The Ultimate Pixel 3 KILLER

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
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Comments • 6 133

  • ryotofurytobe500
    ryotofurytobe500 7 hours ago

    hold on, doesnt that thing only suppport 3g? like i gave up on it becouse of thta, am i wrong?

  • Prinetta
    Prinetta 9 hours ago

    I installed lineageOS and it worked completely fine but there were small things that bothered me too much. You can't change the vibration intensity (it's suddenly way too high on the poco), the clock in the upper left isn't properly aligned due to the rounded corners and stuff like the finger print unlock takes noticably longer (still fast, just definitely slower). I've flashed the EU version of the MIUI rom so now I'm basically back to stock but I suppose at least I've got root now. :)

  • luke johnson
    luke johnson 13 hours ago

    but why go through all the trouble when a pixel 2 xl is £300, the same price as the poco?

    this isnt hate, i actually love using custom roms but the pixel 2 xl is just better and the same price, the only place it falls behind is the SoC and the poco's 845 isnt as fast as other phones anyway for some reason

  • Samudra Gogoi
    Samudra Gogoi 21 hour ago

    Does it remove the warranty?

  • Joshua HD
    Joshua HD 21 hour ago

    Ummm i need help, my phone died while it was flashing the rom and i couldn't turn it on, i used a 64gb sd card with the files on

  • Aditya Pandey
    Aditya Pandey Day ago

    Love all this. I thought to follow up the procedure until I realised that IR doesn't work. That's a thing for me. 😛 But at least, I now know how to root my device.

  • Anarcho Toast
    Anarcho Toast Day ago

    Anything from Google is NOT SECURE! Please don't do anything with Open Gapps!

  • fanofboard3333
    fanofboard3333 Day ago

    I have installed custom roms on four Android so far. I have never installed Magisk. What the hell is it good for?!

    • john hamir Karim
      john hamir Karim Day ago

      it's an alternative to SuperSU,....
      it's a rooting solution for those who want to pass safetynet, hide root from other apps, and install mods in a systemless way....
      Using it since version 15.3..... perfectly stable for me

  • Huya Wachako
    Huya Wachako 2 days ago


  • Jake Marin
    Jake Marin 3 days ago

    Last time I checked, 300*3 != 1000

  • Hassan Javaid
    Hassan Javaid 3 days ago

    Hi, I want to buy a smartphone with decent camera and powerful performance but I'm confused between Pocophone, xiaomi mi8 and oneplus 6. Please guide me which one is the best between them.thanks

    • Alter Ego
      Alter Ego 2 days ago

      +Hassan Javaid hey, if you will buy now try to consider vivo iqoo for latest chipset but +100 dollar price compare to F1

    • Alter Ego
      Alter Ego 2 days ago +1

      Im not that type of person who keeps switching phone every year. But im considering changing my ugly ass phone. I think before the end of the year is the right time to decide.

    • Alter Ego
      Alter Ego 2 days ago

      +Hassan Javaid im still using a old samsung phone. I didnt purchase new one cause its obvious it still working. But Im waiting for best quality, but fair price this year.

    • Hassan Javaid
      Hassan Javaid 2 days ago

      +Alter Ego which phone are you using right now?

    • Alter Ego
      Alter Ego 2 days ago

      +Hassan Javaid its for you to decide.
      But for me early this year f1 still the flagship killer for what it can offer.
      But having said that I still consider those upcoming phones. With overall quality but fits the price.

  • Hassan Javaid
    Hassan Javaid 3 days ago

    Hi, I want to buy a smartphone with decent camera and powerful performance but I'm confused between Pocophone, xiaomi mi8 and oneplus 6. Please guide me which one is the best between them.thanks

  • Karan Gupta
    Karan Gupta 4 days ago

    You can also use pure pixel experience rom which is specifically made to replicate pixel's android

    • Restart_ Gaming
      Restart_ Gaming 2 days ago

      Yep! But on the time of recording, like what Linus said, the pixel experience rom is still buggy and they don't recommend it that's why they used Lineage OS. Not sure now if pixel experience's bugs are fixed.

  • Thomas Lijnen
    Thomas Lijnen 5 days ago

    i can't boot in the cmd what now?

