Borderlands 3: Top 10 Secrets and Easter Eggs

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Borderlands 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is filled with easter eggs, references, and secrets. Here are some of our favorites.
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    Pain and Terror:
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  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin 4 days ago

    Teller actually voices Ramsden

  • Chema Gonzalez
    Chema Gonzalez 8 days ago

    In carnívora there's a place where you can find the rackman which is a reference for batman it has its own rak sign in the sky

  • Liam McAteer
    Liam McAteer 16 days ago

    I need that hell walker. And I need it now. Captain tray by us about to get his helmet shoved up his butt

  • Deryn Virtue
    Deryn Virtue 16 days ago +1

    I hate Gameranx ngl, Literally just comes up with the most stupid things and copies other peoples content and obviously doesnt play the game it sounds like hes being held hostage and being forced to read a script at gun point and these videos show up in my recommended.

  • Jumal
    Jumal 17 days ago +1

    This guy is using shock damage to armour and health bars which is the exact wrong thing to do since its meant to damage shields and is inferior to both of those elements.

  • Robert Gillcash
    Robert Gillcash 21 day ago

    So, no secrets, huh? Misleading title. Waste of time.

  • Gunsmoke1084
    Gunsmoke1084 21 day ago

    Another Rick & Morty egg...
    Zane's barrier has an augment called 'Personal Space', which has a quote from one of the Interdimensional TV episodes where a guy breaks down his 'rules for personal space' right before he rips his own skin off.

  • Nathan Gordon
    Nathan Gordon 21 day ago

    I'm sorry, Mines of MORA?!

  • Memorex Maxell
    Memorex Maxell 25 days ago

    Lol I had the RL from half life and I didn't know it.. First try as well.
    I knew it was fishy the RL looked weird as hell.

  • dlcplays
    dlcplays 28 days ago

    Teller voices a character in The Anvil i think.

  • Magneticitist
    Magneticitist 28 days ago

    While it wasn't an easter egg I thought the Penn & Teller thing was genius

  • Alberto Guadalupe
    Alberto Guadalupe Month ago

    No fortnite reference? Surprised...

  • Mason Smith
    Mason Smith Month ago

    The black hole red text says she's gone from suck to blow which is spaceballs thru and thru

  • Crimson Taylor
    Crimson Taylor Month ago

    For the hell walker shotgun you forgot to add that if you equip if from the ground it does a doom rift, but still great gun ^~^

  • Sam saoul
    Sam saoul Month ago


  • Aubrey Ahrens
    Aubrey Ahrens Month ago

    Star Wars pistol! Starkiller, not only Lucas's original name for Luke but also new trilogy's Starkiller Base. "Must have some kind of heat oscillator.."

  • Calamari Boi
    Calamari Boi Month ago

    Umm the hellwalker is a world drop but is dropped more often by bosses :/

  • Bob Sauce
    Bob Sauce Month ago

    Captain Taunt doesn’t drop the the hellwalker

  • UltimateDerpLord
    UltimateDerpLord Month ago

    Just a little note, most of the enimies that are hunted down via the bounty board in sanctuary 3 (like wick and warty or dinklebot) are actually just rare spawns, but if you have those bounties active it seems to guarrentee the spawn.

  • RCGYoutube
    RCGYoutube Month ago

    I found a different doom Easter egg I tunrned off the radio pop there is the Easter egg I wish I was recording

  • Todd Taylor
    Todd Taylor Month ago

    Can someone please tell me how tf the bounty missions on sanctuary shows up? Because I've already beaten game and all that and still don't show up. Do I have to beat a certain amount of side missions or something? Or is it a glitch

  • Okami85
    Okami85 Month ago +1

    When you beat all of cl4ptrap’s side mission he gives you another one. In this he dances with a woman who’s legs were broken for years.

  • bill lackatoe
    bill lackatoe Month ago

    The first place is a world drop so you dobt have to farm just traunt for it, I got it from lagromar

  • Jovial
    Jovial Month ago

    Teller does voice act for a different character though. The "We're on the bloodpath now!" guy

  • Phillip Schulz
    Phillip Schulz Month ago

    Penn and teller being pain and terror is not an Easter egg. If your including that you might as well say balex is ice t

  • Mr35killerguy
    Mr35killerguy Month ago

    During the coffee side quest from Lorelei they poke fun at millenials with the robot that works at the coffee shop.

  • TheSadvDRaGonFLYv YT

    Theres a head you can get for your character (not sure if you can get it for all characters I play as Zane) but it's a head called devil could weep (devil may cry) I'm sure it's pretty common i got it twice forgot how the first time but the second was from movie's slot machine

  • Madasahat
    Madasahat Month ago

    The guitar riff happens when you use other items not too sure yet how to trigger the sound

  • Gesh
    Gesh Month ago

    I died and the new u station asked me if i knew the definition of insanity

  • Kris Leriger
    Kris Leriger 2 months ago

    any boss drops the speloading hellwalker.. its a world drop.. lol

  • Grashüpfer
    Grashüpfer 2 months ago

    You forget at number 9 to mention that a skull is falling down the waster well, like the skeleton in Moria in Lord of the Rings.

