Biggest Unanswered Questions In Deadpool 2


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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +182

    What do you hope to see in the next Deadpool/X-Force movie?

  • nathan green
    nathan green 17 hours ago

    vanessa is copycat

  • Kenneth Lindahl
    Kenneth Lindahl Day ago

    am I the only that has realized that negasonic teenage warhead is gonna have to change her name soon

  • Darren Z
    Darren Z 3 days ago

    So what Reynolds is saying is that when they make _Deadpool 3_ (come on, who really thinks they won't?), it's going to break all sorts of cinematic "rules" and be unlike anything we've ever seen? Hell ya! When can I buy my ticket?

  • david webb
    david webb 3 days ago

    Instead of making Xforce film.. how about thunderbolts. Huh!. Am I right?

  • chandan singh
    chandan singh 4 days ago

    yes vennisa is alive

  • TheTypical Joe
    TheTypical Joe 5 days ago


  • buggiebuild1
    buggiebuild1 6 days ago

    No my point is why did they kill off Wade Wilson's woman, Vanessa,even if she lets say was pregnant or had a child, in her real life,they could've had more cameos throughout, instead they shot her in the heart WTF, I know the comics and I understand they are keeping it real but damn just damn, but otherwise movie blended perfectly with the first love love love it except that part, I pray pray pray there is a part three, because smooth down under needs to be in there too LOL wolverine I'm sorry, Pullvorine LOL

  • Raven Marine
    Raven Marine 6 days ago

    i really wanted to see Deadpool mashup with Morph, would love to see two similar personalies interact with each other

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch 8 days ago

    Try Copycat

  • Captain Ricco
    Captain Ricco 8 days ago

    Okay, thanks for trying to answer our un-asked questions about this crazy movie. What I want you to cover though, if you don't mind doing another one like this, please describe all the gay references, and is Stan Lee secretly a closet homo (just judging by all the buff characters he comes up with) … :) I did have a good time with this film, and would like to see it in 3-D.

  • Amexem Pleasant-Bey
    Amexem Pleasant-Bey 9 days ago

    I guess I’m the only person who thought they were going to get answers to these questions but it didn’t say so hm..

    8 ANDY HARRIS 8 9 days ago

    But Vanessa is copycat

  • branden8045 theultramangofighter

    The x men are there in the movie u can see them

  • branden8045 theultramangofighter

    Go home sugar bear

  • K Dub
    K Dub 13 days ago

    Here's a question REALLY bothering me which I can't imagine I'll get an answer to. I'm living in Japan and in the subtitles Yukio's name is written as コキオ Kokio. What's up with that?

  • Alexandru Carjan
    Alexandru Carjan 13 days ago

    Wade didnt get cancer after he got in the relationship with Vanessa, cancer is a progressive illness and up untill an episode like Wade had, you might not even know you have cancer

  • mihajlo525
    mihajlo525 15 days ago

    That Vanessa/Death theory sounds very plausible.

  • adam S
    adam S 15 days ago

    the Vanessa death comparison was the main thing that was bugging me throughout the movie

  • TT
    TT 15 days ago

    Juggernaut can’t be a mutant menace since he’s not a mutant

  • Buschguy
    Buschguy 15 days ago

    The other X-Men aren't in the movies, because the license for them don't belong to the studio the deadpool license belongs to

  • Jaiden D
    Jaiden D 16 days ago

    Cable = *THANOS*

  • pakaflocka 59
    pakaflocka 59 16 days ago

    I forgot Deadpool gave her the name Megasonic Teenage Warhead😂😂😂

  • Ryanator
    Ryanator 17 days ago

    He only saved Peter! He also told Peter that he was going to live.

  • Almigh Quez
    Almigh Quez 17 days ago

    I’m pretty sure he has the virus due to the way he checks his body out as if the metal were new to him

  • Gene Cell
    Gene Cell 17 days ago

    What if Peter is cable? Peter lose his arm and Cable have a bionic arm

  • Donkey Power
    Donkey Power 17 days ago

    How is quick silver alive he died in age of ultron

  • Bradden Scott
    Bradden Scott 17 days ago

    Wade was immortal before Thanos did anything to him, one of the first things he does with his new powers is die, and Thanos does not actually have the power to turn mortality on or off for people. The whole curse is pretty loose in how or if it actually works, but people on the internet love to focus on it. Nevermind that Wade has a stronger healer factor than Wolverine or Sabertooth who are also largely immortal from their healing factors. I really see nothing about his powers being stronger in this, they just get shown off more as he uses them more, trying to commit suicide and all. When it comes to growing new legs it works pretty much exactly like it did for him to grow a new hand in the previous film. Also worth mentioning that Dr. Killbrew has stated that for Wade's healing factor there is a willpower aspect, as I recall the example he gives is that if say sabertooth lost an arm and grew it back he would not grow back a tattoo. Wade would. Worth mentioning that when Wolverine dies he also goes and sees his loved ones and he has no real relationship with Death.

