Savage the Speckled Moray Eel eats Lionfish for breakfast

  • Published on Oct 27, 2019
  • I have suspected for sometime that my Moray Savage has found a taste for lionfish, had yet to catch him in the act. Well here he is in the act of actively hunting and killing a lionfish much larger than expected. The crazy part is that this particular lionfish has been living with the eel for as long as he has been in the tank. Its only when new lions are introduced that Savage seems to eat them. In addition to the larger lion, there are several lionfish that would be much easier prey and probably go down much easier than the one he chose to eat. I think I found the solution to our lionfish invasion!

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  • rhyan lumilay
    rhyan lumilay Year ago +47

    I loved how every predator that hunts the Lionfish have their own way on how to land the kill blow. Grouper and Sharks aims for the head, Eel and Barracuda aims for the side and Octopus latches it's tentacles carefully around the fish.

  • Zebratje
    Zebratje Year ago +16

    Interesting, did the eel survive? Is this Moray from the Atlantic/Mediterranian. If so, It might be the first predator to hunt invasive lionfish. Although not recorded in the wild, and you also mentioned this happened after introduction of new lionfish to the tank, so maybe it was more an attack than a hunt? I am wondering if the Moray didn't get any venom from the spikes..

  • Larry Peteet

    That is really amazing footage and actions!! Thank you for posting.

  • JurassicVerse 64

    Now this is what I call a Lion tamer!

  • Myles Garcia

    So much for those protective spines!!

  • Joyde
    Joyde  +7

    I like how he tries multiple times to rip off the Lionfish's pokey bits just to stab himself in the ass with the other fin. xD

  • jchiapet
    jchiapet 2 years ago +13

    Is this type of eel native to the Caribbean and Atlantic? If it is, I'm guessing they may do this in the wild

  • The GSD
    The GSD  +1

    Honey badger and moray eel these guys are insane. Sympathetic predators.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy  +1

    Very cool how he probes every bite until its safe to crunch down and tear off a piece

  • Lebron Jems
    Lebron Jems Year ago +8

    Moray eels are my favorite sea creatures

  • Katie

    What a beautiful Eel!

  • Deb Anholt
    Deb Anholt 2 years ago +19

    How does the eel not get poked by the lionfish spines? Those spines will penetrate almost anything. Now we need to release your eel into the Gulf to spread the word about the tasty prey.

  • Lyricalxs

    A most painful breakfast

  • Quiet Krys

    I like how the Eel disappears after he rocked that lion fish's world.

  • Vahid Hosoda
    Vahid Hosoda Year ago +8

    Huh not to mention it’s too bad the Atlantic doesant have morays too rescue the reef to clean out this invasive fish

  • sleepy-_-tASMR
    sleepy-_-tASMR 14 days ago

    I think I'd prefer a Lionfish over a Moray eel any day.

  • BKM Publishing

    I'd like to know who the Hell uses gorgeous and very expensive Lionfish as feeders for their eel? What's that about? That's basically saltwater fish keeping blasphemy.

  • hhuang
    hhuang Year ago +3

    no such thing as "friends" in an aquarium. it is a miniature ecosystem after all....

  • Cruddyjay Vlogs

    Moray eels eat lion fish it’s part of there main diet

  • Winston Pratt

    What a pricey snack 😆