Lauren Bushnell's Engagement Ring: How Her Rings From Chris Lane and Ben Higgins Are Different (E…

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • From the stunning setting to the brilliant center stone, ET is running down all the details about Bushnell's engagement ring.
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Comments • 15

  • WY Chinsg
    WY Chinsg 6 days ago

    She looks aneroxic.

  • L. R.
    L. R. 2 months ago

    We all know this wedding will cost a fortune and the marriage won't last a hot minute. Meanwhile my husband of 23 years has kidney failure and we are selling our house to pay medical bills.

  • Reach Honduras
    Reach Honduras 3 months ago

    I give it two years. This guy's facial expression looks like a total jerk and a player. I called it.

  • pete smith
    pete smith 4 months ago

    who couldn'get along with Ben.

  • Cally K.
    Cally K. 5 months ago +2

    Shes been pass around so many times. Guys after guys. Good luck Chris 😬

  • Rick Wilbur
    Rick Wilbur 6 months ago +4

    Of course she is happy, he has money..bottom line.

  • Wairimu Mutiti
    Wairimu Mutiti 6 months ago

    Congratulations to both Lauren and Chris. What a beautiful song by Chris!

  • Simple Girl
    Simple Girl 6 months ago +3

    My kid needs $ for university and some people are spending $$$$$ on a ring wowowo 😁

  • Quitel Cartwright
    Quitel Cartwright 7 months ago +31

    Y'all disrespectful for the title and putting her ex in this video.

    • Kayle N
      Kayle N 6 months ago

      Agreed. Why does everything have to be about Ben

  • Shannon OMelia
    Shannon OMelia 7 months ago +34

    I love this couple but Lauren’s face looks so different then it did back in 2016. You can tell she’s had a lot done to her face.

    LUCAS SIMBA 7 months ago +3

    This is a joke

  • Al Wa
    Al Wa 7 months ago +31

    I would hate constantly having my so called lover compared to an ex

    Let the past be in the past
    I hope my bf proposes with a fish.

  • Carol Nolet
    Carol Nolet 7 months ago +2

    Congratulations on your engagement

  • Ernest Sy
    Ernest Sy 7 months ago +8

    Success story made! Lol