Biggest Unanswered Questions In Deadpool 2


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  • Looper
    Looper  4 months ago +203

    What do you hope to see in the next Deadpool/X-Force movie?

    • F*** Rehab
      F*** Rehab 28 days ago

      More Peter

    • Jacksabbath44
      Jacksabbath44 28 days ago

      Isn't Vanessa Copycat? she should get her powers, not being death, my ultimate dream is to see deadpool being spiderman's sidekick/ pain in the ass xD

    • chsftball57
      chsftball57 Month ago

      Looper a Spidey interaction ...

    • fingal113
      fingal113 Month ago

      simple......X-23.......hes always going on about Jackman. cable would make a great suragate dad for her.

    • Cristopher Garcia
      Cristopher Garcia 3 months ago +1

      The director of deadpool 1 back

  • Zac'sYT
    Zac'sYT 9 hours ago

    5:38 😂

  • n r
    n r 19 hours ago


  • SkyBlue
    SkyBlue Day ago

    Dead pool is the only movie series I wouldn’t mind having.

  • A.D. DAS
    A.D. DAS 2 days ago

    Vanessa is copycat.

  • Lucifronz
    Lucifronz 3 days ago

    The "Vanessa is Death" theory is a bit out there, but it's a fun idea to throw around.

  • Joshua Cheek
    Joshua Cheek 5 days ago

    Vanessa is actually Copycat, the credits clears that up.

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak 8 days ago

    Will his dead girlfriend be resurrected

  • The Bandit
    The Bandit 10 days ago

    I heard Is *Vanessa Really DEAF*? Lol

  • the riddler
    the riddler 11 days ago

    Deadpool 2 was good....but not as great as Deadpool 1

  • Minnion
    Minnion 15 days ago

    My predictions is if Disney is in charge of the next deadpool movie and wanting to tie it into the MCU, well I could see Vanessa dieing to the Snap from infinity war in the next Deadpool movie... (With Cable walking in on a devastated Deadpool just after it happens, Deadpool of course would punch him and say something like "Unsnap those fingers you cock blocker!")
    Naturally the plot would be Deadpool vs. Thanos... Being that this would have to fit in the mainline MCU canon to avoid leaving viewers too young for Deadpools other movies lost they'd have to make it PG-13 and creativly limit the number of times Deadpool can audibly swear... (With liberal use of lampshades and fourth wall breaks... Naturally mocking the censorship the whole time.... Heck imagine him riping off one of the fingers from the infinity gauntlet as a setup to the following joke:
    Thanos: Deadpool give me the finger.
    Deadpool:I'd love to but Disney won't allow it... On the second thought... (Camera pans around his back as we see him lift his arm in a way that heavily implies that he's flipping Thanos the bird anyways though not outright showing it.)

    AWSOMUS LATEST 19 days ago +1

    Wolvine appereance?.....he's dead what appereance.....

  • Game on 23rd
    Game on 23rd 19 days ago

    Vanessa is the character Copycat

  • Mr Ahmee
    Mr Ahmee 26 days ago +2


  • kelerews
    kelerews 27 days ago

    hiding in a room, they're dead; except Peter. Cable is from the future and likes to blow shit up. no, no she isn't. And probably no.
    also, he killed baby Hitler, I don't care what a bunch of pussies at a test screening said.

  • Jasper Scooby
    Jasper Scooby 28 days ago

    I wanna know why cable went back in time to put the coin in Deadpool’s suit when all they had to do is take the collar off him and he would’ve regenerated

    BEARSEASON™ 28 days ago

    i feel like i may have been the only person to notice juggernaut’s helmet come up out of the water at the very end...

  • daniel niemeyer
    daniel niemeyer 28 days ago

    She was made by someone evil she was not evil. She treated cyclops way better then he treated her. The minute jean came back he ditched her and there kid, that’s what I call evil.

  • Roberto Flores Cordon
    Roberto Flores Cordon 29 days ago

    Could it be that Cable returns in the end because of Thanos? And that the real reason why you dont see the Xmen is because they were/are planning for Thanos coming. The timeline is messed up in x\Xmes, but IMO Deapool tries to fix that in the end.

