American Grocery Store Food Market Albertsons USA Supermarket Video Review

  • Published on Jul 9, 2012
  • Albertsons... Likely the Biggest Grocer in America.. The Supermarkets were doing something Right Lately though... in USA the .99 Cent stores and Walmart have really put the Squeeze on the Traditional Grocery Store and The Stock is Very Depleated etc. All of that aside it is pretty much still the way we but our food in America. After making many trips to the Netherlands and seeing all the differences in not only the size of the store but the Diif selection, Prices etc etc it really got me to thinking and i made a video in Holland to show Shopping there at the Albert Hein Market....So why not Albertsons in California..;-) Well really though i ended getting an awaful lot of requests from Europe to show a Store here in the States so here you go! Pretty Random and Likely Boring for most but it is one of the 2 I will be uploading today.. Make sure and check Back Tonight You wont Believe the 94k Orig Mile Mercedes Benz I am Uploading around 8:00pm ..;-)
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  • Андрей Черняков

    купи стабилизатор для камеры! невозможно смотреть.....

  • Dilwar Hussain
    Dilwar Hussain 17 days ago


  • Vaddi Prerna
    Vaddi Prerna Month ago

    Good and comphrehensive

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    Beautiful ,,

    SWEETWILD 4 months ago +1

    I’ve got vivid memories of Exploring some American supermarkets in California.
    I’m from japan.
    Any stuff sold in Japanese supermarkets are not big as in American ones.
    Every single time I saw big food portion in the USA,I was close to throwing up lol
    I love the USA but American food portion really came as a big surprise to me who is used to eating Food sold in Japan.
    I’m totally sure you’d get shocked at how small our food is lol

    OZ WHAN 5 months ago

    20:04 wtf is she wearing.

  • Garren Smith
    Garren Smith 5 months ago

    3 loads of bread equals a case of corona in Australia it be 30 loafs of bread equals one case of corona

  • Online Shoping
    Online Shoping 6 months ago


  • Inox Sidney
    Inox Sidney 6 months ago

    I got dizzy with this shaking camera. Seems like Parkinson's disease.

  • jasiel delgado
    jasiel delgado 6 months ago +1

    Should've kept this niche going man
    All you needed was a stabilizer and that's it

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson 7 months ago +1

    I think Albertsons is owned by Kroger. Looks just like a Kroger over here on the east coast.

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson 7 months ago +2

    Nice to relax while you shop. I won't have to soak my feet after a trip to the store as with my wife.
    I don't know but these kind of pov videos relaxes me.

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    Amanda Frank 7 months ago

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  • Sean
    Sean 8 months ago

    The weirdest thing was the entry and exit doors to the supermarket.

  • Cone Boy
    Cone Boy 8 months ago

    Eggs are refirgerated in norway

  • Nauman Shaikh
    Nauman Shaikh 8 months ago

    Can you purchase chakla belan for your store?

  • shazaib khan
    shazaib khan 8 months ago

    Send purchasing manager contact detail to export our fruits from India.

  • Amanda Frank
    Amanda Frank 9 months ago

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  • dion gear
    dion gear 9 months ago

    Carona in new Zealand 27$a dozen

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  • D Me
    D Me 11 months ago

    In the mid-70's, I worked in a supermarket (until I quit after 2 days), where we actually stamped the prices on each individual can/bottle/bag, etc. Imagine that?! Days of the dinosaur.

  • Alicia García Luna
    Alicia García Luna 11 months ago +2

    Top Places to go shopping now in the US 👍👍👍🙌 🙌🙌🙌

  • lost love
    lost love 11 months ago

  • DD &D
    DD &D Year ago

    Horrible recording couldn't watch

  • David bowie
    David bowie Year ago

    Thought Food was cheap in America? Britain is well cheaper. That is a massive store though!

  • Cash in a Snap
    Cash in a Snap Year ago

    Choosing the right store for your needs means a more pleasant experience as you check-off the box on this errand.

  • Happy Mind
    Happy Mind Year ago

  • EBKCuz
    EBKCuz Year ago

    This your supermarket in the U.S. There's bigger like your Walmart and Meijers. Then you have a warehouse store where you buy bulks like Sam's club and Costco.

  • Christine Griffiths

    You move the camera too much can't see very much

  • Dan Mason
    Dan Mason Year ago

    i live in australia never seen a bank in the supermark

  • George Tikho
    George Tikho Year ago

    I want to live in America!!!

  • aji ajith
    aji ajith Year ago +3

    My God 😱😱😱😱

  • 荻野里菜
    荻野里菜 Year ago


  • Jdjdjdjjd Nxksksnsjow

    مافهمت كلامة

  • Jdjdjdjjd Nxksksnsjow

    انا عن نفسي فيديو موحلو ولي عجبة يضغط لايك ولي ماعجبةبس

  • Aad Nitraat
    Aad Nitraat Year ago

    Same as the dutch episode....couldn't see a damn thing cuz you're in a hurry.

