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  • Rene Deck
    Rene Deck 2 years ago +601

    Getting Started 00:00
    What is TypeScript: 01:57
    Installing & Using TypeScript 06:31
    The Advantages of TypeScript 19:53
    Course Outline 22:59
    How to Get the Most out of This Course 27:16
    Setting Up our Development Environment 30:29
    The Course Project Setup 33:36
    Module Introduction 40:56
    Using Types 41:23
    TypeScript Types vs JavaScript Types 51:43
    Numbers, Strings and Booleans 56:37
    Type Assignment and Type Inference 01:02:20
    Object Types 01:07:59
    Array Types 01:15:31
    Tuples 01:21:01
    Enums 01:27:21
    The Any Type 01:34:26
    Union Types 01:36:30
    Literal Types 01:43:01
    Type Aliases 01:50:55
    Function Return Types and Void 01:53:55
    Function Types 02:01:21
    Function Types and Callbacks 02:06:55
    The Unknown Type 02:11:18
    The Never Type 02:15:02
    Wrap Up 02:19:12
    Module Introduction 02:21:04
    Watch Node 02:21:50
    Compiling the Entire Project 02:23:55
    Include and Exclude Files 02:27:42
    Setting a Compilation Target 02:33:55
    Understanding TypeScript Libs 02:37:59
    More Options 02:43:31
    Source Maps 02:45:12
    Rootdir and Outdir 02:47:12
    noemit on Error 02:52:43
    Strict Compilation Options 02:55:35
    Code Quality Options 03:06:39
    Debugging with Visual Studio Code 03:11:02
    Wrap Up 03:15:22

    • Aaron
      Aaron 7 months ago

      You're doing God's work

    • todaysrapsucks
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    • Daggen
      Daggen Year ago +2

      no classes and interfaces

    • samiebuka
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    • Saugat Malla
      Saugat Malla Year ago +1

      @MilMike yeah they were added recently when youtube introduced this feature

  • verry on drums
    verry on drums 2 years ago +648

    To get a 3 hour high quality tutorial on TheXvid is like winning the lottery! Thanks for sharing, thanks for your passion and your effort. It helps so much to improve in programming, therefore improve in my job and therefore improve in life

  • Vibhav
    Vibhav 2 years ago +34

    Hi Max, Usually I don't comment on videos. But I wanted you to see this. Your teaching style is just awesome. You put every concept that people are going to need in there future. I applied for a job in the meantime I was going through your react tutorial from udemy. I am super happy and will grasp all your courses. Everything they asked or everything that is needed was already present somewhere in your tutorial. There is no need to go through reference or anything while learning from you. Thanks and Love you Max the way you teach.

    • Academind
      Academind  2 years ago +9

      That is just amazing to read! Feedbacks like this are extremely motivating and truly mean a lot to me! Thank you so much Vibhav!

  • Rakesh PK
    Rakesh PK 6 months ago +2

    Amazing lecture. Clear and comprehensive as always! Thanks a lot. ❤️

  • Shao Wei Choy
    Shao Wei Choy 11 months ago +3

    One of the best instructor in teaching programming, very details, updated and useful indeed.
    It will benefit more from his paid course. Great job Mr. Schwarzmuller!

  • Marie Lukešová
    Marie Lukešová Year ago +2

    Amazing preview, thank you, Max! I bought your TypeScript course on Udemy, already a third course from you 😎 Your teaching style is amazing, when I feel like I do not understand anything I just turn on your course and start learning 😄 The way you explain things just works for my brain

  • Jean-Philippe Molla
    Jean-Philippe Molla Year ago +3

    Well done! Now I have enrolled the Udemy course and so far I do not regret at all! Such a great pedagogy has to be taken in example and encouraged

  • Francesco Saccone

    Very amazing course!!! Everything is clear and well explained, thank you so much for this !

  • Mike Malone
    Mike Malone 2 years ago +7

    As always, your tutorials are fantastic! Thank you, sir! I've been using Typescript for about 4 months now, this really helped me to reinforce what i already knew, plus learn some things that I never knew. You are awesome! Shame on those who gave this video tutorial a thumbs down. Seriously, what is wrong with some folks?