  • Vaden Rade
    Vaden Rade 5 days ago

    this is tech, paying for the best valueble hardware and having the software you want with a few effort, now lineage os is official for f1

  • Ardy Seto
    Ardy Seto 6 days ago +1

    1 iphone XS Max = 5 Pocophone F1
    its a great deal

  • Pyrofan97
    Pyrofan97 6 days ago

    The guide actually has some unecessary steps. You dont need to root the stock rom to flash a custom rom

  • Tibor Vigh
    Tibor Vigh 7 days ago +3

    Would it make any noticeable difference now, that miui is running on top of android Pie?

    • Tibor Vigh
      Tibor Vigh 3 days ago

      +Inesh Loka thank you for all your helpful comments. I shall install lineage ROM (well, whenever we receive the phone) and see how my partner gets on with it.

    • Inesh Loka
      Inesh Loka 4 days ago

      Tibor Vigh oh, it depends on software, for the camera. As Linus showed, the camera with the google camera app is clearly superior. And it is possible to reset to the stock rom. Go ahead and search it up. If xiaomi doesn’t have an official solution(they should) there is an entire community on your side to help you.

    • Tibor Vigh
      Tibor Vigh 4 days ago

      +Inesh Loka Of course I was talking about it :D. I just could not find any photos that would compare the stock UI with other ROMs. I shall do a bit more research on this aspect. Talking about risks. Is there any chance to restore the stock UI if. for instance: lineage os does not work out for her?

    • Inesh Loka
      Inesh Loka 4 days ago

      Tibor Vigh if you’re talking about the pocophone, you can install google camera on the stock miui too I think. Would definitely recommend the pixel or lineage os rom if you’re aware of the risks. Well worth it, I’ve had lineage on multiple phones before.

    • Tibor Vigh
      Tibor Vigh 4 days ago

      +Inesh Loka It was an ambiguous phrasing from my part :D. I've bought one for my fiance (should arrive this or next week) and I am a bit curious if they still suppress the camera?

  • DougieG
    DougieG 8 days ago

    flash recovery isnt pocophone is still on fastboot

    • Leon 030
      Leon 030 5 days ago

      you have to type "fastboot recovery recoveryxxx.img" there are 2 words before the filename of the recovery

  • Phil Perry
    Phil Perry 8 days ago +1

    This is a shit tutorial that doesn't work.

  • Arjun M
    Arjun M 9 days ago

    Kudos to this man who s nt complaining like other reviewers as the poco dont have looks of galaxy phones camera of pixel phones....even if they do mention that its a 300$ phone...Its a 300$ phone so they should see what it does for 300$ not on what it couldnt do which a 1000$ phone does

  • Allan Tham
    Allan Tham 9 days ago

    just putting it out there if you purchased the global set for poco f1 you cannot use the beryllium firmware provided in the link, the phone won't boot. you'll need the global roms for it. download the developer one. (this is the step before flashing lineage)

  • Drache Mitch
    Drache Mitch 9 days ago +1

    I’m so tired of Android apologists acting like Google’s bloatware is somehow part of “stock Android”. I’m sorry, but when did Google open source Maps, the Play Store, Play Music, Play Movies, etc?

  • Vyacheslav Zhidkov
    Vyacheslav Zhidkov 9 days ago

    Great phone, and I actually don't mind MiUI at all

  • Chloe Mcholoe
    Chloe Mcholoe 9 days ago

    the thumbnail burned my retinas.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    They are amazing, and the Mi OS is good, very minimalist and direct to the point, and it's just a version of Android. They only lack a high end camera and features around that. But if you don't have this kind of vanity and don't care much about the camera, this phone has everything flagships have with a better battery.

  • Abderrahmane Bouhjar
    Abderrahmane Bouhjar 11 days ago

    8:13 Thats why You are here
    Thank Me later

  • phuntsok angmo
    phuntsok angmo 12 days ago

    Now that is a Tech Tip

  • Jonathan Ash
    Jonathan Ash 12 days ago +1

    Will you get software update regularly??

    • koofe jood
      koofe jood 11 days ago

      daily updates knocking your front door

  • Kevin Michael
    Kevin Michael 12 days ago +1

    Pleasedo more of these :D

  • Brady F
    Brady F 13 days ago +1

    Can this work on other Xiaomi phones (specifically the Mi Mix 3?) Thanks!

  • TheFiXaS
    TheFiXaS 13 days ago

    MIUI is awesome stop hating it samsung fan boys ...

  • Low Yan Sen
    Low Yan Sen 14 days ago

    How do you change the style of the navigation button?