  • Neo Ninja ?
    Neo Ninja ? Year ago

    i want to go to america so bad but i cant need money for that

  • theuglykwan
    theuglykwan 2 years ago

    In the UK, $5 for a loaf of bread is expensive. A branded one would be about $2-2.50. I just go a reduction time and get a loaf for like 10 cents!
    The difference in eggs is simply cos they are treated differently here. Yours are probably washed in bleach solution or something which does something to the shell so it has to be refrigerated I think.

  • Lyrics ByC
    Lyrics ByC 2 years ago

    I searched everywhere for videos like this. Can you do a ralphs tour with in depth prices

  • Lea Haus
    Lea Haus 2 years ago

    German Alien tegnology! :D

  • Mitch&Co
    Mitch&Co 2 years ago

    Coronas are $40 for a 12 pack here

  • Valuzo
    Valuzo 2 years ago

    Oh my loooord its cheap in America.... (Norwegian) Here everything is just expencive compared .-.

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  • Shane Anthony
    Shane Anthony 2 years ago

    Ha ha you were videotaping her as dude

  • Lucas Tosti
    Lucas Tosti 2 years ago

    man you need to learn how to hold a fucking camera. You are shaking like you are being electrocuted.

  • MrChapinz
    MrChapinz 2 years ago

    I was always dreaming of moving to the United States. But after seeing this, I know I can't trust the supermarkets to provide me with quality food that won't slowly kill me, unlike The Netherlands where they push you towards the healthier foods. They keep the shit in the back somewhere.

    • koneko
      koneko 2 years ago

      MrChapinz we have Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s here u know -_- it’s all healthy, natural, food. It’s just more expensive that’s why people prefer going to big name supermarkets like Walmart or Albertsons

  • Culture Historique
    Culture Historique 2 years ago

    How much does a bottle of water ? A bottle of Coca Cola ?
    If an American answer it's better ! I am french and here a bottle of water cost 0.73€ or $0.65 (1.5 liters) and a bottle of Coca Cola cost 1.40€ or $1,24 (1.5 Liters)

  • josephine pisani
    josephine pisani 2 years ago +19

    seeing your video we got dizzy and sick as if we're on a ship.

    • Cris Yorke
      Cris Yorke Year ago

      LOL, I was thinking that! Hold the damn camera bruh!!

    • josephine pisani
      josephine pisani 2 years ago +1

      Cereal Marshmallows sorry but the ignorant it you ,cause you don't take a criticism, my kids love seeing videos like this and you was going from one said to the other to fast.sorry you're the ass if you don't andersend why they tell you that.

  • Francis H
    Francis H 2 years ago

    more uploaded videos please.

  • Hcd Vvn
    Hcd Vvn 2 years ago

    Montana sells alcohol in their stores

  • praveen sharma
    praveen sharma 2 years ago


  • jenny s1
    jenny s1 2 years ago

    it seems that you are so in hurry , only you yourself enjoying shopping.
    you never stopped even for a should make another one .

  • حكاية قلم
    حكاية قلم 2 years ago +3

    ياربي سبحانك تعطي ملكك لمن تشاء ماشاء الله

    • m l
      m l Year ago

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  • TheFettuck
    TheFettuck 2 years ago

    Pre-cut meat and cheese is awesome! The Albert Heijn started to sell hamburger buns and hotdog buns in the Netherlands but we normally still eat hamburgers on regular cheaper bread buns. I actually don't really know why we don't refrigerate eggs in stores. I guess that some types of eggs don't really need refrigeration. Beef jerky is discusting! :D

    • Sebastian Urbas
      Sebastian Urbas 2 years ago +1

      Eggs have a natural layer to protect them from bacteria. Eggs don't need to be refrigerated. That's too naturalistic for Americans. They wash their eggs to remove the natural protection. But without the protection the eggs need to be refrigerated. Wasting water for removing the natural protection and wasting energy to keep them refrigerated. That's the American way to do things.

  • yolo lp 360 l
    yolo lp 360 l 2 years ago

    Not a big different to a german Supermarkt

  • ابو عبد الله البصري

    تصوير زفت من وياي لايك

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 2 years ago

    Not sure if this guy is from the Netherlands OR America, but he is definitely confused...about MANY things...

  • 1_._plant_._1
    1_._plant_._1 2 years ago +4

    comparing this to my Australian life 😄

    • brad koelewyn
      brad koelewyn 7 months ago

      beer at the supermarket looks pretty rad

  • Nocturnal Recluse
    Nocturnal Recluse 2 years ago

    Antiamerican commentators in 3...2...1...

    • Nocturnal Recluse
      Nocturnal Recluse 2 years ago

      Cereal Marshmallows+ How is CVS even relevant?????

    • Nocturnal Recluse
      Nocturnal Recluse 2 years ago

      Cereal Marshmallows+ How am I a douchebag??? What exactly is setting you off?

    • Nocturnal Recluse
      Nocturnal Recluse 2 years ago

      Cereal Marshmallows+ And really, who uses "jagoff" anymore? Could you come up with something less archaic​?

    • Nocturnal Recluse
      Nocturnal Recluse 2 years ago

      Cereal Marshmallows+ LOL WUT
      Do you understand the concept of satire?