    • Shraddha Mahajan
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    • Academind
      Academind  2 years ago +4

      Thanks so much for your awesome feedback Mike, making everybody happy is impossible I guess :)

  • Tong Li
    Tong Li 2 years ago

    Awesome tutorial, very easy to follow and explained the topics covered very clearly. very well worth the time of watching it.

  • Nakamizake Yuuki
    Nakamizake Yuuki Year ago +2

    The only thing I can say is: Thank you! After a long time searching about TS, i found this video, and I got say, Idk how I lived 1 year of my life using only JS. TS is such a "must have", and now I can start my projects using it thanks to you! Great video, great teacher!

  • Kyle
    Kyle Year ago +1

    Fantastic, would have loved to learn about the differences between custom types and interfaces though, and I feel like Type assertions are such a big part of Typescript that was entirely missed in this tutorial. Thanks for the course though, legend!

  • Uesli Almeida
    Uesli Almeida Year ago

    Hi, thanks a lot for this material. I have one of your courses (Laravel) in Udemy and I liked it a lot. I watched some other videos here on your channel and they are amazing! Thanks once again for your time and your knowledge share!!

  • Jasasul
    Jasasul Year ago +22

    3 hours and 15 mins of pure gold content
    Amazing course, you sir are a great teacher

  • alexwhb122
    alexwhb122 9 months ago +16

    This is one of the best tutorials I've ever seen. Learned so much so fast! I only wish I watched this years ago.

  • S Basnet
    S Basnet Year ago

    Hi Max, I'm loving Typescript more and more after your course on Udemy. I'm redoing some of my NodeJS projects with Typescript now, I immediately caught a few errors lol, luckily they were not breaking errors.
    I was wondering if it is common to use TS with VueJS as well. I couldn't really find any good resource on it.

  • Ilya Hamisoniya
    Ilya Hamisoniya 2 years ago

    Great video, despite using Typescript for month it taught me a lot. I especially liked your description of types 'unknown' and 'never'.

  • Nicholas Horta
    Nicholas Horta Year ago +10

    BOOOM!!! 3hr Tutorial done! Didn't miss a beat! That was so solid, thanks Max! Yourself and Wes Bos really are the best tutors I've ever had.

  • Rhys Previte
    Rhys Previte 10 months ago

    Really well done. You really dive into the detail that helps explain things even further. Thanks!

  • Buteo Mausjäger
    Buteo Mausjäger 2 years ago +453

    Udemy course was lifesaver. I got current job thanks to it! Good job Mr. Schwarzmuller. :)

    • Michael Fransman
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    • Dan Palu
      Dan Palu Year ago

      Aeeeaserrroooarrrr! Why don't just sat "error"?

    • Dan Palu
      Dan Palu Year ago

      Stop moving those hands around like a crazy person

    • Saber Nouira
      Saber Nouira Year ago

      @Academind 8

    • Buteo Mausjäger
      Buteo Mausjäger Year ago

      @Parmeet Well mandatory was to know Typescript, I was working as a Full-stack web developer before but I didnt work in Typescript. I had a portfoilo of project but I didnt have to write one in TS.

  • Paul Gallovich
    Paul Gallovich 2 years ago +12

    I have this course on Udemy. I am going to use this course to help me build a foundation in TypeScript. I am going to use TypeScript for development in building two real-world projects. Thank you Max this course is a lifesaver.

  • Generic Person
    Generic Person 2 years ago

    The problem you highlighted with typing in JS vs TS is caused due to Javascript's weak typing and not due to javascript being "dynamically typed" and typescript being "statically" typed. Especially considering, that TS has also good support or dynamic typing, in addition to static type checking during compile time.

  • Fomgbeh Ismael Bunduka

    You're the best, Max. Your teaching style is awesome. Thank You for this free 3 hour course!

  • Sebastien
    Sebastien Year ago +10

    Absolutely great course!
    Needed to learn TypeScript in 3 days for a job interview. This was a life saver, thank you!

  • Raiane Rezende
    Raiane Rezende 3 months ago +1

    Uau, those were some rich 3 hours! Amazing quality! Very well explained and prioritized. Thank you so much for making the time to build this amazing material for free, it helped so much!

  • Monkeytronics
    Monkeytronics Year ago

    Great course Max. Have enrolled for the rest on Udemy. You have a very digestible teaching style! 3 hours went by in the blink of an eye...