  • The Real Modder
    The Real Modder 15 days ago

    Watching on My XOSP and Cyan 9

  • niceguy60
    niceguy60 15 days ago

    I'm waiting for Phoco f2 with a Snapdragon 855

  • amrith vikram
    amrith vikram 17 days ago +1

    Can we do this is in any phone or few selected phones .If we can do it in many phone how to check whether it is compatable If that's the right word

    • amrith vikram
      amrith vikram 17 days ago

      +Guille Morton oh okay thanks

    • Guille Morton
      Guille Morton 17 days ago +1

      on any phone, and the google camera port works only with smartphones with snapdragons chipsets

  • Joey Barreras
    Joey Barreras 18 days ago

    I wish I understood what any of these words meant.

  • איתמר ערב
    איתמר ערב 19 days ago +1

    IMO PixelExperience is better. It literally gives you the full pixel experience (GCam included!) With no further tinkering after flashing. (The procedure is the exact same)

  • Marianne Borbe Gatlabayan

    This is madness! Either you will save more than $300 or waste the $300... be careful 😐.

    • Marianne Borbe Gatlabayan
      Marianne Borbe Gatlabayan 14 days ago

      Yeah! That's why I said "be careful." I switched to iOS 5 years ago because my Android then was laggy. Now, my 5 year old iPhone is laggy, which by the way was purchased then with double the price of this phone. Talking about real madness! LOL!

    • Mooniversal 3875592847
      Mooniversal 3875592847 15 days ago

      If you know what youre doing then U wont waste the money else rip the chances r low tho

  • Pedro Animations
    Pedro Animations 20 days ago

    Welp, I'm getting a Poco

  • Harsh Kataria
    Harsh Kataria 20 days ago +1

    I have a serious question to ask you guys, does google lens work with this phone after all the rooting & OS modification?
    TIA ^_^

  • Goodborn
    Goodborn 21 day ago +2

    So we remove bloatware to install bloatware... genius

  • Jesse Ling
    Jesse Ling 21 day ago

    Ditch the skin and I'm down.

  • sergio scanzani
    sergio scanzani 21 day ago

    Make phoco looks like Pixel is an insult

  • Harshith Gowda
    Harshith Gowda 21 day ago

    just a correction to what he said no u wont be voiding your warranty, POCO F1 developers in the launch assured during it's launch that the unlocking of the boot-loader wont void your warranty ,so zip it open install what ever u want !!! but yeah just don't hard brick it

  • Sam Hausmann
    Sam Hausmann 21 day ago

    But, but no NFC...

  • Springjordan
    Springjordan 22 days ago +5

    That moment when you're so hyped you already downloading all the files when the phone hasn't even arrived yet

  • CrazyGhost 800
    CrazyGhost 800 22 days ago

    300+300+300=1000 👍

  • Cj Moveen
    Cj Moveen 23 days ago

    Can I have the link for the skin pls

  • Cj Moveen
    Cj Moveen 23 days ago +1

    i got stuck in the LineageOS file it says error 7 pls help asap

    • Adam Malin
      Adam Malin 14 days ago

      this fixed the issue.

    • Adam Malin
      Adam Malin 14 days ago

      I am also getting the "ERROR 7" when installing lineage with TWRP. Please help.

  • Noelle butcher
    Noelle butcher 24 days ago +1

    0:44 .that voice is gonna kill me .

  • J V
    J V 24 days ago

    Can you go back to miui after this process, if you wanted to??

    • J V
      J V 23 days ago +1

      +Tudorel Burus Thanks friend

    • Tudorel Burus
      Tudorel Burus 23 days ago +1

      Yes, use MIFlash tool.

  • Mauro Leonardo Mondal
    Mauro Leonardo Mondal 24 days ago

    Why does that look so complex?

  • Victor Morales
    Victor Morales 25 days ago

    I think I did everything correct but my phone got stuck in Fastboot mode at the end. It would not let me connect via USB. Really sucks. Phone is fantastic btw - so stupid to spend $1000+ on a phone nowadays! If you get stuck like me, here is how I resolved to get my MIUI back
    I wish I could do mine :/ If anyone has better detailed instructions, I would love to try again another day. Thanks!

  • PiggyDash
    PiggyDash 25 days ago


  • Holly
    Holly 25 days ago

    just bought pocophone last month for 270€ xD and i have to say ... i like MIUI way more then stock android xDDD
    to be totaly fair, i would flash MIUI on my pixel xDDD

    BOOCE THE GREAT 25 days ago

    Only one problem

    This custom roms kills xiomi's default equalizer.

