Super Smash Bros - Trailer Analysis


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  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones 31 minute ago

    I hope they add the paddle from pong in this one

  • Jacopo Barberis
    Jacopo Barberis 36 minutes ago

    The thumbnail is fishing for a fight bruh

  • Shawn Elston
    Shawn Elston 46 minutes ago

    the sans and papyrus silhouettes kinda look like light and ryuk

  • Pink Droid
    Pink Droid Hour ago


  • G Dudes Club
    G Dudes Club Hour ago

    So real

  • XYWgames 07
    XYWgames 07 3 hours ago

    The number at the end is the price
    The game is going to cost $2018 because they have to pay all the characters or they will quit

  • shalev ohayon
    shalev ohayon 8 hours ago

    Where is banjo?

  • KriegReptileMaster
    KriegReptileMaster 8 hours ago

    This is the funniest Dunkey video I've seen in a while. Fucking dying laughing.

  • Maxton Huff
    Maxton Huff 10 hours ago

    I wasn’t impressed until boss baby

  • ThetrueMarksmen
    ThetrueMarksmen 11 hours ago

    6.9k people thought this was a real analysis

  • ISeeU
    ISeeU 12 hours ago


  • TheGoldenMop
    TheGoldenMop 14 hours ago

    Dunkey come on man who the heck is Samus? I think you called him by his wrong name his real name is Metroid

  • nicc revell
    nicc revell 14 hours ago

    Who else is maining troupple king?

  • Corey Smith
    Corey Smith 14 hours ago +2

    My consultant Sky Williams (whom I beat in Smash)

  • Toasted Anime
    Toasted Anime 14 hours ago

    I'm fishing for a fight.

  • Swoul Machi
    Swoul Machi 15 hours ago


  • Zulf
    Zulf 16 hours ago

    And now I can only see these characters... Damnit I can only see Bert and Ernie

  • Gaems
    Gaems 16 hours ago

    "I'm fishin' for a fight brother."

    Anyone remember that?

  • Ethan Alker
    Ethan Alker 16 hours ago

    Cinq is pronounced sanc

  • PretzelDonutPotato
    PretzelDonutPotato 17 hours ago

    On the thumbnail it shows macho man riding the sun and the sun has sunglasses

  • IeFrenchGuy
    IeFrenchGuy 17 hours ago

    Can someone make a game with those characters ?

  • John Mead
    John Mead 18 hours ago

    I heard Gabe Newell is the final boss.

  • Your Friendly Hacker
    Your Friendly Hacker 18 hours ago

    better be on PC

  • Kyle Kelly
    Kyle Kelly 19 hours ago

    Fucking wingding

  • Steven Kelley
    Steven Kelley 20 hours ago

    Super Knack Bros.: Six Golden Knacks

  • Omen Stance
    Omen Stance 22 hours ago


  • AlliDidWasPressA
    AlliDidWasPressA 22 hours ago

    0/10, no Dora, Bigley, Shrek or Barney

  • Sarah Halley
    Sarah Halley 23 hours ago

    Been waiting for Tony the Tiger from cereal for years

  • WatAngelin
    WatAngelin Day ago +1

    I Think We Need Micheal Jackson As An Moonwalking unlockable.

  • Mekishiko
    Mekishiko Day ago

    I can't wait to main Jimmy Neutron. Shits gonna dope. kappa

  • DeathFromBelow 11

    Smash Bros.: Retarded Edition

  • artman40
    artman40 Day ago

    No Tarzan? Come on, CD Project Red! Get your shit together!!

  • Max Ortiz
    Max Ortiz Day ago

    he's wrong. it isnt jimmy neutron. its clearly Staravia

  • roseily reyntjes

    Yes i love same bras fove

  • Neonal
    Neonal Day ago +1

    that is clearly Ryuk from Death Note not Papyrus

  • An random issac has appeared

    Remember when dunkey beat sky in smash?

  • Colin Driscoll
    Colin Driscoll Day ago

    Boss babbbbbbbyyyyyy!!!!

  • does this work?
    does this work? Day ago

    I think I wanna main Bert and Ernie they are pretty op.

  • miss misanthropist

    and for a moment i thought this wasn't satirical

  • ItsYee
    ItsYee Day ago

    i was like *ugh another cringey youtuber, what is there to analise any way?*
    but then *this was pretty funny!*

  • Super shadow The hedgehog the gamer

    Let’s see the next game of the year

  • Peter Indy
    Peter Indy Day ago


  • NareshPlays
    NareshPlays Day ago

    I geel that the undertale is probabky wrong but right

  • Bobby Peru
    Bobby Peru Day ago

    Realized it was a joke when he said "Troople" King. Everybody the right way to pronounce Trouple!

  • HoosYaNicka
    HoosYaNicka Day ago

    All brilliant analysysts.. the man, the myth... the dunkey.

  • Taco limited
    Taco limited Day ago

    They replaced donkey kong with jimmy. FINALLY

  • Blackimar
    Blackimar Day ago

    “In Splatoon’s eye”

  • OSNM 362008
    OSNM 362008 Day ago


  • Mazri Mazri
    Mazri Mazri Day ago +1

    we want krystal from star fox she can use her staff

  • ViperTheKillerCobra Plays

    seriously though, Sans has a freaking chance to be in Smash 5

  • Donna Best
    Donna Best Day ago

    Gamexplain triggered

  • Javier Alcazar
    Javier Alcazar Day ago

    ....... all this chars except sans are trash dude xDD

  • li88pieces
    li88pieces Day ago

    Omg lot's of fun with you guy xD omfg hahahahahahahahah lol so great xD

  • roblox oof skull smasher

    that's Mario not tony

  • Dr-Tehnix ̧
    Dr-Tehnix ̧ Day ago


  • Mihai Nicolae
    Mihai Nicolae Day ago +1

    I don't think that Boss baby is gonna be in the game. To me it looks like Kilroy. It would make much more sense because Kilroy is a character fans have been asking for since WW2.