  • Generic Person
    Generic Person 2 years ago +1

    Also, please don't confuse "value" and "the type of value". Void simply means, that there is no return value. Never means that the function will never return in the first place. There is a difference between a function that returns no value and a function that never returns in the first place.

  • Tamim Azizadah
    Tamim Azizadah 13 days ago

    Amazing video and awesome teaching style. Thank you for this incredible work!!!

  • Gwenaël Oppitz
    Gwenaël Oppitz 2 years ago +1

    great video thank you. A little thing though: could you manage that when you type in the terminal it appears a bit higher on the screen? Because when we follow the video and pausing it often to write our own code in parallel, the line you are writing appears behind the loading bar of youtube which is not really convenient :)

  • Mthokozisi Mtolo
    Mthokozisi Mtolo 11 months ago

    This is really incredible! Thank you so much for always upload outstanding content.

  • Luca Di Fazio
    Luca Di Fazio 4 months ago

    Hi Max. Thank you for this course.
    I was so happy about it and so sad this was just a preview, that I've just bought this course on Udemy.

  • João
    João Year ago

    The best course ever. Great quality and excelence on teaching.
    I highly recommend you guys checkout his courses on Udemy. They are excelent and are continuously updated. I'm grateful for your passion on teaching, Maximilian.
    Greetings from Brazil!

  • Krzysztof Witkowski
    Krzysztof Witkowski 7 months ago

    There are lots of courses in youtube but I must admit that this is a great course, rich of contents and a really clean English. Thank you very much for this introduction.
    P.S. I also bought your Udemy full course at the end of this video I really hope that the rest is like the introduction!

  • Priyanka S
    Priyanka S 3 months ago +1

    2:04:44 How to create Function type using arrow notation
    2:07:00 How to create Function type including a Call Back Function type
    2:11:55 unknown type
    2:16:46 never type
    2:22:22 typescript compiler
    2:24:36 if defer is present within script tag (and async is absent), then, the script is downloaded along with other code, but script is executed after the page has finished execution of other code.
    2:24:44 tsc --init
    2:25:55 tsconfig dot json file
    2:26:26 compile all ts files present in project in one go
    2:29:00 exclude keyword can be present in tsconfig dot json file
    2:31:31 include keyword can be present in tsconfig dot json file and include keyword lets you include entire folder
    2:33:03 files keyword can be present in tsconfig dot json file and files keyword does not let you include entire folder

  • Karun Jaraslertsuwan

    This course is awesome !! you explain is very clear and easy to listen. I'm not native english, but I got this. Thank you for making a good lesson.

  • Ngan T
    Ngan T 2 months ago

    Super awesome instructor. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful course.

  • spezi1337
    spezi1337 Year ago +3

    This is so good and understandable, you have my whole respect! Thank you so much!

  • João
    João Month ago

    A se o meu inglês fosse bom para poder captar todo o conhecimento transmitido aqui, mas mesmo assim eu acompanhei. É uma ajuda muito grande o que esse cara faz as pessoas. Ótimo video.

  • Mihkel Pajunen
    Mihkel Pajunen 4 months ago +1

    Fantastic tutorial! Just bought the full course, as this had me all excited to learn more :)

  • Omkar Hande
    Omkar Hande 2 years ago

    Thank you for this!
    I wish to do the complete course on Udemy as well. Can you tell us which modules got covered in this video?

    • Soushi 888
      Soushi 888 9 months ago

      It's the 3 first modules of the complete course ! pro.academind.com/p/understanding-typescript

  • Masvi Mydeen
    Masvi Mydeen Year ago

    Thank you so much for this video. Excellent explanation and I feel like that I have learnt everything about typescript. Sure recommend for anybody who wants to learn typescript. Thanks a lot.

  • Lukkar
    Lukkar Year ago

    Superb quality! The structure of course really thought out!

  • Artem Belyshev
    Artem Belyshev Year ago

    Great tutorial man!
    You're excellent speaker and programmer,
    Best wishes in your future projects =)

  • Dink Thifferently
    Dink Thifferently 2 years ago +5

    Oh wow, I just realized you overhauled your huge Udemy TS course which I completed a couple years ago. I'm going to start over for a great refresher. I live how you are committed to updating your courses. Thanks so much Max!

    • Academind
      Academind  2 years ago +3

      I indeed re-recorded the entire course, so thanks a lot for your awesome feedback!

