Kamala Harris: If Elected I Will Take Gun Dealers’ Licenses Away with Executive Action

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Kamala Harris Gun Control
    2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said if she is elected president, she will use executive action to take away gun dealers’ licenses “who fail to follow the law.”
    Harris said, “Let me tell you what I’m proposing. I’m proposing, one, if by my 100th day in office when elected president of the United States, the United States Congress fails to put a bill on my desk to sign with all of the good ideas or any of the good ideas that I’m prepared to take executive action because that’s what’s needed.”
    She continued, “For anyone who sells more than five guns a year, they will be required to perform background checks on the people they sell them to. This will be the most comprehensive background check policy that has ever been had in our country thus far.”
    She added, “I’m also prepared to say and to direct the ATF to remove and take away the licenses of gun dealers who fail to follow the law. 90% of the guns that are associated with crime have been sold by 5% of the gun dealers. We need to take their licenses away.”
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Comments • 6 444

  • L0KII
    L0KII 2 minutes ago

    yeah forcing armed people to give their weapons.
    definitely won't start a war.

  • Debbie Phillips
    Debbie Phillips 9 minutes ago

    U are racist bitch get out of USA

  • Tina teews
    Tina teews 17 minutes ago

    Do not vote for her people.Looked at what she did to San Francisco as a mayor and now to Ca as a whole? No more damage, not another corrupted Obama.

    DEAN GIBBS 18 minutes ago


  • chris campbell
    chris campbell 21 minute ago

    and this is why you WON'T be elected!

  • james hill
    james hill 22 minutes ago

    One more reason not to elect anyone like her to am office in government

  • S 11
    S 11 28 minutes ago

    Stupid people drive stupid or drunk everyday and kill innocent people world wide. So are they going to take everyone's cars away because of their stupid decisions.

    MegaCAPTAINCHRIS 33 minutes ago

    Don't worry sweety, you'll never have executive power!

  • Grey Tallcloud
    Grey Tallcloud 38 minutes ago

    I wish more people hear your message your so right!!!!!

  • Victor Carbajal
    Victor Carbajal Hour ago

    Hey, Harris how many men are you going to sleep with to try to be a president..... 😮😮😮

  • Victor Carbajal
    Victor Carbajal Hour ago

    Oh yeah I forgot to say CNN fake news... 😂😂😂

  • Victor Carbajal
    Victor Carbajal Hour ago

    I like to see Booker and Kalam Harris come to my house and take my guns away yeah..... 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌😎

  • Luke
    Luke Hour ago

    ".........moronic redundancy......." Pretty much sums up Harris in a nut shell.

  • Dog Man
    Dog Man Hour ago

    We are very prepared to take Executive Action (guessing she meant "Order") to ensure you never see the inside of the Whitehouse!

  • Jimbo San
    Jimbo San Hour ago

    No you won't! Want you personally to come to my door to take away my guns, not only one gun.

  • Terry P
    Terry P Hour ago

    Apparently This Idiot Hasn't Read The Constitution !!!!

  • Low Tech
    Low Tech Hour ago

    Removing guns does not remove the desire to kill or do harm. Politicians have done more to cause hate and division than anything in todays world.

  • ray reedy
    ray reedy Hour ago


  • Mike Waisnor
    Mike Waisnor 2 hours ago

    She's crazier than a shit house rat

  • Lynn Moon
    Lynn Moon 2 hours ago

    What? OMG. Dictatorship coming to America soon. Be ready to be controlled. Hunger Games here we come.

    DAVID RABENSBURG 2 hours ago

    Try to take my guns,it will be over my dead body. ..or yours.....!!!!

  • Howard Smith
    Howard Smith 2 hours ago

    All these measures serve only to disarm the law abiding citizens, while the criminals, who have lots of illegal, unregistered guns, will keep theirs. That'll show them, right?

  • Y. Delgado
    Y. Delgado 2 hours ago

    Look, if someone is going to hurt them selves they will do it regardless of having a firearm or not! Those are just excuses!

  • John Pratt
    John Pratt 2 hours ago

    They want total control over us,they will bust in your homes take your Bible's and your land with no regard

  • Alan Sprouse
    Alan Sprouse 2 hours ago

    It’s nice to know that you won’t win,try becoming a nun!

  • john magill
    john magill 2 hours ago

    Do it. I dare you.