    • Tudorel Burus
      Tudorel Burus 23 days ago +1

      +BOOCE THE GREAT Probably encrypted, try to format data. Make full backup before flashing anything.

      BOOCE THE GREAT 23 days ago

      +Tudorel Burus I wish
      But my phone somehow doesn't install magisk, always shows some 'unable to mount storage' bug.

    • Tudorel Burus
      Tudorel Burus 23 days ago

      So what? Use Viper4Android magisk module, it's 10 times better.

  • Benjamin Leiby
    Benjamin Leiby 26 days ago +3

    pixel 3 is worth the loud speakers / better screen / top tier camera. not the xl tho that notch is wack asf.

  • Rafael Morim
    Rafael Morim 26 days ago

    Noob question here. Can we just download the camera software and keep everything else without that all that process of changing the OS?

  • Krolle Varas
    Krolle Varas 26 days ago

    The name is soon terrible and ugly

  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan 26 days ago

    i don't even have a pocof1 and most likely won't be able to get a new phone anytime soon. I'm still using mi A1. the only good thing about mi A1 is that its stock android and USB C

  • omegaorgun
    omegaorgun 27 days ago

    So does this work in Canada as it sure doesn't work in the US.

  • Abderrahmane Bouhjar
    Abderrahmane Bouhjar 27 days ago


  • Dan Da Man
    Dan Da Man 27 days ago

    Lol I have a Nexus 6p run an unlocked bootloader, twrp, and andriod 9 pixel experience room.
    *Why am I watching this

  • Aaron Salvatus
    Aaron Salvatus 28 days ago +1

    is it possible just to have the google pixel camera without doing the other stuff? its kinda complicated.

    • Aaron Salvatus
      Aaron Salvatus 24 days ago

      I received errors during lineage installation and open gapps installation. anyone willing to help pls. when i open my phone it stocks at booting screen

  • Dragutin Todosijevic
    Dragutin Todosijevic 28 days ago

    I never had a custom rom that 100% works always got back to stock.The best roms are debloated stock with maybe a different launcher like Nova or a newer stock launcher.

  • James Noble
    James Noble 29 days ago

    Can you do this to any phone? Chinese phones do not give notifications for banned apps like Twitter, FB, etc. Would following this process change that on a phone from China?

  • Alexy Gaming
    Alexy Gaming 29 days ago

    Does this this enhanced gaming experience on poco f1?

  • Del
    Del 29 days ago

    The Pocophone isn't $300 anywhere. I don't know why reviewers keep parroting "$300" price range. It's like click bait to get you to watch the video. It's at least $350 before taxes everywhere. You're looking at even more if you live in Canada. Closer to $500.

    • Del
      Del 26 days ago

      +Dade Murphy Fair enough. In Canada tho I'll pay at least $500.

    • Victor Morales
      Victor Morales 26 days ago +1

      in amazon is $333 or $316 depending on storage size

    • Dade Murphy
      Dade Murphy 28 days ago +1

      $309.95 on Amazon shipped with prime

  • Jens Jensen
    Jens Jensen 29 days ago +1

    Because i want to give my phone number to a asian corp..

  • chalmer davidson
    chalmer davidson Month ago

    More videos on flashing custom ROMs.

  • Jonaq Niveer Sarma
    Jonaq Niveer Sarma Month ago +2

    You don't need root to flash a ROM bruh

  • PunkJax
    PunkJax Month ago

    The Poco F1 also doesn't support LTE Band 4, which is the most common LTE band in the US. That's a hardware limitation, so it can't be modified in either.

  • Tommy Vange
    Tommy Vange Month ago +1

    Sill gonna buy the S10

  • Nathan Friend
    Nathan Friend Month ago

    Thank you LTT! Just used this guide to flash my Moto G5 and loving it!

  • Gyro nuts
    Gyro nuts Month ago

    where I can buy a pocophone with the pixel looks already done? this could be a business opportunity for some guys

  • Marcin
    Marcin Month ago +5

    All this sounds really cool. A question, however: is it safe to access a banking app on a rooted device running custom ROM?

    • Misterjin 2
      Misterjin 2 17 days ago +2

      Yes if magisk. But nope if supersu/superuser method.