  • PxPz ST
    PxPz ST 2 months ago

    There is a mario easter egg as you can get a legendary Maliwan pistol called “Superball” which the red text say ‘flower power’ and it shoot like the fireballs from mario.
    As I’ve noticed it drop fairly often of mayhem I and is a pretty decent pistal

  • majorxdf
    majorxdf 2 months ago

    The Demoskaggon's on occasion can drop legendaries.

  • Refreshed Crow
    Refreshed Crow 2 months ago


  • Glaceon Gaming
    Glaceon Gaming 2 months ago

    There's a reference to the DJ deadmau5 with an enemy called dj deadsk4g

  • Quentin Ford
    Quentin Ford 2 months ago

    How could you leave out Tommy Wiseau, aka Buff Film Buff

  • willow815
    willow815 2 months ago

    The new u station will say "do you understand the definition of insanity"

  • Natalie Cameron
    Natalie Cameron 2 months ago

    I think teller voices someone else in the game tho

  • Abolished Jay
    Abolished Jay 2 months ago

    Hellwalker shotgun also shoots in a pentagram pattern

  • cantonphantom
    cantonphantom 2 months ago

    Hellwalker also shoots in a pentagram spread

  • quint in
    quint in 2 months ago

    their is an Easter egg about the goonies it has sloth and chunk when you go and find tannis's lab you fight them

  • Calin Morareanu
    Calin Morareanu 2 months ago

    Is a Minecraft cave on Eden 6

  • Dante The son of Sparda

    My personal Favorite Easter Egg is kinda a small one, but one of Zanes head Customizations is called "Demon Could Weep" which is a Reference to "Devil May Cry" and even makes Zane look kinda like Dante

    • Dante The son of Sparda
      Dante The son of Sparda 2 months ago

      Also ik my pfp is Dante and my Username is Dante The son of Sparda and im talking about a DMC reference...Ik the Irony

  • mosaic -axis
    mosaic -axis 2 months ago

    You missed the south park reference, if anyone gets what i mean when i say "there was a spooky ghost!" you know know what im referencing

  • I am Yeetington
    I am Yeetington 2 months ago

    I got a cov pistol called the linage and the read text is "My name is legion for we are many." Ghost rider anyone?

  • Mekner
    Mekner 2 months ago +1

    The destiny Easter egg does have an extremely low chance of giving a legendary item, idk the exact odds, but a full inventory of lootagrams tends to only give one legendary at most

  • Zane fylnty
    Zane fylnty 2 months ago

    You can get the freeman on promithia to at giggamind

  • Sharuh
    Sharuh 2 months ago

    U missed half the lotr Easter egg with how u knock some crap down a hole and upset the slumbering terror

  • Crystal Dragon
    Crystal Dragon 2 months ago

    the hellwalker is a world drop, so you can just happen upon it too

  • Uh oh
    Uh oh 2 months ago

    You might as well not post this video since the whole comment section is a Easter egg Encyclopedia telling people what to put in their videos

  • zRedVapor
    zRedVapor 2 months ago

    I don't know how but I got a lvl 14 one pump chunk from my lost loot machine

  • tr1f1ght3r
    tr1f1ght3r 2 months ago +3

    I didn't even know there was a bounty board on Sanctuary before this video. Shoutout to Gearbox for nerfing characters instead of fixing that!

  • Grim Glitch
    Grim Glitch 2 months ago

    I have no idea if this is a little nod or not do to i forgot if it was in borderlands 1 but in the game someone asks you to off yourself in borderlands 2 Jack asks the same thing the way is different but still

  • King Calcium
    King Calcium 2 months ago +2

    I don't know if I was hearing things, but when you reload some Jakobs rifles (Assault, not Snipers), I heard a 'ping'. This was every time I reloaded, so it may have been a little nod to the M1 Garand. I kept that thing for most of my game, until I was too high a level.

    • Zargex
      Zargex Month ago

      I dont think it’s that big easter egg but they definitely are going with garand reload “ping” sound. It fits Jakobs guns bcs they make older themed weapons and M1 Garand is old gun

  • Ocarina Of Burr
    Ocarina Of Burr 2 months ago

    Since I think they already patched it, or the damage for mine finally fell off, there's a quest called Raider of the Lost rock(or something like that) mostly just an Easter egg in name, but the grenade it gives when you complete it is amazing for the mid to fairly late game bosses. It absolutely shred the E6 vault monster before the update a few days ago

  • Ocarina Of Burr
    Ocarina Of Burr 2 months ago

    Also there's an Elon Musk gun

  • Ocarina Of Burr
    Ocarina Of Burr 2 months ago

    Rakkman makes an appearance

  • Aware
    Aware 2 months ago

    I'm sad you didn't add the Tommy Wieso reference. By far one of the best Easter egg side quests.

  • Grim Glitch
    Grim Glitch 2 months ago

    Another Easter egg that not a lot of people may know do to not a lot really looking down a lot in flaks room on the ground is a book called fifty shades of gravy take the v out of gravy well there you go

  • logantc
    logantc 2 months ago

    My favorite is the doom shotgun