    If you’re elected. In fact if anyone like you gets elected. Revaluation!!! Nasty ol high yellow witch. A retarded bathhouse barry with boobs. Damn you all to hell fire

  • Pup S
    Pup S 2 hours ago


  • Gerald Dodd
    Gerald Dodd 2 hours ago +1

    If you are a patriot, if you want to save America, then you need to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you not only go vote, but encourage each of your like minded family and friends to go vote in the 2020 elections. Vote AGAINST each and every democrat in ALL elections, State, Federal AND Local. We need to vote the democrats completely out of office. VOTE !

  • Self Aware
    Self Aware 3 hours ago +1

    Someone will take her license away. Hog jaw.

  • Al Vermillion
    Al Vermillion 3 hours ago

    License = taxes. She's gonna cut taxes. Yay. Bs

  • John Grunwell
    John Grunwell 3 hours ago

    She is just one of the Hurd of socialist democratic racists who clearly have no understanding of the Constitution or the Executive Branch in our government. The fact that she can outright change the Bill of Rights by an Executive Order is just plain ludirous. What is truly scary is the number of these radicals investing our houses of the government at ALL levels. As these numbers continue to increase, without ANY PUSH BACK, the whole Constitution will be vacated.

  • zuksdemosrecordings
    zuksdemosrecordings 3 hours ago

    There is a reason for the order of amendments to the bill of rights in the Constitution...1 is free speech, backed up by the 2nd Right to bear arms...because if these two fall , every other Constitutional right falls like domino's .This is why these two amendments are so important and must be protected. These people want to take guns so thy can Infringe on Americans other liberty's without any resistance ..Like Life, Liberty and Property...Property is the key word here, because they just want to keep stealing from Americans and have the people sit back and not be able to do anything about it ! They are just Glorified Thieves !

  • Joshua moses
    Joshua moses 3 hours ago

    And of course she advocating for a civil war. Because, if she tried to do anything like take away guns, then she knows it will be a war. She's such an idiot.

  • nick Krystosek
    nick Krystosek 4 hours ago

    Send her back

  • Arn Watters
    Arn Watters 4 hours ago

    I have a good idea, go back and have Willie put his gun back in your cock holster kameltoe. That should shut you up.

  • Bryan Oliver
    Bryan Oliver 4 hours ago

    Why is Kamala Harris against guns , did anyone ever use a gun on her ?? She`s a renegade running crazily for Presidency , she will fail , she thinks she can do anything like Obama did , no she wont !

  • Allan Hawkinson
    Allan Hawkinson 4 hours ago

    You will take nothing socialists whore.

  • nunya business
    nunya business 4 hours ago

    Remember before the 2016 election you were bitching because Hillary Clinton took the money from the Goldman Sachs for her a campaign then Donald Trump hired 12 Goldman Sachs execs to be in our government yeah he shouting look over there while he's doing the exact crime he's telling you to look away

  • Esteban D
    Esteban D 4 hours ago

    Criminals are going to get guns anyways.......do you honestly think they won't find guns just cause you outlaw them?

    Might as well let good people protect themselves against power hungry idiots like Ms. Harris

  • nunya business
    nunya business 4 hours ago

    Donald Trump was caught on hot mic live video he said he will take the guns first worry about the law and the Second Amendment last

  • nunya business
    nunya business 4 hours ago

    The Republicans are taking your guns look at all the red flag laws look at what the total republican-run government did in 2017 made up a definition for assault rifle and banned them

  • FlashFronk Prepping
    FlashFronk Prepping 4 hours ago

    Hey Kamala you’re a legend in your own mind but my opinion is your a rude, pandering communist. Trump is going to wipe the floor with you next year. Good luck trying to interrupt him like you do to everyone who has the misfortune of being near you...

  • News Now Adirondacks
    News Now Adirondacks 5 hours ago

    She’s a sidestepping Idîot

  • Joyce Thompson
    Joyce Thompson 5 hours ago

    The rest of America is totally fed up with the people of California. Want to start an internal war, try taking our ability to defend ourselves away. Just so you will know, you will never become president.

  • Mutant
    Mutant 5 hours ago

    pretty much she is saying she wants to be a Dictator.

  • Man Bites Dog
    Man Bites Dog 5 hours ago

    I wonder if Kamala Harris would take responsibility for the deaths of those stupid enough to follow the lead of this woman who tries to take the guns from the hands of the people.

  • HalYourPal G
    HalYourPal G 5 hours ago

    She just ruined her campaign.....is she really this stupid???