  • Sneha Rathod
    Sneha Rathod Year ago +1

    Amazed at the course details and explanations with live examples provided by the Speaker. Good job!

  • Anthony Purington
    Anthony Purington 2 years ago

    Max, would it be possible to update your Udemy course to include automated unit tests with Typescript?

  • The Art Investor Podcast

    Thanks for going over things so thoroughly! Would be super keen for a ReScript tutorial like this!

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson Year ago +1

    Excellent content again max. BTW love your react course . The clarity of concept in that course is godly.

  • KapatiD
    KapatiD Year ago

    Very comprehensive course about using TypeScript and its configurations. Thanks for giving this free course!

  • Carlos Orjuela
    Carlos Orjuela 2 years ago

    What an amazing video ... full of good information to understand more about the typescript world. thanks a lot

  • Saqib Quadir
    Saqib Quadir 2 months ago

    Your tutorials are super clean and to the point it's easier for slow learners like me. You rock bro!!!!

  • Mockery Mock
    Mockery Mock 2 years ago

    For anyone who has some basic knowledge of Javascript and wants to dive in quickly, just skip and start from 40:57. If you want to save more time, you can also try to start from 48:59 where first-line typescript code is involved

  • Peter Hirt
    Peter Hirt 2 years ago

    Great tutorial! Congratulations. And lots of material never seen before.
    Just one input: with "watch:build": "tsc --watch" one could automate also the changes on typescript file.

    • Peter Hirt
      Peter Hirt 2 years ago

      Sorry, I should have watched this video till the end. Max addressed that there.

  • Ammar Razzak
    Ammar Razzak 2 years ago +59

    TIMESTAMPS: (Still Under Development):
    0:00 - Introduction
    2:00 - What is TypeScript?
    4:58 - Why TypeScript?
    6:32 - Closer Look at How Typescript can help us write better code.
    10:23 - Typescript Installation
    12:29 - Create Typescript File

    • Henning Hoefer
      Henning Hoefer Year ago

      @Academind if you flip them around (time first, description second) TheXvid now makes the sections nicely available in the time line.

    • Sameer Shaikh
      Sameer Shaikh 2 years ago

      @Mr.Meeseeks hahahha

    • kambaala yashwanth
      kambaala yashwanth 2 years ago

      Getting 500 🙄

    • Ammar Razzak
      Ammar Razzak 2 years ago +1

      @Mr.Meeseeks lol

    • Mr.Meeseeks
      Mr.Meeseeks 2 years ago +7

      let me help you with timestamps:
      0:00 - Awesome part starts
      3:16:39 - Awesome part ends

  • Kelechi Brian
    Kelechi Brian Year ago

    I love the flow of all your tutorials, even bought your flutter in udemy thanks for the knowledge shared

  • momo el tonto
    momo el tonto Year ago

    Interestingly, I followed the advice given by the instructor and have managed to advance the video by alternating shift + < and shift + > like in a car, in order to keep my focus and work.
    Thank you very much for your hard work and sharing this valuable knowledge with us.

  • Yoann Losbar
    Yoann Losbar 2 years ago +28

    One of the best typescript course. I'm sharing this video with all my coworkers who need to learn typescript. Thank you for work man

    • Alex Kreizi
      Alex Kreizi Year ago

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  • Eide Mana💎
    Eide Mana💎 Year ago +10

    Hi Max!
    I took your Udemy Vue and Nuxt lessons, and now I become a front-end engineer!!!
    so lucky to meet you on the Internet :)) Thank you so much!

  • Lutfor Rahman Raju
    Lutfor Rahman Raju 10 months ago

    Thank you very much for the quality contents Mr. Max 😊

  • Kareem Jeiroudi
    Kareem Jeiroudi Year ago

    I mean for people like me who are coming from the backend and just want to pick up TypeScript as well as JavaScript as quickly as possible to be able to integrate better into Frontend projects, this was definitely a good 3-hours introduction. But I think there's a little more to JavaScript than was not mentioned in this tutorial. By no means though this was a bad tutorial. The exact opposite, I liked it a lot and appreciate this helpful content, and you should go ahead and watch regardless what programming skills are. Super good Schwarzmüller!

  • Szakács Tamás
    Szakács Tamás 3 months ago

    What a teacher, what a tutorial :o This course is one of the best I have ever seen.

