had a rematch clause, it's over. Ruiz wasted the biggest chance of his life, the biggest chance in World Boxing.smh

  • Nigella Paul
    Nigella Paul Month ago

    The worst of ruiz v the best of Joshua, that fight should have been a 3rd round stoppage to Joshua. I seen a very poor ruiz against an average boxer ,don't get too carried away ,and to hear ex pro's say Joshua best boxer ever well the sun and humidity can get to your head I suppose. Andy ruiz obviously not trained he wouldn't have looked out of place in a sumo wrestling ring .

  • PushIt2 The Limit
    PushIt2 The Limit Month ago

    All respect gone for this chief now

  • Kev Chez
    Kev Chez Month ago

    Ruiz is still the B M.I champ, there just isn't a belt to fit him.

  • Hervey Bay Rubbish Removal

    Ruiz won't get a rematch sadly

  • CoreyWilkie
    CoreyWilkie Month ago

    Not everyone is cut out to be a champion clearly Ruiz and Fury showed that

  • weather day
    weather day Month ago

    Andy Ruiz was a fluke I need a third fight so I don't look like a hipe jod 🍫

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson Month ago

    Aj had worked andy out now boxed his head off for 12 rounds dont know what this fuckin bumboy interviewer is chattin wernt close at all i gave andy 1 round aj cut the ring off all night if they fight a 3rd time aj whopps him again

  • Ivor Jones
    Ivor Jones Month ago

    There ain't going to be a trilogy after that performance and the explanation given in this video.

  • Eliuta Taula
    Eliuta Taula Month ago

    childish comment, mate......think before you talk nx time

  • Marcus Flint
    Marcus Flint Month ago

    Much harder to stay at the top then get there, he couldn't handle the pressure.

  • Daniel Olabanji
    Daniel Olabanji Month ago

    Give no excuses Guy better man won the fight and shut that mouth up give a salute to AJ as a master.

  • unknown 1
    unknown 1 Month ago +2

    It was staged

  • Max telero
    Max telero Month ago

    No excuses but this n that. Should a cudda wudda. Didn’t do this or that. Excuses excuses etc. He got exposed and he has such an opportunity to create a legacy. And even if had been beaten and had said I was fully prepared etc n aj won
    He is deluded going on about a trilogy
    Eddie Hearn won’t take that call
    There is no interest in it
    He blew it
    Now will blow all the cash on crap n friends he had few days ago won’t be Around when cash runs out

  • ISecureLondon
    ISecureLondon Month ago

    Andy “ we gonna make history again in Saudi Arabia and take them belts back to Mexico”
    Ruiz 😂 you ain’t talking shit back but your taco boy back to Mexico
    Go get a title shot with wilder under the same banner so should be easy to make right?
    Wilder promised you Ruiz so go fight wilder win his belt and then come back so we can unify all the belts since wilder been ducking AJ

  • Bernadette Smith
    Bernadette Smith Month ago

    U wher over weigjt the first fight andy ...u got game planned to perfection u need ppl to stand im front of u to bang ...A.j was to clever 2nd time round ...And the New !!!!!

    MATT44RYAN Month ago

    Compare the two, Joshua lost and the rumours were rife about issues leading up the moments before the fight. Joshua never hid behind any excuses. This guy on the other hand is full of them, nobody stopped him from losing weight and now he's banging the drum for a third fight. Go spend your money.

  • Sean Dobson
    Sean Dobson Month ago

    Money ruined him for this fight went over the top eating and not training with focus and hunger and if he's not careful will slip back down the list, let's see where this goes

  • Mr T
    Mr T Month ago

    He should keep eating then dump all over wilder

  • over opinionated
    over opinionated Month ago

    No Rematch

  • Del Hurworth
    Del Hurworth Month ago

    Come on guys,been a champion he had a lot.on his plate....?

  • Abhner Gallegos
    Abhner Gallegos Month ago

    I love Andy, I rooted for Andy hard af, but I’m not sure he deserves the trilogy ? Maybe he should fight Dillon whyte first gain everyone’s support again, cuz this was bullshit, what the hell Man, I just can’t understand how you seriously can not be super disciplined for the biggest fight of your life

  • Adam james
    Adam james Month ago

    Respect to ruiz, great fighter but this is how this fight should always have gone. I've said from the 1st fight that if aj didn't hand an opportunity to ruiz by going in reckless ruiz wouldn't be able to create his own. That's been proven and the 3rd will be worse for ruiz whatever his weight is. If you fight ruiz on the inside you lose, unique in this division for his speed and combination variety in close
    "A punch from the gods" doesn't seem so far fetched now!!!


    So this means the sweet science beats all styles. Interesting....