  • Z Cross
    Z Cross 17 days ago

    Sugar bear!

  • Diego Balderas
    Diego Balderas 17 days ago

    More mutens

  • Bumski
    Bumski 18 days ago

    all answer in movie

  • Eugene InLaw
    Eugene InLaw 18 days ago

    domino isn't hot
    i cry

  • azhari 98
    azhari 98 18 days ago

    I just saw an ad

  • Mae Ochoa
    Mae Ochoa 18 days ago

    Biggest Unanswered Questions In Deadpool 2

  • Leilani Andra
    Leilani Andra 19 days ago

    I love Peter!

  • Jack Frozt
    Jack Frozt 20 days ago

    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that the X-Force sign is the Wakandan sign

  • Johnny The Dark
    Johnny The Dark 20 days ago

    R.Reynolds confirmed it - Vanessa is death and Peter is TOAA...

  • BegleiterKubus
    BegleiterKubus 20 days ago

    7th video on dp2 i am watching and the first one to mentuin death

  • Rampa GT
    Rampa GT 21 day ago

    Your welcome canada

  • biscoito1r
    biscoito1r 21 day ago

    I wanna see Peter turned into Omega Red

  • Shellstorm1
    Shellstorm1 21 day ago

    That is technological device it’s called a magnet

  • InformationIsTheEdge

    Peter was awesome! Want to see more of him!

  • Matthew Davies
    Matthew Davies 21 day ago

    It seems like the current x men don't age as the cameo is supposed to be taken from Dark Phoenix which is set in the 90s

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 21 day ago


  • Thinh La
    Thinh La 21 day ago


  • dreamerdazegirl
    dreamerdazegirl 21 day ago

    Hugely crushing on Negosonic Tennage Warhead and Domino 😭😭 those chicks are way too freaking hot, and I dont even swing that way

  • keybwarrior
    keybwarrior 22 days ago

    Peter is the best.

  • Dylan Paraday
    Dylan Paraday 22 days ago

    Also at the end of the movie when deadpool is covered In ash he looked exactly like he didn't in the X-force comics

  • Dylan Paraday
    Dylan Paraday 22 days ago

    Vanessa is gonna be copycat😂

  • Time2Spare
    Time2Spare 22 days ago

    I love Ryan Reynolds quote on a potential Deadpool 3. I adored the first one, but the second ons left me not as impressed. The reason the first one worked so much is because it took so many risks and underwent major budget restraints. It was something new and exciting. Something that should have been doomed to fail, but didn't. If Deadpool 3 happens, it needs to take some form of risk

  • Jay Weber
    Jay Weber 22 days ago

    Wade has always had a love affair with death, as Deadpool it's simply turned up to 11.

  • Marius gadaleta
    Marius gadaleta 22 days ago

    The end credit scenes just made me cry of laughter

  • Rodney Harrison
    Rodney Harrison 23 days ago

    Hopefully, Ryan Reynolds won't get tired of playing Deadpool. Because, it would really suck if someone else played that character.

  • Pistolprinsen
    Pistolprinsen 23 days ago

    Instead of 'Deadpool 3', I would rather see the spin-off: 'Domino'!

  • The AJ
    The AJ 24 days ago

    Just stop.

  • Sires Orb
    Sires Orb 24 days ago

    Better question is if the xman fought apocalypse in the late 80's and still look the same now.... Why is there a picture of Obama in Charles school? Did they not age, or was Obama magically elected instead of Bush sr or Bill Clinton...

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey 24 days ago

    To answer your question. Cable can 'summon' his weapons because he can 'talk' to machinery and control it

  • Sky Quill
    Sky Quill 24 days ago

    But the actress that plays Vanessa is credited as Copycat

  • Ha par Malak 3009 Ana'v ibaryoat

    U would think wolverine changed everything

  • Alec Dunn
    Alec Dunn 25 days ago

    More zeitgeist

  • AsianTastic
    AsianTastic 25 days ago

    rip Logan

  • T'Chaba Supreme
    T'Chaba Supreme 25 days ago

    You need Deadpool 3 ... Peter is your Man

  • abraxis20
    abraxis20 25 days ago

    He only saved Peter because he's his sugarbear.

  • Joe III
    Joe III 25 days ago

    Did anybody acknowledge the fact that while Deadpool and friends were leaving the orphanage, If you look at the pool you can see juggernaut getting out of the pool?

  • asd asdas
    asd asdas 25 days ago

    the movie version is definitely gonna be different from the comics. Most movie twist the original plot a little since it's way too long to consolidate into a 1-2 hours show.

  • Halopotato221
    Halopotato221 25 days ago

    Did you guys see that Juggernaut survived?

  • Nemo Landia
    Nemo Landia 25 days ago

    there will be no other super hero movie like this one ever again period.... Yall mothafukas should be thankfullereregghhjjeerrrffffffd.... tilt

  • munstrumridcully
    munstrumridcully 26 days ago

    So wait, I stopped reading most comics in the early 90s, but isn't there another Zeitgeist in Marvel(with powers that actually fit the codename) from the Schultz Heligruppe led by Hauptman Deutchland(Captain Germany), the German superteam?