  • Alex Stulov
    Alex Stulov 2 years ago +11

    Great course, thank you! I'm using typescript for a month, had questions, that not described in the docs - found many answers here)

    • CweaseGaming
      CweaseGaming Year ago

      @Miguel Bento Honestly, the docs aren't that great ngl

    • Miguel Bento
      Miguel Bento Year ago +1

      That says a lot about the docs quality

  • Shakeel Ahmad
    Shakeel Ahmad Year ago

    Thanks so much Academind for this wonderful tutorial. Very helpful indeed.

  • ritendra singh
    ritendra singh Year ago

    A nicely crafted course for beginners OR for refreshing the concepts related to Typescript!

  • Davit Hovhannisyan
    Davit Hovhannisyan 9 months ago

    Detailed and perfectly explained!

  • Roy Pt
    Roy Pt 2 years ago +26

    It took me almost one day to get through, but it is really worth to do, love this video, appreciate you, max

    • BackwardsDaveTV
      BackwardsDaveTV 8 months ago

      Great video, and your English is great, not one mistake! Gut gemacht :)

  • Rob Sokolowski
    Rob Sokolowski 8 months ago

    I am advanced programmer but with no TS experience. I found 2.5 hours and on very helpful, was exactly what I was looking for!

  • A A
    A A Year ago

    Hi, any plans to extend this course with additional material on generic types, on keyof, extends, etc.? :)

  • Adam W
    Adam W Year ago

    Just want to note that for thexvid.com/video/BwuLxPH8IDs/video.html the demonstration of no console log is actually from a function that default as 'void' rather than "never" type. @Rene Deck Would you adjust it to correctly reflect what you trying to show? Because in this case void and never looks the same.

  • Gabriel Valencia
    Gabriel Valencia 2 months ago

    Great video! In the section about literal types, TS doesn't check if the operator is supposed in all the specified union types. Has that changed in recent version of TS? It's pretty cumbersome to have to do all the checking.

  • Karan Anand Shukla
    Karan Anand Shukla 8 months ago

    Just completed one hour now. And realized I knew less about TypeScript when I started coding 3 years ago. This cleared basic concepts which I missed initially.

  • Mark Dominique Dujali
    Mark Dominique Dujali 2 years ago +3

    Hey Max, I was waiting for this. Thank you! Please do Typescript with Vue.js. I think that would be another bestseller. Cheers!

    • Shraddha Mahajan
      Shraddha Mahajan Month ago

      @tropikalGG qqqqq11qqqq

    • tropikalGG
      tropikalGG 2 years ago +1

      Use vue-class-component and Vue-property-decorator, it's pretty simple to configure and to dive into without the mess of creating your own decorators

  • CK Schumeister
    CK Schumeister 2 years ago +1

    That was very informative and helpful. Thanks so much

  • callmenikk
    callmenikk Year ago

    this course is amazing, came from freecodecamp I couldn't understand how he was installing json files, and this person explained very clearly, thank you!

  • Jacenty Roszkowiak

    Another amazing tutorial - many thanks!

  • Yuhui Jiang
    Yuhui Jiang 5 months ago

    Hi, may I know how to let the VS code ignore the error: "cannot redeclare block scoped variable" when the same variable name exists in another js file? I didn't find a solution to this issue in the tutorial. Thank you!😊

  • Larry Guerra
    Larry Guerra 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for all of your content. It is well explained and has helped me in my career.

    • Academind
      Academind  2 years ago +1

      That's fantastic to read Larry, thank you very much!

  • Jeiner Noriega
    Jeiner Noriega Year ago

    Hey, do you have a course on data structures and algorithms? If not can you make one 🙂

  • Francis Guchie
    Francis Guchie 4 months ago

    Even the youngest school going person can learn from this. You make things look so nice and easy. I like your teaching style.

  • Joe Arend
    Joe Arend 2 years ago +1

    As an aspiring NESTjs and Angular full stack dev for a start up, this is gonna be super important for me to learn, thank you so much!

    • Zeal Typed Code
      Zeal Typed Code Year ago

      am a self taught fullstack developer I already learned c# can I learn typescript right away without learning JavaScript

    • Navjot Singh
      Navjot Singh 2 years ago

      What start up do you work for? Just curious 😁

  • Ngalla Diouck
    Ngalla Diouck 2 years ago +2

    From my little understading so far, ( at 1:07:00 ), Javascript is a high level language and what Typescript does is that it kinda bring it back to a low level language just so we can have a better control of it.... for example in C we declare our variables by saying what type that variable is foing to be. If my understanding so far is wrong pls let me know !!

