KSI tried to FIGHT ME backstage

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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  • Pedro Ramirez
    Pedro Ramirez 29 minutes ago


  • Jayden Sainz
    Jayden Sainz Hour ago +1


  • Icantthinkofaname 1
    Icantthinkofaname 1 3 hours ago

    Next thing you know someone touches him and then the "i got raped" saga begins

  • Icantthinkofaname 1
    Icantthinkofaname 1 3 hours ago

    Jakey jakey jakey more clickbait

  • M Z
    M Z 7 hours ago

    Man this guy is such a dumb kid

  • Soquinten
    Soquinten 12 hours ago

    Haha nice video Jake keep it UP

  • charlotte :,0
    charlotte :,0 14 hours ago

    you literally use him for clout get a life, saying he’s getting old bitch it’s team one now u saddo💤💤

  • Cem396 Hearn
    Cem396 Hearn 20 hours ago

    You will get fuck up if you fight ksi

    JIGGA G 22 hours ago

    Dillion Dannis

  • L8 APEX
    L8 APEX 23 hours ago

    Jake be losing that hairline faster than his views

  • Anthony Rabadi
    Anthony Rabadi Day ago

    Jake no offense but you’d get slapped up like slapped beyond repair

  • Joemar Arroyo
    Joemar Arroyo Day ago

    Love you jake 😘😘😘😘💋👓👓👓👓 you are a savage bro love you

  • Joemar Arroyo
    Joemar Arroyo Day ago


  • Will Ward
    Will Ward Day ago +1

    Fight Wolfie

  • YouTube Rylie
    YouTube Rylie Day ago

    Jeff will smash ur head to the floor

  • AjsFastAF And Arnold Becirovic

    Who else came here for ksi

  • Lenny Fraiser
    Lenny Fraiser Day ago

    😂😂eson gib is trash : minutes later Fousey tube is good this video was frustrating to watch

  • Marshmallow i love you guys

    I think faze sensei

  • Marshmallow i love you guys

    You should fight give because he's fat as hell

  • Kady Wilkinson
    Kady Wilkinson Day ago

    Jake I just wanted to let you know that a lot of people have a lot of hope in KSI but I don’t

  • Gabi
    Gabi Day ago +1

    It’s well funny how he thinks he’s well hard but if he actually had a boxing match with ksi he would beat the sh*t out of him bro

  • Dixie- rekt 1
    Dixie- rekt 1 Day ago

    That dislike-like ratio tho

  • Esin I.
    Esin I. Day ago

    I don't understand why gib and Ksi fans here😂Wrong channel dudes

    FOOTY FAN MEG Day ago

    GIB is gonna beat you up

  • mikey plant
    mikey plant Day ago +1

    Jack is going to win the fit

    KLEA ŠABANOVIĆ Day ago +1

    Who is gib ???

  • abos4lem
    abos4lem Day ago

    So happy he blew smoke in ksi's face when its such a bitch move to do this guy is delusional

  • Rip Tide
    Rip Tide Day ago +1


  • Gamer Fun
    Gamer Fun Day ago

    I’m a uk fan of u

  • Michael Gallyot
    Michael Gallyot Day ago +1

    This is how much times jake said f*ck

  • Anthony Chavez
    Anthony Chavez Day ago +2

    FaZe Clan is better than team 10 and also team 10 is 🤢

  • santiago mendez
    santiago mendez 2 days ago

    You should fight LANCE STWEART that would be a good match

  • David E
    David E 2 days ago

    17:17 - 17:22 for a few seconds there you understood, you grew up...😂 then it all went to shit again. I ain’t hating though, I get it. It’s all busine$$ and you got to say what you got to say and do what you have to do

  • Jaime Miranda
    Jaime Miranda 2 days ago

    You ass at fighting

  • Becky Vlogs
    Becky Vlogs 2 days ago

    I’m having a sleep over at school on November 9th

  • gaming pineapple
    gaming pineapple 2 days ago

    What song is it on the way to the press conference

  • Ruben Poel
    Ruben Poel 2 days ago

    I really hope ksi hits him hard on the head, maybe that will bring some sense i to his sick mind, ore at least knock him out for a few weeks

  • AM - 04RM - McKinnon PS (1318)

    KSI is a f**king a** hole

  • DatOneTiger -YT
    DatOneTiger -YT 2 days ago +1

    I like Jake Paul’s like to dislike ratio lol

  • RakGamer
    RakGamer 2 days ago

    Are you scare of KSI

  • RakGamer
    RakGamer 2 days ago

    Fight with KSI

  • a dude
    a dude 2 days ago

    Back to the old fashioned click bate

  • Toby Matthews
    Toby Matthews 2 days ago

    Solder boi

  • Lebo Mokgosinyane
    Lebo Mokgosinyane 2 days ago +4

    KSI: "don't be nervous Jake"
    Jake : "nah you're good we're good we're good"
    This man's was so scared of KSI lmaaaoooooo

  • Ahmed Aldhari
    Ahmed Aldhari 2 days ago

    I think you need to quit boxing and find something else

  • Danielle Jeffrey
    Danielle Jeffrey 2 days ago

    1:06 jake: yo where r the bagels 🥯
    :::..:::camera cuts to Armani:::..:::

  • TylerV8X88
    TylerV8X88 3 days ago

    Gibby from I carly?

  • Joey Khoury
    Joey Khoury 3 days ago +1

    How is Jake supposed to fight a guy that’s face is just plastic(talking about Jeff witek)?

    • Elijah Khaira
      Elijah Khaira Day ago +1

      At least he can actually fight, ksi could beat ether of the Paul’s any day, he could probably do them both at the same time

  • GamEsTenSe
    GamEsTenSe 3 days ago

    Roses are red ksi is gonna lose I got ckickbated and so did u

  • Kallym Weatherall
    Kallym Weatherall 3 days ago

    Jake is the better figter than ksi is gay

  • mixalyser humu
    mixalyser humu 3 days ago

    ksi will get destroyed...

  • Gaming With 3D
    Gaming With 3D 3 days ago +3

    So that means everyone in my school is trying to fight me cause they talked to me?

  • nora waffels W
    nora waffels W 3 days ago

    Am i the only one who misses his vlogs whith the old team 10 wrher he would do taser challenges

  • Alex Juan
    Alex Juan 3 days ago


  • Alex Juan
    Alex Juan 3 days ago

    And my name is junior

  • Daevon Fuqua
    Daevon Fuqua 3 days ago

    Lmao jake look shook tbh😂

  • Karim Dahab
    Karim Dahab 3 days ago

    but you are going to get knocked out

  • Karim Dahab
    Karim Dahab 3 days ago

    you should fight Adam saleh

  • Emma-lee Overton
    Emma-lee Overton 3 days ago

    You only bring ksi in videos because you need views and content sooooo maybe actually try something!!!

  • Daniel Quintanilla
    Daniel Quintanilla 3 days ago +1

    I am in boxing if been in boxing for 4 years now