Staying OVERNIGHT In Haunted Stanley Hotel

  • Published on May 7, 2019
    Sam Colby Corey and Jake explore the Haunted Stanley Hotel and hear horror stories from the hotel's staff. They also might have already caught something..
    The Series:
    Part 1:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
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  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  3 months ago +8412

    Part 1:
    Part 3:

    • DR Cheetos
      DR Cheetos 24 days ago

      ive been there it was awsome

    • The Doomslayer
      The Doomslayer 25 days ago

      I was just at the Stanley Hotel a couple days ago for the first time ever while on my Colorado family trip and when I was inside I felt so nervous while I was in there.

    • Ghacaxkiki Xashmore
      Ghacaxkiki Xashmore Month ago

      Sam and Colby yasss

    • Crystal curry
      Crystal curry Month ago

      I love you

    • Bene Anna
      Bene Anna Month ago

      The sound is crazy beacause there are gohsts

  • Shelby Moore
    Shelby Moore 23 hours ago

    Physic: “I recommend wearing some green.”
    Literally everybody else: *Wears black*

  • Makenna Graham
    Makenna Graham Day ago

    Did anyone else notice that the closest door in their room was open and then the next time they would show the door is was closed, and continued doing so

  • Maze M
    Maze M Day ago

    There litterally saying you can’t have mirrors facing eachother in your old hosue u literally had a room full of mirrors (facing eachother) 😂😂

  • Shalynn Pelley
    Shalynn Pelley Day ago

    Ok did anyone else see the closet with the blue surf board open and close multiple times and no one notices!?!

  • Benett Barringer

    Was that a gost at 10:28

  • Archie Wishart
    Archie Wishart Day ago

    if that mirror thing is true my house is hunted because in my bathroom there are 2 mirrors facing each other. and in my grandma's house as well

  • Iamhangry Kolenda
    Iamhangry Kolenda Day ago +1

    Who else is hiding in the comments lol 😂

  • kathryn.grace.
    kathryn.grace. 2 days ago +1

    Sam: *tries to make good quality sophisticated content*

  • Eleni Gianiotis
    Eleni Gianiotis 2 days ago

    Hi am a big fan

  • Lisa Hill
    Lisa Hill 2 days ago

    Was it just me or right after they heard the scrach at the end there was a black figure at the bottom of the stairwell

  • Sarah Bryant
    Sarah Bryant 2 days ago

    when Jake said there is a surfboard I started cracking uo lol thats something you iron your clothes on lol

  • Swirl Gamer
    Swirl Gamer 2 days ago

    Wow I guess my bathroom is going to me haunted cuz we have two mirrors facing each other

  • CoraDaLilDxmonHybrid ;p


  • Kacey Marie
    Kacey Marie 2 days ago

    Jake: *hits head but continues to go up the steps to eat the lollipop*

    Me: 😎

  • Kacey Marie
    Kacey Marie 2 days ago

    Colby: look at all these butterflies I’m turning gay💀

  • Eddie Cobaj
    Eddie Cobaj 2 days ago

    dont dive horror refrences anymore cause im scared

  • Meme_Time Lol
    Meme_Time Lol 2 days ago

    Let's take a moment and see how many times poor Jake hit his head :'(

  • little.snans .silly
    little.snans .silly 2 days ago

    'your gonna have a bad time' , dude , thats like what SANS always said if u figth him XD

  • Charlie Taaffe
    Charlie Taaffe 3 days ago

    guys play the video from 11:43 and look on the left 😳 then kept watching and realised😂

  • Haily Stary
    Haily Stary 3 days ago


  • XxRobloxGamerxX
    XxRobloxGamerxX 3 days ago

    Put do not disturb on the phone it’s easy

  • Kyral Jordan
    Kyral Jordan 3 days ago

    At 3:15 the window on the top left

  • SaukeUnchia 24
    SaukeUnchia 24 3 days ago

    the driver that you guys meant was nogla he is a funny youtuber

  • Liberty Schultz
    Liberty Schultz 3 days ago

    Y is Corey the only smart one like fr

  • fargotje luna
    fargotje luna 3 days ago

    Omg If you revers redrum it is murder

  • {Faceless
    {Faceless 4 days ago

    and I oop, the bathrooms in my school have two mirrors in the main part of the bathroom facing eachother. ima die

  • XxDcamsXx Drawings
    XxDcamsXx Drawings 4 days ago

    At 22:00 the door open again

  • Ismael Medina
    Ismael Medina 4 days ago

    That kid in the tricycle is stewie Griffin he ran over the two girls 😂

  • Maddie Gough
    Maddie Gough 4 days ago

    If the ghost is pisted your dead boy

  • Nicoline Borregaard
    Nicoline Borregaard 4 days ago

    Hey just asking but is coby gay???😐😊

  • Ashley Riley
    Ashley Riley 4 days ago

    When y’all was looking at the old pic I saw something behind y’all

  • Suicidalghost 3
    Suicidalghost 3 4 days ago

    Omg the thing to build suspense is the same as the flash xdd

  • Nick 2025
    Nick 2025 4 days ago

    Omg after the scratch happened I heard don't leave me in old woman's voice

  • Mack Hawkesford
    Mack Hawkesford 4 days ago

    I heard somebody say were are u

  • Sisi Kaiserin
    Sisi Kaiserin 4 days ago

    whats that at 23:42 ?