  • Itz Victor
    Itz Victor Day ago

    what if nintendo sees this video and actual adds some off these characters 😂😂😂😂

  • ChuchiMaster
    ChuchiMaster Day ago

    *Read more*

    *Read more*

  • John O'Donnell
    John O'Donnell Day ago

    Im fishin' for a fight brother

  • NicoBellic
    NicoBellic Day ago

    tony the tiger from cereal

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey Day ago

    I wish this roster was true

  • Reverb
    Reverb Day ago

    Machoke would be a low key be good smash charecter

  • TheJuiceriver
    TheJuiceriver Day ago

    I have watched this video like 50 times in the past week

  • Fenris1349
    Fenris1349 Day ago

    That's a lot of fresh new faces. Glad to see they're giving us a refreshing breath away from the same twenty characters in the last games.

  • Johnny M
    Johnny M Day ago

    macho man randy savage holding a fishing rod riding a sun with sun glasses on "saying im fishing for a fight" *confirmed*

  • jole521 Coulter
    jole521 Coulter Day ago

    This is crap

  • Eggo doggo
    Eggo doggo Day ago +1

    The thumbnail is a throwback to “dream roster”

  • Barracuda 565
    Barracuda 565 Day ago

    So can we call it Sma5h

  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 2 days ago

    i call dibs on jimmy neutron. ill brain blast boss baby into submission. and wreak jack skellington. then ill be eaten by Kirby...

  • SomeoneOnTheInternet

    6.9K people missed the joke

  • azoozM100
    azoozM100 2 days ago

    @videogamedunkey Almost lost it when u said "Jimmy neutron"! LOOOOOL

  • Barteksuu Ksiezyckun

    I can clearly see they showed us power rangers.........POWER RANGERS FOR SMASH 5!!!!

  • Bob Is here
    Bob Is here 2 days ago

    Wow didn't know Tony the Tiger was there!

  • Oliver Mak
    Oliver Mak 2 days ago

    He is Link, not Zelda

    • Mi ke
      Mi ke 2 days ago

      It was a joke....

  • Bill [ABC-Ill community on steam]

    Sam and wingding

  • CurlySupreme
    CurlySupreme 2 days ago

    Logo is confirmed for smash. It's fishing for a fight.

  • SirDuck
    SirDuck 2 days ago

    im gay

    • Scuttlebug
      Scuttlebug Day ago

      SirDuck i’ve got bad news for you bub.

  • Mark EPHREM 2
    Mark EPHREM 2 2 days ago


  • A Dog
    A Dog 2 days ago

    Knack can't be in Smash 5, he would only have two attacks.

  • A Dog
    A Dog 2 days ago

    I want to play as Spider Man... guess I'll have to wait till smash UV-Radiation edition.

  • Sasuke-kun
    Sasuke-kun 2 days ago +1

    Tony the Tiger from *CEREAL*

  • Mike Carminati
    Mike Carminati 2 days ago

    Troupple King main or gtfo

  • gumballguy34
    gumballguy34 2 days ago

    Freddie Freaker for smash

  • Professor Ditto
    Professor Ditto 2 days ago +1

    Sam and wingding
    Me: ‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼

  • The Hall of the Mountain Gadget

    That can't be Jack Skellington when it's obviously Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • Isaac Stottlemyer
    Isaac Stottlemyer 2 days ago

    Can we actually get Knack, that would be nice

  • raylewis60
    raylewis60 2 days ago +1


  • Ruben Olguin
    Ruben Olguin 2 days ago


  • Cameron Zornes
    Cameron Zornes 2 days ago

    "I'm fishing for a fight" am I right boys or am I right.

  • Pokedummy 3000
    Pokedummy 3000 2 days ago

    Jimy for smash babyyyyyyyyyyy final smash will be his dad making the donut boy dance and players jump off

  • Potato nugget Bun face
    Potato nugget Bun face 2 days ago +1

    Tony the Tiger from cereal.

  • Holly Kaye
    Holly Kaye 2 days ago

    Those are The forgotten players from smash wii u

  • honorguard88
    honorguard88 2 days ago

    This was amazing dunk. Screw all those guys that make 10 minute video with 2 frames of content.

  • Max Phan
    Max Phan 2 days ago

    I lost my shit when he 100 % confirmed jimmy neutron 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elijah Kraskov
    Elijah Kraskov 2 days ago

    Dude I'm totally gonna main boss baby

  • Joshua Alvarez
    Joshua Alvarez 2 days ago

    nope nope nope all those theories are on all those characters are monsters are the characters we have already except for the Sans and Papyrus when I really want that and Splatoon

  • Zay Gamer Marquez
    Zay Gamer Marquez 2 days ago

    Totally gonna be Sam and Wingding

    ETHAN PAUL 2 days ago +1

    Actually, jimmy neutron is E. Gadd from obscure game "Luigi's Mansion". Not that popular no one really knows about it.

  • PaperBort
    PaperBort 2 days ago

    You may have missed it but one of the shadows is actually Rango the chameleon

  • Deceptionous
    Deceptionous 2 days ago

    I'm fishing for a fight, brother.