Martin Bell on Tory sleaze: “It’s worse than the 90s” | Red Box

  • Published on Nov 9, 2021
  • Martin Bell, former broadcast war reporter and independent politician, reflects on his time as MP for Tatton from 1997 to 2001 after defeating Tory MP Neil Hamilton who was embroiled in sleaze allegations. Martin compares the scandals of the time to recent allegations made against Sir Geoffrey Cox and Owen Paterson.
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Comments • 40

  • Andrew MacCallum
    Andrew MacCallum 6 months ago +36

    2 simple rules for life ;
    No.1 - Never trust a tory
    No.2 - Never forget rule number 1

  • Keith Wigley
    Keith Wigley 6 months ago +7

    Why have we allowed such inept incompetent ministers to run , manage ? our country...our Police, Teachers,nurses, doctors etc. Demoralised ...they have run our country down while we have been dying of apathy....

  • John Dean
    John Dean 6 months ago +4

    2nd jobs for MP's to gain knowledge and experience outside the world of politics are fine as long as they're in social care, HGV driving, or farm labouring.

  • Phil Buttle
    Phil Buttle 6 months ago +4

    Well said, Martin

    LOCOMOTIONNUMBER1 6 months ago +4

    Didn’t he set up a Ministry of Levelling Up or am I getting this confused with his Ministry of Disinformation?

  • Chris
    Chris 6 months ago +3

    1. Sir Geoffrey Cox - £587,254.95
    2. Theresa May - £497,487
    3. Sir John Redwood - £228,657.86
    4. Fiona Bruce - £219,991.54
    5. Andrew Mitchell - £183,756.12
    6. Sajid Javid - £170,917.50
    7. Sir John Hayes - £119,700
    8. Richard Fuller - £109,900
    9. Mark Garnier - £100,300
    10. Chris Grayling - £100,000

  • Arthur Francis D. Murphy
    Arthur Francis D. Murphy 6 months ago +3

    Great journalist

  • colin clarke
    colin clarke 6 months ago +3

    boris jhonson told us there was a light at the end of the tunnel, he led us down that tunnel ,then went out of his way to turn off that light.

  • Tom Mitchell
    Tom Mitchell 6 months ago +9

    what tat saying there is always enough for the needy but never enough for the greedy

  • Michael
    Michael 6 months ago +2

    he makes a lot of sense

  • Geoff Houghton
    Geoff Houghton 6 months ago +3

    What a lovely fella

  • Charlie
    Charlie 6 months ago +6

    It's great watching Boris dig his own grave!

    • DFandV
      DFandV 6 months ago +4

      Don't cheer too soon. He still has a huge cult behind him

  • John Randle
    John Randle 6 months ago +6

    This tory lot this levelling up is more like dumbing down nothing will change austerity is still here its just behind the door while the tories fill their boots with lolly ?

  • stringer 2295
    stringer 2295 6 months ago

    Doesn't Keir (sir) have a second job giving Gibraltar legal advice, that he's paid for.???

  • dave bento
    dave bento 6 months ago +1

    I believe it was Machiavelli who said it is not titles that honour men but for men to honour their titles.

  • Josh Tinkler
    Josh Tinkler 6 months ago +1

    thought the times loved the tories

  • Jason Cooper
    Jason Cooper 6 months ago +3


  • Raymond Bedborough
    Raymond Bedborough 6 months ago +2

    More and more it says;
    Boris Johnson: comments are turned off