  • Anmol Aniket
    Anmol Aniket Month ago

    Use pixel experience

  • Kinglobo
    Kinglobo Month ago

    I wish u make a full step by step video how to change software on F1 to Pixel. Now I know that it can be done and its worth to do it but I still don't know how ;) I have Note 9 and F1 with miu10 and N9 is way better software experience with no much hardware difference. PRICE 900£ VS 150£ :)

  • Sooryanarayan Hegde
    Sooryanarayan Hegde Month ago +1

    does this mean it can stream 1080p in netflix
    and can you do a similar tutorial with the pocophone f2 when it comes out

  • Synful
    Synful Month ago +1

    How did you get navigation bar

  • Kong
    Kong Month ago

    oh xda forums XD been there years ago.
    seems techies on youtube catching up

  • Pavan Krishna
    Pavan Krishna Month ago


  • Draxx132
    Draxx132 Month ago

    I will probably sound like a noob but I have a question about this. I never bothered with custom rom before but since I just bought a Poco F1, I'll eventually follow these steps.
    My question : what is the point of rooting the device (with Magisk here apparently) since the bootloader is already unlocked and TWRP (then LineageOS) can be flashed aftewards ? I'm asking this because I'm using Snapchat and it doesn't really like rooted devices.

    • Tudorel Burus
      Tudorel Burus 23 days ago

      You can flash custom roms and google apps and stay un-rooted. A rooted device gives you more power and customizations, another advantage would be the awesome magisk modules.

  • Sayak Das
    Sayak Das Month ago

    Oh yes! I broke many phone's bootloader virginity. This one I would be happy to do it. - Every root enthusiast.

  • sinnergr
    sinnergr Month ago

    Can this be done with the new Redmi Note 7 too?

  • Bohao Ye
    Bohao Ye Month ago

    For some reason I couldn't flash the LineageOS Rom file

  • Venky S
    Venky S Month ago

    Warranty does not get void in pocofone😶

  • Joshua Serbo
    Joshua Serbo Month ago

    I'm watching this from a Zenfone 2 Selfie with LineageOS 14.1.
    It's great but I sometimes get random reboots. Not to mention the fact that the phone itself is crap when it comes to performance (must be the age, but due to that and various other reasons I'm never getting an Asus phone ever again after this).

  • Afnan Hossain
    Afnan Hossain Month ago

    Thinking of doing this on my Redmi 6a 🤔

  • jadescapade
    jadescapade Month ago

    Has an audio jack, good storage, high ram, not built like shit, and I can hack it to make it's own parts work as good as a $1000 phone? ...SIGN ME UP MAN.

  • Michal Partika
    Michal Partika Month ago

    It is nice to have close to stock android exp however there are lot of thing you have to give up or bring you too much husle. If you are using bt earbuds sund is so low it rebders them useless. If you want to watch netflix you can forget it with rooted poco with LOS. In case you want to use your babking apps same problem with rooted device

  • Danial Mansor
    Danial Mansor Month ago

    just found out pokemon go doesnt let me play with a rooted phone, how do I unroot?

  • jose almaraz
    jose almaraz Month ago

    You should do a follow up video. I'd really like to know how it is during daily use. Especially the battery life.

  • Grant Parker
    Grant Parker Month ago

    What about limited bands for lte in certain locations like the US of A? Single AT&T band?

  • Frank Flores
    Frank Flores Month ago

    Where can I buy the 8gb ram? In the USA

  • urzu181
    urzu181 Month ago

    Well said bro..

  • qadoqawa
    qadoqawa Month ago

    I'm using pixel rom on an old xiaomi redmi phone, but still don't get why people are excited about it.
    It was the first Android 9 rom for my phone, that's it. Now I'm just too lazy, but will eventually move to another AOSP rom.
    It doesn't have call recording, MIUI lacks this also, but it did have it in the past.
    ok, that's kinda illegal somewhere, but how you guys live without a ffin screen recorder app? third-party sux
    resurrection remix is the best, most customizable, but keeping things light, ROM. also, yiu can stick with full Google apps, minimum package aka Pico, or don't install them at all.
    (One Plus has, ofc, best roms, but you are pretty limited for op phones to get the experience)

  • first last
    first last Month ago

    bro this is too many steps . just give us a link so that we can do this . pls , wink wink. i dont know if its doable , buy im hopeful.winky winky.

  • shree prior
    shree prior Month ago

    hey man
    how to download it in oppo R17 pro
    that is from color os to pixel os