Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Official - Season One Trailer

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • The biggest drop of free content in Call of Duty history. Iconic maps like Crash make their return, as completely new maps are introduced. New weapons are available for your Gunsmith grinding to use across a sweep of new modes and Special Ops experiences.

    Season One begins December 3rd on all platforms.

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Comments • 2 270

  • InfinitySoulDragon GDP

    I wish if the Multiplayer settings where less complicating because all you had to do was put Team Death Match in core with out players have to find it in the Filter screen

  • Roxstaa
    Roxstaa 18 days ago

    Pls shoot house back

  • jamesking232
    jamesking232 24 days ago

    When season ends?

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan 24 days ago

    Do something about the spawns and the campers!!! To bad!!!!

  • Kemmdo
    Kemmdo 28 days ago

    I actually only care for new guns and maps

  • John David Jaramilla

    This update deleted my spec ops mission

  • Larry Green
    Larry Green Month ago

    is this playable in solo mode also?

  • Faisal Sahak
    Faisal Sahak Month ago +2

    Remove SBMM

  • NeToX
    NeToX Month ago

    Kinda funny how they believe they are still some sort of a tripple a studio. They f*ck up year after year more and more and this time its sbmm (Again) who will ruin this Game all bcause they dont listen to the Community

  • Gunzerkeryoda
    Gunzerkeryoda Month ago

    Why not fix your climbing issue? I cant climb over a rock and hit my head on windows!!!! Fix the basics but thats never been your MO.

  • YTPiyeTo
    YTPiyeTo Month ago

    i am come back

  • Captain Gas
    Captain Gas Month ago

    What is the song

  • 7srebels
    7srebels Month ago +1

    Remaster cod world at war fore the next cod

  • Benny Crisa
    Benny Crisa Month ago

    MW f..k game. Tanks for Reserve Boost. Tanks for Matchmaking. The game is not playable. Tanks

  • Smokey 316
    Smokey 316 Month ago

    Fix your game, worst spawns of all time.

  • john5nguyen
    john5nguyen Month ago

    Fucken worst game ever fucken made.

  • Danish2396
    Danish2396 Month ago

    i'm having issue with pixelated fire n smokes can anyone help?

  • لوبو روك
    لوبو روك Month ago

    Please support my channel to subscribe, please

  • Ермак
    Ермак Month ago

    Syrian blogger tells the whole truth, what are you lying about @

  • SudaFederall
    SudaFederall Month ago

    It's not free though. Barely a fraction of the battle pass is free. If you want to advertise something as free make sure they get the whole product for "free'

    • Zephyr Studios
      Zephyr Studios Month ago

      The stuff they advertised in this Trailer are free. They have a different Battle pass trailer for it.

  • Iconic Dripp -
    Iconic Dripp - Month ago

    Hot garbage

  • Lazerot
    Lazerot Month ago

    "free" still paid 60 euros for the game.. and people run into enemy fire in these trailers

    • Lazerot
      Lazerot Month ago

      @Zephyr Studios I don't think it's free, I think it comes included in the initial price. The game was incomplete so the added more things and called them "free", imo there wasn't even enough content at the begining that would be worth 60 euros. Also, they are recycling maps so doesn't show a lot of effort

    • Zephyr Studios
      Zephyr Studios Month ago

      Yes but the update is free, be grateful.

  • I don't know
    I don't know Month ago

    Where do you get it? Can't find it listed anywhere. Except for 2014.

  • General Kellerwärter

    We Need the G36 with the Original g36 Rail in a blueprint !!!!

  • Turo Oraste
    Turo Oraste Month ago

    here is comes in-game purchases

    • Zephyr Studios
      Zephyr Studios Month ago

      For weapon packs that include weapons and attachments you can get for free with a fancy skin that you have to pay for. Operators have no effect and the icons and banners have no effect too.