  • Damien X
    Damien X 29 days ago +2

    This timeline is absolutely f'n confusing! So sense the X-Men did make that small cameo, but they were the young X-Men of the 60s, 70s & 80s... So does that mean this movie and Deadpool are in that time era? Or, not because it looks like this movie is clearly set in modern time where then Patrick Stewart would be Professor X, not James McAvoy!?!?!?! Like Cable asks, "What year is it?" Oooooooh, waaaaaait.... Maybe sense it's so confusing and when Cable asked that question, he too didn't get an answer! So maybe they're just fugging with us on purpose!

  • Zen0
    Zen0 Month ago +1

    Wolverine didnt show up because hes you know...


  • Furqan ul Haq
    Furqan ul Haq Month ago

    I love the relationship between Vanessa and deadpool after her death..he tried to dye so he can meet Vanessa but can't die.

  • Lilboi 72
    Lilboi 72 Month ago

    Wolverin was dead

  • Arcus Lux
    Arcus Lux Month ago

    Biggest question no one asked is, did Deadpool and Cable really kill baby Hitler?

  • Head_Shot_gaming
    Head_Shot_gaming Month ago

    Logan is dead you know

  • professional gamers

    X force

  • Nida Ebuenga
    Nida Ebuenga Month ago

    Want to see deadpool team up with punisher ghost rider and dare devil

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson Month ago

    I heard what you said looper :(

  • A Potato
    A Potato Month ago

    Why is life

  • cypeg
    cypeg Month ago

    Ryan is right. Deadpool 2 was a stretch. A 3rd one will ruin the character.

  • asad shah
    asad shah Month ago

    I think....John cena will be more suitable for vanisher instead of Brad Pitt 😝😝😝

  • Robert Snider
    Robert Snider Month ago

    Cable clearly mentioned the techno-virus "...disease, the kind that leaves you more machine than man" when interrogating Weasel.

  • SparklyHyena
    SparklyHyena Month ago

    Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe would be an interesting movie and could make jokes about Infinity War
    I also really love the Deadpool vs Gambit (they could have the actor for Gambit randomly be played by different people because of Gambit's solo movie having trouble keeping people to make it)

  • akash maharana
    akash maharana Month ago

    all r died in x men last stand

  • Hilmi Halim
    Hilmi Halim Month ago

    Why Peter? Why not Dopender?

  • Indrajeet roy
    Indrajeet roy Month ago

    The other x men were not there because it would fade Deadpool's image in the movie. Then it would be called an x men part

    RAJAGOPAL S Month ago

    He ß going to save Ness

  • Ethan Ritter
    Ethan Ritter Month ago

    Actually the other xmen were in one big room LOL hiding from him

  • therealG
    therealG Month ago

    Cable has a techno virus cause when he interrogates tg Miller he says he has a virus

  • Brody Deseive
    Brody Deseive Month ago

    Well Wolverine wasn’t there cuz you know he’s dead.

  • John Tambascio
    John Tambascio Month ago


  • Eron David
    Eron David Month ago

    Why is Russell's jacket were not burned?

  • Souvik Das
    Souvik Das Month ago

    I'm still wondering about the wolverine cameo! How was it made?

  • Chiqati
    Chiqati Month ago

    I hope there will be a spiderpool film :3

  • Seif Al-hinai
    Seif Al-hinai Month ago

    Damn you blew my mind about deadpool gf might be the Death!
    That could be true.
    Keep up the good work

  • Multi Brick Studios

    We need a Peter action figure

  • Shawn Bell
    Shawn Bell Month ago

    It won't be called Deadpool 3, it will be call something like "Deadpool, Again!?!?! (are you almost done yet?)"

  • sweaty doorknob
    sweaty doorknob Month ago

    Too bad they couldn't go back in time and save Peter's two year old son. Sucks. Should have spent the money on doctors instead of anti-Trump campaigns. Sad.