  • Dustin Cordell
    Dustin Cordell 6 hours ago

    lol if she did that i wouldn't think her presidency would last very long:) 140 million gun owners in the united states :) i dont even think old school democrats who also likes guns would go along with that

  • Rob D
    Rob D 7 hours ago

    Kamala Harris is even dumber than Joe Biden.. and that's saying something..

  • Roland Morehouse
    Roland Morehouse 7 hours ago

    And this is why she will never ever be elected president along with all the others that want to confiscate guns.

  • Albert Smith
    Albert Smith 8 hours ago

    She said taking the license of gun dealers that sold a gun that was involved in a crime. What she really means is closing down the gun manufacturer of a gun that was involved in a crime.

  • SonicRileyDawg
    SonicRileyDawg 8 hours ago

    Imagine this your the democrats most likely primary selection and with 2 sentences you fuck everything up

  • Bob Sue
    Bob Sue 8 hours ago

    3:54 - Tell me something - over and over and over I keep hearing the term 'Comprehensive Background Checks". Tell me, what's the difference between the universal background check we presently have in place, compared the "new" comprehensive background check? What specific questions are they going to have to ask? Maybe....
    "How many times a month do you get groceries?"
    "How often do you wash your car?"
    "What color are the shingles on your roof?"
    "Where's you favorite vacation place?"
    "Are your Father and Mother still living?"
    "Do you collect stamps?"
    I can't think of any real relevant questions that could be added. Any feedback ?
    I've been thru background checks, I've got a certified safety class card, isn't that enough?

  • Alain Connelly
    Alain Connelly 9 hours ago

    Wow, Kamala is a babbling mess. What an idiot.

  • Alain Connelly
    Alain Connelly 9 hours ago

    Awesome patriot. Smart guy.

  • Alain Connelly
    Alain Connelly 9 hours ago

    Who is this aweso,e patriot?

  • John Doll
    John Doll 9 hours ago

    I would like to see her try. The good news is she will never be elected. She hates this country, cops and wants open borders. She is a national threat.

  • Brian Wyant
    Brian Wyant 9 hours ago

    She is an absolute idiot. I’m a police officer and if I was ever given an order to take away guns I would drop my uniform on the floor and go home to protect my 2nd amendment right.

    JVONROCK 9 hours ago

    Hook, Line, and ....Sink....sorry.

  • maggie ann
    maggie ann 9 hours ago

    I think she just lost the chance to be in the DNC spot on the ballot ! This from a native San Franciscan ! 🙃

  • Levi Farber
    Levi Farber 10 hours ago

    Once again we get to see the Democrat communist party trying to take guns not gonna happen go back to Jamaica where you belong

  • Tim Ewing
    Tim Ewing 10 hours ago

    If any of these idiots somehow get into the White House I have little if no doubt that they will try and force a civil war on this country...Every last democrat running is crazy wreckless and stupid...They are truly a clear and present danger...They a determined to spill blood in the streets...

  • Janell Lazaro
    Janell Lazaro 10 hours ago

    What a bunch of idiots people just stopped licensing guns boy these people are retarded they know damn well they aren't getting those guns without a civil war

  • I wish I was wrong
    I wish I was wrong 10 hours ago

    How could Willie Brown let this monster face anchor baby suck his dick. Look what u have created Willie.

  • Tenn vols
    Tenn vols 10 hours ago

    I'm not sure but I believe an executive order cannot trump (no pun intended) an amendment of the Constitution MAGA! TRUMP 2020

  • Oh Oh
    Oh Oh 11 hours ago

    I'd be willing to bet my left nut that all those motherfuckers talking about how anti-gun they are has guns up the wazoo in their homes

  • Tonya Mcclendon
    Tonya Mcclendon 11 hours ago

    Your great loved your show..think the same way you do.we must stop these magots from gettong in...vote all dems out of every office.

  • Roscoe Rockwell
    Roscoe Rockwell 11 hours ago

    Kamala Harris will never be President. I can guarantee you that. No insults waisted, just pure facts. 😇💯🇺🇸

  • Mark Boyer
    Mark Boyer 11 hours ago

    Fortunately, Ms. Heels Up Harris, the second amendment protects us from people like YOU. If you choose to violate it, we have the right to REMOVE YOU.

  • 01 02
    01 02 11 hours ago

    Criminals do not obtain nor use guns legally.
    So who will this affect? Those who lawfully abide.
    Who will feel the brunt and bullying of the law? Those who lawfully abide.
    These radicals are so retarded.

  • Vin Commons
    Vin Commons 11 hours ago

    It's not even her real name.

  • Vin Commons
    Vin Commons 11 hours ago

    Harris is a man!