  • Richard Bullard
    Richard Bullard 26 days ago

    I thought in other videos they made it clear Vanessa is a cat lady mutant who in the comics has a rocky relationship with DP even betraying him to the government at one point. I don't know the comics at all, just going from a video I watched

  • Nathan Neal
    Nathan Neal 26 days ago

    why collosus did not change human form in deadpool

  • JacobtheMexite
    JacobtheMexite 26 days ago

    In a video titled Deadpool 2 thanks you fox shows cable is Nathan summers so cable is hopefully the same as in the comics.

  • NRUT117
    NRUT117 26 days ago

    imo i feel like the juggernaut was under powered as hell in this movie

  • Jai Chavis
    Jai Chavis 26 days ago

    Vanessa being Mistress Death fucking BLEW MY MIND

  • Gökhan Mete
    Gökhan Mete 26 days ago

    When ur not 16 yet, so u have to watch videos like this to know what happens in the movie

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith 26 days ago

    I have no idea what it is about Peter but that guy was cool as hell in that movie. There's just a super natural likeability to the guy for some reason. I look forward to seeing him in the next one.😂😂😂

  • Ulises Arriaga-Jaramillo

    Were is BedLam

  • Gavin Coria
    Gavin Coria 26 days ago

    The x-men has a cameo

  • Cyborg Gamer
    Cyborg Gamer 26 days ago

    Did anyone else saw like whole X-man team when Deadpool goes through house and then in one moment some secret doors just slam behind him and behind them their is whole team.

  • little rat
    little rat 27 days ago +1

    *Is Vanessa really death?*

    • Renz de Guzman
      Renz de Guzman 26 days ago

      she meant death the marvel comic character

  • angelo darkness
    angelo darkness 27 days ago

    Um spiderman, they are practically best friends.

  • Kaiden Fordy
    Kaiden Fordy 27 days ago

    Hmmm wonder where wolverine is oh wait he died in Logan

  • Ricky
    Ricky 27 days ago

    Still trying to get over Domino's hairy armpits..

  • Anson Anonuevo
    Anson Anonuevo 27 days ago

    Is vannesa death?

  • NightVale_Intern
    NightVale_Intern 27 days ago

    Man, if there’s no Deadpool 3 I’d cry. Hell, it could just be Ryan Reynolds in the suit reading Wade/Cable fan fiction for three hours and I’d still watch it.

  • Low Budget Productions
    Low Budget Productions 27 days ago +1

    If they ever made a Deadpool 3 that would be funny if they just called it Wade, like how the last wolverine movie was called Logan. And the poster would be Deadpool’s tiny. Hand holding Logan’s hand or something lol I dunno.

  • TEAM911_The Real OG
    TEAM911_The Real OG 27 days ago

    One thing is for sure: we need more juggernaut

  • Yella Dart
    Yella Dart 27 days ago

    Deadpool is, to be pedantic, invulnerable, not immortal. Strictly speaking, he's not even invulnerable, he can be hurt and injured, he just can't die from injury. He still ages, though, and will presumably die from old age eventually.

  • Space Bandit
    Space Bandit 27 days ago

    Wolverine is kinda dead

  • TrooperJoe73
    TrooperJoe73 27 days ago

    As if it wasn't bad enough to put Obama on the wall, they put Karl Marx?! The hell was that about?

  • Bobthekill3r
    Bobthekill3r 27 days ago

    Well logan is dead
    So yea..

  • Rose
    Rose 27 days ago

    So Looper doesnt know what Deadpool's healing factor Is just that good and that he doesnt need to be banned from Thanos to come back to life?

  • Majime
    Majime 27 days ago

    I think that the cameo were not true cameos I think it was a green room with actors disguised with cgi as them

  • Life With Juan
    Life With Juan 27 days ago +1

    Juggernaut isn't a mutant.

  • NonceBoyNigel
    NonceBoyNigel 28 days ago

    Where are the other x men: couldn't afford them
    What happened to x force: died
    What's the deal with cable: Russell murdered his family
    Is Vanessa death: idk
    Are we having a dp3: hopefully

  • TheBriBoat
    TheBriBoat 28 days ago

    I thought Vanessa was gonna be copycat

  • isit oppositeday
    isit oppositeday 28 days ago

    Cable was always an interesting character, thanks for reminding me why!

  • FuegoM26 T.¡nc
    FuegoM26 T.¡nc 28 days ago

    Yo soy groot

  • todd wellington
    todd wellington 28 days ago

    Do deadpool vs carnage as the third film!

  • #perpetuallysingle channel

    In a post Ryan Reynolds made (a joke video) where it did say, "Nathan Summers as Cable" so I think Cable is still Scott and Jean Grey's clone (Madeline Pryor) kid.

  • R B
    R B 28 days ago

    What's special about Peter. Why Wade chose to save him?