    • Miguel Domingos
      Miguel Domingos 2 years ago

      No, because if A is lower level it means it is closer to the machine and typescript to run has to compile to plain old vanilla javascript

  • Yessi Loukou
    Yessi Loukou Year ago +4

    Hello, I'm Yessi Loukou, your English is perfect, you pronounce each of ours exactly as it should be, to allow us who are not English speaking to understand you perfectly.
    I confess that I fell asleep while I was working and when this video was playing, your English woke me up pleasantly.
    No need to go far, I will take this training.
    Thank you very much!

  • Georgiana Bere
    Georgiana Bere Year ago

    Amazing course. Thanks a lot!

  • Shubham Prajapat
    Shubham Prajapat 5 months ago

    Thank you for this masterpiece ❤

  • perst ry
    perst ry 4 months ago

    thanks for this tutorial, really need as informative course as this. Great work

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson 2 years ago +3

    Thanks Max, TypeScript is awesome. I hope that you do more with React and TypeScript.

    • JACK
      JACK 2 years ago +2

      @Academind I have the same feeling, React Hooks + Redux + TS + Node.js, it is an amazing combination.

    • Academind
      Academind  2 years ago +2

      Thank you Craig!

  • Sami Ullah Sheikh
    Sami Ullah Sheikh 3 months ago

    2:19:19 can we assign "never" type to event handler function or any other function for which we want to make sure function return nothing? because "void" type gives the flexibility to return the value

  • Tal Jacob - Sir Jacques

    Amazing tutorial! Thank you!

  • apachurrooriginal
    apachurrooriginal 11 months ago

    You just blow my mind !
    What a very good video explaining very clear the TS.
    I never been used but after watching this presentation. Certainly will us it!.
    Thank you for sharing !

  • Paras Arora
    Paras Arora 2 years ago

    i was thinking of using typescript in MERN stack and here you are with a great course !!...thanks a lot !! 😄

  • Santosh Mohan Routray
    Santosh Mohan Routray 2 years ago

    that was really a great tutorial max.. My fav instructor. I have taken almost all of your courses on udemy.
    Can you create a new course on udemy a realtime complete packge of front end as well as backend and explain the architechture of a real world app with mean stack which will include all features that a professional developer use. For ex a admin dashboard that will have several features.

  • Rob Myers
    Rob Myers Year ago

    In the same way you typecast the variables to numbers in ts you could have done the same in js, it's just a matter of syntax. Instead you decided to raise an exception onchecking the type? ts doesn't force you to set the type in args of a function, so the decision to cast or not remains the same for both js and ts

  • Ngalla Diouck
    Ngalla Diouck 2 years ago

    Thank You soooo much for this amasing course !! was very easy to understand

  • Denny Crane
    Denny Crane 2 years ago +16

    Max you are fantastic lecturer, thank you for these easy explanations of typescript, you would be my perfect mentor, greetings from Serbia

  • Arif khan
    Arif khan Year ago

    Great video, despite using Typescript for month it taught me a lot.

  • Shubham Prajapat
    Shubham Prajapat 8 months ago

    I can't express how much this helped me.
    Thanks so much!!!! ♥

    • Haidar Al Hussein
      Haidar Al Hussein 5 months ago

      I wis h I could have am opportunity to get more friends and interests in different things and we could discuss to meet up do a wonderful time together and find out other ideas and make a good idea for many places 👑💕🌍❤️💍🇸🇪

  • John Yepthomi
    John Yepthomi 6 months ago

    You’re paving the way for many. Thank you.

  • All Pro Web Designs

    Great course on TypeScript. A good beginner setup and basic features guide. Do you have anything on Python?

  • Shibrah Misbah
    Shibrah Misbah Year ago

    Also amazing course! I hope to teach someday like this! :)

  • Kunal Gupta
    Kunal Gupta 9 months ago

    In Function types 02:01:21, while practicing I have assigned combineValues a function with only one argument of number type and also having number return type, but TS is not giving error. If you assigned combineValues to a function that doesn't have any argument and just returning number, it is also working. Why TS is not giving error when we specified the two arguments?