  • Eric John
    Eric John Month ago +1

    Vanessa as Lady Death? That actually makes sense. No wonder Disney wants the rights of Deadpool. We could see a love rivalry with Thanos and Deadpool.

  • Batta Senpai
    Batta Senpai Month ago

    I Want Peter And Lam :))

  • Agamer playz
    Agamer playz Month ago

    Screw everyone else all we want is peter also what ummm....I forgot what I was gonna say XD

  • crh1985
    crh1985 Month ago

    1st question: Deadpool was within 50 miles of the area
    2nd question: he let them die

  • Kxng Fvrnie
    Kxng Fvrnie Month ago

    Well wolverine is dead so . . .

  • Drunken Dog
    Drunken Dog Month ago

    Papa can you hear me

  • Xavier Washington
    Xavier Washington Month ago

    You guys think we’ll ever get a Deadpool & Spiderman movie?

  • Iman Kiani
    Iman Kiani Month ago +1

    I think movie wasn't as good as the first. It was like making fun of every other movie. It was ok in the first as they kept it to minimum. And I guess Ryan Reynolds was not writing his lines.

  • GameBros Ⓡ
    GameBros Ⓡ 2 months ago

    Can we have a peter and vanisher movie. Who agrees?

  • Paul Becket
    Paul Becket 2 months ago

    peter was the best ! he needs his own stand alone movie !!

  • crodept
    crodept 2 months ago

    When Peters arm came off my face mucsles froze for 20 minutes

    UNRULY STINGA 2 months ago

    Deadpool is no no doubt the gayest super hero. Smh. Enjoyed both movies tho. Hilarious asf.

  • Joshua Plotkin
    Joshua Plotkin 2 months ago

    number 1 question: what about juggernaut? he crawled out of the water. so he is alive and loose

  • François Bouthillier
    François Bouthillier 2 months ago

    One unanswered question that I have is: After Juggernaut rips Deadpool in half, did his lower half also regenerate? If it did, will we see that second deadpool in the future?

  • R3TR0 G4MING
    R3TR0 G4MING 2 months ago

    Hi yukio!

  • Bryan Laiko
    Bryan Laiko 2 months ago

    Dear Looper writers, the use of the word future wasn't a pun, and his healing factor wasn't amped up, he was burned to ashes in the first.

  • Everything Hollywood In Indian way

    If Deadpool saved Vanessa by time travelling then why would he recruit X - Force in future?

  • Slim
    Slim 3 months ago

    vanessa is copycat

  • Kenneth Lindahl
    Kenneth Lindahl 3 months ago

    am I the only that has realized that negasonic teenage warhead is gonna have to change her name soon

  • Darren Z
    Darren Z 3 months ago

    So what Reynolds is saying is that when they make _Deadpool 3_ (come on, who really thinks they won't?), it's going to break all sorts of cinematic "rules" and be unlike anything we've ever seen? Hell ya! When can I buy my ticket?

  • david webb
    david webb 3 months ago

    Instead of making Xforce film.. how about thunderbolts. Huh!. Am I right?

  • Game Slayer
    Game Slayer 3 months ago

    yes vennisa is alive

  • TheTypical Joe
    TheTypical Joe 3 months ago


  • buggiebuild1
    buggiebuild1 3 months ago

    No my point is why did they kill off Wade Wilson's woman, Vanessa,even if she lets say was pregnant or had a child, in her real life,they could've had more cameos throughout, instead they shot her in the heart WTF, I know the comics and I understand they are keeping it real but damn just damn, but otherwise movie blended perfectly with the first love love love it except that part, I pray pray pray there is a part three, because smooth down under needs to be in there too LOL wolverine I'm sorry, Pullvorine LOL

  • Raven Marine
    Raven Marine 3 months ago

    i really wanted to see Deadpool mashup with Morph, would love to see two similar personalies interact with each other

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch 3 months ago

    Try Copycat

  • Captain Ricco
    Captain Ricco 3 months ago

    Okay, thanks for trying to answer our un-asked questions about this crazy movie. What I want you to cover though, if you don't mind doing another one like this, please describe all the gay references, and is Stan Lee secretly a closet homo (just judging by all the buff characters he comes up with) … :) I did have a good time with this film, and would like to see it in 3-D.