  • Ultimate Boys
    Ultimate Boys 4 days ago

    At 11 53 Colby lost his head at the tap in the side
    Like if you saw

  • ABN T
    ABN T 5 days ago

    Y'all are DUMB I know what that hotel is like it's right by my summer home y'all are just DUMB at there's no ghost.

  • Fizz-ClutchFTW
    Fizz-ClutchFTW 5 days ago

    Bottom of stairs 23:43

  • Royanne Kelly
    Royanne Kelly 5 days ago

    after they open the door cause they heated a scratch i heard a man sadly say “oh”

  • shadows _peek
    shadows _peek 5 days ago

    ONE OF MY SIBLINGS OR SUMTHING KEEP PUTTING THE MIRRORS FACING EACH OTHER WHEN I WALK INTO D BATHROOM,I had to move the mirror back in da corner next day it's facing it....I had a creepy dream toooooo it was in my room with my brother ready to sleep i was sleeping facing a doll in my dream suddenly I saw this weirdest thing IT WAS A BLACK FIGURE And i think the ghost was playing with a rubber ducky it was flying :o

  • Melanie Cowan
    Melanie Cowan 5 days ago

    Well shit, I have 2 mirrors that we can't move facing each other in our very old house plus my house feels spooky

  • Kat Plays
    Kat Plays 5 days ago

    sam: your going to have a bad time
    me: sans?

  • Isabellarose Casale vlogs

    I love how he says yoo look there a surf board 😭😂

  • Sophie Walker xx
    Sophie Walker xx 5 days ago +2

    Green lollipops woulda angered the monsters so get them

  • Vaughn Jamieson
    Vaughn Jamieson 5 days ago +11

    No one

    No one ever

    Not a single soul

    Jake- “Woah, dude they have a surf board in here!” 😂😂😂 16:02 Kinda concerned he doesn’t know that’s an ironing table

  • Fireflamfox 29
    Fireflamfox 29 5 days ago

    You know how you said that having two mirrors facing each other and in the trap house you had a bathroom with 4 mirrors facing each other😑

  • Sharon Press
    Sharon Press 5 days ago +1

    16:03 there's a surfboard in here lmao that's flat iron thingy

  • Dan Palisano
    Dan Palisano 6 days ago

    11:43 to the left i thought that was a manikin but when he put his head up it scared the crap out of me

    THIS GUY 6 days ago

    Omg I turned on my AC NOW IM GETTING COLD!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Nirvana Cole
    Nirvana Cole 6 days ago +2

    I remember this was the first Sam and Colby video I ever watched...and I sat there thinking wtf am I watching😂

  • EpicC 422425
    EpicC 422425 6 days ago

    11:43 brenton drink water when his head poked up actually scared me

  • Kayla and Baleys Vlogs

    so i was watching this and my doors slammed open and then closed

  • jonathan rhead
    jonathan rhead 6 days ago +1

    Your the best

  • Kaydance Crandell
    Kaydance Crandell 6 days ago +1

    Tell me I'm not the only one who saw that figure at 23:43. Like if you did

  • Peanut Draws
    Peanut Draws 6 days ago +2

    Jake scared the living hell outta me. No pun intended

  • Jacky Mccarthy
    Jacky Mccarthy 6 days ago

    10:25 any one see the man walking up the satiate I don’t think it’s a human I think it’s a toast

  • Reagan McKay
    Reagan McKay 6 days ago +1

    The scratch at the door was a ghost dog who used to deliver newspapers when he was alive

  • C.M Vlogz -w-
    C.M Vlogz -w- 6 days ago


  • Alyssa Cox
    Alyssa Cox 6 days ago

    Who else got scared at 11:46 when he came up from the water fountain

  • Joe Moscovitz
    Joe Moscovitz 6 days ago +1

    Cory: what was that

    Ps sorry if I spelled your last name wrong

  • Gamer Mod
    Gamer Mod 6 days ago +1

    Is not Ghost Avenge or something else.....Who u gonna call ???

    GHOST BUSTER !!!!!

  • ihsan Juma
    ihsan Juma 7 days ago

    If you look at room 217 you see something written on the door like mat something just look at the futege

  • snowy sillywolf
    snowy sillywolf 7 days ago

    Or see the ghost either

  • snowy sillywolf
    snowy sillywolf 7 days ago

    Remember the women on where you are the a women or guy it's because the pictures and also randam poeple would be calling you slot plus you can't hear or see them and losye she the girl who moves candy to it's just this hotel is really hinted and the only woman that live where your staying

  • Liam Toland
    Liam Toland 7 days ago

    Why green

  • Esmeralda Catete
    Esmeralda Catete 7 days ago +1

    This is how many times Jake fell off the stairs and hit himself 😂😂😂😂

  • jocelin Millán
    jocelin Millán 7 days ago

    When someone scratched the door in 23:43 did y'all see that black thing 😵😱

  • Ava Davis
    Ava Davis 7 days ago

    When they heard a scratch on the door and open up the door look at the bottom of the steps and you can see a black figure walking

  • FootballTalk Center
    FootballTalk Center 7 days ago

    6:37 big time rush album

  • Matthew Gales
    Matthew Gales 7 days ago

    they're as white as white gets

  • Zak Djaroud
    Zak Djaroud 7 days ago

    I was watching since you had 40 subs btw

  • Demonjake_gaming 0
    Demonjake_gaming 0 7 days ago

    I can see some one walk the floor under them like if you did

  • Hockey Bro's RA
    Hockey Bro's RA 7 days ago

    I have double mirrors in my bathroom

  • No No
    No No 7 days ago

    23:42 if you slow it down you can see someone walking at the bottom of the stairs