  • Vin Commons
    Vin Commons 11 hours ago

    Obama gave guns to dirty Mexicans!

  • Vin Commons
    Vin Commons 11 hours ago

    She is a satanic pedofile and a slave owning descendent.
    All those events are staged.

  • Kevin Morgan
    Kevin Morgan 12 hours ago

    I have lived in California For over 40 years. Harris you and your mindless colleagues have screwed up this state so bad people are leaving in droves. I will most likely be next to leave with my entire family. Folks if If you are reading this and are even considering a little to vote for this person come to California and see what she and people like her have done here. It used to be a place that other people would dream about coming to. Now its a place where people dream about leaving any way way they can.

  • MMGJ10
    MMGJ10 12 hours ago

    The growing anti gun sentiment among our public servants is only going to divide the country into 2 factions. One will try and legislate and one will fight like hell.

  • Illuminated Crosshairs
    Illuminated Crosshairs 12 hours ago

    No worries bitch because you will never ever be elected. Smoke on that for awhile...

  • william dohn
    william dohn 12 hours ago

    kamala can suck the shit out of my ass before she will get near my guns.

    • william dohn
      william dohn 12 hours ago

      Knowing her record... SHE PROBABLY would do it!

  • Kim Siewers
    Kim Siewers 12 hours ago

    This issue is not going to win an election. People are afraid of not having money, not being shot by a guy with a legal gun.

  • JBJ Honez
    JBJ Honez 12 hours ago

    Make sure that those who follow you around and protect you with guns get rid of theirs at least 365 days before you file for this

  • Truth Speaks
    Truth Speaks 12 hours ago

    jews using a government to brutalize its citizens... every time.

  • Truth Speaks
    Truth Speaks 12 hours ago

    Liberal cites seem to have problems with guns... but not the laws that let criminals back into the streets....

  • Fuck Liberals
    Fuck Liberals 12 hours ago

    I will order the execution of all liberals in my tri county area

  • Senator ELVIS
    Senator ELVIS 12 hours ago

    Please show up in my state Kamala Harris, to campaign,,, I wanna buy you a nice Big Italian Dinner at an Italian Diner here locally owned by some "Famalies" I know back here,, really I do,,,, thexvid.com/video/m4NUFTwAlQc/video.html

  • Rick Villa
    Rick Villa 12 hours ago


  • Milt Rudy
    Milt Rudy 13 hours ago

    Isn't it already a law for all FFLs to always perform background checks for anyone to whom they sell a gun?

  • Tom Poster
    Tom Poster 13 hours ago

    What are these people talking about. Radical. Please leave the Second Amendment Alone! No more Laws against gun owners. She will not get elected. Please support the Second Amendment!

  • Anthony Zimba
    Anthony Zimba 13 hours ago

    Elizabeth Warren will be the runner up against Trump. It's already set in stone. This Harris joker is nothing more than it's all about me and my bus ride to School.

  • Otie Brown
    Otie Brown 13 hours ago

    Illegal, dictator, facisit order.
    Delete, the 2nd, and our Bill of Rights will fold, in due course!

  • Keith Royster
    Keith Royster 13 hours ago

    Your a typical scumbag democrat.

  • eogg25
    eogg25 13 hours ago

    That's not going to be the first thing she or any democrat that gets in will do. the first thing will be to raise our taxes.

  • the casual gamer
    the casual gamer 13 hours ago

    Doesnt mean people gonna do a background check...

  • C Mickie
    C Mickie 13 hours ago +1

    And the good news is, she will NEVER be President of the United States of America. We are keeping our guns, sweetheart.

  • nmelkhunter1
    nmelkhunter1 13 hours ago

    I would vote for her to be president. The president of a desert island near BFE. Just sayin’...

  • Walt Stovall
    Walt Stovall 13 hours ago

    Evil,Evil, Evil, KH!!

  • ljw3491
    ljw3491 13 hours ago

    Appearing on cnn is a dead giveaway that she is a leftist.

  • Reggie Longoria
    Reggie Longoria 13 hours ago

    Yeah, good luck with that. You will never become POTUS. Why I say? Because you, Kamala Harris don't know what you're talking about half of the time.

  • William Liles
    William Liles 14 hours ago

    Hey stupid you try taking our arms,you will be the direct result of civil and you will be a casualty of civil war when you hang you in front of the WHITE HOUSE.I hope you do bitch

  • Louis
    Louis 14 hours ago

    excellent way to start a civil war. Your election song should be “dust in the wind”!