  • Amexem Pleasant-Bey
    Amexem Pleasant-Bey 3 months ago

    I guess I’m the only person who thought they were going to get answers to these questions but it didn’t say so hm..

    8 ANDY HARRIS 8 3 months ago

    But Vanessa is copycat

  • branden8045 theultramangofighter

    The x men are there in the movie u can see them

  • branden8045 theultramangofighter

    Go home sugar bear

  • K Dub
    K Dub 3 months ago

    Here's a question REALLY bothering me which I can't imagine I'll get an answer to. I'm living in Japan and in the subtitles Yukio's name is written as コキオ Kokio. What's up with that?

  • Alexandru Carjan
    Alexandru Carjan 3 months ago

    Wade didnt get cancer after he got in the relationship with Vanessa, cancer is a progressive illness and up untill an episode like Wade had, you might not even know you have cancer

  • mihajlo525
    mihajlo525 3 months ago

    That Vanessa/Death theory sounds very plausible.

  • adam S
    adam S 3 months ago

    the Vanessa death comparison was the main thing that was bugging me throughout the movie

  • TT
    TT 3 months ago

    Juggernaut can’t be a mutant menace since he’s not a mutant

  • Buschguy
    Buschguy 3 months ago

    The other X-Men aren't in the movies, because the license for them don't belong to the studio the deadpool license belongs to

  • Jaiden D
    Jaiden D 3 months ago

    Cable = *THANOS*

  • pakaflocka 59
    pakaflocka 59 3 months ago

    I forgot Deadpool gave her the name Megasonic Teenage Warhead😂😂😂

  • Ryanator
    Ryanator 3 months ago

    He only saved Peter! He also told Peter that he was going to live.

  • Almigh Quez
    Almigh Quez 3 months ago

    I’m pretty sure he has the virus due to the way he checks his body out as if the metal were new to him

  • Gene Cell
    Gene Cell 3 months ago

    What if Peter is cable? Peter lose his arm and Cable have a bionic arm

  • The Real Potato
    The Real Potato 3 months ago

    How is quick silver alive he died in age of ultron

  • Bradden Scott
    Bradden Scott 3 months ago

    Wade was immortal before Thanos did anything to him, one of the first things he does with his new powers is die, and Thanos does not actually have the power to turn mortality on or off for people. The whole curse is pretty loose in how or if it actually works, but people on the internet love to focus on it. Nevermind that Wade has a stronger healer factor than Wolverine or Sabertooth who are also largely immortal from their healing factors. I really see nothing about his powers being stronger in this, they just get shown off more as he uses them more, trying to commit suicide and all. When it comes to growing new legs it works pretty much exactly like it did for him to grow a new hand in the previous film. Also worth mentioning that Dr. Killbrew has stated that for Wade's healing factor there is a willpower aspect, as I recall the example he gives is that if say sabertooth lost an arm and grew it back he would not grow back a tattoo. Wade would. Worth mentioning that when Wolverine dies he also goes and sees his loved ones and he has no real relationship with Death.

  • Z Cross
    Z Cross 3 months ago

    Sugar bear!

  • Diego Balderas
    Diego Balderas 3 months ago

    More mutens

  • Bumski
    Bumski 3 months ago

    all answer in movie

  • Eugene InLaw
    Eugene InLaw 3 months ago

    domino isn't hot
    i cry

  • azhari 98
    azhari 98 3 months ago

    I just saw an ad

  • Leilani Andra
    Leilani Andra 3 months ago

    I love Peter!

  • Jack Frozt
    Jack Frozt 3 months ago

    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that the X-Force sign is the Wakandan sign

  • Johnny The Dark
    Johnny The Dark 3 months ago

    R.Reynolds confirmed it - Vanessa is death and Peter is TOAA...