  • Bear Wilson
    Bear Wilson Month ago

    Take out SBMM

  • Ahmad Masada
    Ahmad Masada Month ago

    All lies and your game is trash

  • Yuri Boyka
    Yuri Boyka Month ago

    Depuis la maj du season pass j'ai jamais fait autant de hit marker avec l'ax50 si vous l'avez nerfé vous êtes vraiment des merdes

  • NewGroundsGamingHD
    NewGroundsGamingHD Month ago +5

    Everyone should go dislike the Modern Warfare Season 1 official trailer on Call of Duty's channel. Maybe if we get enough dislikes they will end up firing the current devs/ people in charge of not listening to the community and actual re haul the game like they did w/ Sledgehammer WW2

    they are "constantly updating the game at least once a weak" because they are fixing bug issues that should not have been there since the game was released. It was a unfinished premature released game. These do not count as updates, because they are required to be fixed

  • Randomly Crowned
    Randomly Crowned Month ago

    It's not free most of the items you gotta get the pass for, if I heard right there's like 20 items free the rest cost the battle pass still an improvement.

  • נוח המלך
    נוח המלך Month ago

    It doesn't show me its free

  • Vegan Jezus
    Vegan Jezus Month ago

    It should be free if you release a unfinished game.. Activision.. I remember the days when updates/ DLC were free..

  • ProEBBasta
    ProEBBasta Month ago

    0:26 Just look the weapon's skin. It seems familiar

  • Robert Gregor
    Robert Gregor Month ago

    The challenges are broken , nothing is counting , angle at corners where the enemy sees you but you cant see them STILL isnt fixed , Are these constant issues ever going too be fixed ? Or should i just be spending money on another game that actually works and that is more consistant

  • Andrew Barrot
    Andrew Barrot Month ago

    Get rid of all these doors please!

    KING GC Month ago

    Who is the operator on 0:05???

  • jonesy 1
    jonesy 1 Month ago

    Where are the other maps?

  • Thiago BR
    Thiago BR Month ago

    Seasson Pass in game that has already been paid? And another thing, is this false advertising? It's written FREE and you're charging.

  • TheKingMaker
    TheKingMaker Month ago

    Bring back shoot house 24/7 ffs... Only mode i've played for last 3 weeks. Was it really that hard to just add crash 24/7 ? No you had to take out the best mode.

  • Benjamin P.S.
    Benjamin P.S. Month ago

    Add zombie or alien mode, please!

  • Skxte Dayz
    Skxte Dayz Month ago


  • Moritz Pollich
    Moritz Pollich Month ago


  • Jakob N.
    Jakob N. Month ago +5

    We want Dome, Highrise, Terminal, Mission,...
    IW: Hold my Vacant

  • Marco Antonio Saturno Iribarren

    the only face i saw is a women

  • Dumbass . . .
    Dumbass . . . Month ago

    Playing it, shoot house was better in my opinion and they should of kept it. Sure having crash back is great but there it isn’t as fast paced as shoot house

  • Irvin Santos
    Irvin Santos Month ago +1

    50,000 used to live here...

  • طليل
    طليل Month ago +1

    Did you see that 00:26

    • طليل
      طليل Month ago

      The soldeir from mw2

  • Michael Walters
    Michael Walters Month ago

    Bring back shoot house 24/7

  • Barkn
    Barkn Month ago

    How do you unlock this outfit? 0:21

  • Oscarious Gaming
    Oscarious Gaming Month ago

    Yeam last time i checked $10 isnt free. Glad to see youre takong the ea approach and turning mw into the same pile of trash that bo4 is except worse.

  • iVTape
    iVTape Month ago

    Who’s that one operator with the white gas mask and yellow gloves

  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark Month ago


  • goofy
    goofy Month ago

    you did it you destroyed crash for me

  • RAV STAR 3.0
    RAV STAR 3.0 Month ago +2

    This was a great update ,like of you agree

  • Bruce T. Wayne
    Bruce T. Wayne Month ago +1

    Ahhhhhh? Were is all the content? Skins and blueprints to pay for is not new content. I will not buy the season pass until we actually get maps and modes. Thanks for not much.

  • Brutal Gamers Universe


  • thatnormalguy9
    thatnormalguy9 Month ago

    hey, check out my new cod vid if you can. just random clips of me playing and stuff.

  • AVerySillySausage
    AVerySillySausage Month ago

    I haven't even been able to get into the new ground war map yet

  • Lul Zim
    Lul Zim Month ago


  • Ryan Fraserrr
    Ryan Fraserrr Month ago

    dome and rust as a 2v2 gunfight would be ideal.